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  • On Thursday night I got up to the skell license in xenoblade, then I had to spend the next three days at a wedding I didn’t particularly feel like going to.

    It was torture, but soon I’ll have my skell.

  • Friday night was work Christmas Party which was average.
    Saturday did a heap of work around the house and then had a mates 30th which was great.
    Sunday was the kids Christmas party which was tough to front up to after the previous nights antics.
    absolutely zero gaming ๐Ÿ™

  • Hey guys, a question for people with kids. When did you get the little one into gaming and what games did you guys play together? I’ve got a two year old so I think it’s still very early but I’m curious to know other people’s experience.

    • Mario Kart 8 was my kid’s first game, and she’d only just turned four when she first played it. Since then, she’s dabbled with New Super Mario Bros on DS, but is far more interested in apps and educational things like Literacy Planet and Mathletics.

      • It’s awesome that she is interested in the educational games/apps. I hope my little one is the same but also that she shares my passion for gaming however I won’t push it if she doesn’t. Although one of my dreams is to teach her how to build a PC when she is a little older ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Our little dude has been playing things since he realised that controllers are for pressing, not eating. He loves all things Nintendo (Super Mario 3D World, Captain Toad, Yoshi’s Woolly World, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Pokemon). Yoshi and Captain Toad are both great games for little ones, but still fun enough for the grown ups who are playing along. Also Mario Maker. The Lego games are also great (We love Lego Batman)

      It’s just a personal choice for us, but we tend to stick to games on the consoles/TV to encourage sharing and taking a break and reserve the 2DS games for long car trips or plane rides (or PAX!).

      My best advice is to set clear limits on game time, and enforce them from the start. It’s super tempting to get lots of quiet time by letting them play whenever they want, but they really need to do all the hands-on, social play with blocks and crayons and playdough and sand and with other kids. Games are good when they’re sick or when it’s horrible outside.

      There’s lots of other ways you can get them into gaming without actually using a screen, like toys, collector cards (pokemon cards are still cool). My son likes making mario levels out of duplo.

      • Yeah this is what I was thinking as well. I’m not a massive fan of letting her play with phones/iPads so I think a console and the TV will be the way to go. So what would you say is a reasonable time to allow them to play? Do you count game time and TV time as one? I was thinking an hour would be enough and, like you mentioned, only when it’s raining outside etc.

        My parents didn’t have an understanding of games so I was basically allowed to play whatever I wanted for as long as I wanted. I was more inclined to be outside playing soccer anyway so I was lucky in that sense.

        • You’ll definitely know when there’s been too much! It’s really like everything else, don’t let them boss you around, and be prepared to play mean parent and revoke the privilege if they take it for granted. I think learning balance is going to be far more important for kids these days than simplistic time limits. Screens are unavoidable these days, so learning to put them down when you have more important things to do is an important skill.

    • I got him some kinect Disney thing cos he loves Cars. Probably started appreciating it at around 4.

      Before that he enjoyed Guacamelee a bit.

      Yes been playing Sonic Racing Transformed since he was 3 because he has better taste than most.

      Now he’s right into LEGO Star Wars III.

      Her play anything if he could, my wife won’t let him cos she’s a jerk.

      Hes 5.

      • haha yeah my mrs is the same! It’s hard trying to smash Fallout 4 when she is constantly on my case about playing too much! I’d imagine she’d be the same with the little one…

        • Yep ๐Ÿ™

          Before he was born, we used to play Warriors Orochi together & she played so much Phantom Hourglass there was nothing left to do.


          Now games are bad apparently

  • So, Star Citizen alpha 2.0 is live.
    So far I’ve played headbutt with another ship till I died, got stranded in space when I hit eject instead of exit seat, shot space rats, shot possibly another player, Eva a bit, crashed into an asteroid, stopped at a space servo, explored a creepy abandoned space station, had my ship stolen and got shot in the head.
    Also several ctd and got stuck crossways through a ladder.
    It’s shaping up pretty good.

    • I’m shocking, I backed the game and just completely lost interest after so much hype and no playable stuff happened. How do I get the alpha and try it out? Is it worth it? Should I just stay hidden in my little box and wait some more?

      • If you backed with alpha access and a ship just download the launcher, download the game (many gigs) and away you go.
        It’s a great time to start paying attention imo. 2.0 is basically the first chunk of the persistent universe and with updated ship physics and Eva/Fps mechanics you get a real sense of what the game is gonna be like.
        Still definitely alpha tho, so prepare for bugs.

    • How big is it? I feel like I heard ~20 odd gig being thrown around at one point or another. I’d be curious enough to check it out on one of their freeplay weekends they seem to do every now and then, but it’d take me that long just to download the damn thing at that size.

      • Was 30GB for me, and I already had V1.3 installed.
        Pretty sure it was re-downloading the entire thing, does this every time.

        • Ouch.

          Not to keep on the comparison/fanboy war at all, but I really like that Elite is only a few gig, and mostly just downloads the new stuff you need. Not entirely certain but I’m pretty sure when betas end and the live version starts, it might even just copy the last beta stuff over to the live directory if you have it, which is great.

          • Well if we’re starting wars we could compare the amount of gigs with the amount of unique content.
            But we are all civilised people here :p

          • PEASANTS! I’m on to you lot, with your airs of faux civility! It’s like a cargo cult of chittering chimpanzees, wearing top-hats and monocles and… hm. I had a classist rant to go with here with some astounding PC elitism, but now I think I really need to google image search chimpanzees with monocles and top-hats.

    • I’ve been waiting till tonight to get the download done (net cap resets tomorrow). Keen as hell to see where it’s all up to, but I wish my Freelancer was flyable. I’ll have to be content with my M50 for now (which I totally am).

  • So operation sneaky bastard was a success as I mentioned on Friday, spent the rest of the weekend playing supportive house husband/boyf for the girlfriend in Brissie. Met a lot of her friends for the first time too and apparently I have passed the test ^_^

    The only hurdle left is the brother whom I haven’t met… At least he likes Star Wars and Pokemon, right?

  • Howdy TAYbies!

    Hope everyone’s weekend was great. I finally moved in with Rockets on the weekend. Spent most of my Saturday morning packing the last of my stuff, (computer/consoles/etc… you know, the necessities) and spent Saturday afternoon moving it all it. The remainder of the weekend Rockets and I marathoned Star Wars, it was great. I always hold the movies in high regards in my mind but always get surprised with how good they are when I rewatch them.

    Anyway my movie preference order (from best to terrible *cough* episode 1 *cough* is: 5>6>4>3>2>1

    • Oh also, when I say we watched the Star Wars movies I mean we watched them in machete order. So 4-5-2-3-6 which thankfully means, NO EPISODE 1 \o/ \o/ \o/

      • It has to be 4-5-6 and then if you absolutely must watch the prequel trilogy then 1-2-3. Can’t understand how anyone can watch them in any other order.

        Only ever seen the prequel trilogy once (when they were first released in the cinema) and even though I now own them on DVD I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever watch them again.

    • 5 > 4 > 6 > 3 > 2 > 1 for me.

      If you haven’t already, check out The Clone Wars series (it’s on Netflix) and the Rebels series (it’s not on Netflix). They’re both part of the new canon and seasons 4-5 of The Clone Wars are particularly good.

        • Yeah Clone Wars was a 100x better than the animated crap Lucas made. At least Rebels seems somewhat decent though.

          • The Clone Wars gets good after the first season, and its later seasons are really well received, so dismissing it out of hand is a bit harsh. I hate the stilted animation that their 3d stuff has though. Lacks any sort of charm.

          • So much of the series just felt shallow; especially in comparison to what Genndy Tartakovsky did. His 10-15min episodes had so much more depth and character to them.

            That said I enjoyed the clone trooper episodes but everything else was just far-fetched (yes even for star wars). I mean for crying out loud they introduced magic! and zombies! and voodoo! and let’s not forget force deities.

          • I’ll praise the Genndy Tartakovsky stuff for a lot of things, but character development really isn’t one of them.

          • With his series I felt the character development went unsaid. Like anakin freeing those mutated aliens or the glimpses into what drove Greivous as a person. A lot can be developed if left unsaid.

            In contrast the clone wars from Lucas was like – This is what’s developing. Right now. In bold. Oh we also underlined it in case you missed it. Oh btw we also have fireballs and demon hunters now.

          • @pupp3tmast3r: Yes, Clone Wars had some stupid bits around Darth Maul and Dathomir. But at the same time it really got good. The first season was ropey as fuck but by the time they got to season 2 they’d really hit a good stride and 3 and 4 have a ton of subtlety to them. Rebels is probably better, sure, but not by much.

            Also I think you can blame some of the more outlandish bullshit on the Expanded Universe. And the worst thing is that thanks to them incorporating some of that stuff, it’s canon. Stupid shit like the Dathomir Force Witches. ๐Ÿ™

      • I felt that The Clone Wars stumbled big time when in one episode, some Mon Cal (presumably) died by falling slowly into a large underwater chasm.
        Fish people. Underwater.
        What even.

        • How slowly? Maybe the impact killed them? People die from jumping off bridges into water…

          Or was it all underwater anyway? In which case maybe a pressure-crush situation, where getting dragged by impossible currents into the depths is worse than falling to your death. Especially thanks to the unholy creatures that live in those inhospitable conditions….

          • Whole thing was underwater, the Mon Cal were conscious and were not injured, and it occurred at a depth that was survivable for the Mon Cal.

    • People gonna hate me… I liked Ep 1 the most out of all the prequels :B Hayden Christiansen just does my head in so much when watching Eps 2 & 3…

      • I put 2 below one. 1 is a bad movie, make no mistakes, but its biggest crime is that it’s not really Star Wars. 2 attempts to rectify that mistake, and makes everything even worse in the process, but it panders slightly more to the fans, which I think is why it tends to rate slightly above on average.

      • he is a fucking creeper, like darth vader force chokes 4 of his admirals is empire strikes back and i still feel like teenage anakin is a bigger fuckwit.
        still there is alot of enjoyment and fun to be had in the prequels. just not the attention to detail which made the originals brilliant.

        • Padme “Hi Anakin”
          *stares creepily at Padme for 5 minutes*

        • He so fucking is. And such a petulant shit. “I don’t like sand waaa waaa waaa” ORRR “Fuck sand, them Tusken pricks killed my mother. VENGEANCE!!!!!!!!!!”

          Instead he just mopes around like an entitled emo prick who has been coddled.

        • Vader taking out those guys in ep 5 is the best. Just the increasingly nervous admirals every time it cuts back to the star destroyer and he promotes a new one is comedy gold.

        • Everyone that Vader chokes in those films either fucked up badly (Needa) or is a complete asswipe (Motti) or both (Ozzel). You don’t see him choking people that are actually good at their jobs like Tarkin or Veers.

          Also I can only think of those three examples of him choking officers. Who was the 4th?

    • I’ve never bothered trying to rank the movies, but I can never truly hate Ep 1. Aside from the fact that I was young enough to not notice a lot of the flaws when it came out (excluding Anakin…ugh) it was my first midnight launch cinema experience, and it has Liam Neeson in it.

      Honestly, between Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor and the brilliant lightsaber battles, I will never outright hate 1-3. Granted, they have some amazingly bad parts (god damned Anakin…ugh). I’ve actually been meaning to rewatch them with the Jar Jar theory in mind to personally see how well it all works, but doubt I’m going to get there before Wednesday night.

