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    • I actually didn’t bother with the DLC. I got very fed up with bioshock infinite, For me it suffered a similar problem as uncharted. Shot, explore, shoot, explore. Got very repetitive after a while.

      • It was such a beautiful game but I just got tired of shooting things after a few hours. I was disappointed that the world didn’t give me many ways to interact with it and the plasmids weren’t integrated with the core gameplay like in the original Bioshock.

        • I kept forgetting I had the plasmids. Like, every couple of hours I would be like “Oh, right, I have fire and stuff”, use it and promptly forget about it for a while.

        • Curious as to what you mean about the plasmids not integrated into the game?
          They used them as a metroidvania style, eg. Can’t get into the airship until you have the shock jockey plasmid. The enviromental impact was still there, hit water with electricity or the oil slicks with fire. Turrent can be possesed, etc..

          I can see how people might want more of a option rather than just shooty shooty bang, but it was a bioshock game so I was expecting that. I think they way they did the start of infinite hurt that perception, it was so well done as a world building exercise and then they just forgot that style of play.

          • The plasmids never really felt like part of the world, like they were simply tacked on because they’re a signature Bioshock “thing”. I can’t explain why, but in Bioshock they gave you the first plasmid then several opportunities to try them out, see how they could be applied, and it really felt worthwhile to figure out good combinations.

            In Infinite it never really felt like they were given a proper introduction, none of them really felt useful or interesting, etc. You could mix it up a bit by using them I guess, but the combat was so tedious it was easier to just shoot your way through to get it over with.

          • Hmmmmm ok. I use my plasmids quite a bit on my play through.
            But I kind of see what you are saying, from a themantic perspective rather than a mechanics perspective they fit Rapture much better than Columbia. They are core to the fall of rapture and have a definite place in what happened and why.
            With Columbia being a much nicer, and civilised place having plasmids to set enemies on fire or call crows to peck their eyes out seems far my violent and brutal than the world itself. While that brutality and aggression is fundamental to Rapture.

          • Mind if I intrude on the convo? I felt that Columbia could have been better done. I would’ve probably been happy to just explore the place as there is a lot going on, but shooting got in the way.
            To me the shooting was tedious and got in the way of the rest the game. I had the same issue with uncharted.

          • If infinite had started like the original bioshock I think people would have been more forgiving of the game. It started creepy and mean, then you are attacked and kill the first splicer almost right away. That set the tone for the game.
            In infinite you are in an exploration and story mode for the first large chunk of game play, lots of innocent people about, a living breathing city. You then go from that to just meat bags to kill for most of the game. The world was so beautiful looking and well done that as you rightly say, you just want to explore. They then don’t let you do that. And the whole starting setup seems to be pointless in the game.
            Introductory section spoilersThe whole slave auction style thing with throwing the baseball was setting up a kinda racism section but that is then pretty much ignored for the rest of the game

          • It’s more that the actual design is different. Bioshock was like Deus Ex or System Shock before it – halfway an RPG, more sandboxy with lots of areas to explore, secrets to unlock by combining things in interesting ways etc. The Plasmids enabled a lot of that.

            Infinite felt like it was just a shooter. Series of kill-rooms connected by pretty corridors. The plasmids main use was in combat, and they weren’t useful enough in combat either IMO. I completed the whole game barely touching them. It wanted to be a shooter so I played it as a shooter.

  • Woo! 25! \o/
    Going to play Par 3 golf this morning, and I’m going to get some Krispy Kreme donuts to make a donut cake for tonight. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • So my weekend got off to a running start, with another update in the wife’s aunt’s marriage saga.

    The husband, H, has served divorce papers via post. H is allegedly still in India but the aunt suspects he is back in Australia, just hiding out with a friend and afraid to face her. The papers were received on Friday and he is SUPER agitated about getting them signed ASAP, being kind of a douche about it. He’s offered to have friends come by and pick up the papers from her house which honestly sounds more like a threat than an offer. She’s told him bluntly not to send people to her house.

    The aunt really doesn’t, after he’s jerked her around, see why she should make this any easier on him than absolutely necessary. Presumably since he’s simply choosing to leave her for no actual reason the terms of her pre-nup will remain entirely intact.

    So anyway, we kept her company Friday night, which involved a fair amount of drinking, which led to me losing most of Saturday to oversleeping and a hangover. I did manage to get some Fallout 4 in, but at this point with the story finished it feels like treading water. I should really suck it up and start my second playthrough.

    • I have installed the PC version, now.

      I opened up the nexus, crying, “BEGIN THE MODDING!” as I laughed maniacally and opened eighty tabs for mods to peruse and review. I expect to actually PLAY the fucking thing sometime three weeks from now.

    • Thank god for prenups \o/

      All of this is starting to sound like an elaborate unnecessary BS story that took so long to sort out just cause the guy couldn’t break off a relationship like a normal human being.

  • Howdy gang – I posted about a month back, but it was too far out for most people to be able to know what they were doing. I’ll be in Brisbane this weekend for a work Christmas party and have Saturday free. Was wondering if anyone wanted to meet up for lunch/dinner and drinks?

    @beardymcmuttonchops @beeawwb @cufcfan616 @dc @freezespreston @gutsoup @janexo @jimu @lambomann007 @popdart5 @sernobulus @strange @sughly @transientmind @welbot @virus__ @rocketman @andanyoneelsewhoimissed

      • Any suggestions for where? I still need to find accomodation for Saturday night, and would prefer to book somewhere close to restaurants/bars or wherever we go.

        • stevo im gonna be honest i know about 4 places and two of them are where i lived and where i work. the others are a shopping centre and ramen place in the city. ill have look but staying somewhere in the city means youll be able to walk or train everywhere

    • The way I am right now, I likely wont know til the day, if I can come. Home again today with dizziness :\ Tried to go to work, but as soon as I got in the car, I knew I couldn’t make the drive without freaking out. That, and I have a specialist appointment this week, which I already can’t afford, so possible I wont have any money either :\

  • Hola Tay

    Quiet Saturday, busy Sunday. On Saturday I played Fallout 4 (8 Fallout Kilometres) and picked up the Telltale GoT game in the PSN sale, played the first two eps. Sunday I went to a planning picnic for the Terry Pratchett fan club and then hung around in the city for a bit so I could go see Stephen Fry (National Treasure). He was in Adelaide for the 40th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in SA (the first state to do so after the ACT), and sopke essentially off the cuff about the history of gay rights in England, Oscar Wilde, and the South Australian history as well, he’d clearly done his research. Second half was him chatting with Annabel Crabb, and she was also very good (playing to the home crowd).

    Also, caught up on the last 3 eps of doctor who. I thought the found footage one was crap, the last two however have been really damn good.

    A Monday Morning Question: What do you think needs the Telltale treatment? I’d love to see the Ankh Morpork city watch: A Telltale Games Series

    • I would give my left nut to see The Lesser Evil made into a Telltale miniseries (my game project is my attempt to see that wish manifested in some limited way).
      Or maybe Undad… if they hadn’t already done a zombie title already.

      In terms of existing franchises, I still kind of wish there had been a good Stargate or Farscape video game. I would also play the hell out of a West Wing Telltale game.

      • Oh man West Wing Telltale would be fantastic.

        Hell, give me a House of Cards Telltale game even though House of Cards is wildly inferior.

      • Wow, Farscape, I haven’t watched that since I worked on it.
        Did people like it? I was so busy back then I never really got a read on it.

        • All the Farscape that I actually managed to see while it was on TV, I adored. I really want to get the whole series one day and just watch it all again.

        • I LOVE Farsape. This amazing thing was my Christmas present last year, and sits proudly alongside my complete DVD collection (the first season of which is a limited edition and has been signed by Ben Browder).

          What kind of work did you do on the show? Were you involved with the PK Wars as well?

          • I was originally involved in the script breakdowns when it was in pre-production.
            Kind of boring but crucial job, I had to take the scripts, break each shot down and work out how long each scene would take, how much 3D/CG/Cleanup/Roto etc. would be required and then cost it all out and allocate the work, so we could work out how to budget each episode in both time and $$.
            Then I worked on translating the character designs into the various modelling software we were using at the time, and helping with rigs etc.

          • I’ll see if I have any old scripts or bits and pieces in storage. If I find anything I’l post it down to you.

        • I think it could have really been huge if it had a wider audience, but I feel like it didn’t click with people early. I personally loved it, but I also was late to the party. I missed all the good shows first time round and have to catch them on DVD later on.

      • Yeah, for sure. Which colonies will you save? Do you trust this guy enough to take him offworld with you? Or maybe even channel a little Atlantis, and throw some ZPM resource management into the equation too! The possibilities are awesome.

        • ZPM power management would definitely be a puzzle, like switching from shields to weapons as it’s a fragile ZPM where too much power output will overload it, so you have to balance it based on what the wraith are throwing at you.

    • You know, as fanboyish as this sounds, a 40k game based on the inquisition would be amazing. They would be able to pull it off quite well, i think. Lots of room for some really interesting choices to be made too.

      Also, adventure time, for shits and giggles.

    • I think a thought provoking wartime series could be good. Something similar to the unit but with a This war of mine or Spec ops:The line kinda choice and consequence. What is it worth to kill your target, if you let them live to protect the lives the the civilians what is the impact. Your team member says they can take the shot without risk to innocents but you don’t think they can. Do you back them or go with your gut.

    • Bloodborne, the Telltale game.

      Every QTE lasts for only 66 milliseconds, the only moral choice is how much YOU DIE!

      Okay, so it wouldn’t actually be fun or interesting, but it would be fun to watch from a safe distance.

    • I want them to do Jurassic Park again, a new tale with the New stuff they do now.

      Also keen for whatever Marvel stuff they do.

      Maybe they could do Dune, Lost in Space, 60s Batman, Monkey Magic, some anime or The Knick

    • Star Wars. Telltale Star Wars could be great.

      Would also love to see them do an original but I don’t think they have any clout without brand recognition attached which sucks for them.

          • Yep. Sure is.
            Undercoat spray $30
            Paint pots $6 each.
            Brushes $12+ each
            and so on, and so on.

            *insane laughter*

          • Man, I thought $80 for an X-wing model with moving wings was expensive.
            I need someone to contract to paint my models, I am hopeless at it.

          • Ah, so I finally get what this is all about. Thanks.
            Looks complicated.

            Some very dodgy looking dice rolls in that vid.

          • @poita – the MWG game play pretty fast and loose with some of the rules – they’re also meant to be using measuring tape for movement distances, but tend not to.
            It is really complicated to learn on your own, but can be pretty straight-forward if you have someone teach you and keep it simple. But yeh – the pond goes deep.

          • @poita It’s not as complicated as it looks. It all breaks down into pretty simple fragments. Each turn is made up of phases and what each unit can do in each phase is depends on their basic type with their stats determining what they roll, how far they travel and when they die. Some units have special rules that apply to them, but most of the time those rules aren’t more complicated than giving them an extra roll to save when they take a wound or making them automatically pass leadership tests.
            Most of the important information can be kept on cheat sheets and it’s not hard to flip through your army’s rulebook when you’re playing. You only really need to learn your own army’s special rules. If you play with someone who already knows the rules it’s really easy to pick it up as you go.

          • Let’s not forget the insane level of time commitment you need to paint something like that to that level of detail.

  • Whew, busy weekend. Spent all Friday in the shed at Wingman’s place, having a go at doing a full piano tuning. Was kinda lazy with it and took a few internet breaks on the phone, but still took about 6 or 7 hours to get through the whole thing. Lotta work. Though it did seem to get faster as it went on, so maybe the next one won’t be quite so bad.

    Saturday was the bouldering competition. A bit overwhelming at first, both deviating from my usual climbing routine and just having so many people around. Got into the swing of things before long though. And naileโ€‹โ€‹d a few things I didn’t think I could do. There was this one that was basically a huge dyno from the start holds to the end. I’m usually terrible at those, can never jump high enough. But figured hey, I’ll have a go of it. I was so surprised when my fingers landed on the hold at the top I yelled out “holy shit!” and had to consciously make sure not to let go out of shock. That was awesome. There was another nearby that was just these… well, they call them “elephant balls” according to the print, they’re wooden balls about the size of an apple attached to a string. There were about five of them strung up in a line coming away from the wall, basically just had to swing from one to the other and at the end, get yourself sideways over to a big rock on the floor. Wasn’t sure about doing it since I thought it’d leave my arms wrecked and stop me from being able to do other stuff. But after the last one, the confidence was surging ๐Ÿ˜› It wasn’t too bad after all, there was a surprising amount of stretch each time you let go of one rope while heading to the next, and you’d just drop an extra few inches, and I nearly missed the last one but managed to do a mid-swing lunge before falling away from it. There were a few other cool ones too. All up I got through 40 climbs, only two of which I didn’t flash. Probably only had three or four near the end that I couldn’t manage to do, could’ve maybe hit 50 if I pressed on more and didn’t spend so much time waiting. Dunno how I went in comparison to others, but I’m pretty happy with how I feel like I went.

    Saw that Frozen was on that night, so figured I’d check out what all the fuss was about. Didn’t really know much about it other than something something snow and Elsa. Wasn’t expecting to get a tale about a brave people’s quest to eradicate the scourge of Winter, with a closing message of Summer is love, Summer is life. What a fantastic film.

    Except for that song. That terrible song. Everything about it.โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹ Yuck.
    Sunday: MY BUTT IS SORE.โ€‹โ€‹ It has been far too long since I have been in so much pain the day after climbing. I don’t even remember feeling like I’d particularly worked the glutes on the day, I know I felt it around the upper chest near the shoulders a few times where I’d strained myself trying to push up on things, and a couple of times straining thighs by fighting tight hamstrings to get my foot up high enough to reach my hands. Funnily enough both of those seemed to have died down in comparison.

    Internet was being absolutely shit all day, connecting only for a few seconds at a time before dropping out again. Stupid Telstra. Spent most of the day playing Xenoblade instead. Still haven’t managed to make my way to the prison colony yet. Eryth Sea is too huge, and has too many floating reefs. Currently playing as Sharla, followed by Riki and Dunban. Also just last night discovered Sharla’s Head Shot power. Holy shit ๐Ÿ˜› At one point managed to get a huge chain attack going, wish I’d kept count of how many rounds it went or how much damage it dished out. Need more of that.

    My butt is still sore.โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹

  • Today is a good day. I just found out that Chilli came 2nd in a competition with a local butcher, netting me a $50 meat voucher.

  • So i’m sort of progressing with the Fallout 4 storyline, I keep getting tied up with Brotherhood of Steel or Minute Men side quests & or exploring. I also still haven’t ditched Dogmeat for another companion, whilst he might be good at setting off a bajillion laser trip wires at once like he did here, I just love the little dude, feels right exploring a post apocalyptic nuclear wasteland with a dog.

    I also have quite a nice collection of Power Armour going on, there’s 8 sets so far. Still yet to find the complete X01 set, only found the partial set so far, heh.

    I’m also thinking about taking over the drive in cinema. Red Rocket Diner is getting a bit too small for me now, heh.

    • Drive in cinema is amazing for customisation. Tonnes of room, good for fortifications, water source (ignoring that it’s a puddle, you can fit a +40 water pump in it) and a good location for a northern base.

    • I’ve started maxing out rep with the different companions now that I’ve learned they each give you a different permanent perk once you max them. Piper is probably worth grabbing first, since hers is a bonus exp to location-discovery and she doesn’t have some ridiculous run-around quest tied to the main quest line before she can be maxed, either.

        • Yeah, looking like I’m not going to have a paramore in my ‘first true run’. The Sole Survivor always wears her wedding band in memory of Nate. Because shutup, that’s why. It’s looking more and more like he actually died and wasn’t just frozen in a critical condition, which is very sad. I was really holding out hope that I could get a doctor in there.

