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    Morning everyone, how was your weekend?

    Mind was quiet, didn't work this time, so just stayed at home played some Fallout 4 (finished the main story) I also did around the yard things like mow the law, wash the car, vacuum the car & bath the dog. I am very exciting :P

      Mind was quiet

      Did some meditation then?

        Hahaha. Well the neighbourhood was quiet so I guess my mind was for once :P

      Yup, finished the main story on Xbox (already finished on PS4). I went the Brotherhood storyline this time around - was much more satisfying IMHO.

    So how about that Playstation Experience eh? Ni No Kuni 2 anybody?? FF7 remake looks pretty sexy too. The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades B-)

      I know that the games are mostly glorified tech demos, but you can hook the Playstation VR to my eyeholes right now.

      No. No, I have banished PSX from my mind. I got up at 5am for that rubbish and I am still so very very bitter and angry about it today. No #BetterPSN announcements, rubbish VR presentation and it was all talk about games - stuff that is better suited for E3, Gamescom, or one of a thousand other industry-driven shows. This should have been about service to the converted, instead it just made me wonder what I could have done with an extra bit of sleep.

      Damn, I'm still so angry about it - I've had to run spell-check over this comment about three times.

      FF7 remake looks like a great FF7 skin for FFXV.

      Maybe Ni No Kuni will actually feel like a Ghibli film this time. Maybe they'll also make the combat not shit.

      I hate being so jaded. :(

    Kudos to @trikeabout for helping me level my Destiny alt on the weekend /highfive brother

      Welcome. :) I'm usually in party chat and you're welcome to join. Does make coordination a tad easier. No worries if you don't use a headset. :)

    Holy shit the Aus Post courier bloke is gonna be like Santa for me this morning. He's got at least 3 things that are on their way to me. I was just expecting Chilli's worming/flea/tick stuff, abut also the shit I bought on eBay last week has been processed through my local sorting centre already according to their tracking numbers, damn that was quick.

    EB Games' Mad Monday sale is on now. Some decent prices, but I don't think it's worth the difficulty in connecting to the website. Anyone having any luck?

    Highlights for me:
    Arkham Knight: $38
    Until Dawn: $35

      Oh yeah Fallout 4 is gonna be $49 today, according to the email I got Friday night or whatever.

      Absolutely loved Until Dawn. Played it twice back-to-back. Will play it again. <3

      The site is crashing hard. I gave up trying to get AssCree Chavs.

        I'm half-expecting them to announce that they'll honour online prices in-store. They've hinted vaguely at a possible update regarding the sale in the near future.

          I note they've just kept the 30 min deals live on what looks to be a rolling update of their flash sales. I think that 8.30am sale (all the Razer gear) was about when the site started falling over for me.

          PAX is about to win the war for my wallet though, 3 mins until tickets go on sale!

          EDIT: I have my dates wrong! The tickets aren't on sale until tomorrow! Goddamit!

          Last edited 07/12/15 9:59 am

      10 Amiibos for $99, save $60.


        Not to worry, you've got approximately 0.1 per cent change of making it successfully through checkout.

      It keeps crashing on me :(

      Managed to get to the payment details screen and then it kicked me back to the login screen "groan"

      Last edited 07/12/15 10:09 am

      Only thing of note I saw on there was Transformers Devastation for $27. Pretty good, I think I got mine for like $36 in the Big W 25% off ebay thingo the other week. Dangit :P

        Ended up getting Transformers ahaha as well as AC Syndicate.

      Until Dawn $35?! Thank you for your PSA!

        No worries. My commission is one copy for me. *waits by letterbox*

    Played dirt rally on the new wheel. So good. Yet so challenging.

    Played uncharted 2. Such an awesome game. Still have yet to finish it. Looking forward to what remains and to number 3.

    Got bloodborn, unfamous 1 and 2 for free from a friend.

    Played guilty gear on the ps4, and blazblue. Amazing games. This weekend was awesome.

    Also went out with friends on Friday night. Awesome awesome weekend.

