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    First ep of the new King's Quest game is free if you have PS+ today. Seems pretty endearing so far. :) Feels like it's aimed at a younger audience than most games like this, though.

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      I'm feeling pretty cynical about that entry in the PS+ games list. That's not a free game, it's free fucking advertising.

        Yeah, I thought the same thing and the season pass is way more expensive than other episodic series too. *shakes fist* The Sierra fanboy in me must play it, though. :P

        It's no coincidence that ep 2 is out next week as well.

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        It's old school! Like how the first few levels of Doom was shareware!

          I would be so happy if PS+ went oldschool and launched a virtual game demo CD featuring the first dozen levels of hundreds of games for free.

          Unfortunately, Doom's first episode was longer than most full games, these days.

        Yeah, treating episode 1 of an episodic game as an actual game is BS. Make it free as a demo once all the episodes are out, but don't give it away like it's a premium bonus and pretend you're doing everyone a favour when they're still going to have to pay the full retail price to play the rest anyway.

      I can't wait to try it tbh; Kings's Quest was a pretty big part of my youth (but not as much as Space Quest, Police Quest, or Quest for Glory)!

        Space Quest and Police Quest had my heart, but I'm fond of all the Sierra classics. (Favourite thing they did was Gabriel Knight. Love that so much. :D)

    Cakesmith attempts to watch 100 movies in 2015 that he has never seen before!

    Are you guys sick of these yet? I'm super busy at work this week so I'm not going to give a summary on each movie. But the final stretch has begun, so you won't have to put up with these much longer!

    What I watched:
    'Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy' - 4/5
    'Dark Skies' - 3/5
    'Fire in the Sky' - 2.5/5
    'Spectre' - 3.5/5
    'The hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2' - 3.5/5
    '99 Homes' - 4/5
    'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.' - 3.5/5
    'American Ultra' - 2.5/5
    'Everest' - 3.5/5

    The Summary
    Best Movie: 99 Homes
    Worst Movie: Fire in the Sky
    Best Movie: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
    Worst Movie: Harbringer Down
    Total Movies Watched:
    Jan - 14
    Feb - 8
    Mar - 3
    Apr - 9
    May - 7
    Jun - 9
    Jul - 7
    Aug - 9
    Sep - 7
    Oct - 10
    Nov - 9
    Total - 92

    Full list:

    8 movies to watch this month to hit 100. I'm seeing 'In the Heart of the Sea' tomorrow night and already have tickets to see 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' on release day. Keen to check out 'Creed' and 'The Program' before then, as well as 'Krampus', assuming it still gets an Australian release, its been pulled off a bunch of sites. Other than that, there's 'The Good Dinosaur' which I will see because Pixar and probably 'Joy' as well. Otherwise I will be digging through the backlog of things to watch.

    Side note: Including movies I have rewatched, I have watched 145 movies this year.

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      Man you are totally gonna get to 100, i only got to 80 something on mine last year, this year ive probably only watched 30-40 this year.

      i might next year try and do something similair with books next year like 2 books a month or so. I found that the simple deadline to watch encouraged me to watch so much more stuff than i would of just ignored otherwise. Good job buddy

      hi 5

      Watched Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and 99 Homes this week.

      Both were stellar.

      The end of 99 Homes was a little too melodramatic for me, though.

        Yeah, it does get like that. Them performances though.

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          Michael Shannon is my new favourite.

          You should check out Young Ones.

          The story isn't much but the performances and the robots and the world building are all top freakin' notch.

          And if you like Kodi Scott McPhee, check out Slow West.

          Amazing film. Might be my favourite wanker film since Drive.

    Hey PC inclined denizens.

    Can one of y'all design me a PC to the following spec:

    No LEDs
    2 grand or under
    Mostly for doing movie work in Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere, After Effects, Audition, Illustrator, Photoshop) specs here
    Some gehms, probs not new releases though, I'll stick to my PS4.

    Have mouse, keyboard, monitor and great attitude.

    Keen to put it together myself.

    Will also buy you a beer.

    I tried to figure this shit out myself and it's just too hard. I don't get it.



      *Looks through list*
      Aw yeah I can probably hel-
      *See's "No LEDs"*
      Welp, I'm all out of ideas.

        What about IR LEDs? That way they're not visible at all.

        Unless someone tries to take a picture.

        Well, he did say...
        I tried to figure this shit out myself and it's just too hard. I don't get it.

      How intense is the stuff you're doing on Adobe CC?

      If you're doing stuff like digital grading/effects work, you want to look at a Quadro series card. If it's simple editing etc, your CPU and RAM are more important.

      Video editing is one of the few places I would recommend an i7, as hyperthreading makes the world of difference.