      • Oh do you not need to have the companion with you to have the perk? It sounded like Curie’s one needed her to be present, I might have to max out everyone’s approval quickly in the next game

        • Yeah, you don’t need to have ’em out with you. I first realized this when I started checking the exp value of the persuasion attempt successes. And I’m still getting the stealth damage bonus from Deacon. 4.2x damage increase? Beastly. It’ll be more when I get the silenced-weapon perk.

    • 20Mb symmetric would do me.

      Got letter from NBNco on my return from holiday. Was very excited when I read we were getting connected…

      …then read further…


      …installation trial…

      …may or may not be connected to actual services in the next 2-3 years…


  • Finally got my Dire Avengers painted. Well, 9 of them, the 10th is going to be an Exarch and I want to do that on it’s own when I’ve got a little more practice painting, but technically five makes a squad. They lost a little too much detail so I’m going to have to practice thinner coats. The highlights were messy but there’s not much I can do to help steady my hands and gain better brush control besides just painting a lot more often.
    I went to start a box of Guardians to get some practice painting my Craftworld’s core colour scheme when I realised I skipped right over the base colour on my shopping list. I had everything ready to go and couldn’t even start. Hopefully I’ll have the time to pick some up on the way home from work tonight. My Dire Avengers ended up looking pretty good but I’ve got a bunch of things I want to try with the Guardians so they’ll either look way better or I’ll bite off more than I can chew and they’ll way worse.

      • Just base coating with a spray, throwing on a dark layer of the colour, then doing the high points with a coat of a lighter version, washing it, mixing up a lighter version of that colour for highlights, then using a really bright extreme highlight. Plus spraying them with a seal once I’m done. I’m using dry brushing on the metals. I do an ok job of washing. Doing some basic mixing but getting the same result twice is still beyond me. I can do a decent job of gems which come out looking good with ‘ard coat over them.
        I’m still using purely Citadel paints because I don’t know my way around paint types and textures very well but I skipped their brushes and went with Privateer Press gear.

        • Cool.
          A couple things that may help:
          – You mentioned you’re obscuring some of the details – this shouldn’t be happening. Thin your paints with a little water. As i’m assuming you’re already doing this, perhaps think of using a wet pallet. Not only does it help with flow, but it preserves your paint for up to a couple of days, which means those mixed colours last longer. You can buy them (privateer press actually do one), but it’s much better just to make one yourself – there are heaps of tutorials online for this.
          – Washes are generally used directly after a basecoat to create shadow. If your wanting to blend a layer you’ve added to your base coat, what you actually need is a medium – it’s a bit thicker than a wash. GW have a range of these available, but you can also mix your own using your colour of choice and some of GW’s lahmium medium, which is excellent.
          – I also used to just drybrush metals, but i found i got better results by doing a solid coat, then a layer or two of either black or brown wash. Lastly i’d just highlight/drybrush it with a brighter metal.

          A lot of that is what i did for this guy, minus the glazing:

          This is probably my tabletop quality level of painting – I knocked him out for my brother-in-law’s birthday in a couple of nights, but i have been known to spend tens of hours per model, which may be part of the reason why i haven’t gt much done.

          You’ll also notice my edge highlighting is super shitty – it’s one of the things i’m working to perfect at the moment, as my highlights were previously just general.

          • I actually wasn’t thinning with water. I originally thought it was something you only had to do when the paint was extra dry and by the time I figured it out I felt like I was in deep enough that maintaining consistency within the unit was more important than better results. I saw a tutorial on making your own disposable wet pallet last night so I was going to pick up everything I need for one from the office today. That should knock over one of my big problems.
            My big issue has been smooth layers on the white helmets. I’ve looked into some advice on that, using super thin layers, not being slow enough for the paint to start drying, etc, so I’m looking forward to giving that a shot.
            I hate mixing paints so my solution was to buy a 35ml container, pour in both the colours in equal amounts, then shake the crap out of it. It’s for highlights so 20ml of 50:50 should last me quiet a while.

            Looks good. I think I’ve actually got a Terminator Captain laying around. If he’s got half as much cloth as yours does I should use it to practice. In theory I know how to do a flowing robe but I have a ton of trouble picking out what to highlight and I always feel like there’s way too clear a line between the base, shade and highlight. I can never get it to pop like a 3D object. It comes out looking like a single colour 3D object with paint on it if you know what I mean.

            I might scour the Games Workshop YouTube channel or spend an hour in-store. For all my problems with the company their videos do a good job of explaining things without assuming I already know more advanced techniques. There’s a ton of resources out there online but I find pro painters tech you how to base coat from the perspective of someone who doesn’t even think about what they’re doing. It’s like learning to draw from an artist, they’ll typically show you what to mimic rather than teaching you.

          • Mate, there is a youtube channel called girl painting that is EXCELLENT.
            Some of the stuff she knocks out is stunning. Painting budha is another excellent resource.
            Some GW stores also are excellent for teaching, as you mentioned. Some of them make you buy stuff first, though. They also don’t like people using non-gw equipment or paints.

            White is a nightmare – I’m currently painting my chaos army white with a bronze trim. It takes at least 5-6 very thin coats before i get an even white.

          • Thanks. I’ll check it out. I just got a new desk LED lamp that I think should really help out with the highlighting and increase my ability to do thin coats. It has an adjuster to go between warmer shades to 7-11, but even if the light wasn’t perfect it’d still beat the natural light/lightbulb combo I’ve got going on here.

          • As I understood washing it’s there to give an additional layer of depth to your primary color scheme? I’ve been really struggling in painting bullet scorch marks on armor and chipped armor.

            For highlights I think it becomes a lot easier once you understand light? They don’t need to go on every edge or extremity and you can find which ones need to be painted by holding a flashlight to your model from a specific angle. The brightest spots of your base coat need highlights while the darkest usually need more wash and extra depth of color.

  • Home from work again today :\ Was semi sick all weekend with headaches and dizziness, and my cyst was leaking way more than before, so it’s possible that’s why I feel so rubbish today, but boy am I over it all. :\
    I actually miss work! I want my routine back!!
    While I’ve been down, I’ve been playing a bit of Big Pharma. Taken a while, but I think I’m finally coming to grips with it. Any body else played it yet?

      • Yeah it’s not much fun. Seeing specialist on thursday, so hopefully he can fix something. Supposed to see neurologist as well, but just can’t afford it atm. This week is when all the monthly’s hit :\ It’ll just have to wait unfortunately. Gonna have to put the specialist on cc this week as it is. BLEH!

  • I propose we do away with copyright on programs. The fact is its just a particular combination of ‘1’s and ‘0’s that happens to have ‘made by microsoft’ in the code combination. If I ran through every possible code combination I would find the version of windows ‘made by cocacola’.

    How many bytes does an old space invaders game have? With a combination tumbler that rolls through every combination and saves each as an exe file that can be tested by an emulator, you will not only find ‘space invaders by cocacola’, you will find ‘spaceinvadersmultiplayeronline by cocacola’. You will find ‘artificial intelligence by cocacola’. So in the end if I go and run a combination tumbler until I find ‘windows os by me’ then I invented my own windows os.

    • It’s easy to say that when you weren’t the one who combined the 1s and 0s. =P
      I agree it’s a tricky subject but I think the real problem isn’t that you can copyright a program it’s that the entire copyright system is min-maxed by large organisations that will sway towards self serving anti-consumer/anti-competition behaviours. It’s hard to say you don’t deserve some sort of ownership control over what you produce, even passing ownership down, but such a system provides people (or typically companies) who would exploit such a system with a laughable amount of tools to achieve that goal.
      It’s one of those cases where being fair creates an environment where the unfair thrive.

    • Let’s say the original Space Invaders ROM was 2KB, or 2048 bytes.
      That is 16384 bits, that can be in one of two states, a 0 or a 1
      That would give you 2^16384, which is a bigger number than any of my calculators can comprehend, and more than the number of atoms in the universe. (someone chime in if my math is wrong)

      Even if it was only 32 bits, you end up with 2^32 which is 4,294,967,296 possible combinations.

      So if you had every computer in the world cycling through the 2KB of the original Space Invaders to try and come up with it by brute force, it would probably take an impossible amount of time, probably longer than the universe has left.

      To come up with ‘Windows’ by that method, would definitely take longer than the universe will survive for, so it isn’t really a possible scenario.

    • I played the closed beta a few months back and loved it.

      T-hunt with buds is great.

      Never touched the real multiplayer, though.

      Any good?

  • Hey Splatoon players! @freezespreston @mrtaco @cubits @lucifer9783 @powalen
    Freeze’s kids love splatoon but hate playing online. I think maybe we should play a roller game with them so they don’t constantly die.

    What time and day is good for everyone?

  • Sydney. I am in you.

    Kicking about in the Sydney office installing some equipment. Thought the job would be easy. Got here, and it turned out the brief was… lacking.

    …but then I found a way of making it all work with no more hassle than my original understanding. Whew. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi all! Weekend would have been great, had I not had a splitting headache and a nose in dire need of a valve of some sort for most of it. Spent a lot of time in Fallout avoiding the main story (mostly because I kept forgetting to clear Danse’s inventory and send him home – don’t want him to meet Nick), mostly doing BoS sidequests, to the point where they’ve told me to go out into the wasteland and find something nonspecific, so I think they’ve run out of busywork for me and just wanted me gone. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Also mainlined Jessica Jones on Netflix – holy crap is that show amazing.

  • To my un-named secret-santay recipient, your gift is currently 3D-Printing, so it won’t be done for a week or two – depending on how long it takes, you may have to assemble it yourself ๐Ÿ˜›

  • So decided to get the steam link as a late b’day gift for myself with he monies I got given
    Before I push the button on that has anybody got one and any issues in getting it from Amazon?

    • Ooh, I hadn’t thought to check Amazon. Man $170 posted to Australia with the controller. Might just look at getting the link & then get the controller at a later point..

        • That sounds good!

          I got it wrong, it was $143 AUD for the bundle, with $21 postage. Making it $160, but even so damn ๐Ÿ˜ I had something else in my cart that made it more ๐Ÿ˜›

          But yeah i’d happily pay $85 for it. I think it’d be worth that!

  • So, hear me out.
    We should totally actually do that TAY calendar that was bought up last year.
    Maybe not for this year, but next even.
    Gives people time to workout, Pam how they want to pose, and what not.

    Plus, I’d love to compile it, not for the whole “calendar of semi-naked guys” aspect, but because I could totally use it in my resume / portfolio.

  • My weekend was super eventful,way to eventful NO MORE DOING THINGS
    Friday i signed the lease on my and Nobs new house but we cant move in till wednesday which is a little poo but ehh. So i get home from work and i want to have a nice evening in, Well not on my crazy roomates watch, she gets home, turns on some obnoxiously loud music, i think okay well ill go get some food, i Check that the coast was clear and i walk down the stairs, only to hear her cheering, she cheered as i left the house. I go get some food and during that time i get a text message from her calling me a bunch of things “weird, socially stunted and crazy” I messaged back and said “ENOUGH IM MOVING OUT ILL BE OUT WEDNESDAY, ILL STAY OUT OF YOUR WAY NOW LEAVE ME ALONE”

    On saturday i went to supernova with a friend and she dressed as James from team rocket and i went as meowth, was pretty fun, so many people wanted our photo and a bunch of kids kept pointing out my costume to their parents saying “LOOK MEOWTH”

    I left there and went to pick up BOB (i dont know his handle) and we headed to the gold coast for @freezespreston house. I had a grand old time, @sughly and i talked anime, @dc called us morons then apologised profusely, @sernobulus laughed at my puns and freeze and mrs freeze were the perfect hosts. We stayed the night and in the morning we sweated for a few hours before we started our drive home. It was then we got stuck for over a hour in traffic because of a bad accident on the highway. But it was k because bob is a excellent conversationalist.

    I then drove back home and decided i didnt want to stay in the shitty house any longer so i grabbed my work uniforms and some clothes and left a note saying ill be back wednesday for the rest of my shit.

    I attended supernova again, missed my train, got completely drowned by the massive storm. I then got back to my car, found a hotel and slept like a god damn baby last night.

    I did more shit this weekend then some months last year. I feel a overwhelming pride though because despite my weird shitty situation, i just did what i had to, i didnt lose my temper (well not completely lose), i just solved all the problems i had too and i just felt a relief that i can rely on myself when the chips are down. That’s a good feeling.

  • I’ve been playing the Rainbow Six beta. I don’t know about this game. At times, when everybodys working together it’s really fun. But there are other times when someone on the other team accidentally drops his controller and gets 2 random headshots through the wall due to the excessive auto-aim. If there’s one game series that shouldn’t have any auto-aim (even on console) it should be Rainbow Six.
    I’m still not sold on the game due to the amount of content the game has for what they’re selling it for.

    Still playing through the DLC for New Vegas. Finished Old World Blues, which took about 15 hours surprisingly. I can see how it’s a lot of peoples favourite. But I found the difficulty to be off, a lot of enemies were way too resistant (just like the UFO DLC in Fallout 3) and you were kinda forced to use energy weapons.

    Now I’m going through the Lonesome Road, which seems a bit shorter.

  • So after a busy weekend at Supanova, I am a little tired. Not tired enough for TAY RPG Pathfinder tonight though.

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @beeawwb

    At the usual time tonight. My internet has been stable recently so we should be able to get a full session in. I hope you guys have finished shopping so we can jump straight into it.

  • Played a lot of Pandemic Legacy on the weekend with Blaghs and Freya.

    Not so much spoilers because this is covered in the rules but people may care:
    When you eradicate a disease, you get to name it at the end of the game. We’ve managed to eradicate three diseases so far and have named them: Jรถrmungandr, Kaiju and Bears. I went and looked on Board Game Geek to see what other people are naming their diseases. Ours are the greatest. By a lot.

  • I’m finally feeling well enough to do things again. Mum lost my coupler though so I can’t make any more sugar squids until tomorrow so I’m working on bookmarks for now.

    • I’ve got bad news for you. It hasn’t gotten cold yet, everyone that lives there is mentioning how unseasonably warm it is.
      You aren’t going to like January…

    • Paradoxically it hasn’t been raining here in Seattle since Wednesday last week and it’s been sunny and clear… which makes it colder. I’ve enjoyed digging my car out of the permafrost every morning.*

      * It’s just overnight frost but I’m from Australia

        • I like that it’s not hot.

          I’ve stayed inside and hermited a lot though. Need to get out and explore.

          • You explore a tiny bit, you’ll essentially get what’s Vancouver like and you can pop in up north and we can share a pint. ๐Ÿ˜›

          • Oh, you’re in Vancouver? Rad. For some reason I thought you were in Totonto.

            Planning on taking a long weekend up there at some point if I can.

  • I had an ok weekend. Went down to Cronulla for the launch of parkrun. It will be interesting to see how it goes. It’s got to be one of the hardest parkruns in Sydney at the moment. It’s a 2.5k out-and-back course along the trail that runs between the dunes. It’s all hills and sand. Having said that, it’s an excellent training run for serious runners, and anyone into trail running, or thinking about getting into trail running.

    And our house has become a game-free zone for a little while because the 4 year old’s behaviour was atrocious at preschool last friday and he won’t be seeing any plants, zombies, marios, toads or pokemon until he remembers how to play nice. Sometimes being a parent sucks.

  • I think it’s time for me to build a new PC. HALP. Haven’t built/altered one since mid 2008 and stopped paying any attention around then. Any basic recommendations (ie don’t buy AMD cards) and any specific advise would be handy.

    • AMD cards have caught up substantially recently, though I’d still lean towards nvidia.

      Other than that, honestly not much has changed since you last built one. SSDs are much cheaper and almost mandatory, I guess?

      • Yeah, with the price of SSDs there’s really no excuse these days to not be running one as your OS drive at a minimum. I’m a big fan of Intel SSDs when it comes to brand. You can get cheaper ones, but the Intel ones have been extremely reliable for me.