    I hope everyone else had an awesome weekend as well.

      I picked up BB:CPX from the black Friday sale in the PS store; love that series, although friends tease me for buying each iteration, saying I've bought the 'same game' half a dozen times now :P

        Hahaha I was telling my friend as we were playing it how it all looks recycled. Everything looks so recycled. Still an amazing and fun game to play.

          I still love it; great characters! Not sure about the first part of story mode though; no battles :S

      Dirt: Rally is pretty good ey? Knew it was the right kind if rally game when I spun off the track 10 meters into my first race.
      Shame I.don't have a wheel though.

        Spent 2 hours. Finished 2 tracks, came second both times. Thought eh whatever it was fun. Want to finish more tracks and try out more cars. Will have to learn how to drive properly though lol. Fun, but extremely challenging.

      What wheel do you have?

        G29. It's good, but was difficult to set up the drivers. No idea why, they're set now and all is good. I wouldn't recommend getting it at full price. I managed to get a decent discount, thanks to a friend.

    @tigerion @tech_knight @beavwa @princesspip @pixel_the_ferret_viking
    I am so sorry about what happened on Saturday. I'm thinking maybe the middle of January to try again and perhaps just karaoke as the escapism room made things difficult. That way if you're late it's not an issue. Is 10 am an okay time for everyone?
    Also, do not feel bad for laughing at my funny speech. I sounded fucking hilarious. If only it wasn't so terrifying.

    To everyone else
    On Friday I was feeling lousy due to my lingering cold, so I had a nap. However, when I woke up, I felt extremely dizzy. I'd been suffering dizzy spells a couple of days before hand and didn't think much of it, but it wouldn't subside.
    It got to the point where I was feeling extremely nauseous. It felt like when you're a kid and you go on play ground equipment too fast and you feel sick afterwards. Except it wasn't subsiding.
    I went to the doctor, who fit me in and he told me I had a middle ear infection. My cold had spread and was affecting my ear. He gave me an injection, gave me a prescription for some tablets and sent me home.
    Come Saturday, I was still feeling quite dizzy. I worked on the cupcakes and tried to add the squids, but for some reason, they'd stuck to the baking paper. I tried just adding eyes, but when I tasted the stuff by accident, it tasted like flour. It was disgusting so I scrapped that.
    Techie and Talia(Sid's friend Atlas' owner and my friend) both offered Mum and Me a lift but I wanted to get my tablets.
    I got my tablets and met up with Techie later at Highpoint. I'd already taken one of the tablets and it was helping a bit but not much. We wasted some time trying to find a large Eevee plushie for Techie, but didn't find anything. As it got closer to 12pm, we headed down to strike and had some pizza. It was the best pizza I've ever had. I've had really shitty pizzas.
    Word trickled through that Beavwa had gone to the wrong strike. My cousin had gone to AMF across the road. My friend Rachel got stuck in traffic and couldn't find a park. Tigs was coming late. Pixel had a mix up at the airport and may not be able to make it. My other friend Chibi was dealing with a bank and said they'd also be late.
    I took another tablet as it was closer to 1pm. People started showing up and after 40 minutes, my tongue started to feel weird. It felt like it was a bit swollen. Pip and Beavwa showed up and it was then I realised that I couldn't speak. After a short while, it felt like I couldn't breathe and I panicked a bit. Talia was versed in first aid while strike called the paramedics.
    What happened is that I had a Dystonic reaction to the dizziness tablets. I had pretty much lost control of my tongue and jaw and they were spasming. I ended up going to the hospital and this was before the party had even started!
    to be continued...

      That sounds horrible! How are you feeling now?

        Still dizzy. Can only do stuff in short bursts. I can play games now though

          I haven't been on TAY in a while it would seem, hope you're feeling OK. The Escape Rooms can be pretty claustrophobic, I went with a work group last Friday and felt a little like that.