        Funny. I have an old Mac Pro which still does the job. :)

        Can't decide if I should downvote or upvote.

        I've been using my 2008 iMac for the last 7 years and it's been great.

        But I can't drop that kind of cheddar on another middle of the road machine.

      Not even a hard drive LED? How will you know if the hard drive is working?!?


      Right. Nice brief.

      First question: Case. Tower, desktop style, mini-tower, "as small as possible", "IMPRESS EVERYONE"? Black, metal finish, funky colours? What's your preference...?

      Second question: Will you be scavenging a DVD RW, hard disks or any other bits (other than the peripherals above) from an old machine? Do you want or need:

      - Optical drive?
      - Card reader?
      - Removable hard drive slot?
      - Any funky extras that you like with a PC?

      You're doing video and photo stuff, so LOTS OF RAM and PLENTY OF TERABYTES are a given...

      Most of the specs will come together pretty well. Would probably go I7 for hyperthready goodness given your target usage...

        No optical drive necessary, I can't remember the last time I used optical media for anything other than watchin' a Blu Ray or playing PS4.

        Card Reader - yes. Thunderbolt and Firewire too. Also surplus USB 3 ports because I have a lot of shit to stick in.

        Removable HDD - Nah. Not really necessary.

        Internal HDD - I like having an internal RAID mirror pair (not sure if that's the correct term) for backups.

        Case - Minimalist, nice air flow, no size preference.

        Funky Extras - Cup holder, side mirror, flag, fairly future proof, good upgrade path.

        And to answer @cakesmith, AE will be grading at a minumum, intermediate effects at a maximum. I doubt I'll be making Sin City on this thing, let's put it that way.

          What the shit have you got that still uses Firewire? Are you still rocking a tape based camera?

            Heaps and heaps and heaps of HDD I see still use firewire.

            Especially rugged production shit because people are poor and don't upgrade.

      How will people know you're a Gamer™ if you don't have LEDs.

        probably because of his t-shirt that he got from jay jays that has a picture of the mario mushroom on it with text that reads "1 up"

      I can certainly help out if you'd like. I have a decent case supplier that does a lot of business towers and stuff that aren't too flashy, but I think no matter what you do, you're going to have to live with at least 1 LED on the front indicating power (It doesn't have to be connected, but I don't think I've seen a tower in many years that doesn't have at least 1 LED in the case somewhere.)

      Did you want me to do up a system/quote kind of thing, or you just looking for hardware ideas? One thing's for sure, if you're doing a lot of work in Creative suite, you'll be better with an Nvidia GPU as the cuda cores are second to none when it comes to running stuff like that with GPU accelleration. As people have mentioned below/above (who knows where this post will end up) Quadro's are essentially built as cuda workhorses. They will effortlessly run GPU accellerated apps, but you will also pay for the privilege. They're not cheap in comparison to mainstream models. That said, the mainstream models will also run cuda software with minimal effort, and still blow away any machine running it on CPU alone.
      I run stuff like photoshop, substance painter and designer on my gpu (gtx 960, and prior to that GTX 580) and I never had any issues with either, so you don't even need to get the latest and greatest to be able to benefit from it. Obviously, the more you spend, the more cuda cores you get these days, but just know you don't have to buy a Titan to be able to use it ;)
      Drop me a message on here, steam, fb or skype if you wanna nut out any details or anything, or if you want me to just list off a bunch of stuff that would suit in your price range, I can do that too!

      Right, I've done some playing around. PCcasegear isn't the cheapest but they have good range and good pictures, so I link to them... I'm sure others will have some input but this is a starting point.

      Motherboard - firewire isn't that common these days, and mobos with firewire AND thunderbolt... hen's teeth.

      This one is the most affordable with thunderbolt I could find, and it's got good features (including software RAID for your mirror). Do you need to go socket 2011-3? Probably not.

      ...and if you need to plug in a firewire device, there's this adapter...

      RAM, 4 x 4GB or 2 x 8GB if you want room to expand (but 16GB is probably enough to start with). If you are manipulating large video files or super large images, then a 32GB kit like this will do the job...

      CPU I7 6700.

      Card reader, MOAR USB!!!

      Graphics card... whether you get a dedicated workstation card or use a gaming card, others will have an opinion. Personally, I'd probably go a GTX960 or 970, and that'll play most games if you're in that mood too.

      So far
      Mobo - $249
      RAM - $339
      CPU - $459
      Card reader - $54
      Firewire adapter - $44
      GFX - $335
      Case - $200 ish
      Hard drive 500GB SSD - $245
      Hard drive 2 x 4TB data drives (maybe you need more?) - $500
      PSU - say $150 (cheaper with a loom, more expensive with modular cables).