      But in all seriousness, nvidia is still the way to go. The 970s are still a price/performance sweet spot.

      Usual advice of a high end i5 is better than a low end i7 etc etc. AMD haven’t had a good CPU in years now (well, technically a lie, but they don’t compare to the Intel CPUs).

      MOBOs will depend on your needs, but don’t buy into the the XTREME GAMING MOTHERBOARD business. Figure out how many ports you need etc and find something that has that.

      Is it worth jumping on the DDR4 bandwagon? Personally, no. The DDR3 > 4 jump will have negligible performance gains when you consider the increased price.

      I’m assuming you’re going to be dragging your current hard drives across?

      • I’ll be replacing the drives. My OS SSD is way too small and purchased back when 32GB SSDS cost many hundreds of dollars so it’ll be replaced. And I’ll want to replace my 3x3TB & 1x1TB drives with a few larger drives since I’m running out of space.

        Basically this’ll be a completely new build. Just keeping my PSU since I over-invested in a replacement a while back.

        So have at it, I’m in no rush to build this thing in one pay cycle or anything ๐Ÿ˜›

    • I stand by Intel & Nvidia, as there’s just enough slight issues with AMD that unless you want them for a specific thing (freesync, bitcoin farming, bad drivers) you’re probably better off with Intel & Nvidia.

      That said, Nvidia’s at a weird point at the moment, the titan is still ludicrously expensive, the 980 may as well not exist because the ti version seems to hit a better price/performance mark (at RRP, anyway), and the 970 occasionally hits issues thanks to its weird RAM setup (the only game I have a problem with is Ark, which stutters madly no matter what I do, though ours entirely possible that my relatively low speed RAM, old CPU, or mid-tier hard drive are to blame. With that in mind, I’ve read a lot of whingeing from people online, but what else do you expect from people?).

      If you’re passing at 1080p though the 970 is still the best bet, 980 ti for 4k (though you’ll still need to drop settings if you want to run things consistently).

    • i5 6600K is the latest overclockable i5 (Skylake family, next tick after Haswell/Broadwell) so that’s the one to get. i7 isn’t worth the price hike for games.
      970 OC. Make sure it’s a 4gb card. If you can afford it, splash out for the 980 – the 970s have some weird VRAM setups which can limit the cards.
      At least a 240gb SSD.
      Consider 2x2tb (or bigger) drives in RAID0 if you can afford. Faster load times for games that don’t fit on the SSD. Just use the on-board RAID, it should be fine. Make backups though. Hard drive quality has gone to shit recently now that it’s basically two companies making everything.
      Get yourself 8gb RAM, whatever’s reasonable. EDIT: No fins though. They can get in the way of a CPU cooler.
      You’ll want a Z170 chipset motherboard for overclocking. Probably still want that even if you don’t overclock. ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte are all much the same so pick whatever’s got the features & performance you want for the best price unless you hate one manufacturer or something.
      Get a good CPU cooler. The stock one will do at a pinch but you should strongly consider something stronger. Apparently Skylake performs quite well with a closed water-cooling loop. Also any LGA1150/1155 cooler will work with LGA1151 sockets.

      • I have no real plans for over-clocking as I’m a babby who doesn’t trust my own abilities at present.

        I was looking at a CoolerMaster Nepton 240M CPU cooling on a i5 6600k but not 100% on the mobo (leaning towards Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD3 as I kinda want dual NIC and need as many SATA ports as I can get). Shoved into either my current CoolerMaster CM690 case or a new MasterCase Pro 5 case. Is that an ok start?

        • Gigabyte UD3 boards are usually pretty good.

          I’m still iffy on liquid cooling personally. I think were I to build a new machine I’d still stick to air cooling with a dual-fan Noctua. Last I checked they had better cooling performance and less noise. But that might have changed, it’s been a couple of years.

  • A few days and a few support tickets later, I almost have my BattleNet account back so that I can play Diablo 3 again, locally, with my wife. People keep telling me how much it has improved with a few years of patching – this trouble better have been worth it, rather than just having downloaded a full conversion mod for Diablo 2.

  • It’s December! Time to start thinking about maybe getting around to planning to go Christmas shopping eventually.

      • It was sitting on the footpath and I was walking toward it quickly and thought “oh, a cat” “that’s a big cat” “wait, that’s not a cat it’s too big” but by that point it was like 5 feet away and I’m walking toward it quite fast and I realized it was a raccoon about that point and it notices me and is like AAH THAT SINISTER LOOKING HUMAN HAS COME TO KILL ME and bolted off.

  • I’ve started playing The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, and I have no goddamn idea what I’m doing. (cc @dc, because I got it on his recommendation)

    I found some traps in the forest, but I don’t think I found all of them, and then I found a bloodstained pair of legs on a train track, but before I followed the blood trail, I wandered in the opposite direction and found a strange machine just standing there, and when I touched it, a man in a space suit appeared and I followed him, but I think in the end I lost sight of him because he disappeared, and then all of a sudden I disappeared and found myself on a different railway track and now I’ve explored a house that has portals to random rooms next door, and then I found what seems to be a dark tomb with crow motifs and an empty church, and I think I’ve missed some really important information somewhere and I have no idea how to get back.

    I have no idea whether I’m making progress or what I’m supposed to be doing. If there are actual puzzles to solve, I feel like I’ve got no chance of figuring this game out. I am sooooo confused.

    • I feel like you’ve accidentally skipped about four of the puzzles. Don’t worry, though. You can solve them in any order and once you know how to do it, it’ll make so much more sense. Haha! They don’t actually explain the mechanics very well and I’m finding it tough to articulate what you’ve got to do here… I’ll think on a way to explain this… *moseys off for a bit*

      • Thanks, it’s good to have confirmation that I’m just playing the game badly.

        Actually, I think it might be partly the game’s fault.
        The first thing I did when I got control was turn around and walk back through the tunnel. Got a trophy, figured “Hey, this game rewards wandering and exploration!” So that’s what I did.

        • Haha, I did exactly the same thing.

          I guess they thought people would stick around to solve something they stumble upon while exploring ๐Ÿ˜›

        • I think the first area is probably the easiest to explain without spoilers:

          When you find a trap and press one of the buttons over it, a portion of a bigger picture is revealed. You see the entire thing once you find all the traps and then the world state changes. This mechanic will give you clues or new information or set in motion a new piece of the puzzle if that makes sense. There’s other versions of this mechanic where words will appear on screen and you’ve got to find the right angle to align the words and then a new clue is revealed. Others where you have to sort events into chronological order or recreate scenes and the like. OH GOD, THIS SOUNDS SO NOT HELPFUL. Hahaha!

          I’ll be back later with a more helpful explanation. Possibly after I play that first section of the game again. XD It’s really cool and clever and detective-like when you know what you’re doing, but yeah, there’s definitely zero hand holding and they expect you to work this out on your own. (Believe me, you’re not the only one who struggled with this. Half the criticism of the game is about this. :D)

          • No need, man. You’ve given me enough to get started. Thanks, I appreciate it.

            I could see the picture coming together with the traps. I think I only missed one. And while I was looking for it, I stumbled upon the next part of the game. Didn’t know you had to align all those words – that’s cool, and very helpful advice! I can think of four or five instances where I’ve missed a chance to do that ๐Ÿ˜›

          • That house with the doors confused me for ages, just because I had missed a gameplay mechanic in the game. There’s a great game buried beneath the learning curve. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I think I solved that one, actually, pretty much by accident. I got a trophy anyway.

            Got big time chills when I realised that the weird portals that I’d been playing around with in the first house actually reflected rooms in the second house. Felt legitimately creepy. No idea why.

          • I got them feels too! <3

            Even though you can do the puzzles in any order, part of me thinks you should restart if you’re up for it… just to have a better handle on what’s up. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • @dc Turned out to be some sage advice. Thanks. I think I’m doing things in a more correct order now. I feel like I’m actually being guided through the world, which is a different feel from being totally lost! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • That’s good to hear. I hope you’re enjoying it and the confusion didn’t put a bad taste in your mouth. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hahahahaha. The game really doesn’t explain things, at all.

      Everything you’ve touched on is an event of some kind, and you’ll need to complete them all to finish the game. The legs with the train is a main story bit, so to “play” that there’s some buttons you need to press, (which the game should tell you if you find the right stuff) some objects you have to find, then you need to set them in the correct order, I think. If you go from the church to the house, and turn left before you hit the house and follow the road that way, you should end up back where you started (it’s been a while, sorry).

    • Basically: every major new area has a thing to solve (it will be obvious when you’ve completed an area)

  • Apparently someone caught me picking up a fallen Santa and taking a few moments to securely fasten him back to his perch. Now they believe that my scroogey disdain for Christmas decorating is a ruse. They refuse to believe my explanation that I’d rather just not have shit lying on the floor. *shakes fist* I am in the mood to overreact to mild frustration with cartoon violence. Why do we not live in cathartic cartoonworld?

    (Which reminds me: I saw Cool World on Netflix and tried to watch some of it. It got the best of me, I had to flee.)

  • Is there an intuitive way in Fallout 4 to know where all your companion characters are? I usually store them all at a consistent location, but can’t find some and don’t want to scour every settlement. ๐Ÿ˜› Also:

    Why can’t I just store them in the house in Diamond City? I loved in New Vegas how you could just send everyone to that hotel room. This seems like it’d be an ideal equivalent for this game.

    • I have sent them all to Sanctuary Hills. Except Strong, because he’s the protector of Hangman’s Alley

      • But even when they’re all in a place like that, it’s like half of them deliberately hide from you. Got to ring the bell to get the Avengers to assemble. It seems like such an odd thing to not just have a character select screen or something. Maybe there is one and they just didn’t explain it. *shrugs*

      • It’s weird but every now and then I find that certain settlements are greyed out and can’t be chosen to send people to. There’s never a bloody error message to tell me why, though. Which means about half my companions are hanging out in County Crossing (which is my 2nd-largest base thanks to its map-central location).

          • I was thinking that, but it doesn’t seem to be consistent. My Sanctuary Hills seems to fluctuate between 18-20 without ever actually seeming to ‘lose’ anyone, with all amenities accounted for and 80% happiness. I NEED MORE DATA.

          • My Sanctuary Hills refuses to grow over 7. Granted I haven’t completed any story missions (actually, I lie, I’ve just completed 1 so Preston can now be my follower {edit: NOT THAT HE WILL BE. LONE WANDERER 4 LYFE}) but it’s perplexing me.

          • Preston can be a companion? He’s purely a quest-giver, to me. I’ve never seen that option. c.c And I’m pretty deep in.

          • He’s the first human you can get, I think you just need to say something like “wanna come with me” after a mission or 2

          • It was literally the last thing I did before I went to bed last night but I’m positive the game popped up “Preston is now available to be your companion” and “Codworth liked that” at the same time. Will check when I load up this evening.

          • Charisma is 9, was my highest stat when creating my character (didn’t realise INT controlled XP.) and I’m wearing shades that give me +1 as well so effective is 10.

          • @beeawwb

            Then your max settlement size should be 20 (10 + Charisma). Have you set up a recruitment beacon, and made sure it’s turned on? Without them your bases will remain pathetic and small.

          • @blaghman – beacon is on and firing. “Ummmm… Hey Commonwealth. Wanna be cool and work hard and shit? Then we’ve got a place for you. Come be neato. *fife plays patriotic music*” – That was actually the first powered device I built and as soon as I switched it on I got 2 settlers (taking population from 5 to 7) but that was hours ago.

          • @beeawwb @transientmind
            I had a similar issue which seemed to be resolved by making sure I had extra capacity for everything (and waiting after that). Make sure you have enough beds, food, water and defence to cover room for two or three extra people, then go exploring/wait a bunch.

            It could also have been gated by story progress or something cause after I added all the extra stuff I did a bunch of missions and people started flooding in.

          • @rize Yeah I thought it might be story gated which is why I went and did that first one, but then that doesn’t explain why I got those first 2 settlers. I’ve got plenty of space (13 food, 16 water, 12 beds, 12 defence) so I’m pretty sure that’s not it either.

          • Yeah, @Rize. I’ve cleaned up Sanctuary Hills and the Castle and completed those quest-lines.

            Now the only thing that Preston does is give me a non-dialogue-wheel canned one-liners on being talked to, or gives me seemingly endless Minuteman quests to clear out settlements or go talk to settlers about their raider/ghoul problems.

            He’s a quest-giver and nothing more. ๐Ÿ™

          • @beeawwb
            Now that I think about it, initially I only had one settlement getting a healthy increase in numbers. My response was to go there and send people away to other sites, waited until it refilled, then did it again. Eventually everything started working properly though.

          • @dc that’s really weird. I’m waaaaaaay earlier in the story. Like, I just got Oberland Station (clearing out Corvega) and he’s all “Hey General, I love you General please lead me because I don’t want to be the last Minuteman”

          • @beeawwb

            Before I did the Castle the only dialogue he had was telling me about settlements and asking if I was ready to go to the Castle. The game didn’t tell me I could recruit him, I just randomly went back to Sanctuary and suddenly there was party member options. Sounds like there’s something screwy!

    • This is the kind of thing I’m hoping will be modded in once the G.E.C.K. is out. Figuring out where the hell your companions are, and a better way of tracking which settler is doing what, and how many you have assigned to various tasks, etc. Settler management starts turning into a serious pain in the ass when your settlement gets sprawling enough.

      My work-around of ringing the ‘gather around’ bell and then moving people around that way is a little cumbersome. Especially when I always try to make sure that my weapons vendor is voiced by a Garrus-voice NPC.

      • Actually, the Settlements feature in FO4 is one of those things where I think that when modders finally get a look under the hood, instead of everything suddenly becoming clear and a new, golden age of improvements unleashed, I expect that everyone will collectively eye-widen and gasp, “How the fuck is this thing even holding together?!” to which Bethesda will respond, “We do not know, we are so surprised it is even functioning at all.”

      • @beeawwb Worth noting that if you have multiple beacons going I found people went to the one closest to Diamond City; i.e. the more central location. You can then command the settlers to relocate to a town of your choosing. Also try turning the beacon on and off. I know. But it works.

        @transientmind That companion glitch seriously sucks which is why I knew I had to get a Bethesda game on PC rather than console. Glitches aren’t so bad when you can use console mode to get past them but with a console version what you see is what you get which is usually a buggy mess when it comes to their games =\ That said Preston is a pretty bland yes sir you;re awesome general kind of companion so you aren’t missing out on too much. (at least as far as I’ve got with him).

        • @pupp3tmast3r Only got the one beacon going (Haven’t even set foot in Diamond City) currently but will keep that in mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • If that’s the case then it’s a mix of happiness, supplies and in game time. I think 80% is the highest you can get so if you’ve got happiness and supplies ticked just give the game time? Oh and power cycle that damned beacon =p

          • Yep, tried all of the above. Power cycled, 79% happiness, made sure I’ve got plenty of resources and I’ve had about 5 hours wandering the Wasteland just to give all of that time to take effect. Even built a second housing structure and started setting that up just in case people didn’t want the first building with beds.

            I’m not sure concerned right now, but I may be as I progress more in to the game.

          • When you say 5 hours wandering the wasteland did you rest at all? Cos 5 hours in real time for me is like 7 days in game time. Try passing more in-game time to see if anything changes; alternatively setup a second settlement (there’s 3 near sanctuary) and use them to recruit fresh blood? It’s what I did when my Sanctuary stopped recruiting for a while.

            Reminder to self: I need to build up the pit stop I found Dogmeat at.

    • When in doubt, check their original location. Curie is rather annoying in always going back to her original home rather than wherever I told her to go

  • Just another ten minutes…

    Maybe I should phone home and get someone to get Horizons downloading for me.

  • You know what’s wrong with my local government? They scheduled an election for the same day that Xenoblade is released.

    Just going to scrawl “IT’S REYN TIME” on my ballot and run out.