      No worries scree. Depends on the day and what is going on work wise. But if i get the day off that should be fine but considering we will always just be tentative don't arrange things around us.
      And doing it some time when the Christmas shopping crowds are not filling the carparks to 110% capacity that would be good.

      Bloody hell! Rest up mate, hope you're feeling a lot better soon.

      Yeah that works for me just fine, just rest up Scree

        Never! *continues typing out recipes*

    Anyone feel like Naughty Dog are showing way too much of Uncharted 4? I stopped watching after the e3 stuff, but there seems to be a new trailer every other week! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I decided after spoiling Uncharted 3 to preserve the surprises here.

      I steer clear of trailers for anything I know I am going to buy/watch.
      Only saw one TFA trailer so far, and that was in the cinema.

        Yeah, I've decided to do that for everything lately. Quantic Dream's Detroit is probably the game I'm anticipating most at the moment and I haven't watched any thing. :)

          Not even the first trailer?

            Nothing. Only the Kara tech demo. They had me at Quantic Dream. :P

            Fanboy's gonna fan!

              Well the explains why you didn't discuss the trailer with me. I thought it was just hat.

              Last edited 07/12/15 10:05 am

                Trying something new with this game, going in completely blind. :)

                  Fair enough. It looks good but won't say any more if you are going in blind.

      Probably a wise move.

      I watched the Playstation Experience trailer, and that 20 minute E3 gameplay video, but I think I'm at maximum hype now - no need for more.

      Last edited 07/12/15 9:23 am

      I haven't played any of the Uncharted series so I know nothing :P

        Why you hate yourself? :P

          I did think that Uncharted 2 looked pretty cool when I watched @blackdahlianz play at PAX, there were some young kids behind us so I let them play instead of me. I remember seeing an Anthology a while ago but I didn't bite (which is unlike me :S) I imagine I'll pick up Uncharted after I'm done with Fallout 4 and Zombies on COD :P

          I tried and failed to finish both Uncharted 1 and 2 because I got bored.


        The Nathan Drake collection is $39.95 on PSN right now. That's a legit bargain.

          Also his name is Nathan, so he HAS to like it! *decisive nod*

          Last edited 07/12/15 11:33 am

            REAL NAME ALERT

              I CAN DELETE IT IF YOU WANT! <3

                haha nah, I'm sure if somebody reverse google imaged my profile picture here on Kotaku they'd find my details anyway...

                *Changes credit card details*

          This is my issue with PSN, I think it's a magnificent idea. In reality I have a 50gb download limit to share with the family so I'm not sure how I feel downloading the game lol.

      I've only watched the stuff that didn't work first time at E3 and the trailer this morning.

      E3 stuff was pretty but not that exciting, but the new PS Experience trailer? Holy mackerel. Sign me up.

    Morning all.
    Only have a few gifts left to buy, agonising over the last couple though.
    My (awesome) wife is into steampunk and GoT, Mr Robot, Neal Stephnson books, all things Mario, Katamari and cosplay, so you think buying would be easy, but there is too much choice.
    I was hoping to pick up some Neko Atsume sets, but no-one has them.

    Had a low-key weekend. My wife went to her dad's on Saturday to get her head shaved while I did some cleaning. Had some friends over, went out to a Chinese place for dinner. Mostly played Trivial Pursuit Live until my friends went home again. Finally started my second playthrough of Fallout 4 after accidentally napping away most of Sunday evening.

    I called my new (female) character "Zed" because that's apparently one of the names in Codsworth's vocabulary, but I haven't heard him say it yet, he just calls me "mum", according to the subtitles.

      I started a Female playthough as Jessica last weekend. I need to have a look through Codsworths vocab, my male playthrough of LaPelle (Pronounced La-Pedge-Eh) didn't work :(

        My wife called her first character "Gari" because she likes the Gary vault and figured Gari is a fun female variant. Only afterwards did we discover Codsworth has a name vocabulary, and of course "Gary" is in there.

