Star Wars Battlefront’s Battle Of Jakku DLC Rolls Out Today

Star Wars Battlefront’s Battle Of Jakku DLC Rolls Out Today

If you stumped up the extra money for the Deluxe Edition of Star Wars: Battlefront, or you were nuts enough to buy the Season Pass off the bat, you’ll get the first of DICE’s four planned DLC packs for the Star Wars shooter today.

It’s the Battle of Jakku, which takes place in between the prequels and The Force Awakens. It also looks an awful lot like Tatooine.

The DLC, which will become available for free to all players from December 8, adds two new maps and one new game mode called Turning Point. Turning Point supports 40 players, which is great unless you’re playing on PC because it means there’s another mode that you’ll probably struggle to get a game in.

But let’s not be completely snarky. Here’s a screenshot.

This is taken from DICE’s recent stream where they showed off the Battle of Jakku, Turning Point and the new maps. Turning Point basically gives the rebels three capture points to take over. The Imperials can’t recapture points back from the rebels, and the end goal is to prevent the rebels from taking over their final base.

DICE’s official blog notes that you’ll be able to pilot AT-ST walkers and airspeeders in the Battle of Jakku, with the walkers being primarily for defensive purposes and the airspeeders meant to be used more offensively.

If that’s to be the case, I hope the airspeeders aren’t as restricted vertically as they seem to be on Hoth, but then that seems to be a primary problem with a lot of the aircraft outside of Fighter Squadron mode.

I’ll fire up some Jakku gameplay this evening and put together a video for everyone so you get an idea of how it plays out. Until then, however, how’s your Battlefront experience been? What maps and modes have you enjoyed the most, and what would you like to see DICE do with the Battlefront IP at the end of the day?


  • I don’t believe this is part of the season pass… it’s just pre-order DLC that is available to everyone for free from December 8…

        • Great research by the writer! It’s totally free DLC, but some people got a code with their game that lets them play it on Dec. 1, I have NFI how they came to the conclusion that is was season pass material. EA have stated the particulars from the start, I don’t even think there is a source that will claim it needs to be paid for.

          • You *don’t* have to pay for it — Battle of Jakku’s free for everyone next week — but if you got the season pass then you also got early access.

          • And as others pointed out, early access was also given away to those that pre-ordered (more likely for console gamers though, given the deals that were done at retail prior to launch).

          • Mate, you are still wrong.

            “If you stumped up the extra money for the Deluxe Edition of Star Wars: Battlefront, or you were nuts enough to buy the Season Pass off the bat, you’ll get the first of DICE’s four planned DLC packs for the Star Wars shooter today.”

            Yes you get early access to The Battle of Jakku, but it has nothing to do with the season pass DLC’s at all. It is not one of the 4 planned DLC as you have stated in your opening paragraph. It does come with the deluxe edition but the main incentive of that edition gives you early access to the DL-44 weapon and a couple exclusive emotes.

            Yes, The Battle of Jakku was a pre-order incentive, but in all reality it was basically a “Day one edition” of the game. So if you bought it during the first week you no doubt got this version. I didn’t pre-order and I got this version. I also wouldn’t be surprised if you could still find this edition in stores. There is a small label at the top of the box with something along the lines of “Early access to the battle of Jakku”.

            TL:DR – It is not one of the 4 planned DLC’s. You do not have to pay for early access if you got the game near release. Free next week.

          • Yup, worst journalism ever 😉 haha

            Is all bloody confusing to be honest, don’t understand why they couldn’t just give it to us from the get go, as I’m sure its been ready since then

          • They probably weren’t allowed to release it this early. I imagine Disney wouldn’t want Jakku/Ep7 material released too early. The content probably had some sort of streetdate applied to it that prevented DICE from releasing it until a specific date. I highly doubt they withheld specific content juts for marketing.

  • pity the game is so shit, its so obviously a console port it hurts.

    Flight controls are the worst ive ever seen for KB/mouse, being match made to 200+ ping servers every time is just BS.
    As well as the fact that the weapons stats dont seem to mean anything at all.

    • That’s why you plug a gamepad into your USB port. You don’t drive in Need For Speed with a KB + Mouse combo, do you?!?

