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    Mornin' all. How was everyone's weekend?

      Great, we had some friends around and just hung out and chatted, while the kids played, got the tree up and the kids all decorated it and it looks like a decorations fire-hose hit it, which is awesome, and took them out looking at the lights. Got the deck cleaned up finally, finished Halo2 splitscreen with the eldest daughter, watched a good movie last night.
      Life is good.


      You harpy.

        Oh okay :P

          Nah, you're ok.
          I like you

            I like me too :P

            Haha, how you been dude?

              Not too shabby at all, i must say.
              How about yourself?

                Yeah not bad all thanks! Landed myself a job the other week with BWS, loving it so far!

                  Yeah noticed that, man - great work!

      Mine was a 4 day weekend. Thanksgiving.

      Which I spent alone. :(

      Went out to Crab Pot on Saturday though and spent like two hours eating delicious snow crab. Also bought a rice cooker. But other than that, practiced my Hermit skills. I'm getting very hermity.


        Are you in the states now? I don't know what snow crab is, but it sounds nice!

    @poita may I commission you for some 3D printed stuff? Is there another way to contact you aside from tay?

      Sure, send me some files and I'll see how they go.
      You can ge me on originaltrilogy at the gee males.

        Thanks, we need to make light covers for a section of Techie's cosplay and the light need to be diffuse. I figured translucent 3D printing was the easiest way

          Damn phone and its terrible grasp of the kotaku website.

          How goes the cosplays anyway scree

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            Slow for now. Trying to get things set up.

              You'll get there and it's gonna look awesomamazing yep

                It better. Mind you I wasn't happy with Elsa. too many things didn't go as planned

    I didn't touch Fallout 4 all weekend!

    I attended 2 children's Xmas events!!

      I bet you wish you were at home playing Fallout instead :P

      I did the opposite. I neglected the kids in favour of playing and finishing Fallout 4 on PS4. Nearly at the end of my Xbox playthrough, should free me up nicely before Xmas. :)

        Wait, what? You bought 2 copies?

          Yep. I double handle most of my games because I'm a dirty Trophy/Achievement whor....der.

          PS4 Pip-Boy Edition and a regular version for the Xbox. I'll get it on Steam Sales as well when it comes down to the inevitable $10 price point.

            You make me feel so poor.

      I watched someone play fallout and got annoyed by it, more on that later when I get home.

        I hope you were annoyed that it wasn't you, because it's ace!

    We finished the bioshock infinite dlc over the weekend. My brain is still hurting

      I actually didn't bother with the DLC. I got very fed up with bioshock infinite, For me it suffered a similar problem as uncharted. Shot, explore, shoot, explore. Got very repetitive after a while.

        It was such a beautiful game but I just got tired of shooting things after a few hours. I was disappointed that the world didn't give me many ways to interact with it and the plasmids weren't integrated with the core gameplay like in the original Bioshock.

          I kept forgetting I had the plasmids. Like, every couple of hours I would be like "Oh, right, I have fire and stuff", use it and promptly forget about it for a while.

          Curious as to what you mean about the plasmids not integrated into the game?
          They used them as a metroidvania style, eg. Can't get into the airship until you have the shock jockey plasmid. The enviromental impact was still there, hit water with electricity or the oil slicks with fire. Turrent can be possesed, etc..

          I can see how people might want more of a option rather than just shooty shooty bang, but it was a bioshock game so I was expecting that. I think they way they did the start of infinite hurt that perception, it was so well done as a world building exercise and then they just forgot that style of play.

            The plasmids never really felt like part of the world, like they were simply tacked on because they're a signature Bioshock "thing". I can't explain why, but in Bioshock they gave you the first plasmid then several opportunities to try them out, see how they could be applied, and it really felt worthwhile to figure out good combinations.

            In Infinite it never really felt like they were given a proper introduction, none of them really felt useful or interesting, etc. You could mix it up a bit by using them I guess, but the combat was so tedious it was easier to just shoot your way through to get it over with.

              Hmmmmm ok. I use my plasmids quite a bit on my play through.
              But I kind of see what you are saying, from a themantic perspective rather than a mechanics perspective they fit Rapture much better than Columbia. They are core to the fall of rapture and have a definite place in what happened and why.
              With Columbia being a much nicer, and civilised place having plasmids to set enemies on fire or call crows to peck their eyes out seems far my violent and brutal than the world itself. While that brutality and aggression is fundamental to Rapture.

                Mind if I intrude on the convo? I felt that Columbia could have been better done. I would've probably been happy to just explore the place as there is a lot going on, but shooting got in the way.
                To me the shooting was tedious and got in the way of the rest the game. I had the same issue with uncharted.

