Taking Smite’s New Mecha Thor For A Test Drive

Taking Smite’s New Mecha Thor For A Test Drive

The ultimate unlock in Smite‘s 2016 World Championship-funding Odyssey is finally live, and I get a chance to put Ragnarok Force X Thor through his paces.

Religion would be a lot more entertaining if each different god across all the many and varied pantheons had a mecha form. Alas we’re going to have to settle for Thor, unofficial mascot of the deity-based action MOBA.

The Odyssey is a season-long parade of new god skins, ward skins, avatars and other special items. It travels along a map of the ancient world, week-by-week, with new goodies available for purchase on a regular basis. The proceeds of these goodies goes towards making sure the winners of the Smite World Championship in January don’t have to walk home. The prize pool this year is capped at $US1 million, with additional funds going towards additional events.

The Odyssey has had some really entertaining skins this year, including ones for three of my favourite characters, Bellona, Ratatoskr and Khepri.

Thor is not one of my favourite characters, but he’s pretty much the face of the game, so what am I going to do?

For a start, give him a mech suit.

Then maybe I’ll take him for a quick spin around the practice arena to show folks how he plays.

And then I’ll go back to playing Khepri, Bellona and Ratatoskr. Nice outfit, Thor, but clothes don’t make the squirrel, warrior woman or giant insect.


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