      • Exactly. I love it on PC and by the time I am in a ship I just pick up my DS4 sitting above the KB and away I go. People need to focus on being positive. Engage there imagination not bitch the WASD made the things steer funny cause derp logic.

        • Why should I fork out more money to buy a controller (not everyone has one lying around) in order to control the game properly? I have a PC, whose basic requirements are to have a mouse and keyboard for input. Expecting reasonable controls from the primary input method of the platform I’m playing on isn’t unreasonable.

          • Not saying you should buy anything. You can’t make a flying (or driving) segment work with a KB and Mouse at the same level as a controller. It is just how it is and it unreasonable to expect a miracle from Dice.
            Same logic as ‘Why should I buy a $400 GPU to make it look good when I have a $200 budget’. Want the experience to be of a certain level then you need to buy the items to get that kind of experience.
            Had they made the aiming suck or the servers lag hard, then it would be on the devs as a mouse does not have a short coming in that scenario.

  • What maps and modes have you enjoyed the most

    Tatooine and Endor! Mostly playing Walker Assault, Supremacy, Drop Zone and Heroes V Villains.

    what would you like to see DICE do with the Battlefront IP at the end of the day?

    Not segregate the community through DLC.

    • That has been something that has always annoyed me about BF4, they release new maps and the people who purchased them only get to play them for a few weeks because of the lower player count.

      They need to come up with a system that lets everyone play on those maps but people with the DLC get the weapons or something.

  • I got the code with the cheap PS4 version I picked up at BigW.
    If anyone wants it, I won’t get a chance to play this week anyway.

    • I’d appreciate the code if you still have it. Just picked a copy up on launch day and didn’t get a copy with the code.

    • Dude I would love your code! I have been playing for just 12 days now and my free psn trial finishes this thursday! A few days of jakku before I get cut of would be awesome!!

  • Hoth and Endor are the best maps. The other 2 look a bit bland although Tatooine isnt so bad. Just not a fan of desert environments. Playing Walker Assault, Supremacy, and Blast mostly but have dabbled a bit in Fighter Squadron

    Hopefully DICE build on this core and create an engaging single player campaign either in a DLC for this game or for a new game down the track. I think this is a fun, solid starting point (probably overpriced) but it would definitely be worth it with a campaign.

    • I’m just worried that they will make it greater, then when the sequel comes out they shut down all the servers and force you onto the next one.

  • Yeah, this is the pre-order bonus, so everyone should have got it 🙂 And by ‘pre-order’ i mean it came with all new copies of the game lol One of those pre-order bonus’s that comes in the new sealed copy of the game :\ seriously, how can they get away with calling that a pre-order bonus, when you get it regardless of whether you pre-order or not?

    OT: I’ve enjoyed the game for the most part, its a great game… it just gets boring really fast is all. Will milk a few more achievements out of it, then its getting traded

    • The content itself wasn’t the bonus, it was the early access. The bonus itself was the code in preorder copies of the game that allow the early access.

  • I’d love to play this but the DLC approach and pricing is just so gross. I can’t support this cash grab.

  • It is NOT available yet and it is coming up for 10pm EST. EA should have said 2 December, and the author of this article should have known it was a US-centric release date (despite it being 7 hours into 1 December in the US).

    Love the game, but don’t love thinking I am doing one thing tonight, only to find out that I am not. Maybe it’s just PS4, but that speaks for around 50-60% of the market.

    I find EA’s lack of timelines sand communication disturbing 🙂

  • I pre-ordered with season pass.
    The game updated today but says I don’t own or have access to?

    Anyone else?

    • I do! I don’t know if it’s available yet but I got an early access voucher code and no sign of early access for me.

  • because it says i dont have acces to it and i enterd my code and had the sceen tell me i did but i cant download it or start it

    • Yea same problem hear I went and hot the consol with vader on it…. I got the free games and the in game unlocks, but it says I don’t have access to jakku

  • Had same problem on PC. Put in code, nothing happened. I apparently also had to right click the Battlefront icon in Origin, select View Game Details, then click the Jakku icon under expansions at the bottom to finally get it. Hope that helps someone because it’s not clear from the packaging.

  • So let me get this straight, I buy deluxe edition so I can have the battle of Jakku, but everyone gets it anyway?

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