                  If infinite had started like the original bioshock I think people would have been more forgiving of the game. It started creepy and mean, then you are attacked and kill the first splicer almost right away. That set the tone for the game.
                  In infinite you are in an exploration and story mode for the first large chunk of game play, lots of innocent people about, a living breathing city. You then go from that to just meat bags to kill for most of the game. The world was so beautiful looking and well done that as you rightly say, you just want to explore. They then don't let you do that. And the whole starting setup seems to be pointless in the game.
                  Introductory section spoilersThe whole slave auction style thing with throwing the baseball was setting up a kinda racism section but that is then pretty much ignored for the rest of the game

                .....nothing to see here

                Last edited 02/12/15 2:49 pm

            It's more that the actual design is different. Bioshock was like Deus Ex or System Shock before it - halfway an RPG, more sandboxy with lots of areas to explore, secrets to unlock by combining things in interesting ways etc. The Plasmids enabled a lot of that.

            Infinite felt like it was just a shooter. Series of kill-rooms connected by pretty corridors. The plasmids main use was in combat, and they weren't useful enough in combat either IMO. I completed the whole game barely touching them. It wanted to be a shooter so I played it as a shooter.

    Woo! 25! \o/
    Going to play Par 3 golf this morning, and I'm going to get some Krispy Kreme donuts to make a donut cake for tonight. :D

      Damn - sounds good to me!
      Happy birhtay, mate!

      Welcome to the mid-20s. This is the point in your life where you will start questioning every decision you ever made and wonder constantly if you're where you should be or somehow 'behind'. Have fun. :\


      Good morning, battle brother!
      How are you, this fine Monday?

        Very good!
        I ordered a new gaming mat for 40k!
        It looks sooooooo gooooooodd!!

        I'm selling my zuzzy to pay for it.. The zuzzy is nice and all, but i know i'll never actually get around to painting it.

        Also played some Conquest yesterday - totally stormed it in!

          Pretty awesome!
          I really need to open my Conquest box to see each of the races, abilities etc.

            I played as Dark Elves.. holy cow... such a different play style to the orks or the space marines..

    So my weekend got off to a running start, with another update in the wife's aunt's marriage saga.

    The husband, H, has served divorce papers via post. H is allegedly still in India but the aunt suspects he is back in Australia, just hiding out with a friend and afraid to face her. The papers were received on Friday and he is SUPER agitated about getting them signed ASAP, being kind of a douche about it. He's offered to have friends come by and pick up the papers from her house which honestly sounds more like a threat than an offer. She's told him bluntly not to send people to her house.

    The aunt really doesn't, after he's jerked her around, see why she should make this any easier on him than absolutely necessary. Presumably since he's simply choosing to leave her for no actual reason the terms of her pre-nup will remain entirely intact.

    So anyway, we kept her company Friday night, which involved a fair amount of drinking, which led to me losing most of Saturday to oversleeping and a hangover. I did manage to get some Fallout 4 in, but at this point with the story finished it feels like treading water. I should really suck it up and start my second playthrough.

      I have installed the PC version, now.

      I opened up the nexus, crying, "BEGIN THE MODDING!" as I laughed maniacally and opened eighty tabs for mods to peruse and review. I expect to actually PLAY the fucking thing sometime three weeks from now.

      Last edited 30/11/15 11:25 am

      Thank god for prenups \o/

      All of this is starting to sound like an elaborate unnecessary BS story that took so long to sort out just cause the guy couldn't break off a relationship like a normal human being.

    Howdy gang - I posted about a month back, but it was too far out for most people to be able to know what they were doing. I'll be in Brisbane this weekend for a work Christmas party and have Saturday free. Was wondering if anyone wanted to meet up for lunch/dinner and drinks?

    @beardymcmuttonchops @beeawwb @cufcfan616 @dc @freezespreston @gutsoup @janexo @jimu @lambomann007 @popdart5 @sernobulus @strange @sughly @transientmind @welbot @virus__ @rocketman @andanyoneelsewhoimissed

      saturday dinner sounds good with me. :)

        Any suggestions for where? I still need to find accomodation for Saturday night, and would prefer to book somewhere close to restaurants/bars or wherever we go.

          stevo im gonna be honest i know about 4 places and two of them are where i lived and where i work. the others are a shopping centre and ramen place in the city. ill have look but staying somewhere in the city means youll be able to walk or train everywhere

      Booo. I'm probably going to be up North this coming weekend. Dec 5th-6th, right?

