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    Really hard to look at TAY here at work with all these Sailor Moon banners...

      I had to resize my window because of it... so many so-close-to-upskirt shots...

      My work internet blockers are actually useful as I'm not getting any banners.

      Apparently my adblock has un-whitelisted Kotaku. I just paused it to see what you're talking about aaaaaaand unpause.

      As an aside, what exactly is the difference between Sailor Moon cut and uncut? The obvious idea doesn't seem to fit here...

        Lesbians instead of cousins, probably.

          Like how in Cardcaptors Sakura's friend was less overtly gay and her brother didn't have creepy pedo-crushes?

            Hold on a second. Sakura's brother doesn't have creepy pedo-crushes. He is gay though, though it's only expressed in subtext. Shaoran has a crush on Yukito but it's not reciprocated (because Yukito & Sakura's brother are an item).

            Incidentally, Tomoyo is Sakura's cousin. It's something they don't really make a big thing about but her mother was Tomoyo's mother's sister. Being the same age they basically grew up together. Tomoyo is totally gay though.

            Also don't forget the hints throughout that one of Sakura's classmates has a way-closer-than-it-should-be relationship with their homeroom teacher.

            Actually, a lot of that stuff was controversial in the Japanese release too. One of the reasons that CCS is so highly regarded: it's quite subversive. Presents a lot of things that are absolutely not societal norms in Japan as natural and normal. It also subverts the Magical Girl genre formula substantially as well.

              I had a feeling I was off the mark on that one, I just couldn't remember. I really only watched season 1 of the butchered Carton Network version of CCS so all the "differences" were just random things I heard about second hand.

        The original Sailor Moon localization cut out anything that remotely looked homosexual or otherwise inappropriate. So Haruka and Michiru are cousins rather than a lesbian couple (and anything suggesting otherwise was cut), Zoisite became a woman rather than a gay man, the relationship between Usagi's friend Naru and Nephrite was completely cut, any shots suggesting violence - especially against children - was removed. They changed signs, changed clothing, censored any scenes involving people in the bath (water suddenly becoming completely opaque where in the JP release you could see a body outline). The show wasn't hacked to pieces like, say, Macross when Harmony Gold butchered it to make Robotech, but the cuts and changes are subtle and extensive.

          I'm wondering how much of that the 'uncut' version fixes. I mean is it just a fresh dub? Seems like the only way to do an uncut Sailor Moon is to scrap the whole thing and start from scratch.

            The best way is to watch the Japanese release, because the a dub is still probably going to lean toward using the localized names.

            Actually the best way is to just watch Sailor Moon Crystal. The original anime was great at the time but it's dated very poorly. I re-watched all the way through to halfway into Super S a few years back and it gets rough in there. Crystal is a do-over using the manga and compresses the first two arcs (original series and R) into 26 episodes instead of like 95. It's using the manga so it has a bunch of details and elements that just work better. Even ends up making Chibiusa far less irritating than she was.

            They're also going to do a second season of Crystal starting some time next year which is going to do the Death Busters arc, which was easily the high point of the franchise (that's the arc which introduced Saturn, Uranus and Neptune)

      I'm on a US proxy at work so I only see ads for Nissan and Bed Bath and Beyond.

      Oh boo, I don't have any sailor moon showing :(

    Is anyone else getting frequent random requests for username and password whenever you refresh TAY or post comments?

      Nope, but I get the "unresponsive script" message which freezes my browser for 20 seconds every time I come to TAY.

      Very infrequently I just randomly get logged out. But that happens about 1 or 2 times a month.

    Games finished this year: 57

    A good mix of new games and replays in this list. It's come at the expense of writing this year, though. Gonna have to fix the ratio a little bit next year to keep on top of things.

