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  • Morning everyone, how was your weekend?

    Mind was quiet, didn’t work this time, so just stayed at home played some Fallout 4 (finished the main story) I also did around the yard things like mow the law, wash the car, vacuum the car & bath the dog. I am very exciting ๐Ÿ˜›

  • So how about that Playstation Experience eh? Ni No Kuni 2 anybody?? FF7 remake looks pretty sexy too. The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades B-)

    • I know that the games are mostly glorified tech demos, but you can hook the Playstation VR to my eyeholes right now.

    • No. No, I have banished PSX from my mind. I got up at 5am for that rubbish and I am still so very very bitter and angry about it today. No #BetterPSN announcements, rubbish VR presentation and it was all talk about games – stuff that is better suited for E3, Gamescom, or one of a thousand other industry-driven shows. This should have been about service to the converted, instead it just made me wonder what I could have done with an extra bit of sleep.

      Damn, I’m still so angry about it – I’ve had to run spell-check over this comment about three times.

    • FF7 remake looks like a great FF7 skin for FFXV.

      Maybe Ni No Kuni will actually feel like a Ghibli film this time. Maybe they’ll also make the combat not shit.

      I hate being so jaded. ๐Ÿ™

  • Holy shit the Aus Post courier bloke is gonna be like Santa for me this morning. He’s got at least 3 things that are on their way to me. I was just expecting Chilli’s worming/flea/tick stuff, abut also the shit I bought on eBay last week has been processed through my local sorting centre already according to their tracking numbers, damn that was quick.

  • EB Games’ Mad Monday sale is on now. Some decent prices, but I don’t think it’s worth the difficulty in connecting to the website. Anyone having any luck?

    Highlights for me:
    Arkham Knight: $38
    Until Dawn: $35

      • I’m half-expecting them to announce that they’ll honour online prices in-store. They’ve hinted vaguely at a possible update regarding the sale in the near future.

        • I note they’ve just kept the 30 min deals live on what looks to be a rolling update of their flash sales. I think that 8.30am sale (all the Razer gear) was about when the site started falling over for me.

          PAX is about to win the war for my wallet though, 3 mins until tickets go on sale!

          EDIT: I have my dates wrong! The tickets aren’t on sale until tomorrow! Goddamit!

      • Not to worry, you’ve got approximately 0.1 per cent change of making it successfully through checkout.

    • It keeps crashing on me ๐Ÿ™

      Managed to get to the payment details screen and then it kicked me back to the login screen “groan”

    • Only thing of note I saw on there was Transformers Devastation for $27. Pretty good, I think I got mine for like $36 in the Big W 25% off ebay thingo the other week. Dangit ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Played dirt rally on the new wheel. So good. Yet so challenging.

    Played uncharted 2. Such an awesome game. Still have yet to finish it. Looking forward to what remains and to number 3.

    Got bloodborn, unfamous 1 and 2 for free from a friend.

    Played guilty gear on the ps4, and blazblue. Amazing games. This weekend was awesome.

    Also went out with friends on Friday night. Awesome awesome weekend.

    I hope everyone else had an awesome weekend as well.

    • I picked up BB:CPX from the black Friday sale in the PS store; love that series, although friends tease me for buying each iteration, saying I’ve bought the ‘same game’ half a dozen times now ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Hahaha I was telling my friend as we were playing it how it all looks recycled. Everything looks so recycled. Still an amazing and fun game to play.

    • Dirt: Rally is pretty good ey? Knew it was the right kind if rally game when I spun off the track 10 meters into my first race.
      Shame I.don’t have a wheel though.

      • Spent 2 hours. Finished 2 tracks, came second both times. Thought eh whatever it was fun. Want to finish more tracks and try out more cars. Will have to learn how to drive properly though lol. Fun, but extremely challenging.

      • G29. It’s good, but was difficult to set up the drivers. No idea why, they’re set now and all is good. I wouldn’t recommend getting it at full price. I managed to get a decent discount, thanks to a friend.

  • @tigerion @tech_knight @beavwa @princesspip @pixel_the_ferret_viking
    I am so sorry about what happened on Saturday. I’m thinking maybe the middle of January to try again and perhaps just karaoke as the escapism room made things difficult. That way if you’re late it’s not an issue. Is 10 am an okay time for everyone?
    Also, do not feel bad for laughing at my funny speech. I sounded fucking hilarious. If only it wasn’t so terrifying.

    To everyone else
    On Friday I was feeling lousy due to my lingering cold, so I had a nap. However, when I woke up, I felt extremely dizzy. I’d been suffering dizzy spells a couple of days before hand and didn’t think much of it, but it wouldn’t subside.
    It got to the point where I was feeling extremely nauseous. It felt like when you’re a kid and you go on play ground equipment too fast and you feel sick afterwards. Except it wasn’t subsiding.
    I went to the doctor, who fit me in and he told me I had a middle ear infection. My cold had spread and was affecting my ear. He gave me an injection, gave me a prescription for some tablets and sent me home.
    Come Saturday, I was still feeling quite dizzy. I worked on the cupcakes and tried to add the squids, but for some reason, they’d stuck to the baking paper. I tried just adding eyes, but when I tasted the stuff by accident, it tasted like flour. It was disgusting so I scrapped that.
    Techie and Talia(Sid’s friend Atlas’ owner and my friend) both offered Mum and Me a lift but I wanted to get my tablets.
    I got my tablets and met up with Techie later at Highpoint. I’d already taken one of the tablets and it was helping a bit but not much. We wasted some time trying to find a large Eevee plushie for Techie, but didn’t find anything. As it got closer to 12pm, we headed down to strike and had some pizza. It was the best pizza I’ve ever had. I’ve had really shitty pizzas.
    Word trickled through that Beavwa had gone to the wrong strike. My cousin had gone to AMF across the road. My friend Rachel got stuck in traffic and couldn’t find a park. Tigs was coming late. Pixel had a mix up at the airport and may not be able to make it. My other friend Chibi was dealing with a bank and said they’d also be late.
    I took another tablet as it was closer to 1pm. People started showing up and after 40 minutes, my tongue started to feel weird. It felt like it was a bit swollen. Pip and Beavwa showed up and it was then I realised that I couldn’t speak. After a short while, it felt like I couldn’t breathe and I panicked a bit. Talia was versed in first aid while strike called the paramedics.
    What happened is that I had a Dystonic reaction to the dizziness tablets. I had pretty much lost control of my tongue and jaw and they were spasming. I ended up going to the hospital and this was before the party had even started!
    to be continued…

  • Anyone feel like Naughty Dog are showing way too much of Uncharted 4? I stopped watching after the e3 stuff, but there seems to be a new trailer every other week! ยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ I decided after spoiling Uncharted 3 to preserve the surprises here.

    • I steer clear of trailers for anything I know I am going to buy/watch.
      Only saw one TFA trailer so far, and that was in the cinema.

    • Probably a wise move.

      I watched the Playstation Experience trailer, and that 20 minute E3 gameplay video, but I think I’m at maximum hype now – no need for more.

        • I did think that Uncharted 2 looked pretty cool when I watched @blackdahlianz play at PAX, there were some young kids behind us so I let them play instead of me. I remember seeing an Anthology a while ago but I didn’t bite (which is unlike me :S) I imagine I’ll pick up Uncharted after I’m done with Fallout 4 and Zombies on COD ๐Ÿ˜›

    • I’ve only watched the stuff that didn’t work first time at E3 and the trailer this morning.

      E3 stuff was pretty but not that exciting, but the new PS Experience trailer? Holy mackerel. Sign me up.

  • Morning all.
    Only have a few gifts left to buy, agonising over the last couple though.
    My (awesome) wife is into steampunk and GoT, Mr Robot, Neal Stephnson books, all things Mario, Katamari and cosplay, so you think buying would be easy, but there is too much choice.
    I was hoping to pick up some Neko Atsume sets, but no-one has them.

  • Had a low-key weekend. My wife went to her dad’s on Saturday to get her head shaved while I did some cleaning. Had some friends over, went out to a Chinese place for dinner. Mostly played Trivial Pursuit Live until my friends went home again. Finally started my second playthrough of Fallout 4 after accidentally napping away most of Sunday evening.

    I called my new (female) character “Zed” because that’s apparently one of the names in Codsworth’s vocabulary, but I haven’t heard him say it yet, he just calls me “mum”, according to the subtitles.

    • I started a Female playthough as Jessica last weekend. I need to have a look through Codsworths vocab, my male playthrough of LaPelle (Pronounced La-Pedge-Eh) didn’t work ๐Ÿ™

      • My wife called her first character “Gari” because she likes the Gary vault and figured Gari is a fun female variant. Only afterwards did we discover Codsworth has a name vocabulary, and of course “Gary” is in there.

    • If I ever do a female playthrough of Fallout 4 my female character will be called Furiosa because it’s a) supported and b) awesome.

  • Picking up my RAM today. Hour long walk in 30+ weather, boo. Hopefully I’ve plugged everything in correctly. Also, I won’t be able to buy a new video card for a while so I’m still going to be stuck with my Gigabyte GTX 660 OC ๐Ÿ™

  • My 1 metre long mouse pad arrived \o/

    Now I have to go get ready for work, don’t misbehave whilst i’m gone, okay you lot?

  • Hey everyone, how was your weekend? My birthday was on Saturday so I had a few friends over and we had a picnic and played some Wii U games after, which is always fun. Then my entire Sunday was consumed by Xenoblade Chronicles X. I’m glad I could see my friends one last time this weekend, I’ll never see them again unless it’s through their Xenoblade X avatar.

    Seriously though, I don’t normally binge on games and I moderate myself very well, but it was so hard for me to put it down. It’s such a beautiful game and I’ve always been a fan of the core Xenoblade gameplay, and they’ve tweaked it here to make it deeper and more involved; no more mindless arts spamming. Although the story doesn’t seem as interesting as the first game (so far), the dialogue is way better and is keeping me entertained. Despite the overworld seriously being one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen in the game, unfortunately the home city you’re from is quite rough around the edges, which is a shame.

    Oh well, hopefully some of us can squad sometime! My NNID is eRonin, so if you’re looking for squad members, shoot me a friend request =)

    • I’m not happy with Xenoblade Chronicles X because I’m convinced it’s banner ads keep crashing my browser ๐Ÿ™

    • I kinda missed the boat with the first game (only put in a few hours via emulator, too many other games to play at the time), but I’ve been tempted by what I’ve seen/heard about this one. What do you think the game would be like for someone who basically hasn’t played the first one?

      cc @powalen @greenius whoever else has it.

      • Yeah, I hadn’t played Xenoblade all that much and am enjoying Xenoblade Chronicles X. It’s a tonne of fun really.

      • There’s no real plot connections between the two. Only thing that carries over is the gameplay. One downside is that nothing is really explained in-depth so if you don’t already know how battles work then you might be a bit lost.

        (Having said that, I think the original is better than this. At least so far. I would always recommend playing it anyway!)

        • Original is better story wise, I think this game has a more interesting combat and is better gameplay wise.

          • Yup, my thoughts too. The battle system is a lot more involved now which is great. More paying attention to what your teammates are doing makes long battles pretty hectic.

            Still not a huge fan of the customisable avatar (big thing I liked about the original was that it encouraged swapping the character you play as to try different styles rather than just changing your abilities to suit), but it’s not so bad.

            X is a hell of a lot more complicated overall. The menus go on for days (not in a good way :P)

            Surprisingly loving the soundtrack though which I never thought I would say before release ๐Ÿ˜›

          • Yeah, it really doesn’t explain much. I have no idea what the hell an “aura” is but I get bonus’ when I get one or something.

          • I think I need like, a pdf of the manual next to me when I’m playing or something. Accessing it isn’t a big deal, but it would be nice if I could set myself to auto-run somewhere while reading the manual

            (and then I get killed by a tyrant)

          • Yep I know! I just want to be able to read the manual or something while I do that (like it would be neat if the manual could open up on the gamepad while I’m still running in-game). I think I found someone uploaded a pdf of the manual somewhere. I should find that somewhere.

        • All I can really remember of the original was that the intro to the story was hilariously dense, throwing so much unexplained jargon at me that it made it a big struggle to understand even vaguely what was happening.

          It was like it was a JRPG, or something… *stares into the distance*

          • I have no idea about the original story as a whole, only the intro being fairly uninviting. Dense probably wasn’t the right word choice ๐Ÿ˜›

          • I misinterpreted your comment anyway ๐Ÿ˜›

            Meant to say that X is just harder to get the hang of overall. (Tonnes of menu options that don’t seem to affect anything, lots of unexplained icons and systems, etc) The story is actually probably simpler in the beginning.

          • Does it have a decent plot so far? That was the big thing that stopped my interest – everything was emphasizing the gameplay and the world and the SEE THAT PLACE IN THE DISTANCE YOU CAN GO THERE open worldyness but that’s the opposite of what I like in RPGs.