  • So I just got done installing a new PSU on my PC. It took me over 3 hours. At least half of that was getting the old PSU out since everything was zipcorded together so well. In the end I had to cut through some of the wires to get everything free, so I guess that CPU will never see any use again. Then after I’d put the new CPU in the PC wouldn’t turn on, so I took everything apart to check everything was connected properly and tried again. Rinse and repeat a few times until I realised I’d plugged the wrong cord into the wrong slot. Fixed that, and now it all seems to be working fine. PC hasn’t exploded yet so that’s a good sign.

    Reason I did all that was because I got a GTX 960 and my old PSU was slightly too weak to run it. Haven’t put the 960 in yet, that’ll be next after I have some lunch.

    In game news I played and beat Until Dawn. It was pretty good. I was surprised how my opinion of characters changed over the course of the game. Mainly Mike. Started off hating him but by the end I think he was my favourite character. Main negative I have about the game is that it seems to be built around the idea of doing more than one playthrough but I got a near perfect playthrough in terms of people surviving and information found the first time, so in a second playthrough I’d have to intentially make bad choices and screw myself over to get a different story and that just seems a weird way to play.

    Speaking of those sorts of story/movie games, I finished Telltale’s Game of Thrones and I have to say the last episode felt really disappointing. Maybe it’s just the ending I got, I don’t know how many endings there are, but it did not feel satisfying in the slightest. It was all unanswered questions and cliffhangers. I guess that’s the problem of trying to write a new story into a setting where so much is already established.

    I also finally finished Fire Emblem Awakening this morning after having started it earlier in the year. I have over 120 hours on my one playthrough of it. Mainly that came from grinding out levels and support conversations as well as restarting maps anytime one of my units died. It sort of became my go to game when I was too lazy to play anything else. I liked most of the epilogue stories I got based on how I’d paired the characters up. A few of the best ones were actually for pairings I didn’t really care about and had just put together for the sake of getting a child or the support bonus and then forgotten about. There was only one that felt rather depressing. And now I’m all ready for Fates next year. Given that’s 3 games I can’t imagine how many hours I’ll end up putting into them.

    • Seems to be a common complaint about Game of Thrones, seems like Telltale were sticking a little to firmly to the grimdark no happy endings modern fable it’s turned into and setting up for season 2 to make a satisfying gameplay experience. Still need to play episodes 4-6 myself, hopefully the experience isn’t too sour.

    • Hadn’t heard a thing, and I was eating lunch literally just out the front of a store today. Might rush back this arvo…

        • Wait so its only for saturday? But there’s people posting on ozbargain saying it’s on right now but it’s not been advertised at all as it’s a reaction to the share price crash from yday. Apparently cashiers are surprised at the prices some items are being scanned out at.

          • This was just what I heard, can’t really look into it since I’m working and all. If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong but that is what I heard.

          • @pupp3tmast3r I’m off work at 4:30 and will swing past my local (it’s on the way home) and give a shout on twitter if I have any luck.

            EDIT: Hahahaha!

          • Jinx!…..

            Ok don’t be lame puppet no one does that anymore.

            I wont be out of here till 6 so if you find out tag me in a post if you can rize; I don’t social media =P

  • Things that suck: thinking that it’s really time to get in touch with an old school friend that you spent lots of time with, but drifted apart while at different unis, and still think about sometimes… and then finding out they died 9 years ago.

    About the only good thing was it turns out they carried on being the completely fearless brilliant person that they were when I knew them, had amazing friends and was very well respected, found love, held several world records (!) and died in a freak accident and wouldn’t have known a thing about it.

    Where the hell does the time go?

      • Yeah. I’m both very happy to find out they turned out as amazing as I thought they were going to be, and sad that I’ll never get to tell them that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • So apparently my girlfriend’s dad won a Wii U from an RSL Christmas competition, and we’re getting it for Christmas… but ssssshhhh, because we don’t know about it yet.

    Also, apologies to my Secret SanTAY recipient, I am distinctly shite at wrapping presents.

          • Checking out your dossier, what’s SCA like? I’m in Valinor and while I plan on staying there I’ve been thinking I should probably secondary to an AU/NZ group.

          • Ok? It’s a recent thing and I have not been too socially active. They hang out on reddit (ugh) and while they do games nights and stuff I’m only seeing the same few peeps posting.

            How’s Valinor? All I really want is peeps to play on the regular with.

          • Valinor is cool, I’ve been with them since they started – focus is on roleplay which is something I see as supporting my gameplay by adding an extra layer. I want to do lots of trade focussed things so this gives my character a “reason” to do so. Activity has peaks and troughs which is normal for any org at this stage I think, the difficulty is that there’s very few AU players in the grand scheme. I think we make up less than 5% of the membership.

          • Cool cool. I don’t mind some RP but I’m not hugely into it. A short backstory and general characterisation is about it for me.
            That 5% in Valinor or SC? That’s the reason I joined SCA: I’d really like to play an MMO type game with other aussies for once :/

            So you planning on being a trader? What ship you backed?

          • @jocon That’s 5% in Valinor. Australia’s quite well represented in SC generally speaking.

            As to what I’ve backed… errrrr… A lot.

            Aurora, Reliant, Herald, 315P, 350R, M50, Freelancer MIS, Constellation Phoenix, Merchantman, Carrack

          • Haha wow, big spender.
            Only a 315p for me. Just want a starter ship: if I buy a Reclaimer or Carrack now, what do I have to work towards?
            And considering my luck with guilds ect, no multi crew ships for me till I know I’ll have someone to join me.

            Or at least that’s what I tell myself :,(

  • Board game folks
    How to you share your collection with other people. Invited around to another BBQ \ Boardgames day and somebody asked what we had. Do you usually just list of a couple of games you think they might like or do you link off to the full collection.
    Do you keep track of your collection online?

    • Pick you favourite and let them know you have only the one boardgame. That you are awesome at. So that is all they can play at the get together. Win-win. I mean everyone else loses but you know… win-win for you.

    • I would say list the ones you play and enjoy so if they show interest it won’t feel like a chore to bring it over and play that game with them since the ones you did list, you like playing.
      I don’t have to do that as I’ve only got 2, and one is a max of 4 players co-op, one is a 1v1 card game ๐Ÿ˜›

        • XCOM:TBG and Warhammer 40,000 Conquest.
          I’ve only actually played XCOM:TBG and I absolutely love it

          • I mainly bought XCOM due to the timed play, where the game will not wait for you to properly analyse and decide, because it’s an alien invasion and it really immerses that atmosphere that you have to act quickly or all will be lost. The difficulty makes victories way more satisfying, and the hype we had when one interceptor squadron destroyed 6 UFOs in one round, clearing an entire continent that we would’ve lost if we did nothing.

    • I have a chunk of my collection on Board Game Geek, but if someone says “bring games” i throw in a selection. I am the one in my group with the most though so

    • Also also, bring the ones

      1) you want to play, at least not the ones you don’t want to play;
      2) you want to teach, because it’s your game and that’s your responsibility; and
      3) the ones you think would play well. If I was taking games to play with my parents, for example, I don’t throw in stuff like Dead of Winter because they’ll never come at it with the theme. Some groups you know won’t get into fantasy, or abstract stuff.

      Curate, is what I guess I’m saying.

    • I think it depends on the other people and how well acquainted they are with the world of board games.

      • Like @cookingmama said, it depends on the other people. You can fish by naming a non-gateway game and seeing their reaction.

        My collection is up on BGG if there are people really into board gaming hoping to try out one or two specific games. If you’re going in blind, a mix of a couple of “safe” games (Splendor, Resistance, Hanabi, Codenames) and one or two heavier titles that you’re really into (in my case, almost always Village).

        Probably the safest thing would be to ask what other people are bringing. That gets you a lot of information about the crowd going and lets you avoid double ups.

    • Only the ones that require an appropriate number of players for the group, are at an appropriate skill level for the group and would be fun for the group to play.

      • I’m gonna disagree with point one there, as sometimes the best solution is to split into smaller sub groups.

        I’ve had multiple tables set up at mine before, and swapping between tables and games is super fun

        • Well yeah, I was more meaning there’s no point breaking out the game that’s best with six players if there’s only 3 of you.

  • Started a new game in Blood Porn Bloodborne a few nights ago. Just like Dirk Searls I have enjoyed Bloodborne so much more in my second play through. Also, tried the new DLC area and the first enemy did unmentionable things to me. I assume it’s supposed to be late game DLC. =P

  • So I ghetto modded some fan filters on to my fans yesterday, black stockings don’t even look out of place stretched over my fan grills, as you can see here. But god damn, I need a new CPU heat sink & fan bad. The stock one is just not cutting it anymore.

    Saying that I also need a new case & power supply & well a new computer, but i’d prefer the case & power supply first since they’re the 2 oldest things in my current system, every thing else is coming upto 4 years old next March.

    And sadly SIlverstone have discontinued the case I wanted =( So it’s like $200+ where ever I do find it, when it was only $140 6 months ago..

    • I know the feeling man, my mobo and CPU are still original from when I bought the PC in 2009 (a Gigabyte EX-58-DS4 I believe with an i7 920)

      Everthing else has been replaced at some stage, better PSU, more RAM, more HDDs (and I’m likely buying an SSD soon too) bought a 2nd hand GPU off ebay earlier this year etc.

      • Oh man those 920 i7’s were the shit back then. I remember wanting one so bad hahaha.

        I did get a new GPU a few weeks back for Fallout, so I guess that’s not original but yeah heh.

        • That’s pretty much why I held out, I was going to go for a Core2Quad prior to that, but figured splashing out on the new socket and (at the time) new DDR3 RAM would be better long term, guess I was right about that, so I’m thinking I’ll be doing the same this time, splashing out on a Skylake i7 with DDR4 and going from there…

          Now, does anyone know a bank with lacklustre security…

          • Yeah that’s what i’m thinking jumping to Skylake early next year if my job keeps up. Also I hope by then Nvidia will have released their new cards too.

            If you fine one, let me know ๐Ÿ˜›

          • Honestly, I don’t see the need for bleeding edge GPUs, unless you’re running dual 4K 30″ monitors, it’s really not necessary IMO.

            I’m currently playing Mad Max and Fallout 4 on high @ 2560×1440 on a 2Gb GTX 670…

  • Anime Interlude

    I posit that the 90s had the best anime music.

    Into evidence I submit:
    – Cowboy Bebop’s entire soundtrack
    – The openings and endings for Gundam Wing, X, and especially the absolutely majestic Turn-A Gundam’s first ending, Moon.
    – Macross Plus’s amazingly varied soundtrack (Check out stuff like PULSE, Torch Song, Information High)
    – and Macross 7’s awesome, timeless rock pieces (I could listen to Diamond Calling for hours, and it was only used as BGM in a single episode!)
    – The Evangelion Opening
    – Ghost in the Shell’s haunting Noh chants in its opening sequence (‘Making of a Cyborg’)
    – Whole mess of great openings and endings: Cardcaptor Sakura, Fushigi Yuugi, Rayearth, Lodoss, GaoGaiGar, Nadia…

    It’s not that subsequent or previous generations had bad music in comparison, it just feels like there was a massive concentration of quality. Maybe it also reflects my age (got older today sort of) but nowadays it’s all very similar. Less variation. Each season there’s one, maybe two reasonable pieces but on a year-to-year basis it feels like there’s only one or two that are a cut above. This is despite a whole lot more anime being made than back in the 90s. Just about every memorable show of that decade had a great opening or ending in there somewhere. Now I find myself skipping the opening most of the time. Very rare that I’ll keep watching the opening or ending of a show throughout its run. I think the last really stand-out opening might have been Attack on Titan.

    • Just in terms of openings and endings I agree that the 90s were the best. Got that sweet 90s vibe. I also skip pretty much every opening of anything from the last few years (with the exception of FMA Brotherhood).

      Lots of it just feels really generic these days. Or you’ve got someone like Asian Kung Fu Generation doing like five openings for every shonen series out there.

      (Also happy birthday?!)

    • Whoops not supposed to be a reply… Happy birthday! The entire soundtrack to Mononoke was pretty amazing

      • Mononoke as in the medicine seller fox Mononoke? That whole production is massively underrated in just about every way.

        • Yep haha that was the only soundtrack I could think of off of the top of my head with that mistake reply. After Tatami Galaxy I was craving that really alternative art style and Mononoke blew me away. I really respect when the animators try something different and really nail a particular art style.

          Also people say Champloo is a Samurai version of Bebop, but the whole soundtrack from nujabes and co. have defined a major part of my music tastes ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Happy birthday man.

      Probably. I’m one of those people who watch the opening once then skip it every time afterwards.
      One of the Naruto Shippuden intro’s was really good I recall and a recentish anime had an awesome jap-metal intro song but I can’t remember which it was.

      • Only metal-ish stuff I can think of is that Ushio & Tora’s OP is by either Kinniku Shoujo Tai or Kenji Otsuki on his own – he’s done a few anime pieces as a solo act, probably the most memorable being the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei stuff. I think that it was actually the whole band though.

        The only other thing which springs to mind is Basilisk (had an OP by Onmyouza) but that was about a decade ago. There’s rock groups that have sort of dabbled in it for some anime stuff but I’d have considered it more hard rock than metal.

        The surprising thing is there hasn’t been an anime with a Babymetal song in it yet. Missed opportunity.

    • I don’t think it’s fair to let an era claim Cowboy Bebop’s intro theme. The show had a sense of style that was beyond everything else around it. It’s so different that you can’t say ‘oh, that’s a 90’s anime’ when you hear it. It’s just ‘oh, that’s awesome’.

      Personally when it comes to anime intros I like stuff that gets me in the right frame of mind for the show more than songs I’d listen to on their own. One Piece and Fairy Tail don’t necessarily have the best music but I find the music pairs really well (most of the time). Sort of like wine I guess. You don’t get the best wine and the best food and put them together, you get the food you want and the wine to go with it.

      I also feel like there’s a bit of a conditioned response. We couldn’t skip them in the 90’s so we listened to them every time we watched the show (or in my case as I ran around trying to get breakfast done before the show started). When we do that we end up linking them to the shows. The Teknoman theme song may or may not be good, but I love it because I associate it with watching a show I love. Now if I were to watch the exact same show for the first time I’d skip the intro after episode three*.

      *Well not really, I make a conscious effort to listen to the start and end themes now, but only because I didn’t like how my instinct changed to skipping them.

      • I don’t know if it’s the same for one piece or fairy tale, but Gintama has a surprisingly short score (excluding intros) for a 250+ episode series. The intros of the series are great for the two episodes I listen to them, work really well if the intro lasts an entire arc too. Gintama’s lacklustre soundtrack initially irked me just using the same music during certain scenes, but I grew used to it because it ‘set the mood’ I guess.

        Maybe I’m too lazy and I need musical cues for an anime to tell me what emotions I’m feeling

      • Disagree, some of Fairy Tail’s music is fucking rad. That whole rock / celtic fusion thing.

        You’re probably right about Bebop though. And technically a lot of the stuff I mentioned specifically is less ‘the 90s were great’ and more ‘holy shit how good was Yoko Kanno?’ – Bebop, Macross Plus, Lodoss, Turn-A Gundam, some of Macross 7’s stuff (She was involved in writing several tracks for Dynamite 7) and IIRC she was the songwriter for many of Maaya Sakamoto’s popular 90s pieces too, Escaflowne and the like – back when she was a singer first and a voice actress second. Hell, she even had a hand in Porco Rosso’s ending theme. Feels like she peaked at the end of the 90s / start of the 00s (Ghost in the Shell:SAC etc) though. Aside from Macross Frontier and the Aquarion stuff it’s been a bit downhill. Really hope they have her back for Macross Delta.

        • Some of it is awesome, but it goes back and forth for me. I’ll admit this stuff grows on me really quickly. I’ll hate a new intro then two episodes later I love it.

          • I feel like It hasn’t been as good recently. First season felt like it worked the music better.