        There's a page online which will show you the list of names and you should be able to use a savegame editor and/or console commands to change it. I was stunned that for some reason there is no 'Jane' in Codsworth's list. There will be no repeat of Jane Doe Shepard. :(

        Last edited 08/12/15 12:11 pm

      If I ever do a female playthrough of Fallout 4 my female character will be called Furiosa because it's a) supported and b) awesome.

    Picking up my RAM today. Hour long walk in 30+ weather, boo. Hopefully I've plugged everything in correctly. Also, I won't be able to buy a new video card for a while so I'm still going to be stuck with my Gigabyte GTX 660 OC :(

    My 1 metre long mouse pad arrived \o/

    Now I have to go get ready for work, don't misbehave whilst i'm gone, okay you lot?

      You do know that you can increase mouse sensitivity these days don't you?

        Some of us still like ridiculously low sensitivity for some games. CS is best at sens 1 or below :P

        I wanted something for under my keyboard as well :P

    Hey everyone, how was your weekend? My birthday was on Saturday so I had a few friends over and we had a picnic and played some Wii U games after, which is always fun. Then my entire Sunday was consumed by Xenoblade Chronicles X. I'm glad I could see my friends one last time this weekend, I'll never see them again unless it's through their Xenoblade X avatar.

    Seriously though, I don't normally binge on games and I moderate myself very well, but it was so hard for me to put it down. It's such a beautiful game and I've always been a fan of the core Xenoblade gameplay, and they've tweaked it here to make it deeper and more involved; no more mindless arts spamming. Although the story doesn't seem as interesting as the first game (so far), the dialogue is way better and is keeping me entertained. Despite the overworld seriously being one of the most beautiful I've ever seen in the game, unfortunately the home city you're from is quite rough around the edges, which is a shame.

    Oh well, hopefully some of us can squad sometime! My NNID is eRonin, so if you're looking for squad members, shoot me a friend request =)

      I'm not happy with Xenoblade Chronicles X because I'm convinced it's banner ads keep crashing my browser :(

      I kinda missed the boat with the first game (only put in a few hours via emulator, too many other games to play at the time), but I've been tempted by what I've seen/heard about this one. What do you think the game would be like for someone who basically hasn't played the first one?

      cc @powalen @greenius whoever else has it.

        Yeah, I hadn't played Xenoblade all that much and am enjoying Xenoblade Chronicles X. It's a tonne of fun really.

        There's no real plot connections between the two. Only thing that carries over is the gameplay. One downside is that nothing is really explained in-depth so if you don't already know how battles work then you might be a bit lost.

        (Having said that, I think the original is better than this. At least so far. I would always recommend playing it anyway!)

        Last edited 07/12/15 10:03 am

          Original is better story wise, I think this game has a more interesting combat and is better gameplay wise.

            Yup, my thoughts too. The battle system is a lot more involved now which is great. More paying attention to what your teammates are doing makes long battles pretty hectic.

            Still not a huge fan of the customisable avatar (big thing I liked about the original was that it encouraged swapping the character you play as to try different styles rather than just changing your abilities to suit), but it's not so bad.

            X is a hell of a lot more complicated overall. The menus go on for days (not in a good way :P)

            Surprisingly loving the soundtrack though which I never thought I would say before release :P

            Last edited 07/12/15 10:13 am

              Yeah, it really doesn't explain much. I have no idea what the hell an "aura" is but I get bonus' when I get one or something.

              I think I need like, a pdf of the manual next to me when I'm playing or something. Accessing it isn't a big deal, but it would be nice if I could set myself to auto-run somewhere while reading the manual

              (and then I get killed by a tyrant)

                I think if you hold R and press B it toggles auto run.

                  Yep I know! I just want to be able to read the manual or something while I do that (like it would be neat if the manual could open up on the gamepad while I'm still running in-game). I think I found someone uploaded a pdf of the manual somewhere. I should find that somewhere.

          All I can really remember of the original was that the intro to the story was hilariously dense, throwing so much unexplained jargon at me that it made it a big struggle to understand even vaguely what was happening.