    • Yeah the city really is uggo, the rest of the world though is great! I finally went to a new continent and loved the change of scenery. Can’t wait to explore the rest. Oh and NNID? I think mine might be SerNobulus?

  • @scree @gingerchris86
    How are you guys finding RWBY: Grimm Eclipse? Is it good/bad, only for the fans, very Early Access, etc?

    • Very early access.
      Completed both areas, went and got a refund.
      I’ll definitely be buying later down the track, though, as I enjoyed what was there.

      • Fair enough, thanks for the heads up. I’ll keep an eye on it.

        Out of curiosity, any reason you got a refund rather than waited for it to get finished?

        • I can’t see myself constantly re-playing the same two areas for onlyone hour of gameplay every time I boot it up.
          As good as it was, it needs fleshing out to make it completely worthwhile.

    • My blasted phone didn’t send the message I typed up. There are a lot of problems, but if they keep working on it, it’ll be good. At the moment, Ruby (the scythe character) has aiming, walk cycle and combo issues. Blake seemed to be okay, but I’d have to try them all.

    • It works, plays at a solid 60fps, the animations are janky as all get out (but hey, early access), the combos are fairly fluid, the kbm controls are okay (scree had issues with her controller, I haven’t used mine), and the ‘story’ (if you could call it that) is just 4 linear levels stung together with a shoestring plot and fenced off with illogical invisible walls

  • PAX dates announced for 2016… Hotel booked, flights booked.

    Who is typing this, and what have they done with B-ob?

  • So the weekend was ok if I can remember what I did.
    Saturday was ok, went to the park in the morning before it got too hot and then headed off to scree’s thing. Tiglet has a small sleep in the car on the way there which was the only sleep she got all day. Got sms from Techie letting us know what was going on with scree but since we were only 10 minutes away figured we might as well keep going and meet up briefly with everybody who was left. Didn’t count on Christmas holiday crowds at highpoint. Don’t these people have internet connections. Anyway after driving in circles for ages eventually rage quit and headed off without finding a park. Sorry guys but sounds like you guys were heading off any way.
    Since we were home earlier than planned we had a quick dinner and then headed down to the local park for some carols. Was nice but didn’t stay too long as it was getting late.
    Sunday morning Mrs Tigs went to the market so Tiglet and I snuck out for a quick trip to the cafe. Our local makes all their cakes on site and they are pretty good. So I had a coffee and we shared an apple berry crumble. The rest of the day was spent trying to keep Tiglet out of the bathroom as the door latch has broken. So far only one thing has ended up in the toilet.
    Then we got a surprise visit from Grandma and Pa who were passing through so stopped off for a rest and recharge break on the way through.
    Game wise I finally finished the final level of back to bed and really wasn’t happy with the final solution once I discovered it. Don’t think I can be bothered trying to complete nightmare mode.
    Other than that we have been playing quite a bit of submerged. Wanted to give it a try before voting on GOTY started to see if it was the best aussie game I have played. I don’t think it beats hand of fate but it is good. Works extremely well as a game to play with Mrs Tigs as lots of hunting out secrets and spotting hidden paths. Very much a collectathon style game, but as you collect things it reveals the story of the game which is a nice touch. Seems like it is a rather short game, we are approaching the ending so guessing all up it’s probably only 5 or 6 hours. Which is probably about the right length, an more than that and it would be a boring repetitive grind. Will probably see if we can 100% it before we start our next game

  • Games. Too many games.

    Spent pretty much all of Friday just โ€‹โ€‹bumming around in the Horizons beta for Elite. Flying from planet to planet, trying to find different types to land on and check out. It’s so much fun to just drive around the place, I picked a random direction from a base and just kept driving off in that direction for a good few hours, picking up and exploring stuff I came across along the way, but mostly just trying to drive as fast as I can without destroying my SRV. It’s like they’ve chucked Excitebike in here, and it’s great.

    Saturday was Wingman’s birthday party, we went to ParaPark for an escape room. It was fun! And totally laughable just how badly we seemed to be doing at it. The whole “you’re not as clever as you think you are”/overthinking everything deal was totally at play. But despite a few setbacks, including me breaking our radio and one of our group claiming he’d already checked above a thing when in actual fact he hadn’t and that’s where our last item was hiding, we totally beat the other group. And got to watch them struggle to make their way out despite being handed a whole lot of hints through the walkie talkie ๐Ÿ˜›

    Played a few games that afternoon, including Are You โ€‹โ€‹A Werewolf which I was really bad at. Actually I’m not sure I even did anything for it, just kinda sat there while others did all the talking. Don’t think I like those kinds of games. Then there was Gloom too, though I was just watching that and then I fell asleep. Mostly just hung around and talked, with Xenoblade being played in the background.

    โ€‹โ€‹Didn’t get to play that myself til last night. Spent about an hour trying to get through the character creator, and again I echo Mark’s thoughts on that first podcast the other week. The whole time I’m just thinking ugh why does this matter where is the game already. But at the same time couldn’t just pick any old thing because most of them looked dumb. And couldn’t even just try and replicate myself because there are no “no hair” options, and their beard options are severely lacking. Character creation is the worst.

    Also thenโ€‹โ€‹ took forever to actually get to the city, because I kept fighting crabs and getting killed. Think I’m getting the hang of the combat system though. This is gonna suck up a whoooooole lot of time.

    Still need to get back to Shovel Knight.

  • Had, on balance, a slightly better than average weekend. Some awesome bits and some garbage bits.

    Good bits – Daughter moved into a full size bed in a new room with no complaints, bacon and eggs for breakfast on both days, dinner with friends last night (when we found out our local pub has been turned into an Italian eatery that still has a pokie room).

    Garbage bits – digging a trench nearly 4 meters long, 40cm deep and 70cm across to stop the dog getting out, the dog escaping the next morning through another part of the fence, scratching my eye ball somehow and having to do the groceries with one eye closed.

    Game bits – spent some time with Majora’s Mask (never had N64). And had a few hours on Sunday arvo with Pillars of Eternity. Starting to realise that the game is going to get hard… So. Many. Numbers. Still trying to wrap my head around encounters with more than one enemy. I don’t think I’m utilising my party nearly as well as I should be.

    Annnnddd now it’s Monday!

      • Playing on 3DS – not far in and kinda struggling with the affects the time mechanic… Pretty sure I’ve cleared the swamp now to figure out what’s next.

        • If you don’t know already, there is a way of making the time move slower!

          Play the song of time backwards

  • Hahahaha, there is a lady here complaining how she is going to take us to “the Tribunal” because her credit card has been debited and we now consider her a subscriber, but she only wanted to try out the free trial.

    If you didn’t want to do that then you shouldn’t have put your credit card details in and signed up for a monthly subscription, dummy.

    • I think this massive overhaul is (overall) a good thing.
      They released the PC port just the other day for people who don’t want things to change.

      • I’m kinda interested to see how it works. Crisis Core had a similar looking combat system and it was a tonne of fun. I still get sad that you can’t buy Crisis Core on Vita.

    • I doubt it. It still has a battle menu so it can’t really be a flat hack and slash.

      Regardless, I just finished watching the trailer and I’m excited as hell for it. Change is good, and if you want old FFVII gameplay with new graphics the Steam edition and a couple of graphics mods will get you there.

      • Type 0 and FF-12 both had menus. A menu and ATB don’t indicate a inclusion of depth. Going off the pace of the fight shown in the vid they’ll either have no impact or have some impact and be similar to 12.

        I also didn’t realize Steam’s graphics mods could make the game look as good as the remake. I’ll have a look into that.

        • Yeah, but 12 wasn’t even vaguely a hack and slash? (no idea about Type-0, haven’t played it). Or do you mean hack and slash as in it looks like you’ll be spamming attack and that’s all?

          With the mods, I think the only negative about them is they break Steam achievements so you can’t get them, but I think that was it. They make the game look incredible and I highly recommend it.

    • Look, I don’t want to dissuade you, but do you know how many games I’ve played on my extremely pretty Majora’s Mask Edition Nintendo 3DS? Like 3. Which is a disservice to just how prettier in flesh it is than it appears in pictures.

      So pretty.

      You should buy one.

      • If you really haven’t played it that much you might as well get rid of it. Like, sell it or something. I’ll let you know if I find someone who wants it.


        • I still own 2 3DS systems. THAT’S AFTER I GAVE ONE TO MY COUSIN!

          Still gotta hold onto the MM one though, for new Fire Emblem. Love me some Fire Emblem. *refuses to meet the eye of Awakening that I never finished*

      • Yeah, but the last thing I need in my life is another excuse to avoid walking ๐Ÿ˜›

        EDIT: This joke would work way better if I wasn’t comparing the scooter to a game console…

  • Hello TAY, I hope everyone has been well!

    I’ve been really immersed in my work recently so I’ve not quite checked Kotaku as much as I’d like. Long story short I’m starting a new position at work, so it’s required me to manage that workload which has meant very little time for me to sneak onto TAY.

    Cool new stuff for me: I’m playing Fallout 4 and Collar Dooty III (I really enjoyed the campaign but mostly playing Zombies), I’m starting a new position as a manager next week and hopefully will be starting some casual teaching of Exercise Science next year which I’m really excited about. I’ve also been learning Spanish which has been muchos divertido ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Something that annoys me quite a lot about the online world of board gaming is how lazy the content is. There are two posts on /r/boardgames right now that are basically “I wrote a thing, what do you think?” and my immediate reaction to both is “you didn’t proof read it, let alone make an attempt to edit it”.

    Reviews in general fall into the format of: Introduction, rules explanation, my thoughts, recommendation. The format itself has flaws but it can work. It doesn’t work when the meat of the review is given the least weight. This goes for video reviews as well as written ones. Either way, people are clearly taking a bit of time to plan out what they’re going to do. However they don’t make an effort to focus on what’s interesting or informative.

    If you try to look up a rules explanation on Youtube, most of the videos will be ridiculously long. They’re just someone that’s set up a game on a table, shoved a camera in front of it and started talking. Great. That’ll do the job. You know what will do the job even better? Planning. Structure. Editing. If it takes you 33 minutes to explain Tzolk’in off the cuff, I bet you could get that down to under 10 minutes that’s better overall.

    This probably comes out as a little “oh look at me, I do boardgame writing and I’m so much better”. It’s not. My writing has a whole host of flaws. They just happen to be very different ones because these particular ones annoy the shit out of me. Make some effort people! Make something that everything else isn’t just churning out.

    • I feel this way when i watch tutorials about electronics stuff, especially when it comes to coding microcontrollers, nearly all the people that do it just use a capture card on there screen and just show their screen, they dont show why they implement a piece of code, or why they hook something up in a certain way. I was playing around with a really popular WiFi card called the ESP8266 and so many hobbists use this card its nuts. But when i looked up how to flash firmware onto it, do you think i could get a straight answer on which pins i should short to ground or what baud rate was needed for connection? I eventually figured it out and wrote some notes for what i did that worked but fuck, there are thousands of hobby electronics people who are much more clever than me who figured this shit out and just decided not to include that information for whatever reason in there tutorial.

      • Ugh, so much this. In general, things seem to just end up as youtube tutorials. Except they’re not tutorials. They’re either morons not actually explaining anything they’re doing and taking WAY TOO LONG to do any of it, or it’s a video of someone typing out the instructions into Notepad with shitty music over it outlining a couple of steps of what to do but again not actually explaining any of it and often using an example that’s slightly different to what you want and ugh.

        Youtube is the worst.

          • Those scenes in movies where there’s the new kid on the cash register being all slow and incompetent the manager’s just standing there telling them a bunch of keystrokes to enter always annoyed me too.

  • So, Bloodborne DLC has a bow that apparently wrecks. That would have been nice to discover when I played the DLC instead of reading in an article title. I think I’m most annoyed because they easily could have called the article “New Bloodborne DLC weapon absolutely wrecks”. Eh, maybe I am just being picky.

    • I’ve purposefully stayed away from Kotaku so that I don’t spoil myself with stuff for Fallout 4.

      I’ve failed that though; I now know the ending to the Main Story Arc and 2 special events during the game that I didn’t get to find out for myself :*(

    • Holy shit.

      That picture of the path taken, with the little smiling faces, and the twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom is the best.

      • I know! That’s what made me think of Kerbal, I could totally see launching an orbiter and messing up the burn and then just hitting time-warp and circling the sun until you get a second chance.


        • Except when I fuck up a burn I seem to end up shooting off into deep space, on an intercept with something between jack all and nothing.

          There’s probably a reason I’m not working at NASA right now.

          • *revert launch*

            NASA wishes they could have this button.