            Incidentally, same guy does the Naruto Shippuuden music.

      • Macross Plus has one of the best overall soundtracks ever. Voices, After, in the Dark, PULSE, all the Sharon Apple stuff, and then all the awesome orchestral bits too. Given that the whole thing is only about 2 hours max, the density of quality in the soundtrack and the amount of variation in styles and everything is amazing.

        I recently re-watched it, but watched the movie version. That’s probably the definitive version, but the saddest part is that it drops After, in the Dark (ep 3 ending) and PULSE (ep 4 opening) for a new song that’s nowhere near as good.

        And Torch Song is indeed amazing. When I was much younger all the Madman VHS tapes had ads for Macross Plus that had Santi-U / Torch Song in the background and I didn’t get it, thought it was atonal warbling, but it’s grown on me since then. Haunting piece. Did you know that the lyrics are in the Zentradi language? So is PULSE and a few others I think. I think the idea was to subtly suggest the way that they’d changed after being exposed to art & music.

        • I need to check those movies but Little things like what you mention have me worried.

          That ad is a classic of the Manga vhs days along with the Lupin III ad claiming that Spielberg claims it contains the best car chase scene of all-time.

          • Nah, so the original Plus was 4 OVA episodes right? About 30 mins each.

            Episode 3 ended with Isamu escaping to Earth and then the end credits played. The ending for eps 1-3 was After, in the Dark. Episode 4 opens with Isamu fighting through the defense satellites over earth and falling with the debris and that opening part used Pulse.

            When they made the movie version they edited the 4 episodes together so the ending of ep 3 and start of ep 4 run together completely. Kanno wrote a new song (Wanna Be an Angel) to unify the parts, but it means you lose both pieces. I don’t think After, in the Dark or Pulse are in the movie version at all.

            The movie adds a few other scenes too. Makes it explicit that the blond chick on base voiced by Megumi Hayashibara that I can’t remember the name of slept with both Isamu and Guld, changes the order that the characters are introduced and gives some more depth to the black dude in charge of the project. Expanded Sharon Apple a bit, and also made it explicit that Guld dies fighting the X-9 Ghost (you basically see his body get crushed by the G-forces – his head explodes)

            I’d say the movie is the definitive version, but losing those two pieces of music sucks.


    Spoilered for wall of Warhammer 40,000 painting non-sense.
    First shot at a Craftworld Ibraesil scheme. It’s one of those weird clip together ones and the spur was missing the back half of the model, so I figured it’d be a good one to experiment on. Got a semi-nice white helmet even though I didn’t thin the first layer of white properly. I put a coat of ‘ard Coat over it to give it some shine. Not sure if I like that or not but it’d probably look cool on a Wraithguard.
    I managed to get a pretty nice primer coat going and made it through the Stegadon Scale Green base without losing much detail, but then I botched it when I did a thick layer of Sotek Green and lost a ton of detail. I’ll still chalk that up as a win though since it was a genuine mistake rather than ignorance. I know exactly what I did wrong. Same with the wash of Coelia Greenshade. I went overboard but I knew it as soon as I did it. The very dark parts are actually sort of growing on me.
    I screwed up the colour on the mask by using the wrong base under it the Russ Grey. Accidentally went with Ulthuan Grey instead of Kantor Blue so the end result is the wrong colour and you can’t really see the highlights on it. The Ulthuan Grey under Russ Grey doesn’t look awful, but I think Kantor Blue under Russ Grey will look much better.
    The highlighting is still probably my weakest part, but between keeping everything wet and the new lamp I had a much easier time highlighting this model than the Dire Avengers.
    I also went a bit slack with the gem housing and forgot to highlight the arm. The gem housing should be bronze/gold but for the purposes of this model it’s not too important.

    Overall it’s a bit dark and I’m still not convinced that I’ve got the colours right (they look more green than teal, when it should be teal leaning towards blue), but I think by the time I’m done with this four pack of Guardians I’ll have a set of paints picked out for any unit in Craftworld colours.

  • Taybies… I have a question now that I am without purpose in life for the next few months (read: NEET).

    Q. So if you guys/girls don’t play games for a really long time, will you start the campaign again? Or would you just press on possible forgetting a few plot/gameplay elements.

    I’m asking because I played about 50% of FE:Awakening back in Jan-Feb and haven’t touched it since.
    Maybe nobody else has this problem idk

    • I usually continue on, but if it has been a year or longer, I start again. I have this problem all the time, only just went back last weekend to finish Halo2…

    • Depends on the game; how long it is and how far into it I was, how story focused it is, how important skill is.
      I go back and progress my M&B Warband game every few months, I continued Fallout 3 after stopping a few hours in. Restarted Demons Souls.
      Other games I have been too deep in to restart or continue and just never play again. FE:Awakening is probably on that pile for me unfortunately.

    • Really depends on whether the game lets me roll back into it or if it throws me in the deep end. It also depends on why I stopped playing the game. Tales of Hearts R bored me so I put it down relatively quickly. When I restarted it I was really in the mood to play something like it and I didn’t remember that much about how to play, so I restarted and found the start much more enjoyable.
      The only major exception is if it’s like an RPG where I have 30+ hours of grinding on a save file. The only reasons I’d get rid of that are if I thought I’d have significantly more fun with a respec, I missed something I can’t go back for or I thought that I’d reduce long term grinding by restarting and building my character with a deeper understanding of how the game works.

      • Yep the exact same feeling with fire emblem. I’m just in the mood for some turn based RPG (probably to finish before fates is released). I don’t know if I can sidestep the countless hours of grinding I’ll have to do ๐Ÿ™

    • Never Ever Ever Trying?

      This is the kind of dilemma that can stop me from returning to games entirely ๐Ÿ˜›
      Generally though I’ll just press on, maybe sometimes look up a guide or something to remind myself of what I’ve done already. Main point of concern is in RPG type games where I’ll have no idea where I was supposed to be headed next. Which is kind of why I haven’t returned to Paper Mario 2, or Partners in Time. Thankfully Xenoblade had that awesome little Story Memo thing that told me where I was headed next ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Yeah xenoblade was a bit easier to get back into, I was able to complete that over the year without too much hassle. Fire emblem is pretty linear in its missions but there was heaps of directions you could level your characters in which is part why I’m considering restarting.
        P.S NEET= Neither Employed, in Education, or Training. Term used for a waste of space lol jk. I just finished high school so until I start uni I’m a parasite to society

        • Oh god, even worse is choice. Makes me glad I haven’t dived into the whole Fire Emblem thing, Advance Wars seems like a much safer option.

          It’d also depend on how long I’d sunk into it actually. Like if I was only say five hours in, I’d probably restart. But 30, like I was with Xenoblade? Nah no way I’m going through all that again, chances are I’ll end up stopping again at the same mark and it’ll never get finished.

          And psh, highschool/uni transition period doesn’t count as parasitic at all. Come back when you’ve been doing it for the better part of a decade, scrub ๐Ÿ˜›

    • As people have said, it really depends on the game.

      For Fire Emblem: Awakening it’s probably not too difficult probably the thing that would make me want to restart is because I forgot which characters I was pairing together.

      Massive RPGs and JRPGs can get a bit tedious to pick up in after a few months of not playing. Especially if you forgot where you were in the story and have no idea where to go.

          • Depends on your tastes really. At the time it was a solid JRPG with strategy elements & an odd levelling system (apparently it was better to level as little as possible til the last dungeon where because of the enemies fought stars increased more per level).

            I’d imagine it’d be a bit hard for some to go back to. In an odd person to ask since I’m currently replaying Final Fantasy VIII for the bajillionth time, sooo…

          • I’ve been trawling through the FF games available on the PS Vita (i.e nearly all of them). Way too young for some of the games but its interesting to see how they change. So far I’ve finished 5 and 6 and on 7 since there’s so much hype for the remaster. Eventually will see what all the fuss is for VIII – even if I need to steal someone else’s nostalgia goggles

          • VIII s my fave, most people that were there go for 6 or 7. I didn’t start playing til 7, I don’t get the fuss over 6, I far preferred 5.

            Actually, 6, 1 & 2 are the only main numbered titles I liked but didn’t finish.

            13 I wasn’t enjoying, pushed through all the way to the end & my 360 died taking all my saves with it (same reason I didn’t complete The Last Remnant).

            8 just hit at the perfect time for me, it’s a coming of age tale where the ain characters graduate Hugh school (for mercs) & the main character, Squall, is a n all black wearing, unkempt haired whinger, exactly like me at the time.

            There’s never been a game that was made for the exact person I was at the time that got it as spot on as FF8.

            I love the gameplay too obviously, but it’s hard for me to recommend what is possibly my favourite game of all time when I know much of the reason is so personal.

            A fellow Vita player, huh? Some great old PSX games available, did you set your account to Au or US? There’s a few gems like Xenogears & Chrono Cross only on the US store.

          • Hit the reply count with your last comment.
            8 must be at a perfect time for me too now, finishing school and everything (aside from relating with the characters). I’ve enjoyed the stories much more than I thought I would have, and so far 7 has a lot of humor and memorable characters so that’s one aspect of the series I think I’ll keep coming back to. 5 and 6 were also fantastic, but I kinda preferred the setting for 6 over 5. Pretty soon I’ll run of of steam with the FF series and probably won’t come back to it for another few years – my current marathon has lasted 18 months on/off.

            I did have a US store but I can’t for the life of me figure out which email I used. I bought a fat Vita for $130 on gumtree and for what I’ve used it for (PS1, danganronpa, persona, VLR etc.) its been the perfect handheld machine. I don’t mind the lack of western or large-scale titles. I’ll likely jailbreak it when there are fewer firmware updates so I can use an emulator on it, until then I’ve got plenty of games before my time which I need catching up on ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I gave my psp cfw, which was cool for a while, but it hit a point where I couldn’t get new games working.

            It’s mainly my emulator & psp games that don’t work on vita machine now.
            I was able to buy &/or rebuy games that wouldn’t work on Vita, so it worked out.

    • I have a pretty good memory so if the barrier is mainly plot-related, it’s not a problem as long as I can remember what I was supposed to do next. A lot of games recently have some kind of prompting so this is even easier.

      The trickier thing is if I’ve forgotten how to play well. I’m more likely to start over due to that. Also I’ll start over if I stopped because I’d managed to corner myself somehow (eg I had to re-start FFXII and play with a guide back in the day because I’d managed to stuff up my leveling)

      I also have a three strikes policy. If I lose interest and stop playing something three times then it’s done for me, I won’t go back to it unless things change drastically.

      • Yeah I’ve forgotten mostly how to play good, which isn’t helping when I have permadeath selected, I can barely get past one mission without an important character being killed

        • Start again and play on Casual maybe? Personally I find FE’s permadeath mode frustrating. If someone dies I just reload a save. If I’m just going to save scum my way through the game anyway, turning off permadeath makes it more fun.

    • I never start again, usually I just eventually remember what was going on anyway.

      If it was so confusing, I’d watch a recap on YouTube. I just don’t have the time.

      When I played Catherine, I got around halfway before something else took my interest. I wasn’t stuck remembering the plot (it’s pretty simple when you break it down), I had no idea how to solve the puzzles anymore.

      I watched a YouTube vid of someone completing the stage I was on & as I went through, it started to come back. Went on to finish the game with the ‘best’ ending, I had a great time.

  • Everything wrong with Steam Greenlight.
    Some kid tried to upload freaking Minecraft to Steam Greenlight. Freaking Minecraft. The kid even tried to pose himself as a Mojang official. It was ridiculous when people were trying to sell UnitZ, but that was at least legal.

    I suppose he doesn’t have to worry. Microsoft are famous for their friendly and acommadating lawyers.

  • So Battlefront got an update last night for the early access to the new map, and it came with a bunch of fixes/tweaks. What are they, you ask? Good question! The patch notes were taken offline shortly after being published so no one really has any specifics.

    I can say that overall the game is now hilariously imbalanced, favouring rebels.

    • Yep.

      So from what I understand after reading the subreddit, these changes are confirmed:

      They fixed the 99 unlimited charges for cards that you could do by maxing out your card count. It now correctly goes down. I think it’ll still show 99 if you have charges above 99 though until you burn through them.
      Barrage grenades take longer to explode.
      Bounty Hunter had it’s in-game upgrade text updated to the correct amount. Pretty sure it wasn’t actually nerfed. Seems to trigger the same amount as before something like 25%, 50%, 100% + refresh.
      Wait period/timer at the start of each round
      Walker on Endor has been buffed in health. [Funny, it still gets absolutely destroyed in the second phase]
      You now play two rounds on each map before it switches in Supremacy, Walker Assault, and the new gamemode. [Seems like a weird choice to change this so quickly. People are reporting that a lot of players are leaving the server when they start playing as the weaker team on certain maps ie: Imperials on Endor in Walker Assault]
      You can now chat after the game ends [Begun, the chat spam, has]

      One that hasn’t been confirmed, but would explain a lot, is apparently they have changed how the spawning system works. You know how we seemed to keep getting spawned really far back as Rebels? Apparently the spawn system now won’t let you spawn with an enemy behind you. What that does mean is Rebels are often spawned with the jump on the Imperials as you’re apparently now meant to be invincible for 2-3 seconds after you spawn in.

      • Walker on Endor has been buffed in health
        Buuuuuuuuuuuuullshit. It’s getting wrecked way fast than it used to, and that can’t just be from better spawns/player familiarity.

        …you’re apparently now meant to be invincible for 2-3 seconds after you spawn in.
        That may have already been a thing? The amount of times I’ve full-charge sniped someone who took no damage…this would explain that.

    • Just found the official patch notes:

      – General bug fixes for vehicles and physics improvements
      – Game modes balancing tweaks
      – HUD UI adjustments
      – Audio optimizations
      – General crash and stability fixes
      – Online traffic performance improvements
      – Various text fixes for all languages
      – General bug fixes for both Missions and Multiplayer
      – Legacy Controls should now work as intended <– That page took like 2mins to load for me.

  • i put in leave this morning for a half day and my boss signed it,
    i took it to the admin lady who walked me back to my boss and said “Ross is always here early lets just give it to him without leave”
    My boss had already said to do that but i felt guilty about doing it so i put in a leave form.

    its soo much better than any other place i have worked.

    • So nice to hear after the bullying stories you used to post back in the day. Glad people are treating you right. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Its like ive only had abusive work situations before and now when basic kindness and give and take are in effect im not used to taking and find in strange when people insist i do.

    • Man, that’s awesome your work is like that to you. Good to see that they appreciate you & are willing to do such things!

    • Even though I call you Hotross like all the time I still kinda forget your name is totally Ross… ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Finally got to check out the local Netrunner scene last night. Turns out that not having most of the cards available was far less of a hindrance than simply not having played in two years.

    Great game, will definitely try to get a bit deeper into things. Will also completely redo my decks. The Corp deck I was using was balls. Never had the right tools to do whatever I wanted. The Runner deck had a couple of good elements but just not the right balance.

    Now to find a way to get those things right without buying many, many more cards. Admittedly, there is one card that I just desperately need for all Corp decks always. It came in the pack after I stopped buying things. Of course, it’s also a card used by pretty much everyone ever in this game so the pack it comes in is hard to track down these days.

  • What suggestions do WiiU owners have as far as local/couch co-op games go? I don’t currently have anything on my Xbox One that the girlfriend and I can play together/against each other, so I know there’s the obvious ones like MK8, and supposedly the pack comes with Splatoon, but I’m thinking of grabbing other games that she can play on the TV and I can assist/play along on the gamepad.

    Also, is there voice chat on WiiU like Xbone?

    • There’s a fair few on WiiU. Most of the 2D platformers have local multiplayer. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Mario Bros U, etc. Mario 3D World, Smash Bros, Pikmin 3 as well.

      Splatoon’s local multiplayer is very limited but fun enough (it’s focused on online multi)

      Search here!