      This is a first cut and it's $2575 on the PC Case Gear prices so there's some choices to make about a) where to shop (much cheaper places than PCCG around!) and b) where to trim back. Case with PSU included might save $200 over a case and PSU, or a cheaper case and cheaper PSU might save $150, f'rex. Halve the RAM to 2x8GB (leaving spare slots for expansion) saves $170. Go I5 for now and get a mega I7 later, save $200 now.

      ...and this is where the fun part starts.

      Happy to keep playing, or let the @welbot have a go, all good. :)

        Only thing I'd add is that if you shop around for the right mobo, you could find one that has firewire built in, so you may be able to skip the add in card depending on how many firewire things you want connected. All looks pretty on par with what I would have gone for though. Well perhaps with the exception of the $200 case. There would be much cheaper options out there, but it'd require some research to find out if the GPU would fit etc.

          You're right, $200 is a lot for a case. $200 is just my drop-in value for a premium case without nailing one down. Most likely to be $120-$150 but I'd rather start high on the estimate and trim back...

          Haven't found firewire on any 1151 mobo (even tried NewEgg's advanced configurator, 0 results). No mobos with TB and firewire either. I suspect mobo with thunderbolt header, 2+ port thunderbolt add-in card and a thunderbolt-to-firewire adapter will be the solution (giving 2 ports, one for thunderbolt and one for firewire) unless you have a better idea?

          Hopefully this helps a bit @dkzeitgeist

            Big chunk of money ($339 or so) but worth the extra imo.
            Dual thunderbolt 3 ports. There's a gaming one that has an extra add-in card with a metric buttload of extra ports too, but that's twice as much again ;)

            Last edited 03/12/15 6:33 pm

        Unrelated: Hen's teeth:

      I have a 12GB i5 with GTX970 sitting on my shelf unloved. Could hock you that for way under 2 grand :)

      Something to consider: for video editing, CPU and RAM are more important than GPU. You *must* get an i7 or Xeon. The added cache and hyperthreading will both help tremendously with encoding speed. So will having extra cores.

      It'd probably end up a little bit over budget, but the cheapest of the i7 'extreme' CPUs (Socket 2011-3) which is a 6 core CPU with Hyperthreading, meaning 6 cores, 12 threads, can be picked up for around $550 AUD which is not much more than the higher-end i7. You'd need to get your own CPU cooler but good coolers run an extra maybe $100 max and you'd want a cooler regardless, intel's stock cooler's gotten a bit shit.

      Most of the 2011-3 motherboards are expensive so shop around a bit on that. PCCG tends to carry 'gamer' cards and you want more of a workstationy one. Should set you back around $300. They all generally have 8 DDR4 memory slots - get ideally a 4x8gb pack which would run about $300 and that gives you 32gb RAM with room to expand to 64gb.

      The 2011-3 boards should all have an M.2 port on there, so get an M.2 SSD, about 250gb is fine for that - you're just going to put the OS and main programs on there. They're about $140.

      For GPU, GeForce 960 should set you back around $270-300 depending on the brand, and it'd be good enough for gaming and also for work.

      So that's you at about $1700. Just need case and PSU, plus hard drives and some USB 3.0 to Thunderbolt / Firewire adapters which aren't hard to pick up. I'm assuming here you'll recycle your hard drives from your old machine - if you need more, suggest looking at two smaller drives and putting them in RAID-0 so that reads and writes are interleaved, which will give a big performance boost for I/O which will help video encoding heaps. Not factoring this into the budget.

      Your only other expense then is the case and the PSU. For power, you're not running some triple SLI monster or anything - 600W is heaps of headroom. Any 600-650W PSU will do, but make sure it's 80Plus Gold certified. I tend to lean toward Seasonic or Corsair for PSUs.

      For the case, if you want simple and clean and no LED bullshit, this is probably your answer:

      Fractal Design Define R5 Mid Tower. Lots of space, lots of cooling, all the hard drive slots, and no windows or flashing lights or handles or 'I am a wankergamer' bullshit. Not even a logo on it. The only light is an LED at the top, and you don't have to connect that to your motherboard.

      @cakesmith @trikeabout @welbot @negativezero @poita

      Thanks for all your replies, gang.

      I've been swamped at work so I'm gonna go through all of this over the weekend and probably bother a few of you.



        More than welcome Sire! Happy to help any time I can! If I don't respond, I may be resting as my head is currently experiencing its own little Riverfire, but I'll get back to you asap! :)

    Well, the first King's Fall Challenge mode's up. I hope the other two are a little more "challenging"... the rewards were nice, tho. Highest raid drop until last night had been a 318 MG... after three Warpriest challenges and one run through the rest of the raid, ended up with a total of seven drops at 320 - an artefact for each character, a firefly sniper, an army of one MG and two tracking rocket launchers. Yay!