            True story, my Dad was launch commander for some satellites launching from Vandenberg back when we lived in California. He oversaw some launches that exploded with their payload. I remember actually watching one of them from the base and wanted to know why the rocket didn’t make it to space.

  • I really, really need to learn to stop monologuing with my villains when I run RPGs. Yes, the evil lord of the town was dismissive of your threat but he wasn’t expecting to be telekinetically yanked off the walls of his fortress and then shot by his own cannons because the telepath wanted to “convert” his soldiers.

  • Fallout 4 is on my $40 list but $49 is tempting.
    What do people think are the odds of MGS:V going for under au $50 on Christmas steam sales?

    • I don’t know what it takes for something to only qualify for your $40 list but $49 is definitely worthwhile, unless you don’t plan to play it right away. Granted, I was going to love it regardless because I loved FO3/NV and I’m prepared to forgive a lot of flaws/bugs, but I put about 70 hours into a first “beta test” playthrough and have started a second in which I plan to be a lot more thorough.

      If you plan to put it off for a long time, I guess there’ll be the inevitable GOTY edition with all the DLC bundled in a year from now, unless you know for a fact you’re not going to play it until all that DLC is out, you might as well get it now.

      • $40 list is for big ticket games that I’m interested in but not hype for and/or will probably be much improved with age (patches, mods ect).
        Been burned too many times buying games full price and getting a half baked product.
        Done me well so far.

  • Just got Rainbow Six Siege (PC) for 69 bucks at eb games. I am enjoying the game and i think it has pretty good graphics also doing terrorist hunt mode as lone wolf is pretty hard haha.

    • I find it rather annoying that I continue to find no wolfs in wolf game, only have bad guys after me. No wolf make it ok great but not ok good just great ok bad.

      • Considering how old that reference is getting, I feel like I should offer context to people who haven’t heard it before…

        It’s from the most amazing Amazon user review about 2009’s Wolfenstein. Verbatim:
        I got game lst night and play while. i look for wolfs n only have bad guys atfer me. i shoot them dead n colntinue to find no wolfs. i got game to be wolf or shot wolf but no wolf in wolf game. otherwise it gootd game but no wolf make it ok great but not ok good just great ok bad. if you want wolf no get if like shoting bad guys ok great get.

    • Me too Gammah, got it off steam as I had US$45 sitting in the wallet after clearing out the CS GO Skins. So far it’s been a hoot, and I’ve got a bunch of mates that play so we normally have a 5 man team to roll with ๐Ÿ˜€

      Takes a bit of getting used to, and the P2P arrangement means you’ll get some properly screwy situations of what you saw vs what the match thought was the case.

  • Hola Tayberinos

    Busy weekend. Went and gave blood Sat morning, then went to a family lunch. Saw my Pop, who’s going through chemo- he’s never been a big man, but he looks especially tiny now.

    Saturday went to the pub with friends, that was fun. It was quite warm (high 30s) here all weekend so beer good.

    Sunday, went to the AGM for the Terry Pratchett club, which was at a house with a pool and pool good. Played some board games, then I had a birthday to go to across the other side of the city so did that.

    Then finally went home and watched Doctor Who.

    A Monday ARVO question: What’s your summer game? I tend to gravitate to long strategy games (Civ, CK2, EUIV) when I’m on leave over the summer and don’t have to worry about sleeping pattern. This year I’m going to play Endless Legend.

    • Whatever’s the going thing really, nothing specific.
      But I too picked up endless legend and actually have time off this year, so probably the same.

      • You haven’t played endless legend??? If you like 4x games it’s amazing. Like after playing it I couldn’t go back to Civ After Earth or w/e the new one was.

    • pokemon, always pokemon.
      I have replayed a pokemon game every summer since i started working. It just feels like holidays when im pokemoning.

      • I used to put tonnes of time into Pokemon as a teenager when going up the coast for family Christmas holidays, first with Pokemon Blue and later with Silver. Start a new game and just smash into it so hard.

        I think I need to revive it as a holiday thing.

        • Its good because with it being on a portable system you sill can talk and not be shut away. Otherwise my mum always used to yell at me for being antisocial during the holiday period.

          • Yep. I always take it on my ski trips. Something about shitty weather down days and just staying in bed playing Pokemon ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Enjoy it mate! Just started replaying it again. it’s the most fun I’ve had diving into a new Pokemon game since the Fire Red/Leaf Green remakes of the original pair of games on the Game Boy ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’m going to try and work through most of the turn-based games some more; Endless Legend, Invisible, Inc., Chaos Reborn, The Banner Saga.

    • This summer? Gotta be all about Xenoblade. Don’t really have any usual trends for the summer, it’s a time like any other.

    • My summer game is kisschasy but now I don’t like it cause girl germs *crosses arms sternly*.
      The sun is hot.

    • A combination of things! I love a good Civ V session, but as @rocketman has said above, portable gaming is the shit! I’ll be spending most of my time this year in QLD with my girlfriend and her family though (am based in VIC) so not sure if there’ll be much gaming at all!

      My other favourite thing in summer is doing hobby stuff with the cricket on in the background. Not gaming per se but still get to indulge in nerdy passions ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Back in the day it would have been Spyro 3 and Ratchet and Clank 3.
      Now it’ll probably be Rocket League.
      75 hours and climbing.

    • My last Summer games were the two VLR games. I just got so invested in the story for 999 that I literally forgot to sleep.

    • I tend to sink into something that takes a lot of time and minimal fast reactions – EUIV, Anno and Minecraft, generally. That said, if I’m on leave I normally don’t have access to my PC/consoles, so for the most part it’s been Zelda and Pokemon these past few years.

  • Happy Monday All!

    Had an interesting weekend, had my work christmas party Friday night, got smashed as expected then went to a friends 30th directly after at 12:30am, confessed my love drunkenly to a girl because I couldn’t do it when I was sober but found out she started seeing another guy 1 week earlier. She had interest in me before that but I lost out, ah well.

    This was new to me as this is the first time I’ve felt something for a girl in 2 years since I split with my ex of 13 years. I guess it means, I’ve moved on at least despite the end result ๐Ÿ™‚

    I then spent the Saturday recovering before spending time with my son Saturday night and all of yesterday afternoon. Had my Waltz dancing exam first thing Sunday morning which I think I passed but won’t find out until next week, then took my boy to the work kids Christmas party where Santa arrived on a motorbike. Kids were going nuts running after him, it was chaos! Then took my boy to another Christmas party organised by friends where the aforementioned girl was also present. A bit awkward but turned out OK.

    After dropping off my boy, I then went and celebrated another mates birthday at a pub until 10:30 last night. Overall, good times ๐Ÿ˜€

    Bring on this weekend!

        • OK, if you insist!

          This farmer has 500 hens but no rooster so he goes to his neighbor and asks him if he could buy a rooster for $100.
          The neighbor says, “You can have this rooster. His name’s Roy. He’ll get all your hens pregnant. He’s a real stud.”
          So the farmer takes him home and says, “It’s your first day Roy so take it slow, okay?”
          The farmer puts Roy in the hen house and then hears all the hens crying and yelling. Roy nailed every one of those hens and then for good measure nailed a duck and a goose down at the pond.
          The next morning the farmer finds Roy lying dead with his legs sticking in the air and vultures circling overhead.
          The farmer says, “Roy, did you have to die? I told you to take it slowly”
          Roy opens one eye and looks at the farmer and says, “Shhhh! They’re about to land!”

        • Hey she’s only just started seeing him. Who knows what might happen mate ๐Ÿ™‚ But also good news that you feel you’ve moved on. It’s a nice feeling ^_^

          • Yeah, I’m not counting on that failing so time to keep looking ๐Ÿ™‚
            It’s definitely a good feeling, I choose to look at it as a massive step forward as I never thought I would be able to move on and all of a sudden this happened. All part of the game of life and the experiences found within ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Yeah I’d almost given up on meeting anyone decent for a long time and met the loveliest lady I’ve ever known in my life this year ๐Ÿ™‚ Chin up and big steps forward mate ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Always tough to move on after a long term relationship but as you say, at least now you know you have and can look for others
            Also at least now she knows so if things do fall through with the current one she might reach out. Or depending on how well you know each other, now that she knows you are ‘back on the market’ might be pushing other ladies towards you.

        • Kudos for taking the jump; now you know to take the jump much earlier =P

          But good work moving on; the first girl you like post break-up is always the hardest.

    • Why do you hate my wallet, Shane.


      Actually, I’ve seen it a bunch. You should look up The Expanse, people have it tipped as the next BSG and the first ep is already online.

    • *shakes fist* I bought it for like $150 a few Christmases ago and… haven’t taken it out of the shrink wrap yet. D:

      • I bought the box set a couple of years ago and my wife and I binged it hard.
        I think we watched the entire series over the course of a week.
        So good.

  • Busy weekend keeping visitors happy, but the gf came down from QLD as well which was lovely. Did a weekend up in Daylesford with my family and had my best mate and his wife down from QLD for his birthday. Was good catching up with everyone and just trying to relax.

    Finally got to sink some time into Rainbow Six Siege after buying it last week. It’s a brutal game with a relatively steep learning curve. Regardless, it’s a lot of fun when you have a bunch of mates playing together. Especially fun when you work out some simple combos for breaching, like the explosive breach rounds from Ash then having a shield or two storm in. The other great one is having multiple breaching charges go off in different directions to confuse them. Great fun!

  • Book of Mormon tickets are on sale!

    *flails @dc’s arms*

    EDIT: For people not aware, Book of Mormon is finally coming to Australia and is showing exclusively in Melbourne from January 18th 2017. The current sale is for “priority” guests (people who signed up to be on their mailing list). The show was written by the creators of South Park and has been playing on Broadway since 2011. You still need to purchase tickets for it there about 6 months in advance.

    Otherwise, tickets for the general public go on sale Feb 8 2016, according to their Twitter account.

    So yes, @blaghman, @rocketman, @alexpants, @freezespreston, @ other musical inclined people. ASSEMBLE!

    EDIT 2: I feel I should stress this is 2017. As in, 13 months away.

  • Howdy Taybies!

    Just got back from a week away in Port Stephens. Gotta say, sitting on the beach in beautiful weather, drinking to excess, partying with friends and stuffing my face with amazing food is totally overrated and I had an awful time and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

    Did I miss anything amazing?

    • Schoolies, by chance? If I had known you were coming I would’ve recommended places to sit on the beach, drink to excess and stuff your face. Those are definitively the best activities in the area. Did you get to Murrays Brewing Co?

      • Seeing as how I’m about 10 years past schoolies… not so much. Some of our best friends are moving to London in a week or so, so we decided to take a week off and go on holiday with them before they left. Funnily enough, a couple of friends from our group happened to share a birthday during the week, so we spent that day at the brewery. It was awesome.

        We ended up spending a day on Zenith Beach, and another on One Mile Beach. They were both great.

        • Nice.

          Work Xmas party is at Murray’s – 3 hours of open bar seems… risky. There’ll definitely be some that take advantage of that.

          • We were there for around 5 hours – it was deadly. The beer is fantastic, and the food is amazing. High recommend the bocce balls or cricket if it’s a nice day, we had a blast with it.

  • SO. FF-7 remake is likely episodic and hack and slash (shut up relative to older ff games it counts as hack and slash).

    *goes back to Witcher 3 & Fallout 4*

  • I got a lot of Warmachine model painting done over the weekend. Feels good to clean up some backlogged models.

    So, in the collectors edition for MW2 they gave people a free copy of Call of Duty Classic. Back in 2009 I started playing the game and noticed that the only difficulty achievement was for Veteran. Playing through Veteran in CoD1 was a nightmare. Mile High Club? Pfft, nothing compared to this campaign. I even remember having so much trouble playing the truck get away mission 14 years ago, was a nightmare on Veteran. But when I got to Pavlovs House I gave up. Found out the other day that level was the last most difficult level for the game, so I got back into it and managed to finish the game on Veteran. Never thought I’d be begging for regenerative health.

    Also got back into the Witcher 3.

  • Xenoblade Chronicles X!

    The overworld is pretty cool. Seems really full of life when you’re just running through. Tonnes of monsters wandering around doing their own things for the most part. Sometimes resting, grazing, guarding a territory, etc. The carnivores seem to fight other things as well as you too. It’s cool seeing carnivores ignore me because they were in the middle of chasing after a big herbivore. Makes it feel like an actual ecosystem instead of a just field full of monsters.

    • I just watched a giant dinosaur thing drink water for a few minutes. It sounds so stupid but it was so peaceful. Loving the overworld so far.

    • Bad Rats Show, right? Hard to believe they’d make another one unless they intend on just capitalising on its negative reaction.


  • Biggest PS Experience announcement for me was Ace Combat 7. Only just noticed it since it’s flown under the radar (lol) on a lot of sites.