          It was like it was a JRPG, or something... *stares into the distance*

            If you thought the original was dense, well...

            X is dense.

              I have no idea about the original story as a whole, only the intro being fairly uninviting. Dense probably wasn't the right word choice :P

                I misinterpreted your comment anyway :P

                Meant to say that X is just harder to get the hang of overall. (Tonnes of menu options that don't seem to affect anything, lots of unexplained icons and systems, etc) The story is actually probably simpler in the beginning.

              Does it have a decent plot so far? That was the big thing that stopped my interest - everything was emphasizing the gameplay and the world and the SEE THAT PLACE IN THE DISTANCE YOU CAN GO THERE open worldyness but that's the opposite of what I like in RPGs.

      Yeah the city really is uggo, the rest of the world though is great! I finally went to a new continent and loved the change of scenery. Can't wait to explore the rest. Oh and NNID? I think mine might be SerNobulus?

      Okay, added you to friends list!

        Cool, I'll probably be playing this evening after I get home =)

    @scree @gingerchris86
    How are you guys finding RWBY: Grimm Eclipse? Is it good/bad, only for the fans, very Early Access, etc?

    Last edited 07/12/15 10:00 am

      I haven't had a chance to play it yet. Hoping to get a try tonight before RPG Night.

      Very early access.
      Completed both areas, went and got a refund.
      I'll definitely be buying later down the track, though, as I enjoyed what was there.

        Fair enough, thanks for the heads up. I'll keep an eye on it.

        Out of curiosity, any reason you got a refund rather than waited for it to get finished?

          I can't see myself constantly re-playing the same two areas for onlyone hour of gameplay every time I boot it up.
          As good as it was, it needs fleshing out to make it completely worthwhile.

            Sure, but if you're planning on definitely re-buying it then why not hold on to it and just wait?

              Because I want to find something else new to play in the meantime.

      My blasted phone didn't send the message I typed up. There are a lot of problems, but if they keep working on it, it'll be good. At the moment, Ruby (the scythe character) has aiming, walk cycle and combo issues. Blake seemed to be okay, but I'd have to try them all.

        So far it sounds like a game I could very much enjoy when (if?) it's out of Early Access.

          It's fun now, I played with Numbers. The frame rate for my pc was crappy though

      It works, plays at a solid 60fps, the animations are janky as all get out (but hey, early access), the combos are fairly fluid, the kbm controls are okay (scree had issues with her controller, I haven't used mine), and the 'story' (if you could call it that) is just 4 linear levels stung together with a shoestring plot and fenced off with illogical invisible walls

    PAX dates announced for 2016... Hotel booked, flights booked.

    Who is typing this, and what have they done with B-ob?

      I think that would be your Melbourne heart doing so

        Quite probably!
        *thing is on in Melbourne...*

      Wait, PAX is a week away? I mean, why else would you book flights and a hotel?

        ahhh i remember 2013 when i booked flights the night before at 7;30 and my flight was at 7 the next morning. good times. good good expensive times.

      ..... Isn't that like a year away? almost?

        Planning ahead is what normal people do. I don't quite understand it too.

        Yeah, it is, but the last 2 years I've booked everything at varying degrees of a few weeks out, so I thought I'd have a look at what was available now that the dates are there and I've got a hotel with free cancellation and my flights are at least $150 cheaper than they have been so just makes sense to get in now.

        I mean, I know I'm going to want to go so I may as well save myself some cash while I'm at it. Booking my flights now means my 3-day pass is effectively free. (Shhhhhh, I know that's a false fallacy.)

          Probably helps that it's not on the same weekend as the Melbourne cup too price wise.

            Shhhhhhh, your logic and facts have no place on the Internet.

              Sorry, forgot where I was for a minute. Wait, why am I apologising? I'm on the Internet! U SHUT UR MOUTH U SCRUB! I HAD SEX WITH UR MUM!