        Yeah, this Saturday is the 5th. Enjoy your time in the north.

          Hah. I'll try to find some fun in it, yeah. It's chores, but there's always ways to entertain yourself.

      The way I am right now, I likely wont know til the day, if I can come. Home again today with dizziness :\ Tried to go to work, but as soon as I got in the car, I knew I couldn't make the drive without freaking out. That, and I have a specialist appointment this week, which I already can't afford, so possible I wont have any money either :\

      Sounds good, Although I am supposed to be moving on the weekend so Saturday night may be best.

      I have two birthdays to attend, sorry pal :-(

    Hola Tay

    Quiet Saturday, busy Sunday. On Saturday I played Fallout 4 (8 Fallout Kilometres) and picked up the Telltale GoT game in the PSN sale, played the first two eps. Sunday I went to a planning picnic for the Terry Pratchett fan club and then hung around in the city for a bit so I could go see Stephen Fry (National Treasure). He was in Adelaide for the 40th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in SA (the first state to do so after the ACT), and sopke essentially off the cuff about the history of gay rights in England, Oscar Wilde, and the South Australian history as well, he'd clearly done his research. Second half was him chatting with Annabel Crabb, and she was also very good (playing to the home crowd).

    Also, caught up on the last 3 eps of doctor who. I thought the found footage one was crap, the last two however have been really damn good.

    A Monday Morning Question: What do you think needs the Telltale treatment? I'd love to see the Ankh Morpork city watch: A Telltale Games Series

      I would give my left nut to see The Lesser Evil made into a Telltale miniseries (my game project is my attempt to see that wish manifested in some limited way).
      Or maybe Undad... if they hadn't already done a zombie title already.

      In terms of existing franchises, I still kind of wish there had been a good Stargate or Farscape video game. I would also play the hell out of a West Wing Telltale game.

      Last edited 30/11/15 9:48 am

        Oh man West Wing Telltale would be fantastic.

        Hell, give me a House of Cards Telltale game even though House of Cards is wildly inferior.

        Wow, Farscape, I haven't watched that since I worked on it.
        Did people like it? I was so busy back then I never really got a read on it.

          All the Farscape that I actually managed to see while it was on TV, I adored. I really want to get the whole series one day and just watch it all again.

          I LOVE Farsape. This amazing thing was my Christmas present last year, and sits proudly alongside my complete DVD collection (the first season of which is a limited edition and has been signed by Ben Browder).

          What kind of work did you do on the show? Were you involved with the PK Wars as well?

          Last edited 30/11/15 10:05 am

            I was originally involved in the script breakdowns when it was in pre-production.
            Kind of boring but crucial job, I had to take the scripts, break each shot down and work out how long each scene would take, how much 3D/CG/Cleanup/Roto etc. would be required and then cost it all out and allocate the work, so we could work out how to budget each episode in both time and $$.
            Then I worked on translating the character designs into the various modelling software we were using at the time, and helping with rigs etc.

            Last edited 30/11/15 10:07 am

              That is awesome!

                I'll see if I have any old scripts or bits and pieces in storage. If I find anything I'l post it down to you.

                  Whaaat! For serious? You're awesome!

                  I quite possiby don't have anything in the archive, but if I do, it's yours.

          I think it could have really been huge if it had a wider audience, but I feel like it didn't click with people early. I personally loved it, but I also was late to the party. I missed all the good shows first time round and have to catch them on DVD later on.

      Stargate could really do it actually. Diplomacy, solving puzzles, the odd combat with Jaffa

        Yeah, for sure. Which colonies will you save? Do you trust this guy enough to take him offworld with you? Or maybe even channel a little Atlantis, and throw some ZPM resource management into the equation too! The possibilities are awesome.

          ZPM power management would definitely be a puzzle, like switching from shields to weapons as it's a fragile ZPM where too much power output will overload it, so you have to balance it based on what the wraith are throwing at you.

      You know, as fanboyish as this sounds, a 40k game based on the inquisition would be amazing. They would be able to pull it off quite well, i think. Lots of room for some really interesting choices to be made too.

      Also, adventure time, for shits and giggles.

        Based off Ciaphas Cain would probably be hilarious too

          Oh shit - a first and only telltale game!!!


          I just moistened my jockies!

          Hilarious and terrifying in equal measure, I'm imagining a series of quicktime events just having to survive being driven around first by Jurgen & then by Sulla...

      I think a thought provoking wartime series could be good. Something similar to the unit but with a This war of mine or Spec ops:The line kinda choice and consequence. What is it worth to kill your target, if you let them live to protect the lives the the civilians what is the impact. Your team member says they can take the shot without risk to innocents but you don't think they can. Do you back them or go with your gut.