    It looks like they’re ditching the Real World shit and going back to Strangereal. Space Elevator? Giant planes that launch smaller planes? So fucking sold. AC6 was one of my favourite 360 games, I still like to go back to it periodically.

    Namco better put a ton of Idolmaster paint schemes into the game again though. There was nothing quite like all that serious pilot talk and crazy dogfighting and everything while flying a bright pink F-22 with an anime girl on the wing and fluoro pink smoke on all your missiles.

    • AC6 was so good. I actually fell in love with it from the trailer, which wasn’t entirely representative of what I got, but I loved both so I enjoy both.

      • Only thing that worries me is that AC7 is being advertised as a Playstation VR exclusive.

        Although that could also be fucking rad since VR works so well for air combat games.

      • Oh that reminds me, terrible admission time. I used to love the fact that AC6 let you set your own custom soundtracks up. Well, sort of at least. It was possible to play your own music on the 360 and mute the AC6 music.

        You haven’t truly lived until you’ve played AC6 with pieces from the Top Gun and Iron Eagle soundtracks. Or even better, Macross 7 stuff.

  • Has anyone heard of Amigacammy? She would be about thirty these days, lived at Alice Springs, couples as cammy, and is an Amiga coder.

  • Well that’s another game done.
    Finished off submerged which is a lovely little Aussie game. Think I might boat about for a bit, see if I can find the last of the collectibles and use the postcard feature to get some screenshots of that sweet post apocalyptic urban decay.

  • Well this week is a bit poo and full on at work already. Ah well.

    Still I’ve managed to spoof a streetpass home relay using tricks from the web so there’s that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And holidays soon…

        • Interesting.

          I agree with Neg: it does look darker than the green I remember from the game, possibly because of the yellow trim in the actual character model’s jacket.

        • Seems to be a mixed bag -

          I for one remember it being lighter as well; kind of yellow-green mix.

          • Would have looked different on my old CRT telly at the time.
            It will always be a bit different when printed too.

    • Change the email address tied to your account and it’ll reset your post count. That’s how I (accidentally) looked like less of a Kotaku obsessed shut-in.

  • It’s been a long, long time since I’ve been tempted to play the hot new thing in video games. The closest I’ve come to succumbing to the hype train is Legacy of the Void. Except that game didn’t have a hype train. It was a cruise liner of inevitability. We all knew it was coming and then it just kind of arrived. People who used to care cared enough to play and it was rad enough to get strong word of mouth.

    Still haven’t bought it but that’ll change soon enough.

    Board gaming… well, I succumb to hype in board gaming all the damned time. Right now there are two games that are considered the hot new thing. Codenames and The Gallerist.

    I bought Codenames specifically to play at PAX. It was a fantastic decision and well worth it. It’s one of those simple games that you have to wonder how nobody thought of it until now. It just works. Great game and well deserving of the current hype (even if the hype is bolstered by hobbyists worshiping at the altar of Vlaada).

    The Gallerist is a little different. It’s a very heavy worker placement game about art galleries. The mechanics are so deep into my wheelhouse that they should pay me rent. It’s exactly the sort of game I’d love to sit down for an afternoon and puzzle out with a bunch of friends. The problem? I don’t have access to The Gallerist or a bunch of like-minded friends to play it with.

    There’s a popular board game meet up on Saturday. It’s probably my one chance to play The Gallerist while everyone is still raving about it. That’s fine. I’ll probably miss that chance. I often miss those sorts of chances.

    Video games have taught me something very important about the hype train: you can miss it. A good game is still good even if other people have moved on to other, shinier things.

    • I bought Dead of Winter off the back of the hypetrain. Good choice, it’s neat. I also grabbed Spyfall based off of SU&SD and other hypers, and it didn’t set my table on fire but I’ll try it again with different peeps.

      • I’ve mostly enjoyed Spyfall. I also have exactly zero intentions of buying it. It’s a good game that works if people want to make it work. If I’m in a crowd with the people that are going to make it work, they’re going to have a copy. It’s that sort of game.

        • With my friends, I’m largely (at the moment) the conduit for new games. Well, paerhaps that’s not right. I have the most diverse collection, so I focus a bit more on filling niches.

          • Around here, I just butt into already established groups. I can focus entirely on picking up what I want to pick up. It’s pretty nice no longer being host. I do miss hosting though because I still picked up what I wanted to pick up and had the justification of “oh, I can totally trick everyone into playing this with me”.

    • A good game is still good even if other people have moved on to other, shinier things.

      Yes and no. Fallout 4 is going to be amazing (so I’ve heard) regardless of when you pick it up. Battlefront is going to be alot less fun once the servers are dead.

      • My logic is that a multiplayer focused game will have a community that sticks around. It’s a different definition of good.

        • I think there’s something to be said for that early boom. The massive player base means it’ll be alot easier to find less popular game modes, or those massive 30v30-type battles.

  • Whelp, just got my ticket for PAX next year. Bit annoying that they’re selling them so close to Christmas. I guess the idea is that people will buy them as gifts, but still.

  • Well, caved and bought Fo4. Figure I’d want to play it in the next few months.
    Here’s hoping Bethesda get a bit more of a move on with patches, sounds like their one and only so far was not much.

    • I’ve honestly not really come across an issue with glitches. The game may bug out occasionally, but not in any kind of critical game-destroying way. By default your game will quicksave every ten minutes or so when you perform an action such as triggering a loading screen or opening your pip boy, so I think there’s only been one time very early on where I actually lost any meaningful amount of progress, because I was walking across a big open area, not entering any buildings, and didn’t have any particular reason to check my inventory.

      • Cool cool. I’m extra wary since NV where I couldn’t even progress past the special part in char creation without a ctd.

    • On PC? I haven’t had a single issue honestly. It’s crashed twice, but I think that might’ve been due to my old graphics card. It’s the first Fallout game i’ve had from actual launch & it’s been smooth as butter for me \o/

      • Nice. I just assumed since it was an open world Bethesda game it was a mild mess on launch.
        Good to hear otherwise.

        • Yeah no real issues honestly. I’ve had more issues in New Vegas & to an extent Fallout 3 (though it shouldn’t really run on Win 10, but it does for me lol) than 4 has given me.

  • So… as someone who is mildly interested in RPGs, would it be worth it to get Xenoblade on the Wii U?

  • A little while ago, I tried to convince people to play Agricola with me via It went poorly.

    Let’s try again!

    Just a few changes to try and make things smoother:

    1) We play on Boite a Jeux. The UI is actually functional.

    2) Anyone opting to play has to have tried to learn the rules beforehand. I don’t care if it’s a Youtube tutorial or you’ve read the manual (available on many places, including Boite a Jeux). This goes for me as well because I clearly did not understand the rules as well as I thought I did. I’ll try my best to guide people through but this game has a lot going on.

    Any volunteers/victims? Once we get an idea of who’s in, we’ll worry about when.

    @cj @redartifice @beawwb @freezespreston @alexwalker

  • Just in case anyone was holding out hope because that FF7 remake footage seemed to show an ATB user interface, Kitase says:

    “Rather than a command-based battle ensuing when you encounter an enemy, weโ€™re aiming for a seamless active battle, as you can see in the trailer.”

    And Nomura says:

    “Regarding the battle speed and tempo, for the sake of a stress-free battle, we want to do something on the level of Dissidia Final Fantasy. As far as the degree of action goes, itโ€™s Dissidia Final Fantasy, then Kingdom Hearts, then Final Fantasy VII Remake. There wonโ€™t be any actions that require a technique. By using the new system, we want to do action battles while also being able to fight while thinking strategically”

    So it’s an action game with shitty menu commands that requires no real user input to play. Initial suggestions that it’s a reskin of FFXV sound accurate. ๐Ÿ™

    Also “Dissidia” and “stress-free battle” sound diametrically opposed to me.

      • I feel like you’re the actual target audience. They’re just assuming all the FF7 tragics will buy it anyway no matter how much they fuck it.

        They’re probably right.

        I just hope they offer dual audio or at least that the dub they showed so far was placeholder because it was pretty dire.

        • Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought the dub was poor. I’m usually very forgiving with dubs but that tested even my patience.

          • It was atrocious. Barrett sounds like they pulled in a homeless bum from out the back of the studio and were like “this guy sounds black enough, he’ll do” and Wedge and Jessie sound like they’re straight out of a bad mid-90s anime. Cloud sounded passable at least I guess, but he has like one line.

    • And this is exactly how the video they showed yesterday played like; I was actually thinking it looked a lot like that FF fighting game with the weird name. Makes sense; I knew I was never going to like another FF again after 12-13. First Dragon Age now FF; all my favourite RPG’s are being laid to rest :'(.

      *Creates a shrine to Witcher 3*

  • We are having secret santa at work and i got one of the engineers, these are the things i know about this particular engineer
    1) he is a engineer
    2) he eats smelly food

    Thats about it.
    This is gonna be a fun shopping experience.

  • One of my regular board gaming group brought along Mysterium and Sheriff on the weekend, thoroughly enjoyed both. Mysterium is really good at showing you how different your brain works to other peoples’.

      • Yep, that’s the one. We house ruled that you weren’t required to declare the same number of cards that you actually played. I smuggled so much contraband in our first game (which I lost anyway, despite getting a wagon full of mead through in one round) that, in our second game, everyone wanted to inspect me, but I ended up winning trading only in legit goods.

        • I need to play it again. played it with @trjn at PAX and it took us a bit to warm up to the bluffing in it

          • It’s definitely a game that’d be better once a metagame develops. Blindly trying to work out the logic of if someone would or wouldn’t bluff is pretty rough. Establishing and subverting a pattern of behaviour though? That seems like fun.

          • I think you’d also get better at playing the Sheriff.

            There’s a great story I read somewhere (might have been Reddit) where someone talks about playing it with his parents and his normally meek and submissive mother becomes an incredible Sheriff, like flicking a switch, and the commenter has this sudden vision of what his life may have been like if his mother had been that assertive all the time. Which is just a fascinating board game thing.


    Sleeper Simulant quest is active. I don’t know if it’ll vanish again at reset. @os42 was his usual kind and helpful self and assisted me with knocking off The First Firewall mission for all my chars last night.

    As it’s reset night I’ll be on very early by my standards (hopefully by 6:30 AEST), so if @ash or @liondrive or any other people I play with who may not have got this silly gun yet are up for it, I’ll be helping a few folks out grabbing the first item in case the mission disappears at reset time. Sorry about the tyranny of timezones, liondrive…

    And then… NIGHTFALL. Or maybe RAID. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • PSA: wait until the update is active before doing nightfalls – rumour has it the “new” exotics are getting added to the loot tables at the same time. Should be easy enough to see when they’re added by looking at the exotic kiosks. Having said that, it’s kinda moot – my experience over the past few weeks is that everyone’s going to get a <300 ghost or 10+ 3oC regardless of which exotics are supposedly in the loot tables. ๐Ÿ˜›

      • From Bungie’s Twitter: “The December Update does not arrive as part of the Weekly Reset. We’ll deploy it tomorrow morning (Pacific Time) when the time is right.” So, guessing it’ll be around 3am Wednesday as per usual.

      • OK cool – well maybe will do some noodling about with some dailies and I need 4 Heroic Strikes on my Titan. And noodling about in normal King’s Fall for learnings.

        And Nightfall on Thursday (out tomorrow).

    • I’m pretty much over Destiny at this point. Haven’t played in a couple of months, and no real desire to go back at the moment.
      Perhaps that will change as they announce new content. *shrugs*

  • So I read something rather interesting last night. I got an adventure module for Shadow of the Demon Lord which is a rather grim, low fantasy RPG (kinda Brothers Grimm level of scary monsters). The adventure module was all focused around a particular magical item, the Dick-Ribbon of Manhood. The rest is spoilered for those who don’t want to read more.

    Were one to acquire the Dick-Ribbon as a male, you would be compelled to place the Dick-Ribbon upon your genitalia and shun all other clothing. The magical item also granted a bunch of special abilities with such delightful names as Virile Strike and the Manhood Slam. One of the abilities though was named Revenge of the Manhood which stated that, upon the wielder’s death, the Dick-Ribbon of Manhood would become sentient, detach with junk in tow, and run off to the Nether Realms of Magic to celebrate its new-found sentience.

    It was an interesting adventure to say the least, especially when the last few were very, very dark and gloomy.

  • I had Taco’s for dinner last night (hard shells) and it got me thinking…

    Is there a right or wrong way to fill a hard taco shell?

    Me personally, I put meat/sauce/cheese at the bottom and then salady things on top.

  • I think a funnel web has moved into one of my old climbing shoes.

    Never actually seen one before. But it seems to have a kind of tunnel-like web in it, with a little guy hiding at the end.

    • Fine an incinerator and chuck your shoes in. Afterwards burn your house down cos that’s the only way you’ll know for sure…… I might have a spider related phobia.

