Star Wars Kama Sutra Book Is Surprisingly SFW

Star Wars Kama Sutra Book Is Surprisingly SFW

Stores around the world are overflowing this week with official Star Wars merch. A new book, The Extremely Unofficial and Highly Unauthorised Star Wars Kama Sutra, is very much, well, they make its official status pretty clear in the title.

The name says it all. This is a book on sex positions. But instead of featuring creepy fan art, as I’d first feared when clicking on the images, instead it uses action figures to recreate the action. So it’s surprisingly SFW.

The book ditches classics like Splitting Bamboo and The Visitor for positions like “The Bacta Tank”, “Han Shot First”, “Let the Wookiee win”, “Two Girls One Cup… Of Bantha Milk”, and “It’s a Trap!”

Glaring oversights that I’ll give out for free for the sequel: “I Can Take On The Whole Empire Myself”, “You Can’t Do Any Good Back There” and “Small Exhaust Port”.


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