      Telltale Games presents, Battle Royale: The Game.

      Bloodborne, the Telltale game.

      Every QTE lasts for only 66 milliseconds, the only moral choice is how much YOU DIE!

      Okay, so it wouldn't actually be fun or interesting, but it would be fun to watch from a safe distance.

      I want them to do Jurassic Park again, a new tale with the New stuff they do now.

      Also keen for whatever Marvel stuff they do.

      Maybe they could do Dune, Lost in Space, 60s Batman, Monkey Magic, some anime or The Knick

      Star Wars. Telltale Star Wars could be great.

      Would also love to see them do an original but I don't think they have any clout without brand recognition attached which sucks for them.

    Further to my ramblings about GW not possibly being able to out-do their current sting of batshit insane pricing, i present you with the following = proving me wrong in all respects.
    It does get worse...

      Also, this one is older, but who else is keen to spend $70 on 8 dice and a shaker?

        I'll take ten!

          Damn you millionaire writers, ruining prices for the rest of us honest hardworking nonwritery folk!

            Seriously, @shane, you're as bad as they Jk Rowling bitch.
            You writers are all the same.
            Bling Bling. Splash Splash.
            Oh look at us - we're literally printing money!

              How else will he pay for his nightly lobster dinners, Loops? HOW ELSE!?

                Lobster stuffed with tacos!

                  Mmmm... taco lobsters


                  Wrapped in a pizza shell, then deep fried.

            *blows nose on a trillion dollar bill*


        I'd buy it if it was actual fleshhound leather...

        Last edited 30/11/15 11:55 am

      I'm telling you, ten years from now you'll look back and think 'they were always expensive, but at least in 2015 they were just super expensive rather than impossibly expensive like the current price rise'. Somehow they manage to jack the prices up to new levels of absurdity that make the previous prices look almost sane by comparison.
      Although preferably you'll be saying 'gee, I can't believe it's already been ten years since this awesome new 40k-like game came out and decimated Games Workshop on every front at a fraction of the price'.

        Or even "Remember what it was like before we all had 3D printers and only had to spend the amount that a good used car would cost to get one of each miniature then make an army off that?"

    That does look pretty cool

      The thing that @chuloopa posted. Shut up it's Monday Morning.

        You mean the $280 dude?
        He does look seriously bad-ass.
        But $280 for three sprues of plastic cool?

          Oh shit, $280 and it is a kit you have to paint yourself?

            Yep. Sure is.
            Undercoat spray $30
            Paint pots $6 each.
            Brushes $12+ each
            and so on, and so on.

            *insane laughter*

              Man, I thought $80 for an X-wing model with moving wings was expensive.
              I need someone to contract to paint my models, I am hopeless at it.

              So what do you do with it after you paint it up? Is it used in the game somehow?

                Yeah - pretty much like this:

                I paint and play - other just buy to paint. It really depends on the individual.

                  Ah, so I finally get what this is all about. Thanks.
                  Looks complicated.

                  Some very dodgy looking dice rolls in that vid.

                  @poita - the MWG game play pretty fast and loose with some of the rules - they're also meant to be using measuring tape for movement distances, but tend not to.
                  It is really complicated to learn on your own, but can be pretty straight-forward if you have someone teach you and keep it simple. But yeh - the pond goes deep.

                  @poita It's not as complicated as it looks. It all breaks down into pretty simple fragments. Each turn is made up of phases and what each unit can do in each phase is depends on their basic type with their stats determining what they roll, how far they travel and when they die. Some units have special rules that apply to them, but most of the time those rules aren't more complicated than giving them an extra roll to save when they take a wound or making them automatically pass leadership tests.
                  Most of the important information can be kept on cheat sheets and it's not hard to flip through your army's rulebook when you're playing. You only really need to learn your own army's special rules. If you play with someone who already knows the rules it's really easy to pick it up as you go.

              Let's not forget the insane level of time commitment you need to paint something like that to that level of detail.

          Oh, I'd never ever buy it and it's totally overpriced.

          But it does look cool

          FWIW you can get highly detailed, pre-assembled 1/6 scale or so figures from Japan for less than half that. Something like this:

          EDIT: I feel like GW set their prices way back when they made stuff in Pewter. :\

          Last edited 01/12/15 10:07 am

    Whew, busy weekend. Spent all Friday in the shed at Wingman's place, having a go at doing a full piano tuning. Was kinda lazy with it and took a few internet breaks on the phone, but still took about 6 or 7 hours to get through the whole thing. Lotta work. Though it did seem to get faster as it went on, so maybe the next one won't be quite so bad.