      :( I want to come.

        :( I still want to raid with you, but we need to get a team together, and I really think we need to organise it ahead of time.

          Yeah we do. Over the holidays maybe. I'm happy to tag along with an experienced group if there's a slot as I can follow orders and I've been all the way through once... :)

      What system are you playing on?


          Add me! Ashley_x_Rise

            FR sent, PSN's omega_stealth (kinda stuck with it at this point :P).

            I'm always on Destiny Tuesday nights for weekly reset (which normally means I'm busy that night), but other than that, if I'm on Destiny, I'm happy to help out with anything. New to Destiny or returning?

              Returning. I don't get a lot of time to game tbh due to family commitments, and I usually have a few different games on the go. So I don't get to hit Destiny as hard as I would like, however I do like to dabble and it is always more fun with friends!

                We've got a good line in powerlevelling people's alts... A pair of 40/300ish team-mates can really make those early story missions go fast... :D

                Fave is seeing a friend rocking a very low level char on an early story (Dark Below or Chamber of Night for example...), jumping on and then murdering EVERYTHING. "We've woken the Hive!" *BLAM* Hive? What Hive?

            Also me on the PS4. Very friendly and sometimes helpful (when I'm not dying hilariously).

            trikeabout which you'd NEVER have guessed

    Friend's trying to get me to learn this thingo. I've read through this page a bajillion times over the last two hours and none of it has sunk in at all.

    When is naptime.

    So I bought a G29.

    Trying to get dirt rally to work with it. Apparently its supposed to.

    First time I plugged it in. Win7 installed driviers but failed on something. I'm guessing it was the force gear shift. Does it even need a driver the shifter? Duno. Anyway dirt picks up the wheel and sets only wheel, buttons on wheel, the accelerator pedal, and the decelorator pedal. No clutch.

    So I read up on this thing. Apparently I need special Logitech software. Get the software, it wasn't anything special. It says my drivers are all up to date.

    Start dirt. No wheel recognised at all.

    Spent 3 hours trying to sort it out. Still nothing. Will try again once I get home.

    Any tips? Anyone had troubles with g29 before?

      There's a good chance the drivers Windows decided were right were generic (i.e. shitty). Wipe everything you've done (software and drivers), reinstall the Logitech software and then plug in the wheel. It should pick it up and install correctly.

      Alternatively, try a manual online update for the drivers via Windows. It might grab the right ones then.

        Thanks. Will try that. Was thinking of just uninstalling the drivers and then requesting an update via Logitech software. Plugging in the wheel without the shifter and once the wheel is installed, plugging in the shifter.

        Might start out with what you suggested first. Wipe everything clean first. Then 1 at a time.

          Wiping the drivers and doing an update via LGS would probably work, but if you're got the time to try again from scratch it's worth it if only so you have piece of mind that you tried everything.

          Had a quick read and yeah, sounds like the wheel needs to be sorted for the shifter to work. Bit odd, but there it is.

            Yeah I had to wipe everything clean and do it from scratch. Cheers for that

      Can't speak for the g29 but I remember when I got my Driving Force GT it took me so long to figure out how to get it to work correctly :l All I know is that I've ended up with Logitech Profiler sitting in my task bar, so you probably need that I'm guessing.

        Had a look online, and from what I've read, G29 does not need/have a profiler, but the G27 and the one before it does.

      Only trouble I'vs had with mine is not having the shift LEDs work.
      Everything else is fine.

    So I took that game of the year thingy that has been going round
    1 Portal 2
    2 Civilization V
    3 Planescape: Torment
    4 BioShock
    5 Fallout 3
    6 Half-Life 2
    7 Mass Effect 2
    8 The Walking Dead
    9 Dark Souls
    10 Diablo II

    Not so sure about it but think it was hampered by the fact I had only played 40% of they games they were sorting. Obvious things wrong like the fact that Psychonauts doesn't feature at all, highly likely that would be at number 1.
    Other top games are missing as well so feels very incomplete to me. No mark of the ninja, metro, tmnt, earth worm jim, sang froid, quest for glory or any semblance of adventure games.
    Of what is there AC: II came in at 19 but brotherhood would rate higher than that. In a heads up play I would say that I prefer ME to ME2 but ME2 was at 7 and the original down at 15.
    Having a look at the source code it actually isn't that complex so I'm half tempted to rip it down and update the games list with games I have actually played.