      • If the Death Star was in orbit around our planet and broadcast a message saying “because funnel webs” I reckon we’d all go “yeah, fair enough”.

      • We had 5 golden orb spiders in the back yard a few weeks ago, I made the exact same suggestion to my wife and she said no ๐Ÿ™

        • Think I saw the first orb weaver of the season the other day when taking out the bins. They like to string themselves up across from the garage to the fence, exactly where I need to go through. Usually they keep things up high enough to not be a problem, but sometimes they need relocation.

          Last year there were a couple that performed the mammoth task of stringing up their web across from one side of the driveway to the other, between the trees either side of it. That was damn impressive.

          • Despite my fear of spiders i must say the fact the females can essentially crap out golden string is pretty damn cool.

            They all need relocation imo, the 5 we had were moved to a nearby bush land but we know there is still at least 1 still in our yard and as many as 3.

        • Try and catch the spider in a jar. Then chuck the jar into an incinerator…. wait I think I made a similar suggestion =P

    • Take the boot outside very carefully. go back inside and grab some matches, grab a can of petrol (the more the better) and then pour the petrol into the boot and set it on fire.

  • Righto folks I’m getting in super early on my planning for PAX next year.

    Currently I’m looking at grabbing a 3-5 person place on AirBnB there are several going right near the convention centre and filling it up with whoever wants in.

    Any interest in this please reply.

  • \o/ my custom printed Christmas cards arrived along with my calendar for next year, they look awesome. Vista Print so such awesome work.

    Also a cute girl whom I was serving at work today commented on my piercing saying how cool it was, that’s like the first time in the 7 or 8 years i’ve had it, someone has complimented me for it. I thought that was cool ๐Ÿ˜›

      • It’s through the top of my ear, it’s an industrial piercing lol. About the only piercing I ever wanted. I’ve been thinking about getting one in my other ear because I can lol.

  • So Rainbow Six was giving me the shits last night. I think in my sleep deprived state I just wasn’t respecting the game enough and trying to go in standard FPS style and kept dying. Gotta learn to be more of a sneaky bastard it seems.

    Was also meant to play with @gammah last night but between uplay being a giant pain in the bum, and mates jumping into the lobby I was in left and right we ran out of room. Sorry mate! Might have to try it sometime tonight or even next week!

    • I completely forgot that Siege would end up using Uplay… Note to self don’t get that game on PC.

      • Uplay now just integrates into steam so you no longer have to launch the game from steam, THEN have it launch uplay, THEN click into the game like with Fallout 4. Instead it just goes straight into the game and uplay sits in the background. They’re just having a few niggles with server issues atm I think. Seems to be getting better though ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yeah you can’t run and gun in this game, granted I did do a full team wipe with thermites shotgun because I was sick of getting/seeing people tea bag, that shotgun is beastly!

  • Yes or No: would you be interested in a game that allows you to pilot a real drone on the moon in competition/cooperation with other players piloting their own drones on the moon?

  • I’ve got a very specific idea in mind for a personal logo. I don’t need one but it’d be rad to have and I could use it for that blog I keep meaning to start.

    Here’s the problem: I have no artistic talent and the friends that I have that do are people that I would like to pay for it. I also don’t want to spend money.

    Fun times!

  • Oops, knocked over a gigantic pile of mail that’s been slowly growing and growing.

    But then I found a $50 note amongst it all. Hooray!

  • Making oats in my rice cooker.

    This can only end one of three ways. Deliciousness, Disaster, or House Fire.

  • The fuck is wrong with me I’m googling serious build stuff for a PAX costume and it’s 11 months away

  • Righto folks listen up.

    I’m looking for at least 6 but up to 8 people to join me in splitting accommodation for PAX 2016.
    I have a place lined up now, its not the penthouse cause some fucking nerds beat me to that,

    With 6 people its $240 for 4 nights rounding up
    If we get 8 this price gets closer to $208 but there is an additional fee of $30 per night for each extra person, Which the owner has said I can pay in cash if I book for 6 now.

    Its located on the other side of crown casino and its 14min walk from PAX.
    I’ve already been pre approved to book this I just need some feedback. I need at least 4 more people

    So far I have myself and @blaghman

    @35 @alexpants @anonymous_pessimist @batgirl @batguy @cakesmith @cffndncr @cj @cookingmama @dkzeitgeist @doc_what @effluvium-boy @fatshadylive @gingerchris86 @gorzilla @harli @hugo_the_hungarian_barbarian @mawt @morkai @markserrels @mrtaco @novacascade @powalen @pupp3tmast3r @ruffleberg @shiggyninty @beardymcmuttonchops @beeawwb @cufcfan616 @dc @freezespreston @gutsoup @janexo @jimu @lambomann007 @popdart5 @sernobulus @strange @sughly @transientmind @welbot @virus__ @bdkiaf @blaghman @rize @shane @fled @grandmasterb-funk @hindenlagen @liondrive @phlanispo @phoenix @platinum-urchin @thecracks @ash @banderdash @benny @jacksonwryan @jocon @lucifer9783 @redartifice @wilbur @f4ction

    I’ve just tagged from Taytags IDK how out of date it is. IF you’re not tagged but are interested you’re more then welcome.

    This is for 4 nights from the 3rd November leaving on the 7th

    • That was the understanding. A,bunch of minor free content and cosmetic microtransactions.
      If it starts being paid minor content, then I’ll grab a pitchfork.

      • Nothing in that article from Bungie states they are charging for the events; if anything they’ve hinted at the opposite? But that title – “Destiny’s future isn’t in paid expansions but in microtransaction-based events, Bungie says” so misleading.

        • They’ve said previously that the microtransactions are being used to fund the live team (ie, the team doing live events like the Halloween thing and Sparrow Racing). Personally, it sounds interesting, but it also implies there’s going to be no progression once you hit 320 light, until September 2016. Plus, bugger all story content until then, too. Which means it’s going to go back to being a one-or-two nights a week game to collect all the yellow things while dreaming of what might have been. *sigh*

          • Yeah I just skipped that withdrawal stage in my Destiny problem a year ago and jumped into other games =P

            *goes back to Fallout 4 and Witcher 3*

          • Yea, before TTK came out, I was happy just hopping on for Nightfalls and the odd bit of patrolling with friends. Last couple of weeks has been mostly the same – on for one or two nights for raids/nightfalls, and the rest of the week in Fallout.

    • The Kotaku article on the same had an even more worrying implication. ‘Destiny 2’ is a code-name for a mere expansion, coming out ‘next fall’.

      No new engine, overcoming that glaring dev-tool flaws that have hamstrung their ability to generate content on any reasonable time-frame. No UI/design improvements for glaring flaws which were laid squarely at the feet of catering to ancient last-gen tech.

      And I still haven’t seen anything to convince me that anyone left at Bungie knows what a good story is, let alone how to craft one.

      • They would not have had time to build a whole new engine and game on it.
        At best I’d hope they leave the writing to actual writers this time and ditch last gen support.
        With anything Destiny it’s best to take your salt and wait and see.

      • I still want to read a couple other sources on that – it could be misinformation due to poor phrasing. Honestly, if D2 turns out to be an expansion, I’ll … um… ah… probably still play the hell out of it. But I’d much rather they fix the problems with their tools/engine, ,redevelop it if necessary, take the time (and, hell, hold D2 back until 2018 if necessary) so they can actually make content on a regular basis.

        • It’s fucking Bungie. They did some of my favourite games of all time. Abuse, Oni, Myth, and the utterly legendary Halo series. They’ve done little else but spin straw into fucking gold. I shouldn’t have any reservations whatsoever about what they produce.

          But here we are. The way things are, I’m not buying Destiny 2. What the fuck happened?

          • I keep thinking it’s because a lot of the Destiny team aren’t the same people who worked on Halo and earlier titles. Thing is, I thought this was because they got scooped up by 343i to work on Halo 4-6… but Halo’s turned to crap, too. I wholeheartedly echo your sentiment: what the f%&@ happened?


    Spent ages in the loading screen while they’d already started the match, luckily they didn’t get too far ahead.

    Think I won a paint job or something for winning the match. Woo!

  • Damn youths these days, woke up and went to leave for work and the drivers side of the car is covered with egg and shell, they even got some of the shell stuck behind the side view mirror

      • The collateral damage is a concern, though.
        In my day (ie: when things were better), we saved our muck-up day ire for the deserving.
        …Y’know, the long-suffering teachers who’d already had to put up with all our juvenile bullshit for the last five years, nearly every day.

        • I never understood the idea of pranks. My school had a big crackdown on anything after there’d been a bunch of unpleasant incidents in previous years involving pig parts and vandalism. We had a couple of dress up days and that was it. My favourite was the uniform cross dress day. For a lot of the girls it just meant switching what colour pants, but it was *very* entertaining when the boys realised that it’s actually really hard to sit on a chemistry lab stool when you’re wearing a skirt.

  • Sorry to bother, but lately when I’ve been thinking about my bookmarks, I kept hearing a little voice in my head saying “No one cares”.
    Now I’m worried that I’m annoying people. Please let me know if you’re sick of seeing bookmark stuff, but I also rely heavily on the feedback I get from everyone here

    • Not me personally. It’s so far mostly for a bunch of games I’ve never played, but I like the style.

    • I’m not really interested myself but I don’t mind the posting about it.
      That’s what this place is for: talking about stuff!

        • So much spam! It’s unacceptable! Where’s your apology! =P

          Jokes aside are you planning on doing any bookmarks for the persona summons themselves? A thanos one would look awesome 0.0

          Edit: Also weren’t you looking into wall scrolls and other canvases for your artwork a while back?

    • If not posting stuff that no one cares about in here was a thing, you’d never hear from me. ๐Ÿ˜›

      EDIT: Which isn’t to say no one cares about your bookmarks mind you.

        • Confidence is a huge scam. It’s more about tricking people into thinking you have it than actually having it.

          • Trick enough people and you’ll eventually trick yourself. Then it’s indistinguishable from the ‘real thing’. Or possibly IS the only version of the real thing that exists.

          • I legit trick myself into thinking i am super handsome. I said it enough that now i look in the mirror and legit think im hot.

          • Amy Cuddy did a pretty good TED talk on this. Her view is rather than “fake it til you make it”, “fake it til you become it”. There’s some science behind it too. Sitting or standing in a power pose for a few minutes (like, in private before a meeting or presentation) makes you feel more powerful just from being in that pose, and that reinforces confidence.

          • I think there must’ve been some sort of popular magazine article or E! News piece or something pop-media about it because I was just standing in the elevator a while back and one of the coworkers was just looking me up and down and said, “Did you realize that you always stand in power poses?” and some of the others were noting, “Hey yeah… that’s true.”

            I was like, “Uh. This is just how I stand…” but they were amused and ironically questioning my authority and it was all very awkward and I wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that. They seemed to think they’d seen behind the curtain.

          • Oh, these things make the rounds. I only looked into it recently because I was on a committee for an internal training/development day we had a couple of months back and we were looking for presentations and activities.

    • I might not provide feedback but I do look at them when they’re posted. Would never stop the creative endeavours of TAYbies, we’re all here to support each-other!

    • I’m in the same boat as @transientmind. Love the style, but don’t recognize anything.

      If you make a Gordon Freeman one, I will be all over that.

        • cffndncr doesn’t need to hear all this, he’s a highly trained professional! We’ve informed Administration that nothing will go wrong.

        • I was thinking a silhouette of the HEV suit holding a crowbar, orange background, with an orange lamba on the chest. I would buy the shit out of that.

    • Not my thing personally, but post about what you want Scree. There’s an audience for everything here on TAY. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Scree, i talk primarily about electronics stuff that nobody cares about but i do it anyway because its my jam and “I” like talking about it. Don’t feel bad for being passionate about a topic.

      • I’m not worried about being passionate, it’s more about telling the voice in my head that it’s wrong. Does that make sense?

        Also, gonna use Adafruit for Techie’s electrical stuff in his cosplay.

        • adafruit are awesome. as a side note
          i saw some people use EL wire at super nova and its not super bright, so maybe consider some LED strips instead.

          • Thanks Rocketman for the heads up! Will LED strips be thin enough for the lights to be (I think it was) 3-4mm thin?

          • Yeah I know. The EL panels were for the suit. The LED strips are going to be for the backpack and gun. It’ll be too difficult to diffuse the led strips on the clothing

          • i was thinking about this could you use like a overhead transparency like teachers used to use. Sand them a little and use that as a diffuser

          • The problem with that is that you need distance to create the glow. Otherwise you can still see the strips.

    • I haven’t been on here much so I haven’t seen too much about them, but I really like the ones you gave me at pax ๐Ÿ™‚ I use them all the time.