      I blame little orphan Annie (fucks sake Anakin…ugh).

      • I think the people who hate the prequels completely ignore the brilliant lightsaber battles and action sequences in them, like anakin vs obi wan is completely amazingly ridiculous but its soo fun to watch, like stupid fun.

          • They’re clearly monsters. Also it’s even worse with the Tusken children. I’ve seen potatoes with more convincing facial expressions than Hayden Christiansen when he looks supposedly sullen….Dafuq…

          • Hayden Christiansen gets a bad wrap because of Star Wars, but he can actually act. Sure, he needs a better agent to help him pick his movies, but “Life As A House” shows he can do it (he even got nominated for a Golden Globe for best supporting actor in it).

          • @cakesmith I have heard this a lot, he’s still a weak link in the movies IMO.

            @shane you’re right, even Ewan looked positively bored by the third prequel.

            I’ve seen footage of Lucas ‘directing’ the prequels and I’ve never seen someone communicate less when in charge of something. And I worked for a multinational for 7 years… Empire is the best because the director was the best. I wish the same had happened for the prequels. Ahh well. What’s done is done!

          • Hayden Christensen. And he’s actually a good actor. No actor could have delivered that shit script with those awful lines under that sort of direction and environment and made it a good performance.

            Hell, the fact that actors of the caliber of Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman come across so mediocre tells you everything. Some fresh-faced kid working on his first major motion picture in the lead role had no chance. Ruined his career too, since people hated the character and thought that the shit character and mediocre performance meant a shit actor, and it’s not the case.

        • Lightsaber battles are the only redeeming feature of the first ep.

          And honestly, they did a better job in Ep1’s battles than 2 and 3 with the exaggerated jumping and flipping. I mean, I get that given their Force abilities some exaggerated mobility is possibly more likely than just really impressive sword-fight choreography, but dude…

          Because watch the light saber battle from Ep1 then compare to Obi Wan vs Vader in Ep4.
          It’s ridiculous. Utterly laughable. I’ve seen children fake lightsaber fight with more aggression and agility than that.

    • Polygon posted a cut someone did of episode 1 that was basically with the bullshit removed and I really enjoyed it, much more than the first one. Cut out basically every major Jar Jar fucking around scene, turned the Nemoidians and Gungans into aliens that spoke some alien speech that was subtitled so no dumb voices, cut all the awful ‘romance’ dialogue, the Midichlorian bullshit and a bunch of other stuff. The core of that film is actually not that bad, it turns out.

      Regardless, 5 > 4 > 6 > 3 > 1 > 2. Attack of the Clones is just a fucking shitshow the entire way through. Awful dialogue, awful plot, awful everything. Literally the only good thing the entire film is that effect they used for the sonic mines in the asteroid chase sequence. The Phantom Menace isn’t great, but the duel between Obi-wan, Qui-gon and Maul is still fucking excellent, from an era when George had his head between his legs but hadn’t shoved it up his ass yet so it has good choreography, good tension, ebb and flow and some actual acting to it.

  • So here is some fun Star Wars related facts for you:

    If you take the reviews for the original Star Wars trilogy back when they first came out (77-83), they actually reviewed, on average, worse than the prequel trilogy.

    Tomatometer Ranking of Star Wars Series Based on Critical Reaction During Original Release Dates:
    83% – Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
    79% – Star Wars
    65% – Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
    62% – Star wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
    52% – The Empire Strikes Back
    33% – Paul Blart: Mall Cop
    31% – Return of the Jedi


    It should be worth noting the movies currently sit at:
    98% – The Empire Strikes Back
    93% – Star Wars
    80% – Return of the Jedi
    79% – Revenge of the Sith
    65% – Attack of the Clones
    56% – The Phantom Menace

    • Someone had been drinking the coolaid reviewing Ep III. Blargh. Maybe I need to stop being a whinging prick and just sit down and watch them again?

          • I was saying to nob that the CG is 100% better used in episode 3 than 2 i mean not just better, but they didnt use it for fucking everything. Looking at you CG pear in episode 2

          • This (or more accurately, the opposite of this) is something that usually makes me sad about 3d stuff (I had a whinge on Friday to a friend after we saw Spectre(‘s great opening shot)). They have the capacity to do anything with the camera, to frame and shoot in any way that they want to. And so virtually everything ends up as a mimicry of what cameras have been doing for decades. And I don’t get my five minute long single shot fight scenes.

          • And I don’t get my five minute long single shot fight scenes.

            Because you don’t appreciate the arts, man!

            But I agree with you. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great long shot fight scenes out there, but like, the one from that Tony Jaa movie where he fights his way up like 4 levels in a hotel; it’s technically impressive, but I found myself getting bored with it after like 2mins.

          • Fight scenes are way better when they go for 10 minutes and are comprised exclusively of half-second shots of shaky cam bullshit crap where you CAN’T FUCKING SEE ANYTHING AND HAVE NO IDEA WHAT’S GOING ON I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

          • The Fucking Bourne movies have so much to answer for.

            That said, the one that started it all was a week choreographed fight between two dudes who looked sort of similar, and it was shot that way to make it look very tough and tumble, but also so that it was hard to tell what was going on. Most scenes since then have been bad fight scenes that they shot badly to disguise how bad they were.

          • I don’t mind it in the Bourne movies. Paul Greengrass is one of the few people who knows how to utilise shaky cam.

            I tried to find the car chase scene from Taken 3 online but couldn’t. It’s probably the most over-edited scene in movie history. Basically take this, remove the fact that that is played for laughs and you have the Taken 3 car chase. Oh, and add twice as many cuts.

            Another fun game to play during Taken 3 is to take a shot whenever obvious Liam Neeson stunt double is obvious. You should be drunk after the first fight/chase scene.

          • @cakesmith Yeah, don’t get me wrong, I really like how it’s utilised in Bourne (which had some really cool practical stuff for one of its car chases, unrelated as this is), but it popularised the messy handheld fighty thing, so I have to get angry at it for that.

          • Oh I get that, but me being me, I have to disagree with you on at least some level, because fuck you, Blaghs.

          • Creed has a pretty impressive single shot boxing match. Unfortunately, though, it’s the best part of that film.

          • It didn’t even click for me that it was. I mean I noticed the camera swooping around a lot and being real close to all the action, but didn’t pick up on there being no cuts.


          • Amazing opening that then goes on for waaaaaaaay too long.

            That whole sequence wears mighty thin on repeat viewings. Especially the topsy-turvy Star Destroyer.

          • I’ve never understood how he could put together such great action sequences like that and yet make the cinematography in the dialogue scenes feel so wooden. He blocked it out like a soap opera in ep 3.

      • I liked Ep 3, wasn’t as good as the original trilogy but it definitely has the best action sequences in any of the movies. Although they do kinda screw up the ending which is the biggest problem with Ep 3.

  • Tired. I had a terrible dream I worked an awful retail job that changed management overnight. I made a back first impression by showing up an hour early for work after being out all night drinking, which for some reason made sense. Seeing my colleagues already hard at work. I jokingly told them to go home, at which point I had three managers yelling at me. Knowing I would not have time to go home, change, and come back before my shift officially stated (adding tardiness to my list of bad first impression crimes), I informed them I was calling in sick and left.
    I have a feeling I might be feeling slightly anxious about the upcoming merger.

  • oh shit, i bought tickets to the midnight showing were on thursday night not wednesday night. hahah glad i realized now not on thursday night ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Got th G29 fully configured and got a little better at dirt rally. Must say it’s pure awesomeness.

    Nearly finished uncharted 2. Encountered a glitch where a dead ragdole body flew across the screen during a serious cut scene. Was pretty funny.

    Also Christmas party times have officially begun.

  • Great weekend was great. Spend most of it with Rocketbuddy’s friend Shannan. Was funny introducing her to all of my workmates on Friday when I’d just met her in person for the first time not thirty minutes earlier. May have given her the final push to get a tattoo on Saturday, which I feel slightly worried about ๐Ÿ˜› First time I’ve been part of someone having “the best day ever” though.

    Sunday was UFC 194 day and dang, though the McGregor Aldo fight was only 13 seconds I totally have no regrets paying for PPV. It was a fun day. I am glad to see McGregor lived up to all his shit-talking (he is so much fun to listen to) but really felt for Aldo when he gave his post-fight interview and saw the tears in his eyes :'(

    My brother has told me I have to join him for Tough Mudder and Spartan next year. That gives me like… 11 months to lose like 45kg. So now I’m on a near-year-long liquid diet and tripling my exercising ๐Ÿ˜

    Still haven’t attempted to turn on my PC since rebuilding it with 90% new components.

    And that’s me done. I have Star Wars on Thursday at 12:01am and my granddads funeral at 2pm the same day :'(

    • She didnt stab you in the heart? Thank god, she sometimes does that she is a but of a loose cannon who plays by her own rules.

  • Well there, i’ve been productive already this morning. I mowed the lawn, I did a good job on the nature strip, then dodgied the rest of job, cause you can’t see the rest of our yard from the street ๐Ÿ˜›

  • I had a great weekend. Took a chance and got out of my comfort zone and had adventures! Sounds stupid, but I kind of feel all energized now. *flails arms*

    • dc have you ever thought that maybe you are just a anxious extrovert?
      For years i thought i hated social interaction but i didnt i just got really anxious before it and told myself i didnt like it, Recently i have kind of realized i love to talk and love company and draw a lot of positivity from it. I think you might be the same.

      ANyway im glad you had a wonderful weekend buddy, you deserve good things.

  • Tried to watch The Ridiculous 6 last night. Got as far as a donkey with explosive diahorrea giving an intellectually disabled man a blow job and I had to bow out. First movie this year I haven’t been able to watch through and I watched the 1990 Captain America movie. Pixels is a masterpiece in comparison.

    • I watched the whole thing and it made me wish that I, and every other sentient being in the cosmos, was dead.

    • Wow, it was really that bad? Glad I haven’t watched it yet. I watched that’s my boy just because it was on Netflix and haven’t laughed that much in ages, it was just stupid but closer to a silly Sandler film like Happy Gilmore. A shame ๐Ÿ™

      • Really? I’ve always been under the impression That’s My Boy was his worst movie ever, even worse than Jack & Jill. Love Happy Gilmore, probably his best movie ever.

        • Have you actually watched it? I was under the exact same impression. It’s way way way better than Jack & Jill which is almost as bad as funny people…

          • Nah, never watched it, that’s just based on things I’ve read about it. Might watch it one day. Incidentally, it was originally called “I Hate You, Dad”, we’ve actually got posters with that title on them at work stored away somewhere.

    • Here’s my experience with Ridiculous 6:

      1) splash banner on Netflix for upcoming release
      2) vague twitter buzz/interest
      3) people bitching about a “new Adam Sandler movie” on twitter, which I assume means Pixels is on US Netflix already
      4) complaining about Ridiculous 6
      5) noting Adam Sandler appears in auto-playing Netflix trailer for Ridiculous 6
      6) the penny begins the long drop

      The shocking part is the trailer (at least the ten seconds of it I’ve seen) doesn’t seem that awful. I guess they save that as a surprise for later. I almost want to watch it just so I can justifiably give it a one-star rating.

      In other low-rated Netflix news, I felt bad about giving Jane the Virgin a 2-star rating when strictly speaking I didn’t even finish watching the pilot. So, I finished watching the pilot. As much as the show was trying to sucker me in by ending on an ominous voice-over and throwing up a “to be continued” card, I stand by my 2-star rating.