    [*]Diablo III
    [*]The Last of Us
    [*]Octodad: Dadliest Catch
    [*]Infamous: Second Son
    [*]Infamous: First Light
    [*]Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
    [*]Game of Thrones: Iron from Ice
    [*]Game of Thrones: The Lost Lords
    [*]Rogue Legacy
    [*]Tales of the Borderlands 1
    [*]Thomas Was Alone
    [*]Uncharted: Golden Abyss
    [*]Kick and Fennick
    [*]The Walking Dead Season 1 (PLAT)
    [*]Beyond Two Souls (PLAT)
    [*]Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate
    [*]The Walking Dead: 400 Days
    [*]The Walking Dead Season 2
    [*]Tales of the Borderlands 2
    [*]Game of Thrones #3
    [*]Bloodborne (PLAT)
    [*]Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
    [*]Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All
    [*]Game of Thrones #4
    [*]Murdered Soul Suspect
    [*]Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations
    [*]Tales of the Borderlands 3
    [*]The Force Unleashed (Vita)
    [*]Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice
    [*]Anna's Quest
    [*]Wolfenstein: New Order
    [*]Life is Strange: Chapters 1-3
    [*]Game of Thrones #5
    [*]Life is Strange: Chapter 4
    [*]Rocket League (PLAT)
    [*]Ace Attorney 5: Dual Destinies
    [*]Phoenix Wright: Turnabout Reclaimed
    [*]Tales of the Borderlands 4
    [*]Metal Gear Solid
    [*]Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    [*]Mad Max
    [*]Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
    [*]Persona 4 Golden
    [*]Tales From the Borderlands 5
    [*]Life is Strange: Chapter 5 (PLAT)
    [*]Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
    [*]Uncharted 1 HD
    [*]Uncharted 2 HD
    [*]Game of Thrones #6 (PLAT)
    [*]Uncharted 3 HD
    [*]Tomb Raider Definitive Edition
    [*]The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

      I think I managed to play 6 games total this year, and probably finished one.

      I guess technically I "finished" Destiny: The Dark Below and House of Wolves. I played through most of the content for The Taken King but I haven't done the raid yet.

      I've also finished one playthrough of Fallout 4.

      That's it. :/

      I'm halfway through Game of Thrones: Iron from Ice & Tales from the Borderlands. I should get those done.

        Definitely finish Tales from the Borderlands. So much awesome.

      Wow. That's like... awe-inspiring. Really impressive.
      I really would have to take several years warm-up to achieve even close to that, I expect.

      Last edited 03/12/15 11:20 am

      Hey now you can't count all the Telltale chapters seperately.

        He also only pretend finished Diablo 3. A lot of content he has yet to touch.

        I didn't count them all separately. I set a rule: if I played them together, I counted them together (you can see I lumped TWD seasons together as single games, and Life is Strange 1-3 together). But if I had to wait in between episodes, they're considered short games in an ongoing series. *nod*

      Funny, the one thing that I coukd definitely say I 'finished' this year is Bloodborne, but I'll be dialling up another playthrough with the DLC sometime soon.

      Mine is significantly shorterBioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode 1&2
      Assassin's Creed III
      Gravity Ghost
      Rollers of the Realm
      Assassin's Creed: Revelations
      A Bird Story
      Valiant Hearts: The Great War
      Trine 2: Goblin Menace DLC
      Papo & Yo
      Hero of the Kingdom
      Enslaved: Odyssey to the West - Pigsy's Perfect 10 DLC

      Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
      The Swapper
      Grim Fandango Remastered
      Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
      The Order: 1886
      New 'n' Tasty: Abe's Oddysee
      Cities: Skylines
      Pillars of Eternity
      Broken Age
      The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
      Batman: Arkham Knight
      Anna's Quest
      Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
      Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris
      Broken Sword 5
      Until Dawn
      Mad Max
      Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered
      Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Remastered
      Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Remastered
      Life is Strange
      Tales from the Borderlands

      Also very close to finishing Fallout 4. :)

        That list might not look impressive, but I've played way more stupidly long games this year than usual. (Pillars/Witcher 3/Fallout to name a few!)

          Also, I embarrassingly stopped playing Yoshi's Woolly World, the charming kid friendly game because it got too tough. :P

            That seems like a pretty glaring design flaw.

            Then again, I'm assuming that adults play better than children, which is setting myself up for a fall.

              There's an easy mode, but after dying twice on regular mode they hound you to switch to the easier mode constantly and my fragile masculinity couldn't take this. :P

            One of my mates has a kid who was unlocking and playing with the ipad at 18mths.

              Digital natives! GET OFF MY LAWN!

          Just getting through one of those would be an achievement

            Or a trophy!


            *moseys off*

      Ugh. I think I've finished three? games this year.