    Saturday was the bouldering competition. A bit overwhelming at first, both deviating from my usual climbing routine and just having so many people around. Got into the swing of things before long though. And naile​​d a few things I didn't think I could do. There was this one that was basically a huge dyno from the start holds to the end. I'm usually terrible at those, can never jump high enough. But figured hey, I'll have a go of it. I was so surprised when my fingers landed on the hold at the top I yelled out "holy shit!" and had to consciously make sure not to let go out of shock. That was awesome. There was another nearby that was just these... well, they call them "elephant balls" according to the print, they're wooden balls about the size of an apple attached to a string. There were about five of them strung up in a line coming away from the wall, basically just had to swing from one to the other and at the end, get yourself sideways over to a big rock on the floor. Wasn't sure about doing it since I thought it'd leave my arms wrecked and stop me from being able to do other stuff. But after the last one, the confidence was surging :P It wasn't too bad after all, there was a surprising amount of stretch each time you let go of one rope while heading to the next, and you'd just drop an extra few inches, and I nearly missed the last one but managed to do a mid-swing lunge before falling away from it. There were a few other cool ones too. All up I got through 40 climbs, only two of which I didn't flash. Probably only had three or four near the end that I couldn't manage to do, could've maybe hit 50 if I pressed on more and didn't spend so much time waiting. Dunno how I went in comparison to others, but I'm pretty happy with how I feel like I went.

    Saw that Frozen was on that night, so figured I'd check out what all the fuss was about. Didn't really know much about it other than something something snow and Elsa. Wasn't expecting to get a tale about a brave people's quest to eradicate the scourge of Winter, with a closing message of Summer is love, Summer is life. What a fantastic film.

    Except for that song. That terrible song. Everything about it.​​​ Yuck.
    Sunday: MY BUTT IS SORE.​​ It has been far too long since I have been in so much pain the day after climbing. I don't even remember feeling like I'd particularly worked the glutes on the day, I know I felt it around the upper chest near the shoulders a few times where I'd strained myself trying to push up on things, and a couple of times straining thighs by fighting tight hamstrings to get my foot up high enough to reach my hands. Funnily enough both of those seemed to have died down in comparison.

    Internet was being absolutely shit all day, connecting only for a few seconds at a time before dropping out again. Stupid Telstra. Spent most of the day playing Xenoblade instead. Still haven't managed to make my way to the prison colony yet. Eryth Sea is too huge, and has too many floating reefs. Currently playing as Sharla, followed by Riki and Dunban. Also just last night discovered Sharla's Head Shot power. Holy shit :P At one point managed to get a huge chain attack going, wish I'd kept count of how many rounds it went or how much damage it dished out. Need more of that.

    My butt is still sore.​​​​

      TLDR. Skipped to the last line, went straight for the popcorn.

        Then you probably missed the part about the elephant balls.

        They must be to blame for this.

      My butt is still sore.​​​​

      Ah, Gooky, never change :P

    Today is a good day. I just found out that Chilli came 2nd in a competition with a local butcher, netting me a $50 meat voucher.

      This makes it sound like you just ate your dog.

        Ha! It does now I look back at it... Cheers Rize :P

        No way.

        If that were the case then he must have been one of the judges in the competition, which would clearly be a conflict of interest.

        Does sound like he probably cooked his dog though :P

        You never want to come second in a competition with a butcher.

        Last edited 30/11/15 10:58 am

    On the weekend I ran around and shot a lot of people.

    With Nerf.

      Was that the zombie thing? I remember reading something or other about a nerf dealie.

    So i'm sort of progressing with the Fallout 4 storyline, I keep getting tied up with Brotherhood of Steel or Minute Men side quests & or exploring. I also still haven't ditched Dogmeat for another companion, whilst he might be good at setting off a bajillion laser trip wires at once like he did here, I just love the little dude, feels right exploring a post apocalyptic nuclear wasteland with a dog.

    I also have quite a nice collection of Power Armour going on, there's 8 sets so far. Still yet to find the complete X01 set, only found the partial set so far, heh.

    I'm also thinking about taking over the drive in cinema. Red Rocket Diner is getting a bit too small for me now, heh.

      Drive in cinema is amazing for customisation. Tonnes of room, good for fortifications, water source (ignoring that it's a puddle, you can fit a +40 water pump in it) and a good location for a northern base.