    • The two-player games I own are;

      Hyrule Warriors
      Super Mario 3D World
      New Super Mario WiiU
      Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

    • Hyrule Warriors is good fun local co op, especially if your partner is terrible at games with 3D movement (like mine!)

    • Runbow is a little indie exclusive on the e-shop. Think Speedrunners but more colourful. Also I think shovel knight was getting/already has co-op

  • Don’t know what the deal is, but Steam seems to be downloading an 8GB update for Batman: Arkham Origins, yes Arkham Origins, not Arkham Knight. Why the hell is there an 8GB update for a 2 year old game that’s not even the latest entry in the series.

    • GOTY edition!

      Yes. GOTY. Publishers have figured out that there is no official body which determines GOTY status so they can just award it themselves.

  • First ep of the new King’s Quest game is free if you have PS+ today. Seems pretty endearing so far. ๐Ÿ™‚ Feels like it’s aimed at a younger audience than most games like this, though.

    • I’m feeling pretty cynical about that entry in the PS+ games list. That’s not a free game, it’s free fucking advertising.

      • Yeah, I thought the same thing and the season pass is way more expensive than other episodic series too. *shakes fist* The Sierra fanboy in me must play it, though. ๐Ÿ˜›

        It’s no coincidence that ep 2 is out next week as well.

        • I would be so happy if PS+ went oldschool and launched a virtual game demo CD featuring the first dozen levels of hundreds of games for free.

          Unfortunately, Doom’s first episode was longer than most full games, these days.

      • Yeah, treating episode 1 of an episodic game as an actual game is BS. Make it free as a demo once all the episodes are out, but don’t give it away like it’s a premium bonus and pretend you’re doing everyone a favour when they’re still going to have to pay the full retail price to play the rest anyway.

    • I can’t wait to try it tbh; Kings’s Quest was a pretty big part of my youth (but not as much as Space Quest, Police Quest, or Quest for Glory)!

      • Space Quest and Police Quest had my heart, but I’m fond of all the Sierra classics. (Favourite thing they did was Gabriel Knight. Love that so much. :D)

  • Cakesmith attempts to watch 100 movies in 2015 that he has never seen before!

    Are you guys sick of these yet? I’m super busy at work this week so I’m not going to give a summary on each movie. But the final stretch has begun, so you won’t have to put up with these much longer!

    What I watched:
    ‘Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy’ – 4/5
    ‘Dark Skies’ – 3/5
    ‘Fire in the Sky’ – 2.5/5
    ‘Spectre’ – 3.5/5
    ‘The hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2′ – 3.5/5
    ’99 Homes’ – 4/5
    ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E.’ – 3.5/5
    ‘American Ultra’ – 2.5/5
    ‘Everest’ – 3.5/5

    The Summary
    Best Movie: 99 Homes
    Worst Movie: Fire in the Sky
    Best Movie: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
    Worst Movie: Harbringer Down
    Total Movies Watched:
    Jan – 14
    Feb – 8
    Mar – 3
    Apr – 9
    May – 7
    Jun – 9
    Jul – 7
    Aug – 9
    Sep – 7
    Oct – 10
    Nov – 9
    Total – 92

    Full list:

    8 movies to watch this month to hit 100. I’m seeing ‘In the Heart of the Sea’ tomorrow night and already have tickets to see ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ on release day. Keen to check out ‘Creed’ and ‘The Program’ before then, as well as ‘Krampus’, assuming it still gets an Australian release, its been pulled off a bunch of sites. Other than that, there’s ‘The Good Dinosaur’ which I will see because Pixar and probably ‘Joy’ as well. Otherwise I will be digging through the backlog of things to watch.

    Side note: Including movies I have rewatched, I have watched 145 movies this year.

    • Man you are totally gonna get to 100, i only got to 80 something on mine last year, this year ive probably only watched 30-40 this year.

      i might next year try and do something similair with books next year like 2 books a month or so. I found that the simple deadline to watch encouraged me to watch so much more stuff than i would of just ignored otherwise. Good job buddy

      hi 5

    • Watched Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and 99 Homes this week.

      Both were stellar.

      The end of 99 Homes was a little too melodramatic for me, though.

        • Michael Shannon is my new favourite.

          You should check out Young Ones.

          The story isn’t much but the performances and the robots and the world building are all top freakin’ notch.

          And if you like Kodi Scott McPhee, check out Slow West.

          Amazing film. Might be my favourite wanker film since Drive.

  • Hey PC inclined denizens.

    Can one of y’all design me a PC to the following spec:

    No LEDs
    2 grand or under
    Mostly for doing movie work in Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere, After Effects, Audition, Illustrator, Photoshop) specs here
    Some gehms, probs not new releases though, I’ll stick to my PS4.

    Have mouse, keyboard, monitor and great attitude.

    Keen to put it together myself.

    Will also buy you a beer.

    I tried to figure this shit out myself and it’s just too hard. I don’t get it.



    • *Looks through list*
      Aw yeah I can probably hel-
      *See’s “No LEDs”*
      Welp, I’m all out of ideas.

    • How intense is the stuff you’re doing on Adobe CC?

      If you’re doing stuff like digital grading/effects work, you want to look at a Quadro series card. If it’s simple editing etc, your CPU and RAM are more important.

      Video editing is one of the few places I would recommend an i7, as hyperthreading makes the world of difference.

    • Not even a hard drive LED? How will you know if the hard drive is working?!?


      Right. Nice brief.

      First question: Case. Tower, desktop style, mini-tower, “as small as possible”, “IMPRESS EVERYONE”? Black, metal finish, funky colours? What’s your preference…?

      Second question: Will you be scavenging a DVD RW, hard disks or any other bits (other than the peripherals above) from an old machine? Do you want or need:

      – Optical drive?
      – Card reader?
      – Removable hard drive slot?
      – Any funky extras that you like with a PC?

      You’re doing video and photo stuff, so LOTS OF RAM and PLENTY OF TERABYTES are a given…

      Most of the specs will come together pretty well. Would probably go I7 for hyperthready goodness given your target usage…

      • No optical drive necessary, I can’t remember the last time I used optical media for anything other than watchin’ a Blu Ray or playing PS4.

        Card Reader – yes. Thunderbolt and Firewire too. Also surplus USB 3 ports because I have a lot of shit to stick in.

        Removable HDD – Nah. Not really necessary.

        Internal HDD – I like having an internal RAID mirror pair (not sure if that’s the correct term) for backups.

        Case – Minimalist, nice air flow, no size preference.

        Funky Extras – Cup holder, side mirror, flag, fairly future proof, good upgrade path.

        And to answer @cakesmith, AE will be grading at a minumum, intermediate effects at a maximum. I doubt I’ll be making Sin City on this thing, let’s put it that way.

    • I can certainly help out if you’d like. I have a decent case supplier that does a lot of business towers and stuff that aren’t too flashy, but I think no matter what you do, you’re going to have to live with at least 1 LED on the front indicating power (It doesn’t have to be connected, but I don’t think I’ve seen a tower in many years that doesn’t have at least 1 LED in the case somewhere.)

      Did you want me to do up a system/quote kind of thing, or you just looking for hardware ideas? One thing’s for sure, if you’re doing a lot of work in Creative suite, you’ll be better with an Nvidia GPU as the cuda cores are second to none when it comes to running stuff like that with GPU accelleration. As people have mentioned below/above (who knows where this post will end up) Quadro’s are essentially built as cuda workhorses. They will effortlessly run GPU accellerated apps, but you will also pay for the privilege. They’re not cheap in comparison to mainstream models. That said, the mainstream models will also run cuda software with minimal effort, and still blow away any machine running it on CPU alone.
      I run stuff like photoshop, substance painter and designer on my gpu (gtx 960, and prior to that GTX 580) and I never had any issues with either, so you don’t even need to get the latest and greatest to be able to benefit from it. Obviously, the more you spend, the more cuda cores you get these days, but just know you don’t have to buy a Titan to be able to use it ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Drop me a message on here, steam, fb or skype if you wanna nut out any details or anything, or if you want me to just list off a bunch of stuff that would suit in your price range, I can do that too!

    • Right, I’ve done some playing around. PCcasegear isn’t the cheapest but they have good range and good pictures, so I link to them… I’m sure others will have some input but this is a starting point.

      Motherboard – firewire isn’t that common these days, and mobos with firewire AND thunderbolt… hen’s teeth.

      This one is the most affordable with thunderbolt I could find, and it’s got good features (including software RAID for your mirror). Do you need to go socket 2011-3? Probably not.

      …and if you need to plug in a firewire device, there’s this adapter…

      RAM, 4 x 4GB or 2 x 8GB if you want room to expand (but 16GB is probably enough to start with). If you are manipulating large video files or super large images, then a 32GB kit like this will do the job…

      CPU I7 6700.

      Card reader, MOAR USB!!!

      Graphics card… whether you get a dedicated workstation card or use a gaming card, others will have an opinion. Personally, I’d probably go a GTX960 or 970, and that’ll play most games if you’re in that mood too.

      So far
      Mobo – $249
      RAM – $339
      CPU – $459
      Card reader – $54
      Firewire adapter – $44
      GFX – $335
      Case – $200 ish
      Hard drive 500GB SSD – $245
      Hard drive 2 x 4TB data drives (maybe you need more?) – $500
      PSU – say $150 (cheaper with a loom, more expensive with modular cables).

      This is a first cut and it’s $2575 on the PC Case Gear prices so there’s some choices to make about a) where to shop (much cheaper places than PCCG around!) and b) where to trim back. Case with PSU included might save $200 over a case and PSU, or a cheaper case and cheaper PSU might save $150, f’rex. Halve the RAM to 2x8GB (leaving spare slots for expansion) saves $170. Go I5 for now and get a mega I7 later, save $200 now.

      …and this is where the fun part starts.

      Happy to keep playing, or let the @welbot have a go, all good. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Only thing I’d add is that if you shop around for the right mobo, you could find one that has firewire built in, so you may be able to skip the add in card depending on how many firewire things you want connected. All looks pretty on par with what I would have gone for though. Well perhaps with the exception of the $200 case. There would be much cheaper options out there, but it’d require some research to find out if the GPU would fit etc.

        • You’re right, $200 is a lot for a case. $200 is just my drop-in value for a premium case without nailing one down. Most likely to be $120-$150 but I’d rather start high on the estimate and trim back…

          Haven’t found firewire on any 1151 mobo (even tried NewEgg’s advanced configurator, 0 results). No mobos with TB and firewire either. I suspect mobo with thunderbolt header, 2+ port thunderbolt add-in card and a thunderbolt-to-firewire adapter will be the solution (giving 2 ports, one for thunderbolt and one for firewire) unless you have a better idea?

          Hopefully this helps a bit @dkzeitgeist

    • I have a 12GB i5 with GTX970 sitting on my shelf unloved. Could hock you that for way under 2 grand ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Something to consider: for video editing, CPU and RAM are more important than GPU. You *must* get an i7 or Xeon. The added cache and hyperthreading will both help tremendously with encoding speed. So will having extra cores.

      It’d probably end up a little bit over budget, but the cheapest of the i7 ‘extreme’ CPUs (Socket 2011-3) which is a 6 core CPU with Hyperthreading, meaning 6 cores, 12 threads, can be picked up for around $550 AUD which is not much more than the higher-end i7. You’d need to get your own CPU cooler but good coolers run an extra maybe $100 max and you’d want a cooler regardless, intel’s stock cooler’s gotten a bit shit.

      Most of the 2011-3 motherboards are expensive so shop around a bit on that. PCCG tends to carry ‘gamer’ cards and you want more of a workstationy one. Should set you back around $300. They all generally have 8 DDR4 memory slots – get ideally a 4x8gb pack which would run about $300 and that gives you 32gb RAM with room to expand to 64gb.

      The 2011-3 boards should all have an M.2 port on there, so get an M.2 SSD, about 250gb is fine for that – you’re just going to put the OS and main programs on there. They’re about $140.

      For GPU, GeForce 960 should set you back around $270-300 depending on the brand, and it’d be good enough for gaming and also for work.

      So that’s you at about $1700. Just need case and PSU, plus hard drives and some USB 3.0 to Thunderbolt / Firewire adapters which aren’t hard to pick up. I’m assuming here you’ll recycle your hard drives from your old machine – if you need more, suggest looking at two smaller drives and putting them in RAID-0 so that reads and writes are interleaved, which will give a big performance boost for I/O which will help video encoding heaps. Not factoring this into the budget.

      Your only other expense then is the case and the PSU. For power, you’re not running some triple SLI monster or anything – 600W is heaps of headroom. Any 600-650W PSU will do, but make sure it’s 80Plus Gold certified. I tend to lean toward Seasonic or Corsair for PSUs.

      For the case, if you want simple and clean and no LED bullshit, this is probably your answer:

      Fractal Design Define R5 Mid Tower. Lots of space, lots of cooling, all the hard drive slots, and no windows or flashing lights or handles or ‘I am a wankergamer’ bullshit. Not even a logo on it. The only light is an LED at the top, and you don’t have to connect that to your motherboard.

    • @cakesmith @trikeabout @welbot @negativezero @poita

      Thanks for all your replies, gang.

      I’ve been swamped at work so I’m gonna go through all of this over the weekend and probably bother a few of you.



      • More than welcome Sire! Happy to help any time I can! If I don’t respond, I may be resting as my head is currently experiencing its own little Riverfire, but I’ll get back to you asap! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Well, the first King’s Fall Challenge mode’s up. I hope the other two are a little more “challenging”… the rewards were nice, tho. Highest raid drop until last night had been a 318 MG… after three Warpriest challenges and one run through the rest of the raid, ended up with a total of seven drops at 320 – an artefact for each character, a firefly sniper, an army of one MG and two tracking rocket launchers. Yay!

          • FR sent, PSN’s omega_stealth (kinda stuck with it at this point :P).

            I’m always on Destiny Tuesday nights for weekly reset (which normally means I’m busy that night), but other than that, if I’m on Destiny, I’m happy to help out with anything. New to Destiny or returning?

          • Returning. I don’t get a lot of time to game tbh due to family commitments, and I usually have a few different games on the go. So I don’t get to hit Destiny as hard as I would like, however I do like to dabble and it is always more fun with friends!

          • We’ve got a good line in powerlevelling people’s alts… A pair of 40/300ish team-mates can really make those early story missions go fast… ๐Ÿ˜€

            Fave is seeing a friend rocking a very low level char on an early story (Dark Below or Chamber of Night for example…), jumping on and then murdering EVERYTHING. “We’ve woken the Hive!” *BLAM* Hive? What Hive?

          • Also me on the PS4. Very friendly and sometimes helpful (when I’m not dying hilariously).

            trikeabout which you’d NEVER have guessed

  • So I bought a G29.

    Trying to get dirt rally to work with it. Apparently its supposed to.

    First time I plugged it in. Win7 installed driviers but failed on something. I’m guessing it was the force gear shift. Does it even need a driver the shifter? Duno. Anyway dirt picks up the wheel and sets only wheel, buttons on wheel, the accelerator pedal, and the decelorator pedal. No clutch.

    So I read up on this thing. Apparently I need special Logitech software. Get the software, it wasn’t anything special. It says my drivers are all up to date.

    Start dirt. No wheel recognised at all.

    Spent 3 hours trying to sort it out. Still nothing. Will try again once I get home.

    Any tips? Anyone had troubles with g29 before?

    • There’s a good chance the drivers Windows decided were right were generic (i.e. shitty). Wipe everything you’ve done (software and drivers), reinstall the Logitech software and then plug in the wheel. It should pick it up and install correctly.

      Alternatively, try a manual online update for the drivers via Windows. It might grab the right ones then.

      • Thanks. Will try that. Was thinking of just uninstalling the drivers and then requesting an update via Logitech software. Plugging in the wheel without the shifter and once the wheel is installed, plugging in the shifter.