      Journey (not really counted, as I finished it on PS3 a few years back), Arkham Knight, Starcraft LotV (-ish - still haven't beaten the last two epilogue missions) and Vanishing of Ethan Carter. I guess I could count Destiny as complete (tho I'm not quite finished with it *yet*), and Diablo 3 (reached Torment 5, so relatively done until I get pulled back into it again). So... 4-6?

      I may have to institute a "no new games until I finish [some of] my backlog" rule for next year... I mean, it's not like there's anything interesting coming out for aaages... right? I mean there's absolutely nothing until at least... *checks release dates*... February 9. D':

    So Last night I had to get an early night for a 6am breakfast, so of course I decided to play The Beginner's Guide.


    Just wow.

    How fascinating. How Horribly, Darkly Fascinating.

    Fallout 4 Is Not The Fallout Fans Fell In Love With
    Hey everyone Fallout 4 is great for just stumbling across things without knowing about them. The other day I was playing and I found this thing that I had no idea about and it was great. But not fantastic because game mechanics.
    your character build no longer matters in the way that it used to. You start out OK at most things, and eventually, you’ll be a god at everything.
    This was exactly my thought about Fallout 3 vs the Fallout franchise back in 2008.
    I still maintain that Fallout 4 is just Fallout 3 with more toys. Not sure why anyone expected anything different.

      It's always taken me aback slightly just how much perfection people ascribe to Fallout 3, a game where the great just barely managed to outshine the bad and realisticly was only about a 7-8 game.

        Fallout 1 & 2 were short games where you could maybe survive as a specialist carving your particular path through the story. There was a fair amount to experience with multiple playthroughs.
        Fallout 3 was a huuuuuge sandbox where you could get good at everything. The experience was wandering the wasteland and finding stuff, so none of the stuff was really gated by character build since the time to encounter could exceed multiple earlier Fallout play times.
        Fallout 4 is Fallout 3 with more toys. They've attempted to copy some of the NV character / dialogue stuff but had NFI what they were doing.

          Ahh, Fallout and Fallout 2. Where a pack of super mutants meant game over and saying the wrong thing to the first NPC ended your game before it started.

      Fallout 4 plays nothing like Dark Souls and looks nothing like Ocarina of Time.


        I don't have to sit at bonfires or play songs to quick travel. 0/10.

      I think the problem people are having is that in a lot of ways Fallout 4 is Fallout 3 with less toys. The FPS Fallout games are dumbed down and even original Fallout is dumbed down from pen and paper, but in a lot of ways Fallout 4 feels dumbed down from Fallout 3.

        That's an interesting perspective.
        My opinion of more toys mostly stems from the settlement building / gun crafting stuff. What would people feel like this iteration has taken away (or 'streamlined') - I know the perk system has changed but when a bunch of FO3 ones were 'Add x points to skill y' I'm not really fussed that they're different.

      Eh, I like it.

      I do want another Obsidian one, but I like F4.

        I love F4. But I want to see an Obsidian spinoff that is more faithful to New Vegas.

    Every day as it approaches midday here it feels like it suddenly drops temperature and I need to get my beanie out. Weird.

      You in Melbs Taco? Weather has been all over the shop like a mad woman's breakfast this spring/summer -_-

        Nah I'm Sydtown. I like to complain about the air conditioning here at work.

        Though that said, it has been rather chilly the last two days anyway.

    OK @transientmind, I'm dipping a toe in TAY :P

    Meanwhile, anyone here play Rainbow Six Siege? Got it at a few mate's request last night and looking forward to giving it a crack tonight if I'm lucky :D

      Welcome to TAY.


      You can collect your badge from the doorman.

      Antibiotics for the doorman bite are available from the medical station.

      Enjoy your stay.

      Don't listen to Uncle Freeze.

      TAY is a safe place. Many of us have met in real life and as far as we know no one was murdered. Or at least the police never found the body.

        I haven't met anyone in real life. Am I even real? Do I exist? Does this exist? Penis?

          If a Page 6 falls on a weekend and @haggis isn't around to post puns, does it really exist?

            As a hollow shell of its full potential, yes.

            Just like me! Wait. That's not as funny as I was hoping. Just sad.

              Suddenly too real. Keep chasing that dragon, RealNameAlert Transient. Keep chasing that dragon.