    • I’ve sat through all of Frankenfish, S.S. Doom Trooper, Manticore, and Frankenstein 2000.

      I couldn’t make it ten minutes into The Ridiculous 6.

  • HELLO.

    fuck i hate moving. anyway. this time next week, i hope to be unpacking everything & getting it done with.

    and last week of work for the year. double plus hype.

    anyway. fun things. games. Ori & The Blind Forest. Play it. so damn good. finished it on friday night. one of those games thats challenging enough to make you feel like a boss when you get through a tough section. also, that art style is 100% sexy.

    about to be without the internet for a few weeks. downloading all the things right now. gonna have a chance to make it through a bit of my pile of shame. so thats good.

    how’s things with you lot?

    • I am trying to figure out the best time to explain to my mother that I’m not going to “our” family Christmas because it’s better that my wife and I spend it with her aunt, who is currently going through a divorce. My wife has promised that we will both go to my family’s thing next year, a promise I plan to firmly hold her to because as much as we both dislike my family, it would be nice if she would engage with them at least a little, once in awhile.

      • man, how rubbish is family xmas politics?

        no chance of doing both i take it? like morning with your family, afternoon / dinner with your wife’s aunt?

        • God I’m lucky. Girlfriend’s family are all lovely (except haven’t met the brother so that’ll be interesting…) and my immediate family is awesome as well. So will be interesting to see if that continues in the future.

          We used to have family politics with the extended family. Now I just don’t go XD

        • I’ve tried this argument, my wife takes issue with the fact my family is always inflexibly locked to lunchtime on Christmas day. I’d like her to make more of an effort to go to my family stuff considering I always go to her family stuff, but I’m not going to make a thing of it.

          • Christmas day is reserved for one family each year. Cycle between the two on a yearly basis

            Although that said it gets much harder when everybody has families themselves

  • For those that are interested, the new HDD I ordered from OGS just arrived. I put in the order on the 3rd, so 7 business days for it to arrive which is pretty on par with their usual shipping.

  • I am very tired due to staying up way too late but the weekend was pretty great. People continue ruining my plans in my RPGs but at least everyone’s having fun. I even had someone describe the game as like the Mario Kart of RPGs and I’m quite happy to receive that compliment.

    Friday night was my work Christmas party and I spent Saturday just lazing about. I’m finding it very difficult to get extremely drunk lately which I guess is probably a good thing. My days of stumbling into lampposts and other blind drunk antics seems to have passed.

  • Currently lying on my bed, phone tethered to my laptop as I work from home waiting for the Internet man. My productivity may not be the best but damn if I’m not comfy right now.

    Also moved on the weekend. @alexpants is a champ and helped carry a bunch of heavy things up 2 flights of stairs yesterday. Next time I move, I’m paying someone to do it for me and getting a ground floor place. Also don’t know when I acquired so much…stuff.

  • Finsihed watching Mr Robot last night.
    The last 3 episodes are a total mind-fark.

    Seriously, I am still freaking out.

    • Weirdly I picked up on the twist after episode two and then spent most of the season proving that my theory was right. (Which makes the show even more entertaining seeing how clever it was shot and structured.) Such a great show. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • I was pretty sure from Ep2 as well, but I was more talking about
        The whole oops I’ve killed the bosses wife sequence, the WTF happened between Elliot and Tyrell and the missing 3 days, Tyrell’s wife breaking her water to get hubby out of questioning, the CEO blowing his brains out, I picked the dad-twist, but didn’t see the sister thing coming, his confession to his psych was fantastic, that they actually went through with the hack, the great idea to stage a party to flood the room with DNA and fingerprints, the post credits sequence on the final episode etc.
        All that stuff was and more was just so great, so often I thought a character was on one path and the show would flip it and go down another. It so easily could have been a straighforward ‘Young hacker vs Evil Corporation”, but they made it so much more, so much deeper and with a lot of reward for careful watching, and enough there to make me want to rewatch it again looking for clues for the next season.

        The writing is wonderful, it was a slow start for me, but I’m really loving it now.

    • Can I just say, as somebody who has only seen the commercials for that show on Fox8 – I’ve seen nothing appealing or compelling, just generic “corporation is evil, angsty teen is only one who can do anything about it but who will believe him” crudmuffins.

      Is it really that good?

      • Yeah,it really is that good.
        It isn’t really about teen vs evil corporation, the commercials really misrepresent the show. The writing is great, there is a lot of density, the characters are not black-and-white, there are some great twists and reveals, and it gets very, very dark after the first few episodes.

        • I think that’s what’s getting me. I see the commercials and think “there is literally nothing for me in that show” but then I also think “It’s Fox8’s commercial and they never represent things in ways that appeal to me” so I’m caught in the middle.

  • Went to Myer in Melbourne yestetday to try and find a gift for my sister, since they didn’t have what I wanted in Geelong.
    Turns out that they didn’t have it there, either.
    Oh well, at least I got a Toothless from Build-a-Bear. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Quiet weekend. Caught up with a highschool friend on Friday, saw Creed. That was pretty rad, though I am a sucker for Rocky movies. Got to see his new place, filled him in on the eventful Thursday ๐Ÿ˜›

    Otherwise, mostly just bummed around the house and helped my sister fix up the long-in-the-making daybed that’s been prepped for outside, as a kind of surprise for the parents once they get back. Didn’t quite get through as fast as we were hoping, so assembly will have to wait til later once the staining on the wood has dried.

    Oh and also apparently Sunday was a Splatfest. Totally forgot about it, then once I did I absolutely could not be bothered to jump on. First one I’ve missed ๐Ÿ™

  • So, can I ask you guys, if you hit “attending” or “going” on a facebook event, do you generally follow through and attend?

    Only reason I ask (and this might come across as a whinge/cry for attention etc, apologies, not intentional) is I had thrown up an event page for drinks for my 30th this past saturday night. Over time, I had 16 people marked as attending, some of who have partners they’d likely bring etc, so roughly 20 altogether.

    I called up a venue in Circular Quay about two months ago, asked for a few booths to be sectioned off, enough for about twenty people.

    Come saturday night, I had an FB message from one friend, he’s sick, can’t make it, no worries. A text message from someone at 8:15 (event started at 6 mind you) that she couldn’t make it. A bit late, but at least she made contact… Nothing from anyone else…

    In total, 5 people showed up… I looked like a massive dickhead having multiple booths/tables sectioned off, and 3/4 of it being empty.

    What am I supposed to do with this information?

    • Ugh. Sorry to hear that, bud. Hope you had a great birthday all the same.

      This is a problem with friend flaky-ness and not any thing you’ve done. ๐Ÿ™‚ Planning events can be like herding cats and frustrating as.

    • Yeah, if you say you’re gonna be there and just not rock up, you’re a jerk. Especially a shindig at a place like that where you need to book.
      If you’re a maybe, say maybe.

    • Personally I almost never respond to Facebook invites, but if I say I’m going to be there I better have a good reason to not be. That’s just jerky mcjerkington behaviour on the part of those who RSVPd. Just because it’s online somehow your RSVP means less? It’s called etiquette, people!

    • I can’t really offer any advice, but I absolutely sympathise with the situation.
      If I say I’m going to something (facebook or otherwise), I’m going unless something comes up. If this is the case at a minimum I’ll send the person running the show a text telling them that I can’t make it.
      Just remember that people generally aren’t being vindictive by not telling you they aren’t coming any more, they’re trying to avoid (what they think is) being mean. I mean, they’re totally wrong and it makes things worse, but that’s usually the measure of it.

    • If I click attend, I attend, or at least have the courtesy to explain why my plans changed. If I’m a definite no, I click no. The dickest move I make is if I’m a maybe, I usually don’t respond at all until I’m ready to click yes. I feel like maybe is too much of a yes and can give a false expectation.

    • Yeah it’s a bit like that these days. I think people should attend if the event specifically specifies that a venue is going to be booked and costs will increase as people attend so provide a deadline for people to lock it in. If it was more of a casual come have fun and drinks thing then people are more likely to flake and hit attend and forget all about it.

      tl;dr don’t book stuff unless everyone’s chipping in for it?

    • A week or two out, you send a message to the group members saying “Hey can people double confirm if you are coming”

      Then go on those numbers.

      • This, one thing I’ve learned with invites, always best to check again within a week or 2 of the event if it’s been planned in advance, so you still have time to make adjustments if need be.

      • Yeah, these days I’m much more likely to ask a couple of friends to hang instead of doing the big group hang outs.

    • I either give a maybe then confirm a few days out or don’t respond until a few days out.

      But if I confirm, I always show up.

    • I’m not on FB, so can’t answer your question directly, but I always do a ring around the day before any event and catch up with everyone and make sure they are definitely coming, letting them know I am making reservations based on their numbers.
      You know, talking to people and checking in with them. That way the most I ever get is one or two that genuinely have an emergency on the day. I still think voice or face-to-face contact works so much better than anything else.

    • What are you supposed to do with this information? Realise that Gen Y is the most non-committal inconsiderate generation to date. But don’t worry, in 10 years we’ll look like angels! I’m really sorry it happened though. I just get snarky with it because it’s sadly not an uncommon thing.

      In all honesty though I always take half of the people for a mass invite and wipe them off. In future though, send one or two reminders during the week before the event like a “hey guys, if you’re bringing partners just let me know” on the Monday and maybe a quick “I’ll be there from 5.30, but feel free to show up when you can. See you tomorrow night” on the night before. People need a reminder. I’ve had 70 friends and family RSVP and 20 odd maybes but never expect more than 30-40 and it works out ok. You’ll get LOTS of people say yes and just pike like the flaky bastards they are ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Also never take it personally if people don’t show up. That’s not an indictment of you, it’s a reflection of how crap they are ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Or call people and actually converse with them, and ask if they are coming and take a few minutes out to connect with them properly. Then they are probably going to show.

      • Yeah, definitely something I’ll have to do in future. Having said that, I was posting on the wall of the event up until a few hours before as to what train I was catching etc, and I know it was visible, because those that did attend met me on the same train.

        • Yeah. It’s a real struggle for people in their early to mid twenties. My Dad calls us the ‘options’ generation because people will double, triple even quadruple book the same night and think it’s ok to pop in and out of events or just choose the one they want to go to the most. First in best dressed is the best way to play it in my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

    • If I say attend then I will, or advise if I have to cancel.
      Depending on the circle of friends I have known people who use maybe as no, because they don’t want to be ‘mean’ or whatever and actually say no. So for those people yes is an expression of interest, not a confirmation.

  • Been doing a lot of painting as of late. Trying to get ready for the next story of Iron Kingdoms. This time with more players.

    Seems like every time I try to get into the Witcher 3, something comes along to distract me. This time it’s Darkest Dungeon. This game has me so hooked. Yesterday I had my worst turn out. I fought the Swine Prince and he landed 3 attacks that hits all characters, landing a few criticals. Resulting in 3 characters getting killed simultaneously.

    • Man Darkest Dungeon is soooo good! I hate it but at the same time I keep going back.

      It’s like that relationship with a crazy person but was amazingly good in bed that just about everyone has.

  • Hola Tayberinos

    Not a very exciting weekend. Had brunch with the family on Saturday morning, my brother was over so got to see him. Melbournites, he’s working at a new place out in Collingwood called “Biggie Smalls” that does “American style kebabs.”