    So the weekend was ok if I can remember what I did.
    Saturday was ok, went to the park in the morning before it got too hot and then headed off to scree's thing. Tiglet has a small sleep in the car on the way there which was the only sleep she got all day. Got sms from Techie letting us know what was going on with scree but since we were only 10 minutes away figured we might as well keep going and meet up briefly with everybody who was left. Didn't count on Christmas holiday crowds at highpoint. Don't these people have internet connections. Anyway after driving in circles for ages eventually rage quit and headed off without finding a park. Sorry guys but sounds like you guys were heading off any way.
    Since we were home earlier than planned we had a quick dinner and then headed down to the local park for some carols. Was nice but didn't stay too long as it was getting late.
    Sunday morning Mrs Tigs went to the market so Tiglet and I snuck out for a quick trip to the cafe. Our local makes all their cakes on site and they are pretty good. So I had a coffee and we shared an apple berry crumble. The rest of the day was spent trying to keep Tiglet out of the bathroom as the door latch has broken. So far only one thing has ended up in the toilet.
    Then we got a surprise visit from Grandma and Pa who were passing through so stopped off for a rest and recharge break on the way through.
    Game wise I finally finished the final level of back to bed and really wasn't happy with the final solution once I discovered it. Don't think I can be bothered trying to complete nightmare mode.
    Other than that we have been playing quite a bit of submerged. Wanted to give it a try before voting on GOTY started to see if it was the best aussie game I have played. I don't think it beats hand of fate but it is good. Works extremely well as a game to play with Mrs Tigs as lots of hunting out secrets and spotting hidden paths. Very much a collectathon style game, but as you collect things it reveals the story of the game which is a nice touch. Seems like it is a rather short game, we are approaching the ending so guessing all up it's probably only 5 or 6 hours. Which is probably about the right length, an more than that and it would be a boring repetitive grind. Will probably see if we can 100% it before we start our next game

    Games. Too many games.

    Spent pretty much all of Friday just ​​bumming around in the Horizons beta for Elite. Flying from planet to planet, trying to find different types to land on and check out. It's so much fun to just drive around the place, I picked a random direction from a base and just kept driving off in that direction for a good few hours, picking up and exploring stuff I came across along the way, but mostly just trying to drive as fast as I can without destroying my SRV. It's like they've chucked Excitebike in here, and it's great.

    Saturday was Wingman's birthday party, we went to ParaPark for an escape room. It was fun! And totally laughable just how badly we seemed to be doing at it. The whole "you're not as clever as you think you are"/overthinking everything deal was totally at play. But despite a few setbacks, including me breaking our radio and one of our group claiming he'd already checked above a thing when in actual fact he hadn't and that's where our last item was hiding, we totally beat the other group. And got to watch them struggle to make their way out despite being handed a whole lot of hints through the walkie talkie :P

    Played a few games that afternoon, including Are You ​​A Werewolf which I was really bad at. Actually I'm not sure I even did anything for it, just kinda sat there while others did all the talking. Don't think I like those kinds of games. Then there was Gloom too, though I was just watching that and then I fell asleep. Mostly just hung around and talked, with Xenoblade being played in the background.

    ​​Didn't get to play that myself til last night. Spent about an hour trying to get through the character creator, and again I echo Mark's thoughts on that first podcast the other week. The whole time I'm just thinking ugh why does this matter where is the game already. But at the same time couldn't just pick any old thing because most of them looked dumb. And couldn't even just try and replicate myself because there are no "no hair" options, and their beard options are severely lacking. Character creation is the worst.

    Also then​​ took forever to actually get to the city, because I kept fighting crabs and getting killed. Think I'm getting the hang of the combat system though. This is gonna suck up a whoooooole lot of time.

    Still need to get back to Shovel Knight.

    Had, on balance, a slightly better than average weekend. Some awesome bits and some garbage bits.

    Good bits - Daughter moved into a full size bed in a new room with no complaints, bacon and eggs for breakfast on both days, dinner with friends last night (when we found out our local pub has been turned into an Italian eatery that still has a pokie room).