                Smack is bad B-ob. Winners don't do drugs

                  That's what I said to @transientmind yesterday and he tried to pass it off as some metaphor for chillies but I wasn't having anything of it.




      I lost interest in it after I saw some gameplay. Looks like it could be fun with the right group but horrible with pubs. These days I can't commit to specific times to play so hard to organise group so I'm stuck with pubs or single player mostly.
      And that has far too much change of toxic actions and leeroy jenkins play

        Got a bunch of 4-5 of us that want to play, so perfect :D

    I found out that a bunch of guys in my team get together on Tuesdays after work and play games. Board games or video games, no fixed approach.

    Right now they've gotten into Magic. 3/4 the way through a week-long booster draft tournament. Will be doing another next week. And I've somehow found myself deciding to join.

    Used one random deck someone put together and played a hilarious game. Fairly sure my deck was all junk cards, but the other guy had a zombie-based black deck. Designed to quickly mill through, put stuff in the graveyard, then summon tons of 1/1 monster token based on the number of creatures in the graveyard. He didn't get things going right though where i played an okay game and at one point, I was on 22 life and he was on 4. Then I found my deck lacked any real finishing power. Suddenly... spiders. Thirteen 1/1 tokens. Somehow I managed to keep my head above water and then he miscalculated his attacks and left me on 1 life. He was on 3. Pulled a card that caused two creatures to fight. Killed one of his dudes that caused him to discard 4 cards from the deck when it died. He had 3 cards in his deck. Milled himself to death with me on 1 life. Ha.

    I've been clean for about 16 years and I think I'm going to end up spending all the money on this again :(

    Last edited 03/12/15 12:47 pm

      *ghostly whisper*

      Plaaaaaay Commaaaaaandeeeeeerrrrrr

        I brought up the possibility of Commander. Can you do that as sealed deck / draft though?

          Nah. You could track down a box of conspiracy though, that's a MP-focused draft.

          With commander, you can buy pre-gen decks

      The most important thing you can realise in Magic is that one is not zero.

      Also you only lose to mill when you try to draw and cannot. This was hugely important in a combo deck I used to run that used Future Sight and a bunch of cheap card draw to self-mill. Once your library was empty, you used some recursion cards to put things back on top of your library, generate infinite mana and then kill your opponent with Predict. Then Scourge got released, Storm was as mechanic and we didn't need to bother self-milling and could just win with Brain Freeze about twenty turns earlier.

        Fairly sure you also lose if you need to discard from the deck and there's no cards to discard, which was the case here.

          You lose to mill if you need to access a card from your library and can't. So yeah, you're right

            It's only when you have to draw. You can trust me as someone that used self-mill in a tournament setting and as someone that has cast Brain Freeze with a storm count over 20. You still have to pass and hit their draw step for the win.

            Also this:
            104.3. There are several ways to lose the game.
            104.3c If a player is required to draw more cards than are left in his or her library, he or she draws
            the remaining cards, and then loses the game the next time a player would receive priority. (This
            is a state-based action. See rule 704.)

            It's the reason anything with self-mill is a format breaker in Legacy and why decks like Oops, all spells exist.

              "loses the game the next time a player would receive priority"

              Note that it's a player, not the active player or the person who just milled. AFAIK I receive priority during cleanup, and they lose then. The reason it's written that way is to allow that player to perform an action to un-fuck themselves.

                Except the rule explicitly says draw. Not "a card or ability that impacts the library in some way fails to resolve properly".

                Also state based actions cannot be responded to. There is no chance to un-fuck themselves. Priority passes back to the active player as soon as the triggered ability (self-mill) finishes resolving and the game checks for state based actions.

                  Well regardless, he was dead on his draw step as I still had one life left.

                  @negativezero Yes, on his draw step. The way you wrote it, he drew the fight spell cast it immediately and then thought he lost. He still had the rest of his turn, which included combat and his silly amount of snakes.

                  I'm not trying to steal your victory. You won because he conceded which is much more immediate than a state based action :p Magic's just a funny game. The rules are very precise and well-written. Yet most people don't realise how precise they are because they never have to bother with that. It leads to a lot of rules lawyering and "it must be this way because..." when often the case is "it explicitly says X and this is not X." Not that it's simple or there wouldn't be a judge's program.

                  @trjn: no, I caused him to mill on *my* turn after he screwed up and left me on 1 life.