      • I’m glad you like them. I’ve been doing a series of series. So, LOZ, Persona, JSRF, katamari damarcy and pokemon.

        • I gave some of the Link ones (kept most for myself) to people who appreciated them. They were popular.

    • I like seeing your bookmarks
      Tiglet is still liking the ones you gave her so for that alone you can post as many bookmark links as you like.

      Although maybe with the announcement of psychonauts 2 you could do a range of psychonaut ones

    • I haven’t been following but I love your designs. Have you actually started selling any of them yet? I know you gave some to Shane for one of his con appearances, but there’s some I’d happily buy if you were actually taking orders.

        • Hm. I know it’s legally fine for us to reimburse you for the materials because we’re friends, but I wonder about the legalities of selling fan-art of trademarked characters and images… Given how long DA/etsy’ve been around and tempting people to do exactly that, surely there would be some reliable sources somewhere.

    • OK, sure. So you want suggestions… I sat down for lunch and thought about
      Like, non-Nintendo stuff I would totally dig and buy as gifts in the emerging screestyle. Could also consider like… I dunno, stickers/decals, badges, patches, t-shirt designs, I dunno. ART YEAH!

      PORTAL! Iconic silhouettes/two-tones for companion cube, turret, Aperture logo, training-video stick-figure+Portals, Portal-gun, GLaDOS.

      World of Warcraft : Not much springs to mind, though… Iconography. Horde/Alliance symbols. The Dark Portal silhouette. Murlocs.

      Witcher: Witcher medallions. Stylized Geralt silhouettes. (Cat’s eyes and white hair – great for stark contrast. Or, two swords on a man’s back.)

      Hitman: Agency logo/Silverballers/Hitman suit+tie silhouette (eg: bookmark = slice of Tie + lapels + Agency pin).

      Plants vs Zombies: SEEMS like it could lend itself, but not in a straight silhouette, I think. Maybe patterned backgrounds? It’s goofy enough for polka-dot.

      Fallout: Pipboy character in various poses. Power Armor? Not much iconography to work with here.

      Dark Souls: Stylized sword bonfire. Knight sitting by bonfire. Solaire’s tabard/stylized silhouette. Shared ‘message’ text on the ground.

      Final Fantasy 7: Blocky polygon characters could actually work really well in silhouette. Buster sword. FF7 Comet/Meteor logo.

      Star Wars: Oh god, pick a character/icon any character/icon… Lightsaber, R2-D2 patterning, Death Star, Vader mask, X-Wing/TIE-Fighter, Empire/Rebel logos, Stormtrooper/clonetrooper helmets, the list goes on…

      Halo: Master Chief’s visor. Cortana’s future-SD card. Energy Sword. Assault Rifle. Warthog. Elites, grunts, jackals.

      Assassin’s Creed: Assassin logo. Wrist-blades. Assassin hood. Hooded figure perched on a building.

      Sam ‘n’ Max: Sam. Max. Different poses. Nuff said – their silhouettes are so recognizable, their character designs already stylized.

      Tetris: Blocks! So many blocks. Also, the Kremlin.

      • Not that I would buy them ALL, because a handful of each of those titles would probably end up being a few hundred bucks, but y’know, if you’re after inspiration for somewhere to start with something different…

  • So. I backed For the King a while ago.

    now it’s asking me to name a wraith that’ll appear in game as a random encounter enemy.
    & I have no idea what to call it.

    What should I call my ghostly bastard?
    Have you ever had to name an NPC in a game before coz of kickstarter etc?

  • I was gonna ask a question of “whats your favourite christmas movie?”
    however i have been on this forum long enough to know that @trjn will say “die hard” then we will all say how amazing die hard is.

    So what is your fave christmas movie that isnt die hard???

  • Not very long until the next anime season starts. So what looks interesting?

    Here’s a chart:

    Stuff I’m definitely interested in:

    Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation
    because it’s the closest we’ll ever get to the game, fuck you Sega

    Durarara x2 Ketsu
    Final of the three DRRR x2 cours. Still a great show though it feels like it lost some steam toward the end of the second cour

    Fairy Tail Zero
    I’m still confused whether this is a new arc in the main Fairy Tail series, or a spinoff show. Either way, Fairy Tail’s one of my regular watches every week so absolutely watching this

    Myriad Colors Phantom World
    Blindly watching anything Kyoto Animation produces has never disappointed. Adapted from a light novel published under KyoAni’s own imprint.

    Gate S2
    Second season of Gate, which was a show that was clearly not originally intended to have a gap between its cours. First half just stopped abruptly right when it started to get moving again.

    Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R
    I hate this and everything it represents. Reboot of the Komugi-chan OVA series, which was in turn a spinoff from The Soultaker. Tatsunoko obviously has a deal with some random idol chick and Halko Momoi has largely dropped off the map so they’re just ditching the old cast and rebooting. But at the same time, it’s vintage Akio Watanabe character art and stuff and if the core of the series is still there, then I will be to. Impossible to replace Momoi though. Her voice was saccharine enough to give you diabetes

    Prequel to Muv-Luv Alternative and looking far better than Total Eclipse, the last MLA spinoff we got animated. Carnelian character designs and her stuff is always pretty special, plus it was pretty well-received. Should be a lot darker than Total Eclipse too, more in line with the opening few episodes of that rather than the rest of it

    Akagami no Shirayukihime S2
    First season was entertaining if conventional fantasy shoujo with a strong, likeable cast. Would prefer more of one of the others like it – especially more of Akatsuki no Yona – but will happily watch this

    What I said about Kyoto Animation also applies to PA Works. Their style really clicks for me. Despite what it looks like, this is adapted from a novel from a highly-regarded Mystery writer, and the last time PA Works did a mystery we got Another, which was brilliant. Expecting something a bit less dark in tone than that one though

    Stuff I’m tentatively interested in (will give a try):
    Boku Dake ga Inai Machi
    The setup for this sounds intriguing but the manga was only a middling success

    Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o
    Standard-looking dime-a-dozen Light Novel adaption but the art is appealing and the setup could work

    Sounds interesting but it’s a 3DCG series by the Knights of Sidonia studio that’s basically a TV series re-edit of a series of three films so… eh

    Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm
    Adapted from a galge by the developer of Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, which was okay. I like the character art but I doubt it’ll transfer well to anime. Also their previous anime adaption was heavily censored for no reason. The show was utterly tame, but Mr Light Bar had to make sure that any hint of underwear or similar was restricted to the glorious Bluray Master Race. Ruined the TV broadcast.

    Hai to Gensou no Grimgar
    initially sounds very skippable – another Sword Art Online cash-in – but the director’s previous credits include the criminally under-appreciated Box of Goblins so I’m curious

    Apparently adapted from a novel by a Chinese author? Seems unremarkable but might be worth a look

    Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut
    Actually the second time Rage of Bahamut has gotten an anime adaption. The one from… last year, I think? … was very odd. This looks much more conventional and grounded in the game. Might be okay)

    Bungou Stray Dogs
    The concept amuses me greatly. Basically a bunch of real-life authors are in it as characters with superpowers that go around solving mysteries. A bunch of the authors that have appeared in it are famous Japanese writers, but apparently both Agatha Christie and Dan Brown are in it. The concept is so completely anime.

    Fairly sure there’s some stuff from the current season that will continue straight into a second cour next season. Utawarerumono, Gundam, Heavy Object will all continue, and I think that Kindaichi Case Files R S2 should be a two cour as well (season 1 was).

    • Gate S2 is my frontrunner for the next season. Still kinda annoyed that they split it up but money is money.

      I’ve always wanted to try and get into Fairy Tail but I’m treating it like One Piece or Naruto at the moment. There’s simply far too many episodes for me to even begin watching it, let alone catching up however many episodes there are.

      • Unlike Naruto, Fairy Tail doesn’t have a lot of skippable filler. Maybe 30 episodes out of the 265 or so so far are filler and the filler is pretty awful so good to skip, but you don’t really hit it until 100+ eps in and there’s only one protracted run of it.

        I do recommend it though. It’s great fun. Just give it some time. The first 5-10 episodes are ropey, it takes some time to hit its stride.

        It’s still very much possible to pick it up and catch up. It’s not like One Piece or Naruto which have episode counts above 600.

        • At least with Naruto there’s a point you can just stop and skip straight to shippuden and not miss out on any story.

          • when i watched all of naruto i was always paranoid that there was gonna be a episode that was important to character development when i skipped it. i needn’t be worried though, no character development was to be had.

          • Yeah that’s a good half-day or so of your life that you’re never getting back.

            Shippuuden has way too much filler too. Every 3-4 episodes there’s a run of filler. Ain’t noone got time fo dat. So when I bother to watch that I grab a guide that tells me which episodes are relevant to the story and skip the rest.

    • Ah, speaking of.
      How many episodes are there in Fairy Tales’s actual first season?
      I downloaded a batch ages ago that I’m working through but it lists the episode numbers differently from horrible subs and I can’t figure out where I’m up to on HS’s numbering.
      I have up to the end if the Edolas arc.

          • If you’re at ep 94 in season 1 you should be getting toward the end of the Edolas arc I think? I really enjoyed that arc.

    • I’m assuming Fairy Tail Zero is an anime adaptation of the Zero manga spinoff series. Didn’t know that was still a thing so…interesting. I think it has some relevance to the main story in any case. Never really read far into it. Too many Fairy Tail spinoffs.

      • Yeah, that’s what it is. But the question remains: is it going to run concurrently with Fairy Tail or is it just that Fairy Tail’s next story arc after they wrap up (or as they wrap up) the Tartarus arc will be Zero? The main anime has nearly caught up to the manga (it’s only about 30 chapters behind) so cutting over to Zero might be a way to avoid having to do another filler arc.

  • So I grabbed Steamworld Dig on my 3DS last week, I’ve put about 5-6 hours into it so far… but what am I supposed to be doing? I’ve got a teleporter about 400m down, I’m zipping down there, digging new tunnels, avoiding dying, zipping back to the surface, selling junk, buying upgrades, zipping back down, repeat ad nauseum… Is there more to it?

      • ….. Ok you might be pissed off at this news then. The PC physical disc of Fallout 4 only contains a part of the game. The remainder will need to be downloaded from Steam during installation.

        • Oh I expected that. Been the case for pc games for ages.
          I’d rather they just emailed me a download code but I spose I should be lucky they even still sell pc games.
          No biggie, I’ll not be playing it for a bit anyway. Still finishing off Witcher 3 and then I’ll give Endless Legend a crack.

    • What a humble guy to not come out and say “hey I developed something unfathomable a few years ago and is now worth billions”.
      What a dick guy for tax evasion.

  • Welp, current strategy for all KF Challenge modes have been finalised:

    Wait for an hour or two after reset, by which time reddit will have brute-forced the requirements, found the easiest way to do it (if not the fastest), and posted video guides on Youtube. I *really* wish I was joking…

    Bungie last week: “Sorry to those who use the single-orb strat for Golgoroth.”

    Reddit this week, two hours after reset: “Here’s how to do Golgoroth Challenge mode using the single-orb strat” *sigh*

      • By current standards, modern gaming requires an internet connection, so mystery has no place in modern gaming? Stop the boat, I want to get off. D’:

    • Part of why I’m finding it hard to care about Destiny anymore, especially with no new story coming out in year 2. MMO/multiplayer just isn’t my jam anymore.

  • Well, I went out to get a game to play with the social group I’m in, and ended up getting Xenoblade on the Wii U along with Mario Power Tennis.

    I really loved that series way too much, it was just hot guys swimming but it was soo god damn compelling and ridiculously pretty.

    • I like how your opening statement reads like a bad endorsement of piracy.

      Maybe some sort of joke about our internet speed in Australia? Dunno.

        • puts on fanboy hat

          It’s their only song that hasn’t had any official release, although ‘Awadama Fever’ has only been released via their ‘Legend 2015’ live DVD/BR.

          Their live shows are worth checking out, but can be hard to find in Australia, as only the ‘Live at Budokan’ shows have been officially released here (it’s on iTunes). Even their studio album hasn’t had an official release. If you can track them down, ‘Legend 2015’ and ‘Live in London’ are well worth checking out. The YouTube video for ‘Road of Resistance’ is from the ‘Legend 2015’ show.

          Of course, you could just watch it here:

      • Has similar tones… Miiiiiiight have something to do with that it was co-written with Dragonforce ๐Ÿ˜›

          • Wait, you haven’t heard of Dream Theatre? Like them or not, I figured everyone has heard of them by now…

          • I only really started paying proper attention to music in the last few years so I’m not good at names ๐Ÿ˜›
            I’ve probably heard some of their stuff without knowing who they were

          • In that case, would you like some more recommendations? I have a slightly above average knowledge of metal bands!

          • @cakesmith
            At first as i was like
            Then i was like
            Then i was
            Then i was
            !..! -_- !..!