      Yeah, I gave it a whirl and there were some really arbitrary games as choices, and a lot of obvious ones missing. It's a nice idea but needs to be fleshed out a heap.

        Yeah they used a single source for the game listing. Tempted to collate a huge list from GOTY selections back through the years, top 100 games from different people, the best FPS/Adventure/old school/sports type lists and chuck it up. But would probably take 20 hours for somebody to go through the list.
        Dammit brain stop thinking. What it really needs is a 'I have never played this game' option that removes it from all subsequent choices. That would greatly drop the time required.

        I'm still trying to figure out how that list came to be. Can't seem to find anything on gamefaqs that actually says how the list was chosen, it's all just talking about voting on the ones that are there.

          Apparently they do it each year and they open up nominations via a form on the site

      I ended up with :
      1. Journey
      2. Tetris
      3. Dark Souls
      4. Persona 4
      5. Bloodborne
      6. Portal
      7. Life is Strange
      8. The Witcher 3
      9. Half Life 2
      10. Warcraft 3.

      Which is interesting, because I made a mistake and Tetris should have been on top. While I'd never rate it in my top ten games of all time, if it comes to a competition between any one game and Tetris, Tetris wins. Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with the list given what games the thingy had. Obviously at least half the list should be games that weren't there, but still.

        So Tetris is better than any game but not the best game 0.o

          Yup. In a one on one competition, Tetris has to win. I cannot think of a single game that has earned a greater response than Tetris. It's made me laugh, it's nearly made me cry. I spent a few months with "Tetris Syndrome" seeing those falling shapes wherever I went. When it comes to being a game, there is no greater game than Tetris. But if you asked me what my top ten games of all time were, it wouldn't even be mentioned. It wouldn't even occur to me to mention Tetris (though now that it's been brought up I'd probably consider it).

            That makes perfect sense for something that makes no sense

      I did it on my phone, so couldn't easily export the results, but I found it to be really accurate for me.

      I wonder if I repeated the exercise would I get the same result?; depends on my mood I guess!

        I think I had issues for a number of reasons. I'm a pure master race gamer, I've been gaming for multiple decades and my tastes lean away from the pure blockbuster AAA. So the list was less relevant to me.
        I really like every game in my top 10, but it is far from what I would list as my all time top 10 games

      It asked me to choose between Morrowind, Witcher 3, Halo and Journey. It asked the impossible.

    In case anyone still doesn't have it, Monument Valley is apparently free on iOS right now. It's very, very good.

    Boy, the Walking Dead Season 2 sure is not as compelling as Season 1.

    Clem is cool and all, but there hasn't been anything major or impacting yet, I don't think.
    Only two episodes in so far.

      New characters suck! Returning characters however.... #supportkenny

        Luke and Pete are good new characters.
        That's all really.

        I dunno, the story isn't as interesting, and the locations aren't very cool either.
        Making Clem a bitch is hilarious though!

          Lol yeah I was probably too tough on the new guys there. I enjoyed season 2, but I didn't get emotionally attached like I did with season 1.

      I was thinking about Walking Dead last night... I got through 3 episodes of Season 1 and never went back.

      Im hindsight I realised I didn't find it very compelling. Or I'm just a weirdo who doesn't like a game so many others loved.

      I've had to sanitise and retype this comment to the point where it feels pointless, but didn't want to colour your perspective/expectations.

      What I can say is that you should keep playing it.

      I really enjoyed it. It was a deliberately different feel from the first season.

      The first season is all about the emotional bond between Clem and Lee. It has all the feels and taps into all those parental instincts in very manipulative ways.

      On the other hand, season two is much more a character study of Clem. The choices, I think, are much smarter, and allow a lot more leeway for the player to carve out the kind of person they think Clementine will become. It's much more roleplay-heavy than the first season, as Lee was pretty much an empty shell.

    I like my emote system more.




          ELL OH ELL (also known as the international symbol for "I read this, I almost certainly didn't laugh")

            We really need to hurry up and replace LOL with ELTN (Exhale Loudly Through Nose).

              Which will eventually be replaced by "R" for either Roger, or Read. Just in case the thing that Facebook does where it says you read it isn't enough.

    EmoTAYcons? ?
    I don't like it... ?
    I think it's a bit ?.

      Go to hell, they're here to stay! ???

        Young People are everything wrong with this world, I swear.

          Young people are everything wrong with this world, I swear.<\q>


          Last edited 02/12/15 4:51 pm

            Young people humans are everything wrong with this world, I swear.
            FTFY :P

          Mate. 20/60/20.

          20% of people of all ages are what's wrong in the world (they just happen to be the only ones you hear about), 60% of people just live their lives not really doing anything right or wrong, but mostly influences by those of the other groups they interact with, and the remaining 20% actively strive to be good, and change the world around us for the better.