    Aw man, that shooting was at a facility for people with developmental disabilities.

    The fuck is wrong with people?

      Apparently it was after an argument broke out there, and the guy left and came back with 2 armed buddies.
      Something is definitely wrong with people and unchecked aggression lately.
      Roids? Caffeine increase? Societal Breakdown?

      I don't know, but people seem to go from zero to rage really quickly lately.

    On a lighter note I've been losing it all morning every time I get to the bottom of the page and see Rear Admiral because I'm a mature adult who can see the literary humour of a Rear Admiral being at the bottom.


      Yeah. It's a real bummer that more people don't know of Rear Admiral Grace Hopper

    I managed to pick up a copy of GTA V for the Xbox One at Dick Smith's massive game clearance. It cost me $20, and I traded it straight in to EB for $27.50. My pre-order of Dark Souls 3 (assuming it releases for $68 somewhere) is now overpaid to the tune of 45 cents.


    (I also picked up Far Cry 4 and Metro Redux on the PS4 for $20 apiece. \o/)

    Last edited 03/12/15 1:06 pm

    Some of you may remember I was going to play the Game of Thrones boardgame last weekend. All I can say is holy shitballs, that game is swings and roundabouts. Got to 6 of the 7 strongholds required to win and couldn't cap the last one. 1 round later and I'm down to only 1 fort and I lost my capital. To cap it off I was playing the Lannisters and found out first hand incest is definitely not wincest... Oh and that the Tyrell's won't just stab you in the back between the sheets... *cough cough*

      Lanisters are the hardest to play as. Should 've gone starks. Wpuldve lasted longer at least

        Was a random draw, we all drew a number. Almost wiped the iron born out first though :D Everyone was a beginner, so there weren't many proper alliances being formed... Definitely on my list of games to potentially purchase though. Was a corker of a game :D

    I'm making a panang curry tonight, need to buy some beef to slice thinly.
    Which is the best cut of beef to choose? I've been veg for the last 16 years and have no idea which beef is which.

      Chuck if you're slow cooking, fillet for frying.

        fillet of...?

          Fillet meaning anything that is relatively soft/plump meat. Eye fillet, Rump, Sirloin etc. Chuck is anything tough so chuck, oyster blade etc etc.

            Not quite. Fillet comes from the tenderloin and chuck is the neck. Rump is the rump, sirloin is from striploin, oyster blade is the shoulder.

            My brother is a butcher and I've been lectured on getting cuts wrong many many times :P

              I just thought you meant tough meat vs tender. Mah bad!

      Curry right? Rump it up I'd say. Also you can stick the meat in the freezer for a little bit to help stiffen it up and slice it thinner.

        It will be a relatively 'quick' curry, not a long, slow cook curry. I'm assuming that makes a difference.

          Rump then for sure. I figured if it was Panang it's a relatively quick curry and you'll brown the meat off first. Rump is pretty damn versatile and will work well for this I'd say :D

      Rump will do the trick. Stick it in the freezer for 20 minutes until it's just starting to freeze, and then you can slice it as thin as paper if you want to. Or just use chicken thigh because it's easier. ;)

    Secret SanTAY plan A has failed.
    Seems like the theme I picked has a bit of a worldwide shortage on any actual merchandise. Huh. Guess these things don't always stay steady.

    I was ready to go on a rant about local specialist X only having stacks of the popular stuff that every other store has as well, but the blame might not rest with them.

    Anyone know much about holidaying in Fiji? Looking at spending a week there doing nothing for our 10 year wedding anniversary next year.

      Drink tonnes of kava.

        kava is a hallucengen right?

          According to my parents, Kava was like drinking mud that had all the effects you'd expect from drinking mud (I imagine they didn't ingest very much though).

          Very, very, very mild.
          Although the chick I was drinking with who was knocking back double vodka and orange like lolly water was convinced it had a real kick

          It just makes your mouth feel real weird.

          Tastes like, as Aria nominee Sean said, muddy water.

      I don't know much about it, but when my friends parents sold their house for a ridiculous amount of money they took the family there and they absolutely loved it. I assume the weather isn't always ridiculously good but I get the impression it's a hell of a place to relax.