            I’m always in the market to expand my playlist so any recommendation is welcome!

          • Dream Theater are all kinds of rad if you like prog. Haven’t personally listened to them much since the early 2000s or so when they had some disappointing releases and I largely moved toward listening to more Symphonic Metal stuff.

          • I’ve only really heard of them the once from one particular friend, don’t think I’ve really come across them since apart from that one song in… GHWT I think?

            Which I probably wouldn’t have noticed if said friend had never mentioned them ๐Ÿ˜›

          • That particular friends sounds awesome!

            To be fair through, they have only ever had one #1 song, and that was Pull Me Under all the way back in ’92! They have always been more of a slightly-off-the-public-radar type of metal band, although anyone who gets in to metal or prog is sure to come across them sooner rather than later.

            The way I describe them to my friends goes something like this: You know how sometimes you say ‘imagine a band with the amazing guitarist from XXX and the fantastic drummer from YYY and the singer from ZZZ, how amazing would that be!!’ – That’s Dream Theater. Arguably the best guitarist in the world, the best drummer, possibly the best bassist, the best keyboardist, and a passable singer.

            That being said, I am a huge Mike Portnoy fan, and haven’t listened to DT since they gave him the boot.

          • @cffndncr I don’t know if Petrucci is the best in the world, but he’s definitely top ten especially when limiting just to artist that are currently active.

          • @negativezero He’s up there. From memory he’s had the most spots on G3 other than Vai and Satriani, which definitely says something

          • @cffndncr: Yeah, but that’s a tour that Satriani organizes himself, not necessarily a best-of-the-best. Petrucci is amazingly good on a technical level but there’s more to guitar than just technical ability.

          • @negativezero Yngwie Malmsteen would beg to differ, because he’s a bit of a dickhead.

            Totally agreed though. Faster โ‰  better.

          • @cffndncr Malmsteen is kind of overrated. He’s good but there’s better out there. Like Petrucci, who doesn’t seem to have an ego the size of a small country.

          • @Cakesmith have you listened to the whole 12-step Suite? So freaking good. I love hearing those riffs pop up all over the place when binge-listening to DT

    • Found the live version… The vocals – 5/10, The music – 9/10, The sounds of audience members’ voices breaking to hit high notes in an altogether far too drawn out bit of audience involvement – priceless. ๐Ÿ˜›

      But, yes, the music is awesome.


    Sorry guys, tied up in a work thing tonight so no session this week.

    cc @tech_knight @blaghman @popdart5

      • Sooo annoyed. Collected all the coins in that, then when back to the start and decided to see what was on the left side before cashing in.
        The left side ended in a black screen I couldn’t escape from and had to close the tab. ๐Ÿ™

        • I had something similar. My internet connection went screwy, which made me fall through the floor, and I got stuck and had to refresh and start again ๐Ÿ™

          • First time I opened it, got stuck in a wall 3 seconds in. Second time I got stuck in a ceiling about 20 seconds in. Third time I was in the sort of mine area, a cell failed to load, and like you I ended up in the floor or something.

  • So even though I’ve had a monstrous headache for most of the day, I got good news in the form of a promotion I applied for. Woo! Climbing that government bureaucracy ladder!

  • Okay Fronds, time for a bit of a Steam/Origin Key give away.
    I’ve collected a bunch of Steam/Origin keys overtime from various bundles that i either already own, or don’t care about…

    Have at it:

    AquaNox 2: Revelation
    Battle vs Chess
    BioShock 2
    Black Mirror
    Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box Origin Key
    Cast of the Seven Godsends
    Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle
    Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 – Uprising Origin Key
    Company of Heroesโ„ข Complete Edition
    Crysis 2 Maximum Edition Origin Key
    Crystals of Time
    Dead Space Origin Key
    Dead Spaceโ„ข 2
    Dragon Ageโ„ข: Origins
    Flower Shop: Summer In Fairbrook
    GemCraft – Chasing Shadows
    Horizon Shift
    Hospital Tycoon
    Krater + Krater – Dr. Cerebro Pack + Soundtrack
    Medal of Honor Origin Key Claimed by @cffndncr
    Mirror’s Edge Origin Key Claimed by @cffndncr
    Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
    Operation Flashpoint: Red River
    Populous Origin Key
    Race the Sun
    Saints Row: The Third Steam Key
    Space Salvager
    Super 3-D Noah’s Ark
    Toxic Bunny HD
    Warhammerยฎ 40,000: Dawn of Warยฎ – Game of the Year Edition
    Warhammerยฎ 40,000: Dawn of War II
    Warhammerยฎ 40,000: Dawn of War II: Retribution
    Why So Evil

    Interested? Shoot me a message on Steam or here with what game you interested in and i will organise to have the key sent to you!
    I want to keep this to be amongst TAYbies because you guys have been very VERY generous to me over time!

    Disclaimer: These are all games i haven’t hit “Redeem” on yet, so i’m making the assumption that it’ll work, if not i apologise!

    EDIT – OH GOD i forgot about Indie Gala… *sigh* more games added to the pile ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Both of them are Origin keys, that OK?
        EDIT – Also add me on Origin, or send me an email at jacob.didriksen at the gmails dot com and i’ll give you the keys ๐Ÿ™‚
        Oh, and Origin ID is Pixel_Ferret88

  • Ugh, my day has been annoying. Aside from work. Work was great (seriously for retail this is probably the most comfortable & enjoyable job i’ve been in).

    But god damn, i’ve been attempting to find a bottle of preferable 99% isopropyl alcohol so I can clean my graphics card & CPU’s heat sinks & reapply new thermal paste, yeah no where around here actually sells it, strongest I can get is 70% whilst still okay, i’d just prefer pure if I can.

    I also managed to slam my finger in the car door causing quite a lot of bruising & numbness to it, it’s okay now, thankfully and it doesn’t really hurt.

    I also found out that international post has gone up again ๐Ÿ™ so kinda can’t really justify $75 in one go to send something to my friend in the UK for her Birthday/Christmas so i’m gonna send them separately and hope that at least her birthday present gets to her before Christmas & the Christmas present gets to her before the New Year.

    I’m also tired as fuck, since I haven’t eaten all day, I just don’t get time, with the shifts I do, I get a 15 minute break and that’s it. Then when I knock off I normally do a bit of grocery shopping, come home, do stuff around the house, then walk Chilli, then come home & start dinner. I love being busy, but it’s kind of a bit much at times o.o

    Kinda glad I have tomorrow off, but tomorrow being Thursday which is plant delivery day for Dad so I help him there with the plants he sells at a local store, haha.

    I also need to figure out what to get for my Secret SanTAY, I have one idea, which i’m pretty sure they’d be happy to get, but I shall see!

    Anyway, how is everyone?

    Edit: I’m also probably tired as all fuck, cause i’ve stopped drinking energy drinks & eating most junk foods & sugary things, I do feel better for it though I must say. Hopefully I can keep this up, I guess that will happen if I continue with work, since working makes me feel better as person.

  • Hey guys and girls, does anyone perhaps know of a good Wii U deal? My wife just got excited when she saw the MK8 + Splatoon deal…but not $400 excited.

  • Went out to hunt down some of those $10 amiibo. A friend in New Zealand was kind enough to just send me one of the Club Nintendo coins since he had a spare and it was just sitting in his drawer, so figured I’d sneak off and try grab a couple he was looking for despite protesting taking any form of payment. Managed to find a Kmart that had a Little Mac and Diddy, both of which he’d mentioned being after. They also had a Ganondorf that actually had a good paint job, as well as a decent Metaknight. Wingman made mention of those, so grabbed them for her. Also couldn’t leave behind the second Mac so grabbed that, looks like another friend would be interested in grabbing him. Turned out a pretty good trip ๐Ÿ˜›

    They also had lots of Robin, Wario, Mega Man, Capt. Falcon, Pit, as well as a whole bunch of others.

    • It’s suprising to see just how much stock of these ‘rare’ amiibos most Australian shops have, especially JB Hi Fi

      • For me it’s been all about the Kmarts. I keep finding ones that just have a huge wall of them, with nearly every single one there. Most JBs seem to have a much smaller selection.

        But yeah, would suck to be somewhere like the US. Woo lucky country!

  • @rocketman @beardymcmuttonchops @beeawwb @cufcfan616 @dc @freezespreston @gutsoup @janexo @jimu @lambomann007 @popdart5 @sernobulus @strange @sughly @transientmind @welbot @virus__

    Anyone have any NYE plans that I can parasite off? Feel like I should do something but organisation sounds like something I don’t want to do.

    • Yay! Now you can start watching Season 2. It has one episode to go and it’s been just as good as season 1.

      • Ohh I just noticed this and couldnt help chiming in. I quite liked season 1, but after 2 eps of season 2 I couldnt bring myself to watch any more. I felt like it was really soulless, wasnt liking it at all ๐Ÿ™

      • Hype mode engage.

        Glad SBS decided to show the entire first season in two huge chunks, probably wouldn’t have caught up otherwise.

  • So my internet download/upload speed is fine, but I’m getting huge pings if more than one person is using the internet at my home. I’ve been told by a friend that I need more bandwidth. I don’t know where to start in regard to getting better bandwidth. I’m currently got iPrimus as an ISP, I think going through Telstra’s hardware. Do I need to change ISP’s? Are there specific plans that Telstra do that offer higher bandwidth?

    Any information or tips would be of great help.

  • Repost from last page because why not?


    Okay Fronds, time for a bit of a Steam/Origin Key give away.
    I’ve collected a bunch of Steam/Origin keys overtime from various bundles that i either already own, or don’t care about…

    Have at it:

    AquaNox 2: Revelation
    Battle vs Chess Tentatively claimed by @transientmind
    BioShock Claimed by @pupp3tmast3r
    BioShock 2 Claimed by @pupp3tmast3r
    Black Mirror
    Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box Origin Key Claimed by @welbot
    Cast of the Seven Godsends
    Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle Tentatively claimed by @transientmind
    Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 – Uprising Origin Key
    Company of Heroesโ„ข Complete Edition
    CrossCode Tentatively claimed by @transientmind
    Crysis 2 Maximum Edition Origin Key
    Crystals of Time
    Dead Space Origin Key
    Dead Spaceโ„ข 2
    Dragon Ageโ„ข: Origins Claimed by @scree
    FarSky Tentatively claimed by @transientmind
    Flower Shop: Summer In Fairbrook Tentatively claimed by @transientmind
    GemCraft – Chasing Shadows
    Horizon Shift
    Hospital Tycoon
    Krater + Krater – Dr. Cerebro Pack + Soundtrack
    Medal of Honor Origin Key Claimed by @cffndncr
    Mirror’s Edge Origin Key Claimed by @cffndncr
    Obludia Tentatively claimed by @transientmind
    Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
    Operation Flashpoint: Red River
    Populous Origin Key
    Race the Sun Tentatively claimed by @transientmind
    Saints Row: The Third Steam Key Claimed by @scree
    Space Salvager Claimed by @kermitron
    Super 3-D Noah’s Ark Tentatively claimed by @transientmind
    Toxic Bunny HD
    Warhammerยฎ 40,000: Dawn of Warยฎ – Game of the Year Edition
    Warhammerยฎ 40,000: Dawn of War II
    Warhammerยฎ 40,000: Dawn of War II: Retribution
    Why So Evil

    Interested? Shoot me a message on Steam or here with what game you interested in and i will organise to have the key sent to you!
    I want to keep this to be amongst TAYbies because you guys have been very VERY generous to me over time!

    Disclaimer: These are all games i haven’t hit “Redeem” on yet, so i’m making the assumption that it’ll work, if not i apologise!

    I’m guessing most people, if not all, has the above games by now… But i’m trying anyway ๐Ÿ˜›

    • @cffndncr Please send an email to jacob.didriksen at the gmails dot com, or provide me with some contact details so i can send the keys to you.

      • You know if all my money for the month wasn’t spent i would totally do that just to spite you! ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Actually, I am missing some on that list that I’m interested in, but it is no games 2015 so if you have any left I might ping you in the new year. ๐Ÿ™‚

      You’re a generous man, PF.

        • (Without even looking at my list, I’m’a tell you… I’m pretty interested in Flower Shop. DON’T JUDGE ME.)

          • Battle vs Chess: Damn that looks smexy, I can’t believe this isn’t on my wish list. It will be soon. Even though I’ll only ever use it as a gimmick/share with my Mum.

            Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle – I get a kinda Dungeons of Dredmore vibe from this. Abandoned in Early Access, tho. :/

            CrossCode: Also avoided because EA, but bit more interested in this one. A modern Ys, by the looks, almost.

            FarSky: Had bad reviews because it was another abandoned Early Access just pushed to release, but apparently what’s there is servicable (if scant), and at the current 75% off price of $2.50 I’d have been tempted by the diversion.