          Thanks to the volume with which they speak, and the media portrayal of them, you've decided to judge an entire age group based purely on the actions of a few, which is as stupid as saying that all Boomers own 12 houses, and single handedly ruined the economy for anybody younger than them, that the silent generation all sit around handing out advice that was only relevant in the pre-Boomer ruined economy, or that all Gen Xers are closeted narcissists, skeptical and only able to see the worst in the world around them.

            Sure, but it's much more fun to tell the kids to get off our darn lawns and stop ruining the world cause things were better back in my day when we actually talked to each other instead of making silly faces and we all got a real job none of this lollygagging on your tubes and walked 5 miles uphill in the snow both ways after loosing our legs in the war and ate liver and tripe without complaining etc etc.

            Really it's just a tongue-in-cheek repetition of a sentiment held for generations, that the ones coming up after are wrong and terrible because they're different. :)

              I just hate generalisations so much.

              Anyone who resorts to generalisations is an idiot.

    Afternoon errbody hows every little thing?
    My day has been craptastic but thats because it was filled with cheap knock off ikea furniture that was just dreadful.

    No, today I will rant, like every other day so gather round as I stand on my soapbox and rant about my annoying weekend spoiler tagged to save space for people.

    Last weekend Cathryn and I were invited to go check out a friends new unit they're renting out in Bendigo. Now if anyone doesn't know Bendigo, from the parts I saw its a lovely country town populated by housing commission units and druggies everywhere. Anyway we went there and everything was fine and dandy, their house is a two bedroom shack that looks straight outta Fallout. Theirs no smoke detectors (not that they'd have one because her bf and now her smoke bong nearly every hour of the day but thats for later) the shower and by part the bathroom has mould everywhere, asbestos walls with holes in them OH and they have ants! BUT! "they dont know why they're there" that was an exact quote from the bf. ITS ANTS they're there for food!

    Now back to the boyfriend. This guy is a certified dole bludger, like I understand some people need centerlink to get by when they dont have work or have a disability. This guy outright refuses to work, says he can't work because he cant function without smoking weed as he has self diagnosed ADHD, Asbergers, Anger management issues, joint pain and a whole bunch of other problems that when I asked his mum about them she had no idea what I was going on about. He smokes nearly every hour on the hour and is constantly spending his $550 a fortnight from centerlink on two things: Weed and Yugioh cards. Which leaves his girlfriend to pay the rent, bills, his phone bill and now if she has any money after that he takes it because hes spent all his on weed and needs to get more. I dont have an issue if you smoke weed, if thats what you want to do thats your choice, but don't tell me you deserve centerlink and can't work and have no money to buy stuff then turn around and stop by your dealer to give him the cash you apparently dont have for weed. They don't have to worry about food because they go to the local church and youth centre and claim their homeless or struggling and get free food from the community collection.

    I think the worst part of it all was, he saved his centerlink payment and dropped the whole thing on a PS4 with fallout 4 and 5 other games from EB Games, he was bragging about it how he's played every fallout game and no ones a bigger fallout fan then him its his favourite game. So I told him thats cool I like Fallout too and he just turned and said "Not as much as me" This guy woke us up at 7am because we crashed there for the weekend so that he could play fallout 4 and was getting pissy when he was told to maybe turn it off and socialise. Anyway, he was playing Fallout and my GOD! He's played every Fallout game but here he is and he has no clue what hes doing. he's taking rad damage I point it out to him so he pops a rad-x and then doesn't understand why its not making it go away. He's walking around with a fullset of power armour in his inventory and is wondering not only why his character wont run but why can't he equip the power armour! just for a little info he was level 14 and already gone to diamond city so hes been in power armour already before.

    I just need to get all this off my chest its just ARRRGGHHHHHHHHAFDHGKJDSKJGHDSKFKDGHKDSGKJDKGHSDKSHDGJS *breathe*

    In other news I picked up Rainbow Six Siege on PS4 after visiting 5 different Big W's to find a copy so if anyone wants to play give us a shout.

    Hope you all have a good day and a lovely week.

      I'm on Centrelink but that's because I am a full-time carer for my mother. The stuff I do like the bookmarks is to try and help us get things we need (like a new couch, a new kitchen, a shed). I'm grateful that I get to pursue my hobbies. It's not a lot of money, but Mum and I make do. I get an extra hundred that she doesn't get and I usually use that to help with rates and such.

        Exactly you have a reason because your a full time carer to your mum. Hes not a carer, or someone with a disability or anything of the sort he just flat out refuses to get a job or even look for one.