    Garbage bits - digging a trench nearly 4 meters long, 40cm deep and 70cm across to stop the dog getting out, the dog escaping the next morning through another part of the fence, scratching my eye ball somehow and having to do the groceries with one eye closed.

    Game bits - spent some time with Majora's Mask (never had N64). And had a few hours on Sunday arvo with Pillars of Eternity. Starting to realise that the game is going to get hard... So. Many. Numbers. Still trying to wrap my head around encounters with more than one enemy. I don't think I'm utilising my party nearly as well as I should be.

    Annnnddd now it's Monday!

      What a game you are now playing with MM. Are you playing on 3DS or N64?

        Playing on 3DS - not far in and kinda struggling with the affects the time mechanic... Pretty sure I've cleared the swamp now to figure out what's next.

          If you don't know already, there is a way of making the time move slower!

          Play the song of time backwards

    Hahahaha, there is a lady here complaining how she is going to take us to "the Tribunal" because her credit card has been debited and we now consider her a subscriber, but she only wanted to try out the free trial.

    If you didn't want to do that then you shouldn't have put your credit card details in and signed up for a monthly subscription, dummy.

      Or at least set a reminder to cancel it before the billing date, like I figured was common sense.

    So FF-7 is a hack and slash now......? Worst news ever. Yet I knew square would do this.

      I think this massive overhaul is (overall) a good thing.
      They released the PC port just the other day for people who don't want things to change.

        I'm kinda interested to see how it works. Crisis Core had a similar looking combat system and it was a tonne of fun. I still get sad that you can't buy Crisis Core on Vita.

      I doubt it. It still has a battle menu so it can't really be a flat hack and slash.

      Regardless, I just finished watching the trailer and I'm excited as hell for it. Change is good, and if you want old FFVII gameplay with new graphics the Steam edition and a couple of graphics mods will get you there.

        Type 0 and FF-12 both had menus. A menu and ATB don't indicate a inclusion of depth. Going off the pace of the fight shown in the vid they'll either have no impact or have some impact and be similar to 12.

        I also didn't realize Steam's graphics mods could make the game look as good as the remake. I'll have a look into that.

          Yeah, but 12 wasn't even vaguely a hack and slash? (no idea about Type-0, haven't played it). Or do you mean hack and slash as in it looks like you'll be spamming attack and that's all?

          With the mods, I think the only negative about them is they break Steam achievements so you can't get them, but I think that was it. They make the game look incredible and I highly recommend it.

    I've spent the last 10 minutes staring at this:
    I don't need it and I don't have the money spare for it (hooray Christmas) but god damn it's pretty.

      But what about that money you DO have. You should totally buy it.

        It's earmarked for the last few presents I need to buy :P

          The best presents that your friends could want, is *your* happiness....

      Look, I don't want to dissuade you, but do you know how many games I've played on my extremely pretty Majora's Mask Edition Nintendo 3DS? Like 3. Which is a disservice to just how prettier in flesh it is than it appears in pictures.

      So pretty.

      You should buy one.

        If you really haven't played it that much you might as well get rid of it. Like, sell it or something. I'll let you know if I find someone who wants it.



          I still own 2 3DS systems. THAT'S AFTER I GAVE ONE TO MY COUSIN!

          Still gotta hold onto the MM one though, for new Fire Emblem. Love me some Fire Emblem. *refuses to meet the eye of Awakening that I never finished*

      You could be halfway to a self balancing scooter with that sorta coin rize.

        Yeah, but the last thing I need in my life is another excuse to avoid walking :P

        EDIT: This joke would work way better if I wasn't comparing the scooter to a game console...

        Last edited 07/12/15 11:50 am

    Hello TAY, I hope everyone has been well!

    I've been really immersed in my work recently so I've not quite checked Kotaku as much as I'd like. Long story short I'm starting a new position at work, so it's required me to manage that workload which has meant very little time for me to sneak onto TAY.

