Starbound Developer Chucklefish Had Its Forums Hacked

Starbound Developer Chucklefish Had Its Forums Hacked

It doesn’t matter if you’re a massive conglomerate like Sony or a small indie plugging away at your opus, no one is safe from online breaches. Starbound developer Chucklefish is the latest to have its security compromised, with a post on Friday informing the world its forums were recently targeted by hackers.

Studio representative “mollygos” provided a detailed explanation of what happened during the breach, which occurred after an unknown person logged into the forum’s administrator account:

  • Export a list of usernames and e-mails. As they had no access to the database, we’ve got no reason to believe any password information was stolen. Still, it’s always a really good idea to change your passwords if you use the same one in multiple places. Also, as a general pro-tip, you shouldn’t use the same one in multiple places (I recommend a password manager like Keepass or Lastpass).
  • Deleted two large sections of the forum. The ‘Social’ section which contained all of the forum’s non-Chucklefish-related posts, and the section for admin/moderator discussion. Fortunately, we were able to take the forums offline before they could delete everything, which is what it seems like they’d intended to do.

The bad news (other than the hack, of course), is that the developer’s most recent backup is from March, which means everything between then and now is gone for good. As such, Chucklefish doesn’t plan to restore the affected areas as it would wipe out the unaffected ones too.

As mollygos pointed out, if you do have an account over there, best to change your password ASAP.

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