    Sat arvo I visited Costco for the first time. It’s certainly a thing. Got all the foam I need for my N7 armour (foam floor tiles) so I’m super keen to start that during my christmas break.

    Saturday night had a friend’s birthday, went to a Korean BBQ place, which was tasty, then went and played board games. Fuck I love the Resistance.

    Sunday I did nothing at all. played MGS V (trying to clear it) and I think I’m reaching the end, though the back half of this game is certainly padded. Then, last night, @freeze helped me kick Martyr Logarius in the teeth so I’ll be progressing in Bloodborne soon too.

    A Monday Afternoon question: Costco sells everything in bulk. What isn’t sold in bulk that you wish was?

      • Man cards are overrated, which is why when I received one for helping someone change a tyre I had to then spend the weekend dancing and singing to musicals. You should strive for balance in all things.

          • It’s ok, you can reclaim a few at least by wearing a blue singlet and plastering souther cross stickers on said ute.

    • Well I thought I had an answer but Amazon answered my prayers.

      The reviews are amazing.
      I knew getting back in the “dating game” would be a challenge after being out of it for over 5 years. When I was released from Joliet, I had to learn all the new things “the dating crowd” was trying. I knew about scented candles and Luther Vandross CDs, and sure was glad to hear people still use them. But I had no idea that “lube” was so popular with the “romantics” out there. All it took was one stroll through the Walgreens personal hygiene aisle to prove I had to learn a new thing.
      “Where to start?”, I wondered. I wanted something simple. However, all I saw in the stores were lubricants that were flavored with cinnamon and paprika, or designed to somehow “heat” your private parts. No way, Jose! (I experienced the “heat” thing personally once after an adventurous incident with a toaster. I’ll stick with “room temperature” from now on, thank you very much.)
      Luckily, I found a plain, old-fashioned lubricant that would not make me smell like a dessert topping. And it came in this HUGE tub! No more awkward late-night Walgreens runs for me, once I could get my hands on this lubricant bin. Now, I admit the price tag was kinda hefty. But after selling the ol’ Pontiac Sunfire and borrowing some cash from Aunt Gladys, I was “ready to place my order.”
      The product only took a week to arrive, and got to my apartment just in time for my first real “date” since the gas station incident. You can bet I was nervous for this one. When I got off the bus to meet Carla in front of the Chili’s, I just about had a heart attack! The only thing keeping me calm was knowing that I could not possibly run out of lube that night. I gave Carla a reassuring nod and smile, as if to say “Don’t worry, Carla, I have plenty of lubricant for later.”
      The dinner was great, and after knocking back a couple Mojo Mango Margaritas, we were ready to head back to my apartment. I winked and told Carla, “Let’s SLIP on out of here,” to see if she understood the lubricant lingo. I think she did. Throughout the bus ride back, I grinned and hummed Luther Vandross tunes to set the mood.
      When we got to my place, I already had a candle burning. It was by “Glade”, which I think you pronounce like the singer Sade, because it is an exotic candle that smells just like real pine. After we got comfortable, I asked Carla if she could help me with the lube. She looked at me weird, and I couldn’t tell if it was because she thought it was “too soon” or because I was pushing a mechanical lift to get the drum barrel out of the storage closet.
      So I “took the initiative”, as women like men to do, and rolled the barrel out into the living room. “Ready to tap the keg?” I joked, and by “keg” I meant “55-gallon barrel of personal lubricant.” She looked at me all shocked, and said “That’s it, I’m out of here!” I asked why, since she didn’t need to run to Walgreens for more lubricant – there was plenty right here. But she didn’t answer, and got up to leave anyway. Then, as Carla was about to pass me and the barrel, she tripped on my dog Poochie and fell right into the lube barrel! The force of the impact downed the barrel and knocked its lid off, sending 55 gallons of water-based lubricant across my faux-hardwood floors.
      Carla was completely drenched, and her momentum slid her to the front door – which she somehow managed to pry open with a pair of oven mitts. The last thing I knew, “No-Fun Carla” was screaming profanities and sliding down three flights of steps. I didn’t pay much attention because I was too busy trying to salvage the lube. I managed to get about half of it back into the barrel – the other half probably seeped into Mrs. Pulaski’s unit below me. I never bothered to ask if she appreciated the free gift of lubricant.
      Anyway, despite my “user error”, I was quite pleased with the product. These days it’s hard to find 55 gallons of scent-free water-based lubricant, and you can find it right here at a discount rate! I had to give it only “4 Stars” because it didn’t come with a lifting apparatus. I had to buy my own mechanical lift separately to haul the bin to my future “dates”. So if you’re ready for fun, “slide” on down to a high quality product at a bargain price!

      • This is a hazard! I’ve already lost two cats in this thing. There should be a warning sticker or something. I assumed the cats would float, but they sunk like rocks into the lube. And no, it’s not what you think. Don’t be disgusting. I was trying to create my own cat lube wrestling league. You know, for sickos.

    • PS4’s,
      Edit: Spoiler for Chappie
      so I can hook them all together like Chappie and upload my conciousness into a robot.

  • TAY RPG Pathfinder on tonight at 7:30pm AEST, 8pm ACDT, and 8:30pm AEDT. Starring:

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @beeawwb

    A new adventure awaits. What danger and excitement will you encounter on your next quest?

      • Not a huge amount honestly. Abelas is beginning to form his own crime syndicate, we’ve found out a little more about Lundgredolph’s past, Drewan has rediscovered his passion for knowledge, and Dem’nion is preparing himself for the next quest. The next adventure takes them to the northern Cold Coast where beached whales have mysteriously disappeared. The Fishermen and Whalers’ Collective have tasked them to track down and stop their competition.

        In short, not much has happened. Things are still very fishy though (@redartifice :P).

  • Had a fairly quiet weekend. Decided to knock a game off my pile, so played through Her Story. I’m still not entirely certain I have the whole picture, considering I’ve apparently not accessed over half the database, but the game says I’ve got a basic understanding of events and motive…

    There are clues pointing to Eve and Hannah being twins, but there are other clues that suggest multiple personalities… physical evidence (the bruise and tattoo) seems more reliable, so trying to rationalise the multiple personality clues (her hairstyle and story changing partway through an interview, somewhat sinister closing statement from Eve on the 3rd of July)…

    Played some more Destiny – got somewhat annoyed at the drop rates in sparrow racing, but all was forgiven upon going to the tower and finding a 318 racing helm sitting in my postmaster. \o/ No idea when it dropped… maybe a rank-up package. Not sure if I should keep pressing and try for a 320 drop, or work on getting my other characters at least done with their license quests for new sparrows…

    • I asked Her what she’s doing tonight. “I’m going out with [BFF], it’s Tuesday.” Um, ok, apparently this has gone from “I don’t mind giving up the TV on a Tuesday if you’re playing with your gaming buddies” to “I’m going out on Tuesdays drinking with my bestie”.


      So tonight, dive in and knock off a few missions, maybe a nightfall and complete the sparrow quests… then racing time to get those top-3s.

  • So I’m not getting to see The Force Awakens until Friday, so will be throwing my laptop, phone and radio in the bin from tomorrow until then…

    Seriously, avoiding spoilers is going to be a mammoth task.

    • I am pondering similar thoughts. Flicking through seatings at Imax which I would like to go to, it seems like I wouldn’t be able to get anything in a decent spot til nearly the 30th or so (never watching anything from the third row again. Four times is enough). But then the alternative is to just go somewhere else and see it there first, then go for the big screen again later. But then what if it’s not good enough to bother with that. And bleh ๐Ÿ˜›

      • I was going to do Imax, but then it isn’t framed for it, so I reckon just a great cinema will be my best shot. There was no way to get there on day one though, so media blackout, and now postal blackout will be in place ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Oh, it isn’t? I could’ve sworn that I was reading that it was made for it. Unless you mean the entire thing?

          For whatever reason I was under the impression it was like The Dark Knight, with certain scenes done in the full screen dealio. That was pretty rad.

    • Sorry to rub it in, but I’ll be watching it twice in the first 24 hours.

      I think you’ll be pretty safe on TAY though. We all have enough common sense to put everything in spoiler tags.

    • I’m not seeing it until the 26th. I reckon I’ll be so spoiled by then I will know the entire plot.

  • I just finished interleaving two pads of post-it notes. It makes a cool effect on the side when they’re offset.




    Unfortunately I can’t watch it no matter how much I wish I could.

    So close, yet so far GRRRRR!!!!

    • I’m starting to think I will have to avoid the internet in general for about a week until I see it next Saturday won’t I?

  • Personal Life Update

    So as I mentioned in passing last week, I’ve left my partner. I got to the stage where I realised that everything else in my life is moving forward and returning to normal but my feelings towards the relationship weren’t. So I made the tough choice to end things (though I could see it from another perspective being the easy choice) and try to get that last aspect of my life in order. The next piece of that puzzle has just fallen in to place with my application for an apartment in South Brisbane / West End (where does one begin and the other stop?) being approved.

    Thanks everybody for your ongoing support, it’s meant a lot to me to have my friends so quick to support me. I’ve actually felt really strong about things and I think I’m drawing a lot of strength from knowing that I’ve got such a great network around me. As one of my friends here at work said, she hasn’t seen me this “normal” in at least 18 months, and she’s proud of me for doing the right thing. I’m proud of me too. I’ve been saying that a lot lately. Feels good.

    • NBN Question: I’ve been with Internode on and off since 2002, but on the NBN their plans just aren’t competitive. I’ve still got my mobile with them ($20 p/m grandfathered plan meets my needs great) so I don’t need to worry about losing my email address, and given that TPG own iiNet/Internode now… I’m thinking about going with a TPG Unlimited plan.

      Anybody on the NBN with TPG who can provide context?

    • Sounds like a rough situation, but I wish you both all the happiness. ALL OF IT.

      Also, West End/South Brisbane apartment makes you in dangerous territory as the go to place for drunk TAYbies who can’t get home. ๐Ÿ˜›

      Glad to see you’re doing pretty well, man. Even if it means you’ve had to make some tough choices.

      • I’m going with a 1br apartment this time so I won’t actually have a spare bed, but there’s always couch / floor space. ๐Ÿ˜›

        But walking to work is going to be so great. I used to walk to work when I was in Adelaide and I loved it. Really looking forward to doing that again.

    • In these situations I always found it good to go for a cruise with some friends and just chat about stuff.

      I’m not saying we should pile in your Connie and fly around shooting things arbitrarily, but I’m certainly implying it loudly.

      • Well once I move in I’ll have a shiny new NBN connection again (silver lining!!) so we should absolutely do that.

        Before I move in I’m staying all over the place, so probably not able to do any gaming.

    • if you need help moving stuff i have my ute too so dont be afraid to ask.
      Breakups are hard but staying with someone that it doesnt feel right with is very hard. Sorry you had to make a tough choice but im glad you are on the mend. Also nob and I always have a open door and room. so if you ever feel like things are getting hard come over and have a chat.

      MY DOOR (and @sernobulus door yeah thats right i speak for him now) is always open. You guys have done so much to support me and i would literally do anything for you guys.

      • I might take you up on that, thanks for the offer! At this stage I’m moving on the 29th which is a Wednesday so might not be the most convenient for you though.

          • Cheers! I should be right for people power, in fact it’s only really going to be large items that I need moved by truck anyway. Most everything else I can do on my own. It’s not a big place (which is good – I like small places) so it’s just stuff like bed, fridge, washing machine, couch that need logistical shifting.