      Did our honeymoon out there, well worth it
      We had two weeks so split it between the 2 main options which are denarau island or out to the islands
      Denarau island is your nice resort/hotel option with the pools and bars with nice restaurants. But is basically built on old swamp land so while the pools are great, it doesn't really have much in the way beach or ocean.
      If you want to snorkel and swim at the beach then you need to get out to the islands. If you do this I would recommend seeing if you can get a meal package as the individual meal prices can be killer and you can't go anywhere other than the island. But here you can get your own bure and patch of beach.
      If you are taking the kids some of them are family friendly and you basically drop the kids off in the morning for their activities and don't need to worry about them until dinner if you don't want

        We're looking at this place.

          That's out on the other main island which we didn't get out to so can't really say much there. Looks like a much nicer beach/water than you will get at Denaru. Check to see if there are a number of resort/hotels about as that will tell you a lot about quality of food and prices. If you can easily leave the resort and dine elsewhere it is likely cheaper and better.

          Does your seafood allergy run to fish? If not and it is on offer have Mahi-Mahi with fresh paw paw. I had that every 2nd meal when we were at the Radisson.

          Figured I would reply here rather than in twitter
          The 6,500 isn't too bad if it includes all meals and drinks (Assume that is limited but you can grab duty free on the way out)
          As for which resort to stay at it really depends on what you want. We stayed a week at the Radisson and it was really good restaurant quality food, swim up bars for cocktails, jazz band for evening relaxation. If that is the sort of thing you are after then what you are looking at will probably meet the requirements.
          The 2nd half we spent out at treasure island and the food was good but simpler, but the beaches were nice, had our own private bungalow. This was just about relaxing on our own, sitting on the beach, swimming, reading a book. If you just want time away to relax, do nothing and chill then somewhere like that could be ok and could be quarter to half the price.

      Oh and if a jet ski safari is canceled due to weather and you have the option to go anyway DO NOT GO!
      Almost dying 3 days after getting married was not part of the plan

      Last edited 03/12/15 6:55 pm

      No, but I think I want to go for my 40th. I understand you banish children off to do activities and spend the day in the pool.

    Shopping around to finally pick up a new hard drive, and the cheapest place for what I'm after?

    Talk about diversifying.

      Are you serious? I didn't even know they sold hardware O_o;

        Looks like it is true!

        They've been branching out a lot with merchandise and the like so on a whim I searched for hard drives and...yeah, they have a lot. Competitive prices and no shipping cost on standard. As an example:

        Plus, 10% back as player points means a nice voucher for my next Steam game, seeing as I buy almost exclusively from them these days.

        ...I swear I'm not a sales rep.

          no shipping cost on standard

          Isn't that only for orders over $50? Not that that is hard to get, but I'm pretty sure I paid shipping on Spyfall when I bought it from them.

          EDIT: Mother of god they need some filtering options.

          Last edited 03/12/15 2:27 pm

            Yeah it is, but anything I've bought for <$50 total order from them has been non-physical :P

          Well of course you're not, you didn't end it with "For the low, low price of X.99! That's right! X.99!"

          That's crazy. Pretty well priced external 1TB 2.5" drives too. Don't need any now but in case I do...

      ...OGS do hardware now?

      EDIT: Holy shit, OGS do hardware now.

      Last edited 03/12/15 2:21 pm

    So what is everyone planning for the weekend? Big one? quiet one?

      Not a hell of a lot, honestly.
      I bought a 6-season pack of American Dad on DVD, so there's that to watch, and I might clock some more hours in Euro Truck Simulator 2.


      Then i might take a break from that and eat ramen.
      life is good.

      Cleaning, because apparently just before Christmas is a good time for a house inspection...

        tidiness is the best present at all.
        that or a self balancing scooter

      Lets see

      -Bleed Saturday morning
      - Family show Sat lunch
      - Pub
      - AGM for the Terry Pratchett club Sunday
      - Different pub

      Bloodborne. Sopranos. FE: Awakening. Catching up on a year's worth of Manga. Quiet Weekend

      Got a friend's birthday tomorrow, finally gonna get to try an escape room.

      Also, Xenoblade.

      Hopefully making @scree's birthday shindig thing
      Other than that, not much on

        I hope I can also make it, seeing as I'm bringing cake and stuff

      Sleep a bit.

      Buy a car.

      Maybe rent a house.