        Might start out with what you suggested first. Wipe everything clean first. Then 1 at a time.

        • Wiping the drivers and doing an update via LGS would probably work, but if you’re got the time to try again from scratch it’s worth it if only so you have piece of mind that you tried everything.

          Had a quick read and yeah, sounds like the wheel needs to be sorted for the shifter to work. Bit odd, but there it is.

    • Can’t speak for the g29 but I remember when I got my Driving Force GT it took me so long to figure out how to get it to work correctly :l All I know is that I’ve ended up with Logitech Profiler sitting in my task bar, so you probably need that I’m guessing.

      • Had a look online, and from what I’ve read, G29 does not need/have a profiler, but the G27 and the one before it does.

  • So I took that game of the year thingy that has been going round
    1 Portal 2
    2 Civilization V
    3 Planescape: Torment
    4 BioShock
    5 Fallout 3
    6 Half-Life 2
    7 Mass Effect 2
    8 The Walking Dead
    9 Dark Souls
    10 Diablo II

    Not so sure about it but think it was hampered by the fact I had only played 40% of they games they were sorting. Obvious things wrong like the fact that Psychonauts doesn’t feature at all, highly likely that would be at number 1.
    Other top games are missing as well so feels very incomplete to me. No mark of the ninja, metro, tmnt, earth worm jim, sang froid, quest for glory or any semblance of adventure games.
    Of what is there AC: II came in at 19 but brotherhood would rate higher than that. In a heads up play I would say that I prefer ME to ME2 but ME2 was at 7 and the original down at 15.
    Having a look at the source code it actually isn’t that complex so I’m half tempted to rip it down and update the games list with games I have actually played.

    • Yeah, I gave it a whirl and there were some really arbitrary games as choices, and a lot of obvious ones missing. It’s a nice idea but needs to be fleshed out a heap.

      • Yeah they used a single source for the game listing. Tempted to collate a huge list from GOTY selections back through the years, top 100 games from different people, the best FPS/Adventure/old school/sports type lists and chuck it up. But would probably take 20 hours for somebody to go through the list.
        Dammit brain stop thinking. What it really needs is a ‘I have never played this game’ option that removes it from all subsequent choices. That would greatly drop the time required.

      • I’m still trying to figure out how that list came to be. Can’t seem to find anything on gamefaqs that actually says how the list was chosen, it’s all just talking about voting on the ones that are there.

    • I ended up with :
      1. Journey
      2. Tetris
      3. Dark Souls
      4. Persona 4
      5. Bloodborne
      6. Portal
      7. Life is Strange
      8. The Witcher 3
      9. Half Life 2
      10. Warcraft 3.

      Which is interesting, because I made a mistake and Tetris should have been on top. While I’d never rate it in my top ten games of all time, if it comes to a competition between any one game and Tetris, Tetris wins. Otherwise, I’m pretty happy with the list given what games the thingy had. Obviously at least half the list should be games that weren’t there, but still.

        • Yup. In a one on one competition, Tetris has to win. I cannot think of a single game that has earned a greater response than Tetris. It’s made me laugh, it’s nearly made me cry. I spent a few months with “Tetris Syndrome” seeing those falling shapes wherever I went. When it comes to being a game, there is no greater game than Tetris. But if you asked me what my top ten games of all time were, it wouldn’t even be mentioned. It wouldn’t even occur to me to mention Tetris (though now that it’s been brought up I’d probably consider it).

    • I did it on my phone, so couldn’t easily export the results, but I found it to be really accurate for me.

      I wonder if I repeated the exercise would I get the same result?; depends on my mood I guess!

      • I think I had issues for a number of reasons. I’m a pure master race gamer, I’ve been gaming for multiple decades and my tastes lean away from the pure blockbuster AAA. So the list was less relevant to me.
        I really like every game in my top 10, but it is far from what I would list as my all time top 10 games

  • Boy, the Walking Dead Season 2 sure is not as compelling as Season 1.

    Clem is cool and all, but there hasn’t been anything major or impacting yet, I don’t think.
    Only two episodes in so far.

      • Luke and Pete are good new characters.
        That’s all really.

        I dunno, the story isn’t as interesting, and the locations aren’t very cool either.
        Making Clem a bitch is hilarious though!

        • Lol yeah I was probably too tough on the new guys there. I enjoyed season 2, but I didn’t get emotionally attached like I did with season 1.

    • I was thinking about Walking Dead last night… I got through 3 episodes of Season 1 and never went back.

      Im hindsight I realised I didn’t find it very compelling. Or I’m just a weirdo who doesn’t like a game so many others loved.

    • I’ve had to sanitise and retype this comment to the point where it feels pointless, but didn’t want to colour your perspective/expectations.

      What I can say is that you should keep playing it.

    • I really enjoyed it. It was a deliberately different feel from the first season.

      The first season is all about the emotional bond between Clem and Lee. It has all the feels and taps into all those parental instincts in very manipulative ways.

      On the other hand, season two is much more a character study of Clem. The choices, I think, are much smarter, and allow a lot more leeway for the player to carve out the kind of person they think Clementine will become. It’s much more roleplay-heavy than the first season, as Lee was pretty much an empty shell.

        • Mate. 20/60/20.

          20% of people of all ages are what’s wrong in the world (they just happen to be the only ones you hear about), 60% of people just live their lives not really doing anything right or wrong, but mostly influences by those of the other groups they interact with, and the remaining 20% actively strive to be good, and change the world around us for the better.

          Thanks to the volume with which they speak, and the media portrayal of them, you’ve decided to judge an entire age group based purely on the actions of a few, which is as stupid as saying that all Boomers own 12 houses, and single handedly ruined the economy for anybody younger than them, that the silent generation all sit around handing out advice that was only relevant in the pre-Boomer ruined economy, or that all Gen Xers are closeted narcissists, skeptical and only able to see the worst in the world around them.

          • Sure, but it’s much more fun to tell the kids to get off our darn lawns and stop ruining the world cause things were better back in my day when we actually talked to each other instead of making silly faces and we all got a real job none of this lollygagging on your tubes and walked 5 miles uphill in the snow both ways after loosing our legs in the war and ate liver and tripe without complaining etc etc.

          • Really it’s just a tongue-in-cheek repetition of a sentiment held for generations, that the ones coming up after are wrong and terrible because they’re different. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Afternoon errbody hows every little thing?
    My day has been craptastic but thats because it was filled with cheap knock off ikea furniture that was just dreadful.

    No, today I will rant, like every other day so gather round as I stand on my soapbox and rant about my annoying weekend spoiler tagged to save space for people.

    Last weekend Cathryn and I were invited to go check out a friends new unit they’re renting out in Bendigo. Now if anyone doesn’t know Bendigo, from the parts I saw its a lovely country town populated by housing commission units and druggies everywhere. Anyway we went there and everything was fine and dandy, their house is a two bedroom shack that looks straight outta Fallout. Theirs no smoke detectors (not that they’d have one because her bf and now her smoke bong nearly every hour of the day but thats for later) the shower and by part the bathroom has mould everywhere, asbestos walls with holes in them OH and they have ants! BUT! “they dont know why they’re there” that was an exact quote from the bf. ITS ANTS they’re there for food!

    Now back to the boyfriend. This guy is a certified dole bludger, like I understand some people need centerlink to get by when they dont have work or have a disability. This guy outright refuses to work, says he can’t work because he cant function without smoking weed as he has self diagnosed ADHD, Asbergers, Anger management issues, joint pain and a whole bunch of other problems that when I asked his mum about them she had no idea what I was going on about. He smokes nearly every hour on the hour and is constantly spending his $550 a fortnight from centerlink on two things: Weed and Yugioh cards. Which leaves his girlfriend to pay the rent, bills, his phone bill and now if she has any money after that he takes it because hes spent all his on weed and needs to get more. I dont have an issue if you smoke weed, if thats what you want to do thats your choice, but don’t tell me you deserve centerlink and can’t work and have no money to buy stuff then turn around and stop by your dealer to give him the cash you apparently dont have for weed. They don’t have to worry about food because they go to the local church and youth centre and claim their homeless or struggling and get free food from the community collection.

    I think the worst part of it all was, he saved his centerlink payment and dropped the whole thing on a PS4 with fallout 4 and 5 other games from EB Games, he was bragging about it how he’s played every fallout game and no ones a bigger fallout fan then him its his favourite game. So I told him thats cool I like Fallout too and he just turned and said “Not as much as me” This guy woke us up at 7am because we crashed there for the weekend so that he could play fallout 4 and was getting pissy when he was told to maybe turn it off and socialise. Anyway, he was playing Fallout and my GOD! He’s played every Fallout game but here he is and he has no clue what hes doing. he’s taking rad damage I point it out to him so he pops a rad-x and then doesn’t understand why its not making it go away. He’s walking around with a fullset of power armour in his inventory and is wondering not only why his character wont run but why can’t he equip the power armour! just for a little info he was level 14 and already gone to diamond city so hes been in power armour already before.

    I just need to get all this off my chest its just ARRRGGHHHHHHHHAFDHGKJDSKJGHDSKFKDGHKDSGKJDKGHSDKSHDGJS *breathe*

    In other news I picked up Rainbow Six Siege on PS4 after visiting 5 different Big W’s to find a copy so if anyone wants to play give us a shout.

    Hope you all have a good day and a lovely week.

    • I’m on Centrelink but that’s because I am a full-time carer for my mother. The stuff I do like the bookmarks is to try and help us get things we need (like a new couch, a new kitchen, a shed). I’m grateful that I get to pursue my hobbies. It’s not a lot of money, but Mum and I make do. I get an extra hundred that she doesn’t get and I usually use that to help with rates and such.

      • Exactly you have a reason because your a full time carer to your mum. Hes not a carer, or someone with a disability or anything of the sort he just flat out refuses to get a job or even look for one.

        • Funny story. I was trying to get a job but Centrelink kept me on a the exemption list due to my anxiety. I tried everything to be taken off, but they ignored me and kept me on it. =/

      • Your situation is literally what centrelink benefits are meant to exist for. Same for stuff like youth allowance that lets people afford to stay in education.

        That guy is the sort of person that gives people who legitimately need centrelink a bad name.

    • I know several people like that. When one was made to do work for the dole he said to me “I don’t want a job, i’m gonna go back to the doctor and make them tell centrelink i’m unstable so I don’t have to do anything”

      Needless to say I don’t talk to him or the other low-life who see government benefits as a way of life & a job too hard work.

      As much as I didn’t mind being on centrelink because I had ample free time to help dad with what he does, I love working so much more because i’m earning at least as much a week as i’d get a fortnight on centrelink.

  • If you want to leave TAY an emoji free place, I understand…


    Seriously though, it’s cool ๐Ÿ˜€

    • No, we just rail against change because change is inherently bad and should be fought tooth and nail, no matter whether it’s good or bad.

      You do you, buddy.
      (Edit: Because no-one else will. BURRRRRRRN HEYOOOOO etc.)

    • Eh, I’m not particularly bothered by it, other than on my screen all I can tell without squinting is “it’s an emoji,” and have to squint and lean in to actually see which one it is. For instance, I know that emoji is probably the one with tears, but all I can see is a blue clown-style frown.

  • Zuckerberg
    If this kid thinks it’s getting one single cent of my hard earned it can hump my ass.

    • This about that whole giving away 99% of his shares thing?

      It’s actually a shallow gesture as he retains the right to sell them and their attached voting rights. However it’s more akin to what Buffet, Gates and a few other one percenters have volunteered to do which is to donate the majority of their wealth upon their passing. Just a little something to prevent the accumulation of dynastic wealth.

      Their children still get a fair chunk of cash; enough to carve and make something out of themselves as 1% of a massive fortune is still a fortune.

    • If he’s worth $45bn and he gives away 99 per cent of his shares, he’s still going to be worth $450m when he dies. I don’t think the kid will be on the streets begging for shoes.

      • I know. Just made me giggle the thought of him giving the kid the finger when he first saw it and declaring he was going to give away all his money.

        • I like to think the birth of his child made him connect with humanity and realize that he has several nations’ GDP which he could never possibly hope to spend and it’s all going to waste when so many others have this same special kind of charge under their care who won’t be able to do anywhere near enough to actually succeed in keeping something so precious alive, and that’s some kind of cosmic injustice within his power to correct.

          …I probably read too much into it.

    • Yet no one batted an eye when Gates said he’d do the same thing. Probably because he actually is doing it?

      • I saw them playing some of it on the Extra Life livestream. It looked like fun. A little basic, but it was an early build. I think I’ll check it out even though I’ve not gotten into RWBY yet.

    • Whoa framerate looks solid, I might grab this!
      Edit: Not done by Platinum games, awww nuts… cuz if they did RWBY with Metal Gear Rising-style quicktime finishers with the RBWY sountrack, that’ll be game of the decade for me.

  • Fallout 4!
    Finally spent some time running around Goodneighbour. The quest you get from Kent is amazing!
    I’m taking every chance I get to act in character as the Shroud and it’s a whole lot of fun. I haven’t finished it yet, but loving it so far.
    Also, I bumped into old mate in the hat (Not Hancock)
    The Vault-Tec rep. Early on I felt like he would make a comeback, then I found what I thought was his discarded clothes somewhere or other and assumed he was gone…so it was a pleasant shock to have him suddenly appear. I took pity on him and sent him to Sanctuary. Haven’t actually visited him yet…

  • I recently played a bit of Dragon Age multiplayer with a few people and it really made me keen to jump back in to ME3 multi. Anyone else interested?

  • Started making the music playlist from my wedding, with the suggestions from the party goers. I have dropped some of my guity pleasures in there for good measure. is 4 different versions of baby got back too many?

    • The goal is to make it a daily occurence so that everyone will finally wisen up and start carrying automatic rifles everywhere.

    • I think part of it has to do with population size and media coverage. There’s a huge population (3rd largest in the world) so statistically you’re going to have more “potential” for somebody to want to do something, and then the media coverage – there has to be some kind of copycat/fame grab. I.e. “go out in a blaze of glory” mentality.

      Combine that with pathetic gun control entitlement mentality and it’s a storm of crap.

    • The media coverage regarding the shooter every time never helps either… I watched a YT vid a while back speaking about the way that news media covers it actually encourages more occurrences to happen.

      • It actually reminds me a lot of Ben Elton’s novel “Popcorn”

        Spoilered for plot details

        In it a couple, influenced by media coverage and portrayal of violence (i.e. movies make killing cool), take hostages and promise that as long as the public stops watching coverage of hostage crisis they’ll let everybody go. Otherwise they’ll kill the hostages. Instead of tuning out, more people tune in. Violence ensues. Nobody takes responsibility.

        • That book depressed the hell out of me. Actually, most of his books do that. Despite almost always being entertaining. Stark sure as fuck lived up to its name.

          • Yeah, he has a way of writing satire that’s far too real (which is the point I guess). As an aside, ‘This Other Eden’ is one of my favourite novels.

      • I remember hearing/reading something like that. They described it as the general feeling of some Americans to want and desire fame can lead some people to do anything to get in the headlines. Apparently infamy is just as good as fame for some people.

        • Well think about it… I still remember the face of the guy that shot up the cinema that was screening the Dark Knight… so yeah, they get converted from nobodies with mental illnesses to this, that still last in history today, yet the dead are forgotten by the majority.
          It’s not just shooters either, remember Carl Williams and how many bloody front-page stories he got?

          • I honestly had forgotten about Carl Williams but seeing his smug face reminded of how damn often we used to hear about him. Media just love criminals as it sells news.

    • The shooting took place at the Inland Regional Center, one of 21 facilities serving people with developmental disabilities run by the state, said Nancy Lungren, spokeswoman for the California Department of Developmental Services.
      The social services agency is among regional centers throughout California that administer, authorize and pay for assistance to people with disabilities such as autism and mental disabilities.
      On an average day, doctors at the regional centers would be evaluating toddlers whose parents have concerns and case workers meeting with developmentally disabled adults. Lungren said that the San Bernardino facility is one of the state’s largest and busiest.