    Cool new stuff for me: I'm playing Fallout 4 and Collar Dooty III (I really enjoyed the campaign but mostly playing Zombies), I'm starting a new position as a manager next week and hopefully will be starting some casual teaching of Exercise Science next year which I'm really excited about. I've also been learning Spanish which has been muchos divertido :P

    Something that annoys me quite a lot about the online world of board gaming is how lazy the content is. There are two posts on /r/boardgames right now that are basically "I wrote a thing, what do you think?" and my immediate reaction to both is "you didn't proof read it, let alone make an attempt to edit it".

    Reviews in general fall into the format of: Introduction, rules explanation, my thoughts, recommendation. The format itself has flaws but it can work. It doesn't work when the meat of the review is given the least weight. This goes for video reviews as well as written ones. Either way, people are clearly taking a bit of time to plan out what they're going to do. However they don't make an effort to focus on what's interesting or informative.

    If you try to look up a rules explanation on Youtube, most of the videos will be ridiculously long. They're just someone that's set up a game on a table, shoved a camera in front of it and started talking. Great. That'll do the job. You know what will do the job even better? Planning. Structure. Editing. If it takes you 33 minutes to explain Tzolk'in off the cuff, I bet you could get that down to under 10 minutes that's better overall.

    This probably comes out as a little "oh look at me, I do boardgame writing and I'm so much better". It's not. My writing has a whole host of flaws. They just happen to be very different ones because these particular ones annoy the shit out of me. Make some effort people! Make something that everything else isn't just churning out.

      I feel this way when i watch tutorials about electronics stuff, especially when it comes to coding microcontrollers, nearly all the people that do it just use a capture card on there screen and just show their screen, they dont show why they implement a piece of code, or why they hook something up in a certain way. I was playing around with a really popular WiFi card called the ESP8266 and so many hobbists use this card its nuts. But when i looked up how to flash firmware onto it, do you think i could get a straight answer on which pins i should short to ground or what baud rate was needed for connection? I eventually figured it out and wrote some notes for what i did that worked but fuck, there are thousands of hobby electronics people who are much more clever than me who figured this shit out and just decided not to include that information for whatever reason in there tutorial.

        Ugh, so much this. In general, things seem to just end up as youtube tutorials. Except they're not tutorials. They're either morons not actually explaining anything they're doing and taking WAY TOO LONG to do any of it, or it's a video of someone typing out the instructions into Notepad with shitty music over it outlining a couple of steps of what to do but again not actually explaining any of it and often using an example that's slightly different to what you want and ugh.

        Youtube is the worst.

          If I just show people what to do, they'll understand exactly how it all works!

            Those scenes in movies where there's the new kid on the cash register being all slow and incompetent the manager's just standing there telling them a bunch of keystrokes to enter always annoyed me too.

    So, Bloodborne DLC has a bow that apparently wrecks. That would have been nice to discover when I played the DLC instead of reading in an article title. I think I'm most annoyed because they easily could have called the article "New Bloodborne DLC weapon absolutely wrecks". Eh, maybe I am just being picky.

      I've purposefully stayed away from Kotaku so that I don't spoil myself with stuff for Fallout 4.

      I've failed that though; I now know the ending to the Main Story Arc and 2 special events during the game that I didn't get to find out for myself :*(

    I think this is the most Kerbal thing I've ever seen from a real space program.

      Holy shit.

      That picture of the path taken, with the little smiling faces, and the twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom is the best.

        I know! That's what made me think of Kerbal, I could totally see launching an orbiter and messing up the burn and then just hitting time-warp and circling the sun until you get a second chance.


          Except when I fuck up a burn I seem to end up shooting off into deep space, on an intercept with something between jack all and nothing.

          There's probably a reason I'm not working at NASA right now.

            *revert launch*

            NASA wishes they could have this button.

            True story, my Dad was launch commander for some satellites launching from Vandenberg back when we lived in California. He oversaw some launches that exploded with their payload. I remember actually watching one of them from the base and wanted to know why the rocket didn't make it to space.

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