          • I KNEW IT.
            Ill all seriousness, if my plans change ill let you know and if i come back a little early ill let you know too.

    • I don’t really have any advice or anything to offer.
      I can say that I’ll long-distance support you.
      Unless you kill @rocketman’s hookers. Then you’re on your own.

  • Afternoon, TAY

    Had my work Christmas party last Friday. Fun! We went and did another Escape Room this year. This one was themed as a military bunker where we had to find a bomb and disarm it before the time was up. We managed to get out with 3 minutes to spare so it was a bit dramatic (got told off twice by the organisers for sequence breaking though :P)

    (It would’ve been better if we didn’t have one person who kinda tried to take over everything though. Butting in on people mid-way through solving a puzzle, etc. Really ruins the experience. If you ever do one of these, don’t be that guy! Still had fun though)

    Went for a fancy lunch afterwards too. It’s amazing how long some restaurants take to serve such small portions! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Weekend was spent Christmas shopping and Xenobladdering. I got a mech! Then drove it straight into a bottomless pit.

    • Was that the one in The Rocks? That was the first one I ever did, and it’s still the best. Apparently their other room involves everyone being handcuffed, blindfolded, and locked in individual cells… I really want to go back and do it.

      • Yup, that’s the one.

        We did one last year in the CBD that had us all chained to the wall to start (not fake chains either :P). That was fun. Had multiple rooms too. That was probably my favourite of the two (if only because that one guy wasn’t there for that one…)

      • My friend was looking at that one, I think. The handcuff one. Dunno why we ended up not doing it but I wanna ๐Ÿ˜›

    • I did that one recently, between the 4 of us we were two puzzles off. So much fun, I want to do their new one though. it looks amazing

  • There’s a season 4 episode of Stargate Atlantis (ep 13 for those who care) where Joe Flanigan climbs the Atlantis tower, and channels more than a little Nathan Drake in the process.

    Bits falling off the tower, swinging on beams, all the fun stuff!

    He’d still be my top pick for the role.

  • hello everyone.
    I have planned to do a series of RWBY bookmarks in the future, but I’m thinking of reaching out to Rooster teeth and seeing if maybe I can get compensation for giving them my designs. However, I have no idea how to go about this.


      rooster teeth has a policy for fanart that allows you to create WHATEVER you want, however you can’t sell it. a quote from /u/SirLarr to us:
      “RT will send out cease & desists to anyone selling art or merch based on Rooster Teeth properties, which includes Funhaus right now.”
      there is a process for rooster teeth to buy fanart from the community, though that process is initiated by rooster teeth and not the community (i.e., rooster teeth will approach you about it, not vice versa).

    • Feb15, that link above – Funhaus focus, but they talk very broadly about RT-owned IP. Not sure if anything changed since.

      Not surprised about the ‘don’t call us, we’ll call you’. Given their popularity I’m betting they get a lot of folks trying for the same thing.

      It would seem to indicate that your best bet would be popularizing it and distributing to generate buzz that would catch RT’s eye? Or, aggressively try and jump the queue – at the risk of being That Guy.

  • Got asked today by one of the higher ups if there is any chance he could get a laptop type device that can be connected to the internet and our company vpn 24/7 no matter where in the world he is.

    Trying to explain a network to them was just a nightmare, They think Virgin or Vodafone could do it no problems so why can’t Telstra.

    [* Insert Eye Roll and Groan here*]

    • you can do that, Some sat phones have hotspot ability, it would cost you a literal fortune though. I know i setup something like that for a guy who wanted to skype people while on a boat trip around the world. He was loaded though. also the transfer speed is suuuuper slow and for the price of data it isnt worth it. but technically it IS possible. just not practical.

      • Yeah price is quite a big object so that would not work, They would also groan if they had to charge the sat phone and speed is something else they definitely require.

    • It’d be incredibly easy to set something like that up. He can be anywhere in the world and the laptop can have full access to everything, internal and external.

      From his desk, in the office.

    • I went to play it, and it proceeded to give me a series of errors until I uninstalled it all and now it’s reinstalling.


      • I get between 20 – 30fps inside Port Olisar, but once i’ve left the stations everything works great! (also that above GIF was not recorded by me, just thought it was great!)

        • I’m running a 970, had to drop it down to Medium because even after going into space I was only hitting 20fps. :/

          • Orly? I’ll have to check, because i have a 970 as well but seem to remember it running better then that.

          • Yeah, I’ve had issues in Star Citizen (in the past) and Ark that some other users haven’t, so it’s theoretically something else in my PC, but it’s a consistent low framerate, so I have no friggin’ idea.

          • Also, my adventures: Get Booted immediately.
            Load in, spend like five minutes before I work out, and it actually lets me call a ship (which glitches out 2/3rds of the time), get out there, game crashes when I’m in the options menu.
            World is full, supposedly, so it replaces whatever the normal option is with the Hangar.
            Have to restart the game, wherein I fail to connect twice more.
            Get in, call a ship. Go to it, someone else has apparently done the same, or can just hop in my ship and fly off (well, a ship that I assume is on a free thingy, or something), because they do, while I’m trapped on the ladder, which leaves me glitched out 100m above the ship which is still apparently on the ground, able to only twirl awkwardly.
            After quitting, fail to connect once more.
            Finally get in a ship with nothing going wrong, and I hyperdrive(?) into the spacestation, I think. Or something, I died immediately, anyway.

            Going well.
            Going well.

          • Erhm wow, string of bad luck there ๐Ÿ˜›
            I had no such issues when i tried… Got in,
            took in the sites of the station,
            called my Avenger,
            flew off,
            spent 5 minutes working out which button will change my flight mode,
            jump to asteroid field,
            accidentally engage cruise mode and played pinball between asteroids for a little while and exploded ๐Ÿ˜›

          • The 970 drops once the texture ram fills. I’m on a Titan and I still get under 30fps occasionally though. I’m not sure if it is possible to restrict the 970 from using the last 512MB of RAM?

      • Mine’s doing the same. And the installer won’t let me uninstall (it just closes immediately). Gonna try deleting the folder and reinstalling.

    • Wait I’m one of transient’s friends!

      Sorry i didn’t get a chance to get you on steam yday pixel; I logged on to fallout for about 5 minutes then had to lie down as I had a massive migraine all day. Couldn’t even play CoD with jocon D=

        • Nothing popping some pills and rest didn’t solve =P

          One day… we will find each other like we were meant to c3p0.

    • Oh snap, I haven’t looked at Steam and missed this! OK, hopefully that’s all still there. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • i’ve saved the message in a notepad document just in case your computer turned off a something and you missed it ๐Ÿ˜›
        let me know if it’s not there.


    I, uh, got into trouble at work not too long ago. For the time being, I no longer operate machinery. With wheels. I’m leaving it vague.

    And I went to my company Christmas party! I saw my peers and bosses get liquored up to uncomfortably extreme levels. It was good fun.

    Video games? Hah. All I do is play the badge catcher on the 3ds.

  • Haha I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have plans for NYE since I just found out i’m working a 9 hour shift that night haha.

  • So the ABC posted this on Facebook just before, I think it’s kind of adorable that a Kangaroo has gone & done that after i’m guessing being rescued as a joey or after being injured & nursed back to health. But nope, get into the comment section & there’s always at least one SJW claiming how cruel something like this is, in this case the little guy wearing a collar.

    What happened to us? It’s a picture of a badass & rather adorable little kangaroo being all chill with some dogs in a ute which I think is pretty darn Australian, the only way it could be more Australian is if it was a pair of Kelpies instead of a Border Collie & Golden Retriever & the ute was a Holden one tonner ๐Ÿ˜›

          • SJW. Social Justice Warrior.
            A phrase employed by self-important arseholes intended to belittle / invalidate people with the capacity for empathy & compassion who express concern for the wellbeing / rights of others.

          • It is definitely often misused in this context, which is a shame, because it detracts from the original purpose of rightly lampooning the hysterical zealots who instead of seeing individuals to engage in discourse with, see only see only crusade targets and enemies to shame without any degree of empathy or compassion; so utterly self-unaware that they completely miss the irony and hypocrisy in that.

            I’ve seen some people ask, ‘Why is SJW a pejorative? I see nothing wrong with social justice…’ demonstrating a pretty baffling level of ignorance to the fact that there is a critical word they haven’t addressed. (I mean, come on, there’s only three words there. You respond to two and think you’re done?)

            They seem to miss the ‘Warrior’ part. THAT’S why it’s a pejorative. It’s not social justice activist, not social justice diplomat, it’s social justice warrior that they’re accused of being.

            It’s a criticism of the type of person who has a hammer and sees only nails. It’s a characterization of the attitude that they are geared for battle, not diplomacy. The warrior comes looking for a fight, not conciliation. Peace at gunpoint. The only peace they will accept is that they grant to the supplication of their defeated foes.

            The ‘SJW’ who deserves censure is the mindless fad crusader who doesn’t just react to obvious injustice, but actively seeks it out when there is none, resulting in a self-defeating ‘boy who cried wolf’ stigma.

            SJW, MRA… terms which by now are used primarily to hoist a banner aligning yourself to one ‘side’ of a battle line. A shrill and shrieking or smug, self-satisfied battle where, in typical modern Internet discourse, both sides argue AT – not with – their opponents until exhausted, before turning to preach to their own echo chamber of sympathizers, to bolster their belief in their righteousness and recover their energy for the next ‘battle’. It’s symbolic of the pointless and futile Internet screaming match, the death of engagement or debate.

  • Re-watched Spaceballs last night, now for A New Hope tonight, Empire and Jedi tomorrow night an I’m all set for Wednesday night.

  • Weekend summary (because the weekend just ended for me, you guys are some kind of time-traveling jerks)

    Went and looked at a house and it was nice but I decided not to apply because I got accepted for a place that I applied for. 2 Bedroom + loft area townhouse in Redmond, nice and modern and clean and well-appointed. Any TAYbies who find themselves in the Seattle area welcome to come stay. I’ll be moving in probably after I get back from Christmas in Australia, as I don’t think my shipment of goods will get through Customs in time.

    Caught up on all the anime. Except Noragami and Owari no Seraph because Funimation’s streaming service is a bit shit and also because I decided those might be better to marathon the last few episodes in one go.

    Played a bunch of Just Cause 3 and gave up on it. It’s a good game but the controls are a bit wonky, the crosshair is way too hard to see to aim with right, and the game is woefully bad at telling you which direction you’re being attacked from and highlighting targets. Plus it has some stuff that feels unfair, like guys constantly calling for more and more reinforcements, or dudes just appearing from nowhere sometimes.

    I didn’t feel like continuing Shadowrun Dragonfall which I started last week – it didn’t really grab me like the first game did – and I already gave up on Disgaea 5 because it hit the point that grinding was required to level up enough to proceed and there’s no good grinding setups or areas, so I was kind of stuck for something to play last night. Ended up installing the PC version of FF XIII and deciding to make another pass at it. Played nearly 4 hours, got a fair way into chapter 4. I’m… actually kind of liking it? The PC version runs way faster than the old PS3 one did, so you drop in and out of combat in a flash and I have barely hit a loading screen. Game looks way nicer too and that’s without doing any extra tweaking with SweetFX or anything.