        I have built Avengers tower in Sanctuary Hills, haven't even touched the Drive In

      I've started maxing out rep with the different companions now that I've learned they each give you a different permanent perk once you max them. Piper is probably worth grabbing first, since hers is a bonus exp to location-discovery and she doesn't have some ridiculous run-around quest tied to the main quest line before she can be maxed, either.

        Piper is my lover so I also get Lover's Embrace from her, which is nice

          Yeah, looking like I'm not going to have a paramore in my 'first true run'. The Sole Survivor always wears her wedding band in memory of Nate. Because shutup, that's why. It's looking more and more like he actually died and wasn't just frozen in a critical condition, which is very sad. I was really holding out hope that I could get a doctor in there.

            I gave Piper

            The other ring which I removed from my dead deadbeat husband's finger as soon as I woke up.

            Last edited 30/11/15 3:48 pm

        Oh do you not need to have the companion with you to have the perk? It sounded like Curie's one needed her to be present, I might have to max out everyone's approval quickly in the next game

          Yeah, you don't need to have 'em out with you. I first realized this when I started checking the exp value of the persuasion attempt successes. And I'm still getting the stealth damage bonus from Deacon. 4.2x damage increase? Beastly. It'll be more when I get the silenced-weapon perk.

        I have managed to build a relationship with her entirely based on picking locks.

      Only 8 sets? Pfft, n00b...

      That was my collection 2/3 through the game, I ended up with 3 more not including the one I was wearing most of the time

    I really want gigabit internet, 0.5MBit upload speeds are just useless...

      LAN-like speeds of 10s and then 100s of Mbps.It took many many attempts for me to parse this bit.  

      20Mb symmetric would do me.

      Got letter from NBNco on my return from holiday. Was very excited when I read we were getting connected...

      ...then read further...


      ...installation trial...

      ...may or may not be connected to actual services in the next 2-3 years...


    Finally got my Dire Avengers painted. Well, 9 of them, the 10th is going to be an Exarch and I want to do that on it's own when I've got a little more practice painting, but technically five makes a squad. They lost a little too much detail so I'm going to have to practice thinner coats. The highlights were messy but there's not much I can do to help steady my hands and gain better brush control besides just painting a lot more often.
    I went to start a box of Guardians to get some practice painting my Craftworld's core colour scheme when I realised I skipped right over the base colour on my shopping list. I had everything ready to go and couldn't even start. Hopefully I'll have the time to pick some up on the way home from work tonight. My Dire Avengers ended up looking pretty good but I've got a bunch of things I want to try with the Guardians so they'll either look way better or I'll bite off more than I can chew and they'll way worse.

      What painting methods are you using at the moment?

        Just base coating with a spray, throwing on a dark layer of the colour, then doing the high points with a coat of a lighter version, washing it, mixing up a lighter version of that colour for highlights, then using a really bright extreme highlight. Plus spraying them with a seal once I'm done. I'm using dry brushing on the metals. I do an ok job of washing. Doing some basic mixing but getting the same result twice is still beyond me. I can do a decent job of gems which come out looking good with 'ard coat over them.
        I'm still using purely Citadel paints because I don't know my way around paint types and textures very well but I skipped their brushes and went with Privateer Press gear.

          A couple things that may help:
          - You mentioned you're obscuring some of the details - this shouldn't be happening. Thin your paints with a little water. As i'm assuming you're already doing this, perhaps think of using a wet pallet. Not only does it help with flow, but it preserves your paint for up to a couple of days, which means those mixed colours last longer. You can buy them (privateer press actually do one), but it's much better just to make one yourself - there are heaps of tutorials online for this.
          - Washes are generally used directly after a basecoat to create shadow. If your wanting to blend a layer you've added to your base coat, what you actually need is a medium - it's a bit thicker than a wash. GW have a range of these available, but you can also mix your own using your colour of choice and some of GW's lahmium medium, which is excellent.
          - I also used to just drybrush metals, but i found i got better results by doing a solid coat, then a layer or two of either black or brown wash. Lastly i'd just highlight/drybrush it with a brighter metal.

          A lot of that is what i did for this guy, minus the glazing:

          This is probably my tabletop quality level of painting - I knocked him out for my brother-in-law's birthday in a couple of nights, but i have been known to spend tens of hours per model, which may be part of the reason why i haven't gt much done.

          You'll also notice my edge highlighting is super shitty - it's one of the things i'm working to perfect at the moment, as my highlights were previously just general.