        Haha you know, just find somewhere to live... Whatevs...

          I have to find somewhere before the company-provided temporary housing expires.

            I'm just taking the mickey. Also I had a period where I lived at relative's places whilst searching for a place in Melbourne. I got so over it, I just went to the snow for a weekend to de-stress :D

              I've got very limited time and need to get my A into G because I mucked around the last two weeks and didn't look at anything.

    @jocon I see you've got Black Ops 3; interested in some team deathmatches? I'm pretty crap but I might be less crap if I put you in front as a bullet sponge =P

    Anyone with Optus? What are there services like? I'm seconds away from signing up for this because I can't see anything wrong with it:

      From a government & enterprise point of view, we always try to connect with Optus in metro because they're cheaper and their shittier coverage in large buildings isn't considered to be too big a deal because at least then you're near a land-line.

      For anyone in the regions, or on a highway a lot, we prefer to go with Telstra for the coverage. Except for a very, very, very, very, very small number of exceptions where for some reason Optus actually provides BETTER service in that particular region. We half-suspect they're lying.

      From a residential/consumer view? I have noooo idea.

        Not that I've really skied that much in years, but back when I did Optus had far and away the best coverage on the mountains.

        Sadly they're garbage in Canberra, to the point where I've had no signal in residential areas, but I'm too lazy to switch.

      For me at least Optus seems to work everywhere except for where I need it to work. According to Google Maps I live 1.3km away from Hobart CBD and the reception is shocking here with my backup Optus sim card. Outside it's usually okay as long as you don't stray too far away from built up areas.

      I dunno, maybe it's better in other states, but in Tasmania Optus unfortunately sucks.

        My friend in Launceston basically said to us when we came down last year "you're fucked unless you're with Telstra" I find that's pretty much the common thing with a lot of "rural" places i've been over the years, only Telstra works.

          Hahhhh yeah pretty much the entire town I'm from back home (~15-20 mins away from the Launceston cbd) is a convenient Optus black spot. And yeah, you pretty much have to be with Telstra in Tasmania. As much as Telstra suck, at least they've put the effort in down here. There's towers absolutely everywhere.

            Yeah I think I lost reception once when we were going up to the Tahune Airwalk lol.

          ayup. Telstra hold an infrastructural monopoly on mobile services in most of rural WA. Any further than two hours out of Perth/the coast and you're lucky to get any reception. I'm just on the fringes of Perth so I guess I should be fine.

      I had all sorts of connectivity problems at my mum's place on Droptus but they're usually fine. Been with them since I first got my phone.

        Only made the jump because I couldn't say no to 10GB a month for such a low price. Hoping I wont run into any trouble ( °~°)

    So it seems BWS has deleted the Jim Beam Kentucky Fire line from its stores. Which means I just picked up 2 bottles of it for less than the regular price of one \o/

      As in Fireball wannabe? What's it like, as good as fireball whiskey?

        Yeah, everyone has a cinnamon bourbon/whiskey liqueur out now lol.

        It's alright, extremely sweet though. Probably not as sweet as I found Fireball though.

          I did too much fireball when it first went big in Aus. So many blackout nights thanks to that bad boy -_-

    Hm. Just went to land on an ice moon, and kind of fell. In.

    Currently about 350km deep, and it has a 1081km radius. Terminal velocity seems to be about 500m/s, so it'll be a while before I hit the middle. Only 0.06G though, so dunno that I'd slow down too quick once passing the centre.

      Passed the core, and am slowing down. Slightly.

      Using my thrusters only seems to increase my speed no matter which way I'm oriented though :/

        Aw, lame. Went off to have dinner, came back and found out my SRV's been destroyed. BUT WHY!

        I'll just assume it went all the way through and hit the other side of the planet.

          OMG. I'm thinking this is less a talent, and more a full-on superpower. :)

          I need to get that beta downloading...

    Tossing up the possibility of coming back to Australia for PAX. Should have leave by then and if I book flights now it'd be cheap.

      I'm not going to discourage that.

      Whole PAX season in one year? You're already in the right country for the rest.

        Yeah but I have to hang out with Americans at those. :P

        Will see what my leave balance looks like. Do we know what the dates are for AU? I've been hearing that it might be week after Melbourne Cup?

          Tickets go on sale next week so we'll definitely know by then :)

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