    Went down to the Redmond Town Center and went to the big shopping arcade there because there’s a FLGS there. Surprisingly big place, actually. Since I’ve somehow ended up getting into Magic: The Gathering again due to co-workers playing, I decided to grab some card sleeves, deck boxes and a pack of dice to use as counters. Also received my Battle for Zendikar fat pack from Amazon on Saturday so I opened the packs from that. At work we’ve been doing a faux Sealed approach for people that missed out on the last draft, so set aside cards from the first six packs for that.

    The pulls were surprising. Normally with 9 packs I expected 9 different Rares (since they’re normally carefully randomized for drafting), but I ended up tripling up on one and doubling up on another. Not great cards either which was a shame. The rest of the pulls were fairly average aside from two Mythic Rares – Ob Nixilis Reignited and Ulamog the Ceaseless Hunger. Ulamog looks to be nearly impossible to play in a 40-card deck pulled from only six packs, but I’m considering throwing him in there anyway because of the hilarity of a 10/10 that causes the other player to mill 20 cards when he attacks. Ended up building Black/Red which is uncommon for me. Back when I played regularly (in high school more than half my life ago!) I preferred Blue/White or Green/Red.

    • I pulled Ob Nix at the prerelease. He’s a goddamned beast.

      Ulamog is tricky but you can play him with enough mana acceleration. If you’ve got any Hedron Archives or Kozilek’s Channelers, that’ll help a lot. Anything that makes Eldrazi Scions will go a long way too (although those are primarily in green, there are a handful of black cards that do it).

      • I’m very limited right now in that I’m trying to build a 40-card deck from only 6 packs. We’re going to do a draft again in the new year and that should net some more cards.

        Yeah, it looks like Ulamog works best with a green deck. You’ve also got the green land that lets you put two forests into play by sacrificing it, and several mana dorks in the set. There’s another Eldrazi that he combos well with, Conduit of Ruin. 6 colorless cast, 5/5, when summoned you can search your deck for an Eldrazi with cost >=7, and when he’s in play he reduces the colorless cost of the first creature summoned each turn by 2, making Ulamog an 8 to cast instead of 10. Don’t know if that effect applies cumulatively if you have two or more of them.

        I do have one Hedron Archive and a pair of Kozilek’s Channelers (plus a third that was in the other 3 packs). The channelers went straight into my deck anyway as I was *very* limited in bigger creatures with what I pulled, and 4/4 for 5 colorless is decent.

  • The Pizza Thief just came over to say hi and have a chat. Phew, that was easy ๐Ÿ˜›

    (was getting yelled at by friends yesterday for not doing anything >_>)

  • Haha, got a complaint about some of the word meanings we use in our antonyms game.

    it is upsetting to see that you are including slang words in this game. The word “loaded” is the past tense of “load”. It does not mean that a person is wealthy. Similarly the word “blue” refers to a colour in the cool spectrum, it does not mean “sad” or “depressed”. Tut, tut, very naughty. No need to murder the English langauage. Yes, I am a purist and expect better from those who design these games.I want to reply with “lol u mad bro?” ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Ah, I forgot how congested the postal system is this time of year.. Serves me right for ordering stuff I need online & expecting it to show up on time, heh.

  • Tomorrow night I’m driving to my local cinema and I’m not leaving until they’ve shown me The Force Awakens! Be still, my quivering bowcaster.

  • *looks around empty house*
    No one!
    *Fishes out check list*
    Day off – check!
    House to myself – check!
    Computer on – check!
    Coffee brewed – check!
    Music blaring – check!
    Elite Dangerous loaded – check!

    *throws pants into the corner*

      • Nah not yet ๐Ÿ™
        Probably not until late tonight or even tomorrow due to all of Britain clearly living in the past!
        But that gives me time to get some ranking missions done so i can get my Cutter!

        • The Cutter has a pretty absurd cargo capacity. Fantastic for trading and mining.

          And handling-wise… I guess it’s good that it seems to handle like such a gigantic ship should. But after the relative (and/or absurd) agility of the Corvette, it’s hard to choose it in favour ๐Ÿ˜›

          Holy hell outfitting it is going to cost so much though. Could barely afford to get most things with the beta discounts after a whole crapload of mining. And then on top of that building enough for covering rebuy cost too…

          Small ships. Small ships are safe ๐Ÿ˜›

          • I prefer small ships also (main is still my Cobra MKIII Which is being updated to a MKIV tomorrow) but for my trading runs, more cargo is better ๐Ÿ˜› so yeah Cutter is going to be my trading ship, MKIV for most other things….

          • Oh, you like the mkIV? People seem to mostly be disappointed by it. Can’t remember how I felt about it in testing, all I remember is that I think I liked the feel of the mkIV Viper better than the III.

            But still nothing’s as good as the DBS ๐Ÿ˜›

          • Both Diamondbacks are pretty damned amazing!
            I don’t know much about the MKIV Cobra aside from pictures i’ve seen and improved/more hardpoints etc, so if it’s just remotely better than the MKIII i’ll be all over it ๐Ÿ˜›
            I love my Cobra!

    • Don’t play Elite Dangerous in VR sans pants.

      and definitely don’t leave the door unlocked if you are expecting a parcel from Australia Post.


    • Anyone is young enough to date a highschooler*. just a matter of looking young enough to not come across creepy as fuck while doing so.

      dont know if you fit that category. how old are you anyway? like… 27?

      *of legal age, of course.

      Edit: but who would want to date a highschooler? they’re horrible people.

      • I’m 28 so close enough. I was at the dog park, talking to the owner of one of Alice’s friends. Said owner had just graduated from high school. Someone else asked if she was my girlfriend.

        Dull story, hence presenting the crux of it without context.

        • I’m 28 so close enough. I was at the dog park, talking to the owner of one of Alice’s friends. Said owner had just graduated from high school. Someone else asked if she was my girlfriend.

          *reaches for popcorn*

          Dull story, hence presenting the crux of it without context.

          *puts popcorn away*

      • NO DAMMIT, the word “blue” refers to a colour in the cool spectrum, it does not mean “risquรฉ” or “sexual”!

  • Someone is going to get disappointed, got 3 clients breathing down our necks for stuff pre-Christmas and I’ve got Friday off, Monday back at work, then Tuesday is our Christmas party and then we’re gone. To make things better, I just received an email from head office telling me that I’m doing interviews on Thursday afternoon. So, this afternoon, tomorrow, Thursday morning and Monday… clearly only enough time for two of those clients, and checking TAY.

    Any tips for interviewing?

  • I was going to call in sick this morning because I’ve been feeling run down lately and today is the first time in weeks I’ve not had any critical meetings or appointments. I even deliberately tried to sleep in to sabotage myself from getting to work on time because I find calling in sick less shameful than showing up late. Didn’t work. I rolled out of bed and got into the shower like clockwork.

    I guess this is a good thing. I’m just so dang tired and over it at the moment.

  • Helldivers on PC is ludicrously good fun. A bit repetitive but I’m a big fan of dumb shoot-em ups and bug hunting. I’m also getting a very strong impression of Republican Space Rangers which I’m totally okay with.

  • Starting to feel the hype for SW. I’ll be busting up eps 1 & 2 tonight and will have them on whilst hobbying. Getting ready to endure Attack of the Clones though. Haven’t seen it or Revenge of te Sith since cinematic release :B

  • While cleaning up my drives I came across my first test of Shadowplay, which was in Titanfall and god damn it that game was fun. I really wish it survived longer because I’d love to jump back in again. Y’know, after redownloading the 50GB install…

  • Wait – has Star Wars just premiered in the US?
    I thought it was premiering the same time as us?
    If so, there is a good chance that my mistake has just caused a massive spoiler for me via fucking 9 gag… Something i REALLY REALLY didn’t want spoiled.
    I hate the internet.. I’m seriously going to need to go on blackout until Saturday because i know people can’t stop being cunts and ruining it for everyone else.

    Pardon the C word, but if what i read is true i am sooo pissed. It would have been better to see on the screen than to find out like this.

    • Far as I’m aware Australia is getting the release first on the 17th but they’re still doing the big Hollywood premier thing? Could be wrong.

      EDIT: It’s not much consolation, but know that you’ve saved me from being potentially spoiled because I’m just going to avoid the usual places on the Internet starting right now.

    • God I hate spoilers. Perhaps my greatest hate on this planet. I hate spoilers even more than I hate spiders. Yep. That much.

    • Yeah, it’s premiered. They had photos a few hours ago of BB-8 rolling down the red carpet and it was amazing. The hype.

      Sorry you got spoiled, man. I’ll be entering blackout mode momentarily.

    • That’s what you get for using 9gag ๐Ÿ˜›

      Jokes aside, that is super shit. I think I pretty much only have to worry about here and Skype, so I should mostly be fine. Oh actually I’m still avoiding seeing the ads on TV. Maybe I should see it sooner just to get it out of the way…

  • I’ve got a massive ‘essential anime’ write up that I shouldn’t have spent so much time on and I’m not sure if I should post it in one huge wall o’ text or break it up.

    • How come you don’t write for Kotaku’s anime section =O We barely get any coverage on that. However 6 MMA articles is fine….. =,=

        • Oh I don’t care if it’s posted about; I just wouldn’t mind more anime based articles as a counter-point.

          To be fair techy what part of Kotaku is meant to be sports news?

          • That wasn’t pointed at you, that was more about the “Why isn’t there much Anime coverage” question. There is some but not a lot.
            The same goes for movies as well

          • EA also make FIFA? NFL? NHL? Some other random alphabets strung together because people don’t like actual words? Why not equal coverage?

            There’s also games that come from anime? Additionally kotaku is a website about games and an element of japanese culture as I understand it? Hence all the bashcroft posts?

            I’m not against those articles; I just wouldn’t mind a more even treatment of topics. I get more info about anime from neg’s posts than the kotaku articles.

          • The thing about the MMA articles which doesn’t really carry across from the US site is that they’re not published as part of the regular coverage. They’re placed under a subsection titled TMI, which based on this post appears to be for whatever the writers feel like writing about.

          • Yes. More articles on non-league football please… (not really, I read the Non-League Paper for that…).

            I think the non-gaming articles just represent the Kotaku staff writers’ hobbies and obsessive interests – the “otaku” part of Kotaku, and if we tag @markserrels and ask nicely, maybe a few more guest articles about some other interests might appear… What, other than gaming, climbing, porridge with blood in it and MMA does the Serrels and his minion army get a buzz out of?

            As well as video games, I’m fanatical about cycling, gadgetry and innovation (I’ve backed some weird kickstarters!), science and space, the natural world. And I have no problem with a large minority of articles on Kotaku being about stuff that’s tenuously related to gaming or entirely unrelated to gaming, if it’s interesting.

          • Some of that stuff is covered in Kotaku’s stablemates though- gadgetry at giz, innovation a bit at Lifehacker.

            One of the problems too is that in the wider Gawker network, Space and Science comes under io9’s remit, which doesn’t have an AU licence so won’t make it to Kotaku. Pity, too, because I love io9.

      • Maybe it is because I’m not interested but there seems to be a huge number of anime articles, would say they greatly outnumber the MMA ones. Although a bunch of them might be bashcraft single image ones, I generally don’t click through.

        • Eisenberis writes the anime stuff and he seems to loathe almost the entire industry from what I can tell.

          • Eisenwhatsit is new to anime, or at least came back to it in the last few years after a long period away from it. And sometimes has questionable taste, but I can’t say I’m any different.