            I actually wasn't thinning with water. I originally thought it was something you only had to do when the paint was extra dry and by the time I figured it out I felt like I was in deep enough that maintaining consistency within the unit was more important than better results. I saw a tutorial on making your own disposable wet pallet last night so I was going to pick up everything I need for one from the office today. That should knock over one of my big problems.
            My big issue has been smooth layers on the white helmets. I've looked into some advice on that, using super thin layers, not being slow enough for the paint to start drying, etc, so I'm looking forward to giving that a shot.
            I hate mixing paints so my solution was to buy a 35ml container, pour in both the colours in equal amounts, then shake the crap out of it. It's for highlights so 20ml of 50:50 should last me quiet a while.

            Looks good. I think I've actually got a Terminator Captain laying around. If he's got half as much cloth as yours does I should use it to practice. In theory I know how to do a flowing robe but I have a ton of trouble picking out what to highlight and I always feel like there's way too clear a line between the base, shade and highlight. I can never get it to pop like a 3D object. It comes out looking like a single colour 3D object with paint on it if you know what I mean.

            I might scour the Games Workshop YouTube channel or spend an hour in-store. For all my problems with the company their videos do a good job of explaining things without assuming I already know more advanced techniques. There's a ton of resources out there online but I find pro painters tech you how to base coat from the perspective of someone who doesn't even think about what they're doing. It's like learning to draw from an artist, they'll typically show you what to mimic rather than teaching you.

            Last edited 30/11/15 2:28 pm

              Mate, there is a youtube channel called girl painting that is EXCELLENT.
              Some of the stuff she knocks out is stunning. Painting budha is another excellent resource.
              Some GW stores also are excellent for teaching, as you mentioned. Some of them make you buy stuff first, though. They also don't like people using non-gw equipment or paints.

              White is a nightmare - I'm currently painting my chaos army white with a bronze trim. It takes at least 5-6 very thin coats before i get an even white.

                Thanks. I'll check it out. I just got a new desk LED lamp that I think should really help out with the highlighting and increase my ability to do thin coats. It has an adjuster to go between warmer shades to 7-11, but even if the light wasn't perfect it'd still beat the natural light/lightbulb combo I've got going on here.

            As I understood washing it's there to give an additional layer of depth to your primary color scheme? I've been really struggling in painting bullet scorch marks on armor and chipped armor.

            For highlights I think it becomes a lot easier once you understand light? They don't need to go on every edge or extremity and you can find which ones need to be painted by holding a flashlight to your model from a specific angle. The brightest spots of your base coat need highlights while the darkest usually need more wash and extra depth of color.

    Reply fail.

    So how about that stuff, hey?

    Last edited 30/11/15 11:33 am

      Stuff would be my favourite if it wasn't for Things

    Home from work again today :\ Was semi sick all weekend with headaches and dizziness, and my cyst was leaking way more than before, so it's possible that's why I feel so rubbish today, but boy am I over it all. :\
    I actually miss work! I want my routine back!!
    While I've been down, I've been playing a bit of Big Pharma. Taken a while, but I think I'm finally coming to grips with it. Any body else played it yet?

      Dude, this whole health thing sounds awful.

        Yeah it's not much fun. Seeing specialist on thursday, so hopefully he can fix something. Supposed to see neurologist as well, but just can't afford it atm. This week is when all the monthly's hit :\ It'll just have to wait unfortunately. Gonna have to put the specialist on cc this week as it is. BLEH!

      You need to change your name to not so welbot. =P
      I hope that they deal with it soon, as it sounds like crap

    I propose we do away with copyright on programs. The fact is its just a particular combination of '1's and '0's that happens to have 'made by microsoft' in the code combination. If I ran through every possible code combination I would find the version of windows 'made by cocacola'.

    How many bytes does an old space invaders game have? With a combination tumbler that rolls through every combination and saves each as an exe file that can be tested by an emulator, you will not only find 'space invaders by cocacola', you will find 'spaceinvadersmultiplayeronline by cocacola'. You will find 'artificial intelligence by cocacola'. So in the end if I go and run a combination tumbler until I find 'windows os by me' then I invented my own windows os.

      You still need to give half your data to the Indians though

      Last edited 30/11/15 1:22 pm

      It's easy to say that when you weren't the one who combined the 1s and 0s. =P
      I agree it's a tricky subject but I think the real problem isn't that you can copyright a program it's that the entire copyright system is min-maxed by large organisations that will sway towards self serving anti-consumer/anti-competition behaviours. It's hard to say you don't deserve some sort of ownership control over what you produce, even passing ownership down, but such a system provides people (or typically companies) who would exploit such a system with a laughable amount of tools to achieve that goal.
      It's one of those cases where being fair creates an environment where the unfair thrive.