      • From the Washington post…
        After the Colorado Springs shootings, President Barack Obama declared that this type of violence must not “become normal.” But as The Washington Post’s Chris Ingraham points out, the data show that mass shootings are already normal. There have been more mass shootings than calendar days this year.
        News reports collected by a Reddit community show there have been 355 mass shootings in 2015. The Mass Shooting Tracker, as its called, differs from other shooting databases in that it uses a broader definition than the FBI’s old four-fatality rule: If bullets strike four people in the same attack, that’s a mass shooting.
        The big ones, of course, attract the national media, comments from the president, cries of terrorism. The small ones . . . well, they have become just another police report in the United States.

    • 352 mass shootings so far this year. 336 days. Where a ‘mass shooting’ is the murder of 4 or more people. Which means at a minimum, 4.2 people are killed in a mass shooting every day.

      And this isn’t even counting the cases of accidental shootings or shootings of 1-3 people. Those are likely to be even higher. Of course we can’t find that out because US congress has banned all research into gun-related deaths and violence!

      I can’t understand why it’s even a divisive issue, honestly.

    • Apparently my adblock has un-whitelisted Kotaku. I just paused it to see what you’re talking about aaaaaaand unpause.

      As an aside, what exactly is the difference between Sailor Moon cut and uncut? The obvious idea doesn’t seem to fit here…

        • Like how in Cardcaptors Sakura’s friend was less overtly gay and her brother didn’t have creepy pedo-crushes?

          • Hold on a second. Sakura’s brother doesn’t have creepy pedo-crushes. He is gay though, though it’s only expressed in subtext. Shaoran has a crush on Yukito but it’s not reciprocated (because Yukito & Sakura’s brother are an item).

            Incidentally, Tomoyo is Sakura’s cousin. It’s something they don’t really make a big thing about but her mother was Tomoyo’s mother’s sister. Being the same age they basically grew up together. Tomoyo is totally gay though.

            Also don’t forget the hints throughout that one of Sakura’s classmates has a way-closer-than-it-should-be relationship with their homeroom teacher.

            Actually, a lot of that stuff was controversial in the Japanese release too. One of the reasons that CCS is so highly regarded: it’s quite subversive. Presents a lot of things that are absolutely not societal norms in Japan as natural and normal. It also subverts the Magical Girl genre formula substantially as well.

          • I had a feeling I was off the mark on that one, I just couldn’t remember. I really only watched season 1 of the butchered Carton Network version of CCS so all the “differences” were just random things I heard about second hand.

      • The original Sailor Moon localization cut out anything that remotely looked homosexual or otherwise inappropriate. So Haruka and Michiru are cousins rather than a lesbian couple (and anything suggesting otherwise was cut), Zoisite became a woman rather than a gay man, the relationship between Usagi’s friend Naru and Nephrite was completely cut, any shots suggesting violence – especially against children – was removed. They changed signs, changed clothing, censored any scenes involving people in the bath (water suddenly becoming completely opaque where in the JP release you could see a body outline). The show wasn’t hacked to pieces like, say, Macross when Harmony Gold butchered it to make Robotech, but the cuts and changes are subtle and extensive.

        • I’m wondering how much of that the ‘uncut’ version fixes. I mean is it just a fresh dub? Seems like the only way to do an uncut Sailor Moon is to scrap the whole thing and start from scratch.

          • The best way is to watch the Japanese release, because the a dub is still probably going to lean toward using the localized names.

            Actually the best way is to just watch Sailor Moon Crystal. The original anime was great at the time but it’s dated very poorly. I re-watched all the way through to halfway into Super S a few years back and it gets rough in there. Crystal is a do-over using the manga and compresses the first two arcs (original series and R) into 26 episodes instead of like 95. It’s using the manga so it has a bunch of details and elements that just work better. Even ends up making Chibiusa far less irritating than she was.

            They’re also going to do a second season of Crystal starting some time next year which is going to do the Death Busters arc, which was easily the high point of the franchise (that’s the arc which introduced Saturn, Uranus and Neptune)

  • Is anyone else getting frequent random requests for username and password whenever you refresh TAY or post comments?

    • Nope, but I get the “unresponsive script” message which freezes my browser for 20 seconds every time I come to TAY.

  • Games finished this year: 57

    A good mix of new games and replays in this list. It’s come at the expense of writing this year, though. Gonna have to fix the ratio a little bit next year to keep on top of things.

    [*]Diablo III
    [*]The Last of Us
    [*]Octodad: Dadliest Catch
    [*]Infamous: Second Son
    [*]Infamous: First Light
    [*]Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
    [*]Game of Thrones: Iron from Ice
    [*]Game of Thrones: The Lost Lords
    [*]Rogue Legacy
    [*]Tales of the Borderlands 1
    [*]Thomas Was Alone
    [*]Uncharted: Golden Abyss
    [*]Kick and Fennick
    [*]The Walking Dead Season 1 (PLAT)
    [*]Beyond Two Souls (PLAT)
    [*]Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate
    [*]The Walking Dead: 400 Days
    [*]The Walking Dead Season 2
    [*]Tales of the Borderlands 2
    [*]Game of Thrones #3
    [*]Bloodborne (PLAT)
    [*]Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
    [*]Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All
    [*]Game of Thrones #4
    [*]Murdered Soul Suspect
    [*]Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations
    [*]Tales of the Borderlands 3
    [*]The Force Unleashed (Vita)
    [*]Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice
    [*]Anna’s Quest
    [*]Wolfenstein: New Order
    [*]Life is Strange: Chapters 1-3
    [*]Game of Thrones #5
    [*]Life is Strange: Chapter 4
    [*]Rocket League (PLAT)
    [*]Ace Attorney 5: Dual Destinies
    [*]Phoenix Wright: Turnabout Reclaimed
    [*]Tales of the Borderlands 4
    [*]Metal Gear Solid
    [*]Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    [*]Mad Max
    [*]Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
    [*]Persona 4 Golden
    [*]Tales From the Borderlands 5
    [*]Life is Strange: Chapter 5 (PLAT)
    [*]Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
    [*]Uncharted 1 HD
    [*]Uncharted 2 HD
    [*]Game of Thrones #6 (PLAT)
    [*]Uncharted 3 HD
    [*]Tomb Raider Definitive Edition
    [*]The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

    • I guess technically I “finished” Destiny: The Dark Below and House of Wolves. I played through most of the content for The Taken King but I haven’t done the raid yet.

      I’ve also finished one playthrough of Fallout 4.

      That’s it. :/

      I’m halfway through Game of Thrones: Iron from Ice & Tales from the Borderlands. I should get those done.

    • Wow. That’s like… awe-inspiring. Really impressive.
      I really would have to take several years warm-up to achieve even close to that, I expect.

      • I didn’t count them all separately. I set a rule: if I played them together, I counted them together (you can see I lumped TWD seasons together as single games, and Life is Strange 1-3 together). But if I had to wait in between episodes, they’re considered short games in an ongoing series. *nod*

    • Funny, the one thing that I coukd definitely say I ‘finished’ this year is Bloodborne, but I’ll be dialling up another playthrough with the DLC sometime soon.

    • Mine is significantly shorterBioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode 1&2
      Assassin’s Creed III
      Gravity Ghost
      Rollers of the Realm
      Assassin’s Creed: Revelations
      A Bird Story
      Valiant Hearts: The Great War
      Trine 2: Goblin Menace DLC
      Papo & Yo
      Hero of the Kingdom
      Enslaved: Odyssey to the West – Pigsy’s Perfect 10 DLC

    • 2015:
      Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
      The Swapper
      Grim Fandango Remastered
      Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
      The Order: 1886
      New ‘n’ Tasty: Abe’s Oddysee
      Cities: Skylines
      Pillars of Eternity
      Broken Age
      The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
      Batman: Arkham Knight
      Anna’s Quest
      Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
      Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris
      Broken Sword 5
      Until Dawn
      Mad Max
      Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Remastered
      Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Remastered
      Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Remastered
      Life is Strange
      Tales from the Borderlands

      Also very close to finishing Fallout 4. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ugh. I think I’ve finished three? games this year.

      Journey (not really counted, as I finished it on PS3 a few years back), Arkham Knight, Starcraft LotV (-ish – still haven’t beaten the last two epilogue missions) and Vanishing of Ethan Carter. I guess I could count Destiny as complete (tho I’m not quite finished with it *yet*), and Diablo 3 (reached Torment 5, so relatively done until I get pulled back into it again). So… 4-6?

      I may have to institute a “no new games until I finish [some of] my backlog” rule for next year… I mean, it’s not like there’s anything interesting coming out for aaages… right? I mean there’s absolutely nothing until at least… *checks release dates*… February 9. D’:

  • So Last night I had to get an early night for a 6am breakfast, so of course I decided to play The Beginner’s Guide.


    Just wow.

    How fascinating. How Horribly, Darkly Fascinating.

  • Fallout 4 Is Not The Fallout Fans Fell In Love With
    Hey everyone Fallout 4 is great for just stumbling across things without knowing about them. The other day I was playing and I found this thing that I had no idea about and it was great. But not fantastic because game mechanics.
    your character build no longer matters in the way that it used to. You start out OK at most things, and eventually, youโ€™ll be a god at everything.
    This was exactly my thought about Fallout 3 vs the Fallout franchise back in 2008.
    I still maintain that Fallout 4 is just Fallout 3 with more toys. Not sure why anyone expected anything different.

    • It’s always taken me aback slightly just how much perfection people ascribe to Fallout 3, a game where the great just barely managed to outshine the bad and realisticly was only about a 7-8 game.

      • Fallout 1 & 2 were short games where you could maybe survive as a specialist carving your particular path through the story. There was a fair amount to experience with multiple playthroughs.
        Fallout 3 was a huuuuuge sandbox where you could get good at everything. The experience was wandering the wasteland and finding stuff, so none of the stuff was really gated by character build since the time to encounter could exceed multiple earlier Fallout play times.
        Fallout 4 is Fallout 3 with more toys. They’ve attempted to copy some of the NV character / dialogue stuff but had NFI what they were doing.

        • Ahh, Fallout and Fallout 2. Where a pack of super mutants meant game over and saying the wrong thing to the first NPC ended your game before it started.

    • I think the problem people are having is that in a lot of ways Fallout 4 is Fallout 3 with less toys. The FPS Fallout games are dumbed down and even original Fallout is dumbed down from pen and paper, but in a lot of ways Fallout 4 feels dumbed down from Fallout 3.

      • That’s an interesting perspective.
        My opinion of more toys mostly stems from the settlement building / gun crafting stuff. What would people feel like this iteration has taken away (or ‘streamlined’) – I know the perk system has changed but when a bunch of FO3 ones were ‘Add x points to skill y’ I’m not really fussed that they’re different.

  • Every day as it approaches midday here it feels like it suddenly drops temperature and I need to get my beanie out. Weird.

  • OK @transientmind, I’m dipping a toe in TAY ๐Ÿ˜›

    Meanwhile, anyone here play Rainbow Six Siege? Got it at a few mate’s request last night and looking forward to giving it a crack tonight if I’m lucky ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I found out that a bunch of guys in my team get together on Tuesdays after work and play games. Board games or video games, no fixed approach.

    Right now they’ve gotten into Magic. 3/4 the way through a week-long booster draft tournament. Will be doing another next week. And I’ve somehow found myself deciding to join.

    Used one random deck someone put together and played a hilarious game. Fairly sure my deck was all junk cards, but the other guy had a zombie-based black deck. Designed to quickly mill through, put stuff in the graveyard, then summon tons of 1/1 monster token based on the number of creatures in the graveyard. He didn’t get things going right though where i played an okay game and at one point, I was on 22 life and he was on 4. Then I found my deck lacked any real finishing power. Suddenly… spiders. Thirteen 1/1 tokens. Somehow I managed to keep my head above water and then he miscalculated his attacks and left me on 1 life. He was on 3. Pulled a card that caused two creatures to fight. Killed one of his dudes that caused him to discard 4 cards from the deck when it died. He had 3 cards in his deck. Milled himself to death with me on 1 life. Ha.

    I’ve been clean for about 16 years and I think I’m going to end up spending all the money on this again ๐Ÿ™

        • Nah. You could track down a box of conspiracy though, that’s a MP-focused draft.

          With commander, you can buy pre-gen decks

    • The most important thing you can realise in Magic is that one is not zero.

      Also you only lose to mill when you try to draw and cannot. This was hugely important in a combo deck I used to run that used Future Sight and a bunch of cheap card draw to self-mill. Once your library was empty, you used some recursion cards to put things back on top of your library, generate infinite mana and then kill your opponent with Predict. Then Scourge got released, Storm was as mechanic and we didn’t need to bother self-milling and could just win with Brain Freeze about twenty turns earlier.

      • Fairly sure you also lose if you need to discard from the deck and there’s no cards to discard, which was the case here.

          • It’s only when you have to draw. You can trust me as someone that used self-mill in a tournament setting and as someone that has cast Brain Freeze with a storm count over 20. You still have to pass and hit their draw step for the win.

            Also this:
            104.3. There are several ways to lose the game.

            104.3c If a player is required to draw more cards than are left in his or her library, he or she draws
            the remaining cards, and then loses the game the next time a player would receive priority. (This
            is a state-based action. See rule 704.)

            It’s the reason anything with self-mill is a format breaker in Legacy and why decks like Oops, all spells exist.

          • “loses the game the next time a player would receive priority”

            Note that it’s a player, not the active player or the person who just milled. AFAIK I receive priority during cleanup, and they lose then. The reason it’s written that way is to allow that player to perform an action to un-fuck themselves.

          • Except the rule explicitly says draw. Not “a card or ability that impacts the library in some way fails to resolve properly”.

            Also state based actions cannot be responded to. There is no chance to un-fuck themselves. Priority passes back to the active player as soon as the triggered ability (self-mill) finishes resolving and the game checks for state based actions.

          • @negativezero Yes, on his draw step. The way you wrote it, he drew the fight spell cast it immediately and then thought he lost. He still had the rest of his turn, which included combat and his silly amount of snakes.

            I’m not trying to steal your victory. You won because he conceded which is much more immediate than a state based action :p Magic’s just a funny game. The rules are very precise and well-written. Yet most people don’t realise how precise they are because they never have to bother with that. It leads to a lot of rules lawyering and “it must be this way because…” when often the case is “it explicitly says X and this is not X.” Not that it’s simple or there wouldn’t be a judge’s program.

  • Aw man, that shooting was at a facility for people with developmental disabilities.

    The fuck is wrong with people?

    • Apparently it was after an argument broke out there, and the guy left and came back with 2 armed buddies.
      Something is definitely wrong with people and unchecked aggression lately.
      Roids? Caffeine increase? Societal Breakdown?

      I don’t know, but people seem to go from zero to rage really quickly lately.

  • On a lighter note I’ve been losing it all morning every time I get to the bottom of the page and see Rear Admiral because I’m a mature adult who can see the literary humour of a Rear Admiral being at the bottom.


  • I managed to pick up a copy of GTA V for the Xbox One at Dick Smith’s massive game clearance. It cost me $20, and I traded it straight in to EB for $27.50. My pre-order of Dark Souls 3 (assuming it releases for $68 somewhere) is now overpaid to the tune of 45 cents.


    (I also picked up Far Cry 4 and Metro Redux on the PS4 for $20 apiece. \o/)

  • Some of you may remember I was going to play the Game of Thrones boardgame last weekend. All I can say is holy shitballs, that game is swings and roundabouts. Got to 6 of the 7 strongholds required to win and couldn’t cap the last one. 1 round later and I’m down to only 1 fort and I lost my capital. To cap it off I was playing the Lannisters and found out first hand incest is definitely not wincest… Oh and that the Tyrell’s won’t just stab you in the back between the sheets… *cough cough*