            Flower Shop: Yes, I do happen to want this. QUIET. JUDGE NOT.

            Super 3-D Noah’s Ark: Uhm, because who wouldn’t?!

            Obludia: Maybe? A shorter, more casual Isaac with some persistence? Sure… but I wouldn’t have paid for it.

            Race the Sun: Everyone should probably have this.

          • @transientmind
            Good thing there’s only 21 days until the new year eh?
            Or does the “No games 2015” cover christmas presents?
            Because i’ll totally give them to you under the category of “Christmas presents”

          • I was ruling out presents, but I’ve already received a few now, so I think that particular option is fine. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Messaged on steam, but figured I’d put my hand up here for Burnout Ultimate too. Used to have it on Xbox 360, but that was one of the games that got stolen from me years ago!

  • I know I’ve got some IT-working compatriots in here, so does anyone have thoughts on a laptop/slate/tablet device for on-site work? I’m considering talking to my boss about salary sacrificing something, but I’m not sure if I go for a Surface Pro 4 to have something really compact (downside is all the attachements I have to bring with it to make it fully featured) or an XPS13 laptop (not quite as flexible, no touchscreen)

    I could go for an Inspiron laptop (same size as XPS, 2in1, touchscreen, possible lower build quality/worse specs)

    • A tablet/hybrid is really only a viable option if you’re going to be holding the device while working. If you do do that a lot though, the Surface is pretty great.
      If you’re going on site and then staying in one place for the majority of it I’d go with a laptop/ultrabook.

      • Yeah a lot of it is holding a device in one hand and trying to pull something out of a server rack with the other hand ๐Ÿ˜€

        Only thing that shits me about the Surface is the lack of connectivity (like having one USB port… DA FUQ!?!?!)

          • I had to buy a USB hub last time I had to format a Surface. The client had smashed the screen, so had connected it to a monitor and taken a full system image (smart monkey!)

            Only problem then, was connecting the bootable USB with Windows on it, along with the external drive with his system image on it to one USB port… ๐Ÿ™

          • If you want to be really fancy, use those sticky velcro tabs. I knew a guy that had a whole bunch of accessories, and he could just stick whichever one he needed at the time to the back of his tablet.

          • Actually, now that I think of it, that might be a bit difficult with a Surface because they’ve got the kickstand on the back.

    • The surface book seems like it is a pretty good in between from the single review i’ve seen ๐Ÿ˜›

      It has some alright connectivity, downside the wifi card sucks apparently, since they didn’t go for an Intel card, which was about the only downside I could really see. But they’re not cheap like $2200 here I think is the starting price?

      It has 2x USB 3.0, SD card reader & mini display port out along with 3.5mm audio, not the best in connectivity but up from what the regular surface has at least?

      • Yeah they’re really purdy, but I was looking at an i5/256Gb model SP4, and for the equivalent Book model, it goes from about $1900 to $2800 ๐Ÿ™

        • Yeah, fair enough! Plus first gen stuff like that, there is always gonna be some kind of issue really ๐Ÿ˜›

    • I don’t do it as much as I used to, but in the olden days when I did site work having my main work PC as a Surface Pro with a dock was brilliant. I’d essentially just unplug my PC and take it with me. It was a massive productivity boost. Granted the bulk of what I did with it was referencing documents while diagnosing problems on machinery. Having the full keyboard was great when I needed it but it’s not like I was doing any word processing (I hate laptop style keyboards, so there’s no perfect solution for me on that front).
      For me it really nailed the ability to perform tablet tasks, laptop tasks and desktop tasks seamlessly. It wasn’t a case of switching it to tablet mode, it was just a tablet when I used it as a tablet and a PC when I used it as a PC. The size is a blessing and a curse. It’s harder to use a giant tablet as a tablet, but the ability to display stuff on a proper screen is great.
      If you’re going with something for on-site work I’d definitely recommend getting a touch screen on whatever you pick. It doesn’t sound that impressive but a lot of the time the stuff that feels super clumsy on a desktop OS end up being the best way to get around on a portable device.

      Which attachments are you worried about having to take with you?

      Full disclosure – I love Windows 8/10 and the Surface Pro range. I wouldn’t call myself a fanboy but I do get a bit over enthusiastic about the aspects of them I like.

    • No idea what this is in regards to as I haven’t been following TAY much this week, but yay for TAY community goodness! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope all is well!

  • This has probably been screamed into the void a million times, but hey, let’s make it a million and one.

    Elite: Dangerous has a terrible tutorial.

    “To travel places quickly, set your destination on the map and engage your FSD. Make sure you’re not Mass locked, though.”

    ..Ok, uuhh…how do I open the map? What’s FSD? How do I turn off Mass Lock? What even is Mass Lock? Oh fer farks ache, I’ll just read the wiki.

    • Combat is nice and required no explanation, at least. Though the default keybindings when using a joystick are atrocious.

      • Hehehehehe “Jettison All” is very VERY strategically placed for maximum grief i think

    • Things I know how to do in Elite Dangerous:
      Sit in a waypoint thing, and shoot bounties.
      Return to one place that I know the location of, and get paid for bounties.

      I don’t understand any of its other systems. >.>

      • We should organise a big night of failing together some time soon. I know @cakesmith has it and has basically not played too.

        • I had to read prior comments to work out what game we were talking about because this scenario applies to so, so many.

        • It would be fun to wing up with people for a change.

          Though that’ll probably be a whole other bag of challenges in figuring out controls ๐Ÿ˜› Also remembering what bindings I set for them.

          • I’ve been tempted to pick up an X52 for various reasons/games lately. If I love Elite as much as I think I might then I’m probably going to cave and get one.
            The reason I’m bringing this up is cause it should have more than enough buttons to bypass having to use the nasty joystick/keyboard hybrid ๐Ÿ˜›

          • I use the T.16000M on its own and manage to get by without keyboard controls at all, save for actually typing out messages into comms. Takes a while to build a nice set of binds that make sense, but it’s worth it in the end. Oh, you know you can do chorded binds, right? Hold one button as a “shift” key before pressing the button you want. Great for expanding the number of buttons you have available.

            Can’t remember if it was the x52 or x55 I saw, but damn that thing was chunky. Way bigger than I thought it’d be.

          • I have a T1.6000 and I gotta say, the buttons on the base are a little on the crappy side.
            Only use em for a few necessary in flight things and avoid them where possible.

          • Yeah, they seem to vary a bit from stick to stick. The first one I got, the upper right button on the keypad stuck pretty badly. I returned that and got a new one, it works fine. Though the one I just picked up the other week is way better, all the buttons on the base work perfectly.

            I have the unnecessary/less used stuff on the right keypad, like landing gear/cargo scoop, ship lights, pause menu, etc. Left side is for UI navigation, power management, boost, FA off, throttle reverse and shift keys for modifying what the stick buttons do.

          • Got curious as to what that was so looked it up.

            Suddenly I feel like ill have one in a month or two…

          • Unless you play DCS or other flight/space sims there’s rarely a need for a full HOTAS setup… But they are pretty amazing!

          • Vector36 and I’d play more flight/space sims but I grew up playing them with a stick and everything else feels wrong. Didn’t realise they were so reasonably priced, was thinking $300 plus for some reason.

          • @freezespreston Saitek are reasonably priced but since they were bought by Madcatz their quality has been very hit or miss… My X-55 died after 6 months, had it repaired and haven’t missed a beat since…. Some experience no issues at all and others will get 3 DOA units in a row….
            Not trying to deter you, just a heads up.

          • I looooooooooove my X-55, so damned good….
            Also Elite is fantastic if you don’t try to make it more than it is, and accept that the dev has made certain design choices that are… Interesting ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Screw that, I’m winging it. I just needed to know all the basic functions and controls ๐Ÿ˜›

        My biggest gripe is still Mass Lock. The location on the HUD makes it look very much like a function of the ship, to be turned on and off like the scoop and landing gear…and not “oi, you’re physically near something large”.

          • That reminds me I haven’t checked up on the black market stuff. Apparently there was a thing added for them in the galaxy map, though I never caught word on whether it only showed up for ones you’d discovered or if they were all on display for everyone to see. personally I hope it’s the former, the latter would feel kinda silly ๐Ÿ˜›

        • Rule 1 NEVER fly without enough money to cover insurance.
          Rule 2 unbind jettison all
          Rule 3 remember where your boost button is and don’t accidentally bump when docking!

    • Oh. I found working through the training missions was enough. Maybe I just pick up sims quickly.

      CMDR Trikeabout so feel free to add me everyone. I’ll be playing a fair bit over the hols, and possibly tonight. I need to work my way back to human space before Horizons drops properly…

      What’s everyone’s commander name?

      • Still hang out mainly in Mobius? I know I do, because something something cheaters something run in with CODE was not fun something ๐Ÿ˜›

        Also how far our are you from the bubble? haven’t seen you on in a while!

        • Yeah mainly in Mobius. The Elite Dangerous Club have a private PvE group too now.

          You haven’t seen me because I haven’t turned the PC on in about 3 months. Wedding and travel and work mean I’ve only been playing casual Destiny.

          But… I’ll be back. Starting to get the itch. About 4kly from SGR A* last time I logged flight time.

      • Jocon89 as usual.
        I might jump back on a bit, got me a hankering for some Sci-fi. But I’m not keen enough to pick up horizons.

        • That just means you can’t land on planets, but we will all still be able to meet up, even if you don’t have Horizons so at least there’s that!

          • So, will it mean that planets function the same for me as now or will I be able to enter atmosphere but no landing/rover?
            I assume the former but unsure how they’d implement one for some but not others as it sounds like a pretty significant change to existing assets in a shared universe.

          • As far as I understand the mechanics:

            We currently have Super Cruise to travel in system.
            Horizons adds the ability for ships to go into “Orbital” cruise which will engage automatically when you get close enough to the planet (where we now hit the “Body exclusion zone”).

            If you do not have Horizons, your ship will not be able to enter “Orbital” cruise and as such will hit the “Body Exclusion Zone” even still, where people with Horizon can keep going.

            This is the best of my understanding and i hope it make sense. So in some ways, your game doesn’t change at all, and we still see each other. We can just keep going when you hit the exclusion zone.

  • There aren’t enough hours from when I get home to when I go to sleep to play Xenoblade X. It’s a real issue, you know.

  • Quick thing that’s been bugging me… why are we seeing more and more games being released in the US that aren’t released here? Is our classifications board sitting on its hands? Are the indies not bothering to try and get their games published here? What’s the deal?

  • Just got accused of being a coffeee snob but really. Staff member comes and says they are doing a coffee run and would I like one,
    Sounds good.
    Get cash and they say, they are just going to 7/11 is that ok
    Ummmm how about no.

    Seriously why would I pay for coffee that is actually worse than the instant coffee I have at my desk

    • The only possible coffee that’s worse than 7/11 coffee is Blend43
      Edit: Both are ranked lower than shoveled dirt into hot water ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Or *shudder* international roast
        I refuse to drink nescafe anything. It might be free in the office but I would prefer to buy my own instant. The exotic stuff from Shropshire

        UPDATE: They just brought me back a real coffee ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I love the shit out of International Roast and Blend 43.

          I strongly associate it with being out of the fucking sun in ‘fancy air conditioning’. It conjures memories of the feeling of relief.

        • As far as Nestle goes, Nespresso tends to be okay. Maybe not as strong as some like it and not anywhere near as good as a proper espresso from a real machine, but it’s serviceable.

          I haven’t had a good coffee in weeks ๐Ÿ™

        • International Roast is a shitload worse than Blend 43. I’d drink Blend 43 if there was nothing esle around, but I’d think twice about international roast. As far as nescafe is concerned, I actually don’t mind their espresso instant. Generally have that at home as my coffee machine doesn’t make it hot enough for my liking, and especially recently, I’m too lazy for anything but instant ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I got labelled a coffee snob because I said I much prefer store-bought over instant, even if it’s just from Maccas.

      As a frequent coffee drinker, coffee drinkers are weeeird.

      • How is that even debatable
        Well as long as you are talking McCafe stuff, the old style jugs of 6 day old coffee were not great

      • I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of McCafe coffee the few times I’ve had it. Even better than starbucks in some cases!

        • I’ve quick liked it but generally only had it driving back from a long trip so after 500 km in the day it was quite good

        • I’m glad you’ve had good experiences. I usually only resort to mccafe coffee on road trips and it’s always sllllooooowwww, and usually way to hot (which means scalded milk).

          But I live near some *excellent* cafes, so I am a little bit spoilt when it comes to coffee.

          • Not the best coffee I’ve tried by any means, but it’s better than some I’ve had ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not too fussy when it comes to coffee, (as you can tell by my drinking mostly instant at home) but I do have my limits ๐Ÿ˜‰