      Let's say the original Space Invaders ROM was 2KB, or 2048 bytes.
      That is 16384 bits, that can be in one of two states, a 0 or a 1
      That would give you 2^16384, which is a bigger number than any of my calculators can comprehend, and more than the number of atoms in the universe. (someone chime in if my math is wrong)

      Even if it was only 32 bits, you end up with 2^32 which is 4,294,967,296 possible combinations.

      So if you had every computer in the world cycling through the 2KB of the original Space Invaders to try and come up with it by brute force, it would probably take an impossible amount of time, probably longer than the universe has left.

      To come up with 'Windows' by that method, would definitely take longer than the universe will survive for, so it isn't really a possible scenario.

      I combine the 1s and 0s for Microsoft.

      I disagree. I like my job. :(

    What did everyone think of the Rainbow Six Siege Beta?

      I played the closed beta a few months back and loved it.

      T-hunt with buds is great.

      Never touched the real multiplayer, though.

      Any good?

        I enjoyed Terrorist Hunt as lone wolf but multiplayer bomb match was pretty cool died alot though.

    Hey Splatoon players! @freezespreston @mrtaco @cubits @lucifer9783 @powalen
    Freeze's kids love splatoon but hate playing online. I think maybe we should play a roller game with them so they don't constantly die.

    What time and day is good for everyone?

    Last edited 30/11/15 12:26 pm

      But that would be rewarding them for making loud, loud noises yesterday morning when half the Brisbane folks were EXTREMELY hung over.

        Why is Brisbane hung over?

          The Freezes had a shindig!

          Um...schoolies all got drunk and gave illicit substance to ambulance girl who overdosed? Too soon or not early enough...must get six Jeep horns and wire them to a 12 volt battery. There is your eight am wakeup call.

        Isn't that just what kids do?

      No can do. I don't even own a roller :P

        Buy one, you cheapskate. I know you have heaps of squid coin!

          But then I'd have a roller in my weapons rack and ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

            Stop being elitist


                You are literally the worst. D=

                  Happy to lend my sniping skills to the girls' team though :P

                You may not be on their team and it wouldn't be fair if everyone else is using rollers

                Hey I have no issues with the girls using their preferred weapon. Just not the adults.

      I can do this thing you ask.

      Passive rollering is called "bob rossing"; there are no mistakes, just happy accidents.

        I ran into a roller this morning and I think the roller person was surprised it didn't kill me. I killed them though. =P

      I can do that! Any weeknight this week is good for me. Just let me know ahead of time.

      After this Saturday I'll be lost to Xenoblade and won't resurface for months.

        Hopefully freeze sees this soon then =P

          ps. I finished Fatal Frame on the weekend. The bonus chapters were pretty fun too!

          I was going to go back and try and get a few more of the passive ghost photos that I missed but it doesn't look like there is any in-game tally of how many I've missed in each level so I dropped the idea :P

            Really? There should be a ghost list. The previous ones had it.
            I ... still haven't played. Numbers and I have been playing ranked in Splatoon and doing quite well.

      Hey I'll be down to join if you need more people to round out an 8-player lobby. I need a break from playing ranked matches which get stressful after a while.. My NNID is eRonin. I think I've already got a couple of people here added.

        I don't have you, I will add you as Numbers and I have jumped in on a couple of @cubits games (and got murdered by him)

          Throw me on the list of reserves too. NNID: TenaciousDogMan Only time I can't do is Wednesday.
          I haven't played much, but as long as it's not hard to unlock a roller I should be able to fill a no show's slot. I don't need to be level 20 or anything, do I? I assume a roller match is just everyone using rollers to paint the room without attacking each other? Easiest way to get hold of me is via XBOX Live (same username). Goes straight to my desktop and phone.

          Last edited 30/11/15 8:44 pm

            I think you need to be level 4 to buy one. But not a ridiculous level. You can still kill people by rolling over them or also by using the shotgun attack (the trigger one).

    Sydney. I am in you.

    Kicking about in the Sydney office installing some equipment. Thought the job would be easy. Got here, and it turned out the brief was... lacking.

    ...but then I found a way of making it all work with no more hassle than my original understanding. Whew. :)

    Hi all! Weekend would have been great, had I not had a splitting headache and a nose in dire need of a valve of some sort for most of it. Spent a lot of time in Fallout avoiding the main story (mostly because I kept forgetting to clear Danse's inventory and send him home - don't want him to meet Nick), mostly doing BoS sidequests, to the point where they've told me to go out into the wasteland and find something nonspecific, so I think they've run out of busywork for me and just wanted me gone. :P

    Also mainlined Jessica Jones on Netflix - holy crap is that show amazing.

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