          Funny story. I was trying to get a job but Centrelink kept me on a the exemption list due to my anxiety. I tried everything to be taken off, but they ignored me and kept me on it. =/

        Your situation is literally what centrelink benefits are meant to exist for. Same for stuff like youth allowance that lets people afford to stay in education.

        That guy is the sort of person that gives people who legitimately need centrelink a bad name.

          I'm sorry for doing it right?

      I know several people like that. When one was made to do work for the dole he said to me "I don't want a job, i'm gonna go back to the doctor and make them tell centrelink i'm unstable so I don't have to do anything"

      Needless to say I don't talk to him or the other low-life who see government benefits as a way of life & a job too hard work.

      As much as I didn't mind being on centrelink because I had ample free time to help dad with what he does, I love working so much more because i'm earning at least as much a week as i'd get a fortnight on centrelink.

    My sugar squids will have eyes!
    I'll try to take photos of the cupcakes when they're done.

    In case anybody wants to waste a few minutes tomorrow at work (or something), I wrote a little about some of my favourite games this year:

    If you want to leave TAY an emoji free place, I understand...


    Seriously though, it's cool :D

      No, we just rail against change because change is inherently bad and should be fought tooth and nail, no matter whether it's good or bad.

      You do you, buddy.
      (Edit: Because no-one else will. BURRRRRRRN HEYOOOOO etc.)

      Last edited 03/12/15 11:14 am

      Eh, I'm not particularly bothered by it, other than on my screen all I can tell without squinting is "it's an emoji," and have to squint and lean in to actually see which one it is. For instance, I know that emoji is probably the one with tears, but all I can see is a blue clown-style frown.

    If this kid thinks it's getting one single cent of my hard earned it can hump my ass.

      This about that whole giving away 99% of his shares thing?

      It's actually a shallow gesture as he retains the right to sell them and their attached voting rights. However it's more akin to what Buffet, Gates and a few other one percenters have volunteered to do which is to donate the majority of their wealth upon their passing. Just a little something to prevent the accumulation of dynastic wealth.

      Their children still get a fair chunk of cash; enough to carve and make something out of themselves as 1% of a massive fortune is still a fortune.

      If he's worth $45bn and he gives away 99 per cent of his shares, he's still going to be worth $450m when he dies. I don't think the kid will be on the streets begging for shoes.

        I know. Just made me giggle the thought of him giving the kid the finger when he first saw it and declaring he was going to give away all his money.

          I like to think the birth of his child made him connect with humanity and realize that he has several nations' GDP which he could never possibly hope to spend and it's all going to waste when so many others have this same special kind of charge under their care who won't be able to do anywhere near enough to actually succeed in keeping something so precious alive, and that's some kind of cosmic injustice within his power to correct.

          ...I probably read too much into it.

      Yet no one batted an eye when Gates said he'd do the same thing. Probably because he actually is doing it?

    I went to test out planetary landings.

    Only problem was actually finding the planet.

      I managed to find the planet, but things only got even more strange.

    This looks so good....

      I didn't know they were actually making a game!

        I saw them playing some of it on the Extra Life livestream. It looked like fun. A little basic, but it was an early build. I think I'll check it out even though I've not gotten into RWBY yet.

      Whoa framerate looks solid, I might grab this!
      Edit: Not done by Platinum games, awww nuts... cuz if they did RWBY with Metal Gear Rising-style quicktime finishers with the RBWY sountrack, that'll be game of the decade for me.

      Last edited 03/12/15 9:23 am

    Fallout 4!
    Finally spent some time running around Goodneighbour. The quest you get from Kent is amazing!
    I'm taking every chance I get to act in character as the Shroud and it's a whole lot of fun. I haven't finished it yet, but loving it so far.
    Also, I bumped into old mate in the hat (Not Hancock)
    The Vault-Tec rep. Early on I felt like he would make a comeback, then I found what I thought was his discarded clothes somewhere or other and assumed he was it was a pleasant shock to have him suddenly appear. I took pity on him and sent him to Sanctuary. Haven't actually visited him yet...

    Last edited 03/12/15 9:05 am

      Ah man, he cheers up so much when you send him to sanctuary. I felt so bad for him.

    I recently played a bit of Dragon Age multiplayer with a few people and it really made me keen to jump back in to ME3 multi. Anyone else interested?

      Yeah, I'm keen. I think the time we stopped playing it ages ago I literally just unlocked the one character I really wanted to try.

      Last edited 03/12/15 10:34 am

        I think for me I never got bored of the ME3 multi combat, though fighting Atlases makes it a bit tedious due to how much effective HP they have, but it's just always fun for playing with friends. So as long as I got friends playing it with me, I really doubt I'd want to stop playing it.