            I think both Schrier and Fahey watch a bit but don’t really talk about it.

        • Email Mark with an outline of the sort of articles you’d like to write (or even a completed one) and see if he wants to pay you for it. It’s really that simple.

          Bit of advice if you do it: make it a tight 800-1000 words and towards the bottom end of that if you can.

          • I’ll stick to throwing it in TAY. Then I can state my opinion as fact without idiots popping out of the woodwork to disagree, plus I don’t need to worry about checking which shows are on Animelab etc.

            Also honestly getting paid for it would be tricky since I’m in the US now.

  • Yay!!! Just received tracking info for my Battlebull gaming chair!!! It’s being transported from the SE suburbs of Melbourne, so it ought to arrive at my home tomorrow… Woohoo, I’ll work from home ’til it arrives!!! Easy!!!

    Wait, I’m in Sydney for work tomorrow. This is going to be a clusterfuck of the highest order, isn’t it…

  • So Tiglet has perfect hearing which is good. She also has a good sense of predicting what they want her to do. The audiologist had to keep telling her to stop cheating as she tried to predict which side the sound was going o be and checking to see if the puppet was there.
    But another welcome result.
    She also got a balloon sword from the captain starlights while she was there because she had pirate socks on

  • So Facebook has been reminding me all week it’s been 3 years since I got the chance to see The Living End perform all 6 of their albums live over 6 nights in their home town of Melbourne at The Corner Hotel. It was my first time in Melbourne, and I had quite the time I even blogged about each night which is here

    • I heard the living end for the first time in probably years last week. Mrs Tigs and I were commenting that they are one band that really take you back to a specific time period and their songs have that effect

      • So true man. Whenever I hear Prisoner of Society, All Torn Down, Roll On, Who’s Gonna Save Us? etc it reminds me of my younger years when you heard them often on the radio or on RAGE or Video Hits every weekend, haha. The same with late 90’s early 00’s Green Day ๐Ÿ˜›

          • I’ll never forget the moment on Spicks & Specks when Chris exclaims it’s the song that both made & broke his career. He really seems to dislike it haha.

          • It was always one of my most favourite songs. I don’t remember when I first heard it, but I’ve always loved it. The main thing I remember though is people making fun of me for it, saying something or other about teen angst.

            I had no idea what they were talking about, apparently it was something to do with the lyrics but I couldn’t even tell them a single line of it other than the title. I just loved how it sounds ๐Ÿ˜›

          • They’ve had one or two okay songs since American Idiot, but yeah mostly ๐Ÿ˜› They’re great live though, that was proven when I saw them last year lol.

          • American Idiot is one of the best punk albums ever
            dookie is just happiness for me.

            but yeah since then not great. some are okay some not. But definitely a great band live.

          • Agreed, American Idiot really is a great album. Likewise, Dookie, Insomniac & Warning.

            When they tried to do the whole rock opera concept album again with 21st Century Breakdown it to me just felt forced & most of the songs were “meh” same with the 3 albums Uno, Dos & Tre that they released in 2012. There was probably one albums worth of good songs across all 3 ๐Ÿ˜›

          • I didn’t mind American idiot, but I hated 21 guns. I prefer their earlier stuff before they branched more into emo from punk. As for great punk albums, there are a lot that are much better then American idiot in my opinion. The Clash instantly comes to mind.

          • 21 Guns was 21sr Century Breakdown IIRC?

            American Idiot is an incredible album. Especially when you know that the album they actually wrote originally was stolen from the recording studio and they had to start over so they basically said ‘fuck it, rock opera’. And it worked so well.

            Personally that album and Warning are my faves. Like the earlier stuff, don’t care for anything much post-Idiot.

          • @negativezero Yeah, 21st century breakdown I meant. My favourite song from American idiot was St Jimmy, but I prefer a lot of there other stuff. Pretty much everything the international super hits album

          • American Idiot

            I really dislike that Green Day is in the same category as the Sex Pistols and The Ramones. They’re pretty much the antithesis of the whole Punk movement.

            Edit: Not to say Greenday is a bad band. I say the same thing about Offspring, and I freaking love Offspring.


            read the first line man.
            Define: Punk Music:
            rock music marked by extreme and often deliberately offensive expressions of alienation and social discontent.

            I dont know if you have noticed but greendays lyrics include
            “fuck America.”
            “All across the alienation.”
            “Maybe im a faggot america”
            Pretty much all of american idiot is about there discontent with the american lifestyle and they do so in a way that is both deliberately offensive and alienating. Just because they do so in more of a pop rock way doesnt stop them from being punk.

            I really dislike people who need such a tight genre guideline. Music especially nowadays is often very hard to put into a specific category and excluding music from the genre doesnt make it more special it just makes you more pretentious.

            Im sorry i just feel very passionate about music snobbery. Its like one of the two things i get really pissed about.

          • @rocketman Genres serve a purpose though. To someone that doesn’t listen to metal, there might not be a big difference between melodic tech death and symphonic doom, but to someone who listens to a lot of metal they sound completely different. Iron Maiden are still classified as a Heavy Metal band, even though the definition of ‘heavy’ has changed substantially since the early 80’s. Do they sound similar to Slipknot, Parkway Drive or Cradle of Filth? No, but these are all Heavy Metal bands.

            I suppose what it comes down to is this – If someone told me they liked listening to Green Day, could I confidently recommend The Sex Pistols to them? I don’t think so, whereas I’d happily recommend Blink 182 or The Offspring. To me, that puts them in a separate genre.

            Edit: Just out of curiosity, what’s the second thing? Is it people that take a seat on the bus for their bags even though there is standing room only? I hate those people.

  • Heytay!
    Been a busy week of renovating a man cave for myself. Hardly any video games played or whatnot.
    I did manage to finish Food Wars since a lot of people liked it. The only thought I was left with was “Of course it is” in regards to Soma’s Squid and Yogurt dish (which was just an easy way to throw character’s into compromising situations with a squid in their imagination)
    Apart from that, it was good fun. Mostly tongue-in-cheek cooking scenes and plenty of humor. My only gripe is that they could have condensed the last four episodes into two.

  • Mini-rant:

    Amazon makes it ridiculously fucking difficult to tell the diff between manga and novel releases of the same thing. Generally the novels came first and are better and cheaper, so I prefer to buy those. But figuring out which is which is like being the world’s greatest detective.

    For example. volume 1 of Spice & Wolf:

    One of those is the manga, one is the novel. Can you tell them apart? They have the same author, the same illustrator is credited in both. The manga has one extra illustrator, but you’d have to know that. Same publisher. The category for both is manga.

    Literally the only way is to know that the manga is drawn primarily by Keito Koume. or to notice that the manga page’s description has a bit hidden and that hidden bit says THIS IS THE MANGA DOOFUS, DON’T ORDER ME.

    This is me trying to justify why I ordered the wrong fucking thing and have to return it. :\

    • Editorial Reviews
      About the Author
      Isuna Hasekura’s debut novel, SPICE AND WOLF, earned the Silver Prize in the 2005 Dengeki Novel Prize with the series going on to total seventeen novels and both manga and anime adaptations.

      It’s the same for both products… now that’s just damn confusing
      …But if you look real closely you can see the product dimensions listed and clearly this is the best way to tell them apart

    • Guessing 0759531048 is the novel and 0316073393 is the Manga?

      Only because 3393 has “Book 1 of 7 in the Spice and Wolf (Manga) Series” on it.

    • Another example, “Is it wrong to try and pick up girls in a dungeon?” (that title always makes me smile):

      Which is which? Same publisher. Same author. Same illustrator in both. Neither mentions that it’s the manga or anime in the title.

      “Oh”, you say, one of them says “Book 1 of 4 in the Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Manga Series”. Obvious right? Well you’d be dead fucking wrong because that one is the novel. The other one the manga (Kunieda is the manga illustrator). They’re correctly categorized at least, but fuck me. I ordered all four of these and I’m honestly still not sure what’s going to show up this week.

    • Note: Yen Press don’t even do a good job making the differentiation on their own site so it’s not like you could search & order by ISBN. ๐Ÿ™

    • Hey at least you can return it in reasonable time… If someone in Australia made that mistake it’d be weeks (months?) before the right item turned up.

      That reminds me though, there were rumors a while back that Amazon was going to establish distribution centres in Australia at some point…?

      • Yeah I can get it back to them on the weekend. Amazon are pretty good with returns even outside the US though.

    • On a related note, I once went in to Minotaur to get an issue of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumya, only to find out that it was a light novel.
      Yeah, I was pretty miffed.

  • Sad. Looks like Soundwave is officially dead for 2017 & 2016 might be in jeopardy. Oh well, it was nice whilst it lasted. I do hope there is a silver lining to this & that big bands that seemed to be Soundwave exclusive come & do their own headline tours with a few support acts, that’d be nice.

    • This news has ruined my whole day.

      I missed the first one, since I only was informed about it the day after the festival (which killed me – huge Thrice fan), but have been to everyone one since 2008.

      • I’ve been to 4 of the last 5 and love the annual trip to Sydney with mates to check it all out. We weren’t going to bother with the 2016 because of the lacklustre line-up (plus we’ve already seen most of them) and the earlier date. But if 2017 was a better line-up we would have done it again.

        It’s a real shame it could be ending. But I guess i’ll always have the memories of my favourite sets. Staind, Godsmack & System of a Down.

        • Eugh Staind. Anything that Fred Durst touches is just the worst.

          Who am I kidding… I used to really, really like Staind, and I think 3 Dollar Bill, Y’all is still a great album.

          • The Staind set was on a smaller stage inside one of the pavilions. It was small and intimate and I just had a blast.

            But yes, Fred Durst is a knobhead. His self-righteous ramblings during the Limp Bizket set at Soundwave just annoyed the hell out of me. You just don’t play 5 songs during an hour long set and then fill in the rest with boasts of how awesome you are.

          • How good are the smaller stages! Arguably my favourite sets of the last couple of years have been on the smaller stages – Eagles of Death Metal in 2014 and He Is Legend this year.

      • I’m pretty bummed, since it was the only festival in years that ever piqued my interest, Big Day Out about 10 years ago was my scene though, then again I think that was the last time Slipknot played on it, so heh.

        Sadly I’m not interested in the 2016 line up, I kinda hope it doesn’t go ahead because it’s a pretty lacklustre line up to send Soundwave off to. 2015 however Slipknot killed it, I wish I could’ve seen them more than once so much.

        • Yeah last year was the second time I’d seen them at SW. The first time I was like ‘that set was amazing, they must have been having a good night’, the second time I was like ‘OH MY GOD THEY’RE ALWAYS LIKE THIS!’

          I do hope next years goes ahead. It’s not like there aren’t any good bands – Refused, Deftones, Killswitch Engage, Soulfly, Hatebreed. Also kind of brings it full circle – Deftones at the first and last Soundwaves… but what the fuck are Public Enemy and Prodigy doing on the bill.

          • I first saw them in ’08, first real concert I had been to as well. One of the most insane pits i’ve been in to date. It was pretty wild again this year too. But yeah they’re always like that, so much energy, one if not the most energetic band i’ve seen. I can understand why they mostly only play 90 minute time slots lol.

            Gotta have the token rap group man, Cypress Hill was there last year I think? There’s always been one group like that, Hilltop Hoods played another year I think? Also The Prodigy have played festivals like Download in the past, so it’s not like it’s too obscure to see them on such a festival I think..

