Star Wars Battlefront In 4k Is Absolutely Stunning

Star Wars Battlefront In 4k Is Absolutely Stunning

Regardless of your thoughts on flimsy content, streamlined mechanics and game modes — Star Wars Battlefront is a gloriously pretty video game.

Want to watch some footage of it running in 4k at 60 frames per second with fancy mods? Damn right you do.

This is glorious. It’s legitimately beautiful.

Crank up the resolution, blast it on full screen and enjoy.


  • Visually impressive but framerate is balls. I like the idea of high res gaming, it just is so god damn cost prohibitive to 99% of people on PC gaming and the money you need to spend to get a working framerate is crazy.

    I’ll be happy to focus on [email protected] for the moment. Much more gentle on my wallet.

    • Good point and truth be known very few games can run at 60fps on 4K at max settings on a 980ti (or similar). This is a very forgiving game!

      • You’re right, you need two 980tis for 60fps at 4k with ultra settings. I think 1440p at 60fps is the sweet spot if you can afford it.

        • guys remember at that resolution AA is almost pointless, turn it off and you have a lot more headroom for performance

          • It gives you a bit of a boost but not enough to be able to use one 980ti at 4k imo. For example, fallout for dips into the 30s with a single 980ti but with sli I am constantly in the high 50s and even higher. Gsync makes a massive difference as well at 4k it keeps the image smooth even when the fps drops into the 40s.

          • ive got a 780ti and play almost all my games at 4k on high to ultra, with the odd expection, (unity was definitely one had to play that at 1080), fallout 4 runs at [email protected] in the low 40s not below 30 tho, depending the game less than 60 can be tolerable

          • I wouldn’t have thought a 780ti could play fallout 4 at medium in 4k, nice! I play it on ultra and it uses 3.8gb of memory so if the 780ti had more vram you could probably push it even higher. Personally I’d rather lower the resolution and keep the settings as high as I can. I’m a big fan of eye candy!

  • im still really enjoying this game on ps4. Admittedly I dont know how long it will last, but given i dont have large amounts of time for gaming these days, having something I can pick up for 20 odd minutes is brilliant. Heroes vs Villains and Supremecy are my order of the day.

  • I’m guessing YouTube isn’t doing this video justice, or maybe my 3440×1440 monitor has spoiled me, but it doesn’t look that much better.

    I play Battlefront for 1 or 2 hours every few days and really enjoy it. I’m sure if I played 4 to 6 hours a day I’d already be over it, but I’m finding lately I can only play games in short burst (except the Witcher 3) before I start thinking about doing something else.

  • Amazing video.

    And as shallow as this game is, I’m still incredibly addicted to this game, and has officially gotten me off the Destiny crack train thank god.

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