          I'm kinda the same, but new games are rather distracting :P

          Yeah, some enemies can be a grind/slog but the game was a always fun.

    Started making the music playlist from my wedding, with the suggestions from the party goers. I have dropped some of my guity pleasures in there for good measure. is 4 different versions of baby got back too many?

      them punks like to hit it and quit it
      And I'd rather stay and play

      4 times is fine...

    Feeling really down today.
    Someone say something cheery.

      Something cheery! \o/

        Bet won.

        Will enjoy coke provided by co-worker.

          Just kidding/being an arsehole.

          I'm actually flat as a tack today.No co-worker's in sight, or cokes for that matter.
          I need to cheer the fuck up.

      Here's something that helped me out of my stress hole yesterday

        That genuinely made me laugh.


    Another shooting in America. What the hell is wrong with that country that this is a very weekly occurrence?!

      The goal is to make it a daily occurence so that everyone will finally wisen up and start carrying automatic rifles everywhere.

        I know you're joking, but it's already pretty fucking close.

          Woohoo! Go humanity! Thank god we're a suicidal race cos can you imagine the damage we could cause if we weren't busy killing ourselves?

      I think part of it has to do with population size and media coverage. There's a huge population (3rd largest in the world) so statistically you're going to have more "potential" for somebody to want to do something, and then the media coverage - there has to be some kind of copycat/fame grab. I.e. "go out in a blaze of glory" mentality.

      Combine that with pathetic gun control entitlement mentality and it's a storm of crap.

      The media coverage regarding the shooter every time never helps either... I watched a YT vid a while back speaking about the way that news media covers it actually encourages more occurrences to happen.

      Last edited 03/12/15 10:40 am

        It actually reminds me a lot of Ben Elton's novel "Popcorn"

        Spoilered for plot details

        In it a couple, influenced by media coverage and portrayal of violence (i.e. movies make killing cool), take hostages and promise that as long as the public stops watching coverage of hostage crisis they'll let everybody go. Otherwise they'll kill the hostages. Instead of tuning out, more people tune in. Violence ensues. Nobody takes responsibility.

          That book depressed the hell out of me. Actually, most of his books do that. Despite almost always being entertaining. Stark sure as fuck lived up to its name.

            Yeah, he has a way of writing satire that's far too real (which is the point I guess). As an aside, 'This Other Eden' is one of my favourite novels.

        I remember hearing/reading something like that. They described it as the general feeling of some Americans to want and desire fame can lead some people to do anything to get in the headlines. Apparently infamy is just as good as fame for some people.

          Well think about it... I still remember the face of the guy that shot up the cinema that was screening the Dark Knight... so yeah, they get converted from nobodies with mental illnesses to this, that still last in history today, yet the dead are forgotten by the majority.
          It's not just shooters either, remember Carl Williams and how many bloody front-page stories he got?

            I honestly had forgotten about Carl Williams but seeing his smug face reminded of how damn often we used to hear about him. Media just love criminals as it sells news.

      The shooting took place at the Inland Regional Center, one of 21 facilities serving people with developmental disabilities run by the state, said Nancy Lungren, spokeswoman for the California Department of Developmental Services.
      The social services agency is among regional centers throughout California that administer, authorize and pay for assistance to people with disabilities such as autism and mental disabilities.
      On an average day, doctors at the regional centers would be evaluating toddlers whose parents have concerns and case workers meeting with developmentally disabled adults. Lungren said that the San Bernardino facility is one of the state's largest and busiest.

      Weekly? Statistically, mass shootings happen roughly 1.1 times a day.

        From the Washington post...
        After the Colorado Springs shootings, President Barack Obama declared that this type of violence must not "become normal." But as The Washington Post's Chris Ingraham points out, the data show that mass shootings are already normal. There have been more mass shootings than calendar days this year.
        News reports collected by a Reddit community show there have been 355 mass shootings in 2015. The Mass Shooting Tracker, as its called, differs from other shooting databases in that it uses a broader definition than the FBI's old four-fatality rule: If bullets strike four people in the same attack, that's a mass shooting.
        The big ones, of course, attract the national media, comments from the president, cries of terrorism. The small ones . . . well, they have become just another police report in the United States.

      352 mass shootings so far this year. 336 days. Where a 'mass shooting' is the murder of 4 or more people. Which means at a minimum, 4.2 people are killed in a mass shooting every day.

      And this isn't even counting the cases of accidental shootings or shootings of 1-3 people. Those are likely to be even higher. Of course we can't find that out because US congress has banned all research into gun-related deaths and violence!

      I can't understand why it's even a divisive issue, honestly.

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