            I would’ve loved to have seen Body Count out here at least once before SW came to an end ๐Ÿ™

      • Apparently the exchange rate is killing them, something i’d believe. But then there’s also the money they owe bands & equipment hiring places etc..

  • Okay, so, Essential Anime according to me.

    I’m going to break this into multiple posts so that they don’t get eaten by moderation. To preface, a quick explanation: these are shows I think are important for some reason. Influential, originators of genres or styles, a good grounding in certain concept or idea, or generally a top-shelf product. I won’t be listing anything I haven’t seen a good chunk of or all of, which means there will be genres that I don’t tackle (don’t ask me for yaoi for example, I have NFI. Same for sports stuff). In cases where there’s multiple options that work, I’ve tried to list the most important. I have a few notes on each about why it’s important, what it is, and which parts to watch / where to start. In cases where we’re talking about a genre definer, I’ve tried to list a few alternatives if the first is hard to get or you want something different (or want more). Also this is all my opinion. I’ve sneaked a few of my faves in, but there will also be some big gaps. If I haven’t listed something it doesn’t mean it’s bad, just that it wasn’t important, by which I mean you don’t need to be aware of it to appreciate the medium as a whole.

    So for starters, let’s talk about the modern landscape. These titles are all important for contextualizing the current market in Japan. The way that anime is produced, the way that fans embrace it, and the big-ticket trends in the medium over the last ten years or so.

    Probably the newest entry that will show up on this list. In addition to being a really solid show, Shirobako is essential because of the material it covers. This is a rare, behind-the-scenes look at how the sausage is made. Set in a struggling animation studio, it follows the trials and tribulations behind production of TV anime, explaining the generation gap between traditional and digital animators, the general structure of an animation team and all sorts of miscellaneous things down to showing the cascade that happens behind the scenes when the director decides to change a single cut of a single scene. Many of the characters depicted are based off real-life industry veterans as well. 26-episode series and there’s nothing else quite like it.

    Neon Genesis Evangelion
    If there’s a single anime that could be pointed to as the most influential on the course of the current medium, Evangelion would be it. It has enjoyed immense, lasting popularity and is has become iconic. It spearheaded a new wave of TV anime that focused on darker themes, psychological issues, and paved the way for more artistic exploration of the medium as well. Many of the best animators in the industry cut their teeth on Evangelion. Equally important was the merchandising side. It was Gainax’s first profitable show and they merchandised it heavily. This was the first anime where we saw a shift toward selling ‘character goods’. Rei and Asuka are among the most heavily merchandised anime characters in the medium to this day. We’ll talk about giant robots later on, but Evangelion could be seen as a third wave. following the Super Robots of the 60s and 70s and the Real Robots of the 70s and 80s.

    There are two ways to watch Evangelion: the TV series (and End of Evangelion, the follow-up movie that replaces the ending) or watch the Rebuild of Evangelion films. However as the fourth and final Rebuild film is not out, and the plot significantly deviates, I think the 26-episode TV series & EoE is the best way to watch. Again, there’s nothing quite like it.

    One of the big trends in otaku circles in the 90s and 00s was the rise of the visual novel. There’s a big overlap with VN and anime, with many writers working in both worlds and Visual Novels adapted to anime appearing just about every season in the modern era. Coinciding with that was the rise of ‘moe’ as a cultural phenomenon – you could write a doctorate thesis about the exact definition so I won’t here, but suffice it to say that moe is a catch-all for describing things as cute or attractive (specifically it describes the emotion of viewing such a character or thing). Of the big, culturally important visual novels, the biggest players early on were Leaf (with the To Heart series) and Key, the two perfecting what is known as the ‘crying game’. Basically a visual novel with all the feels. Clannad is generally considered the high water mark for this style (and has the better anime), but Kanon the VN had more of a cultural impact. Kyoto Animation’s 2006 adaption is the definitive version and best reflects the structure of these games. Don’t bother with the earlier adaption from 2002, it is inferior in every way. The best alternative to Kanon is Clannad, though it’s much longer. There’s dozens of other visual novel adaptions too, but Kanon is an extremely important one. For an alternative that’s quite different, try the TV adaption of Sakura Wars, which also played a formative role in the development of the Visual Novel in the 90s in Japan and was part of an absolutely monolithic (at the time) multimedia franchise

    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    Light novels are a pervasive part of the modern landscape. They’ve been around since the early 90s – the Slayers series is one of the earliest successful examples – and come in many styles, but there is a particular style of light novel that you will see repeated over and over in modern times, and Haruhi is effectively the prototypical example. It’s especially important when factoring in how popular the show was in both Japanese and Western circles. This particular style involves a high school guy who is lazy, disaffected or generally uninterested as the narrative focal point. He’ll end up somehow dragged into an after-school club, most often by an extremely pushy girl. Said club will usually involve a group of other misfits and weirdos, most of which will coincidentally be cute girls. The defining element, though, is that we are privy to the protagonist’s snarky inner thoughts. There’s a sort of meta-commentary going on where he’s internally (and usually sarcastically) but not verbally responding to the events and dialogue thrust at him.

    When watching Haruhi, it is best to stick to broadcast order. The series was broadcast with the episodes jumbled up, which actually made it a better watch. Watch both seasons and if you’re still interested, the movie (The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya) is excellent. When the ‘Endless Eight’ begins and the series feels like it hit groundhog day, repeating the same plot again a different way, skip forward a bit. There’s a few alternatives for this style, probably the best is “Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabu Kome wa Machigatteiru” for the style, but Haruhi is miles better.

    Genshiken is an older series now, but one of the first to truly focus on modern otaku culture and still has some of the best commentary on it. Set around a university club, the ‘society for the appreciation of modern visual culture’, it’s basically a bunch of nerds doing nerdy things and talking like nerds. There’s hillarious but incisive commentaries on 2D pornography, building Gundam models, cosplay, comiket, video games and many other things via the lens of people who are just on this side of being complete caricatures. Highly amusing, but you may wish to avoid the second season and third seasons as the focus shifts significantly away from the anime nerdery and more onto the characters and their relationships, becoming more of a sitcom style which largely misses the point. You could possibly substitute Otaku no Video here, but it’s much older (early 90s) and less relevant.

    When I get around to the next part we’ll talk about a few defining shows that were important to the western market much more than the Japanese market.

    • Interesting.
      I think I’m someone who struggles to enjoy something that is the starter of a style if I’ve already seen stuff that was influenced by and improved upon the source.
      Like Star Wars actually: I respect it’s place in history and impact on film-making and sci-fi, but it was not my first exposure to sci-fi and it honestly really has not aged well at all. Not just visually either.
      Metal too: I can’t listen to old school stuff like the big 4 – it just sounds drab to me.
      And that’s probably because so many have taken what they did and iterated and improved.

      Evangelion is like that. I only watched it a couple years ago and while I imagine it was groundbreaking when it first came out, to me it seemed just not bad up until the ending. Never understood the hype at all. Did not realise it’s level of influence though.
      Haruhi too, I got bored and stopped watching halfway though. Though the all over the place episode order really did not help in maintaining my interest.

      • The thing is, ‘essential’ doesn’t mean ‘you have to watch and like it’. Sometimes watching a bit and deciding it’s dated as fuck and you can’t do more is important too. It’s more about being aware of it and its importance.

        I mean, at some point I’m going to talk about how important Gundam is. But truth is, 0079 is complete shit. It’s incredibly hard to go back to and enjoy, the thing’s over 35 years old and the medium was in its infancy. Everything’s evolved. It’s like going back to Pitfall and then comparing it to Rise of the Tomb Raider.

        Some stuff has stood the test of time (Macross: Do You Remember Love for example, or all the Ghibli films). I believe Evangelion is a tricky one though, because it was so important to so many people and nostalgia goggles are in full force. I think that nothing has hit what Evangelion hit anywhere near as well since then, but I saw it when I was 16 and I’m 32 so it’s understandable that nothing’s hit that feeling again, I’m not a teenager any more.

        • Incidentally this is why I’ve tried to provide modern, watchable examples or at least suggest contemporaries in some cases, but what’s the modern Evangelion? Eureka Seven, maybe? That’s probably as close as it gets (Eureka Seven is fantastic as a side note)

    • I only watched NGE a few years ago too, and I’m guessing the then impact it left on the anime industry was that a lot more darker themes could be present in anime. The problem for me was that I guess I came too it too late and it had already left its mark on the industry – making me desensitized to what the show was trying to show me.

      I re watched the entire Evangelion series after the ending – and did a shit ton of reading of all of the allegories present – and it still didn’t click with me. I know that they fumbled the original ending with budget etc. but EoE still didn’t wash away the bad taste the last two episodes left with me. Now I just end up feeling bad for not enjoying it as much as other people

      • The issue wasn’t just budget – their content was so controversial that a censorship lobby group went after them, so they were forced to change the content of their ending. Still, the original series has a really upbeat ending, and people bitched about it, so they made End of Evangelion which is unmistakably rage-fueled. There’s actually rapid-shot photos of complaint letters they received at one point in there.

        But yes, its impact was that it paved the way for darker stories and more introspection, as well as more widespread acceptance that the medium could be artful as well. It wasn’t the first with dark themes (Gundam goes to dark places, and Tomino’s subsequent stuff like Ideon is very dark) but it was the first to sort of hang its hat on it.

        But actually, the merchandising change it ushered in is arguably more important.

        • Shinji’s self-realisation and actualisation is important. The whole “congratulations” scene was pretty cringey even at the time but I think the message that it sent, even if the final two episodes were a bit of a mess, is a good one to take away. I still prefer it to the movies, if I’m honest.

          • Yeah, I consider the TV ending to be the definitive one too. EoE I feel is just an angry man screaming about how upset he was that people didn’t accept his artistic vision.

    • Any time I see ultra-emotional stuff in magical girl anime, I can’t help but think of the Director from Shirobako.

  • So I’ve gone social media blackout until I’ve seen Star Wars. Surprisingly, I have had no difficulty reserving tickets to see it on Sunday afternoon, so said blackout will not be as long as I expected. I would have booked for Friday night or Saturday but I already have plans pretty much all weekend.

    Ugh. I’m sure I’ll get spoiled anyway, somehow.

      • Something something lack of faith something.

        I think we should be pretty safe till tonight, my boss was telling me yesterday that even critics haven’t been allowed to see it yet. Although they apparently had the Hollywood premiere on the 14th, but I’m pretty sure they would’ve all been made to sign non-disclosure agreements.

    • Chrome has a plug-in that blocks all spoilers.

      Sure, it gives me a warning every time I check TAY, but that’s a small price to pay.

    • That link text is starting to confirm one of my biggest fears about VR at this point – exclusives.
      One VR set – cool. Shelling out for many functionally similar headsets just to play the different games, not cool.
      I guess it’s just going to turn into the next console war…

      • Yeah, there’s lots of people harping on about that. I don’t really get the big deal since that’s all I’m used to ๐Ÿ˜› But the line being touted is how it’s exclusive to the Oculus store, not to the Rift. So eventually they’ll be supporting more than just the Rift and GearVR, so it’s more like how some games are exclusive to Origin or Steam, or something like that.

    • Disembodied ghost hands.
      Not sure about the trailer. Not sure if it is just the trailer and how they have done it but when they miss the grip and suddenly look down. If that is the game taking control of your head movement that will be potentially really bad.

  • Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star

    *Darth-Vader-esque deep breath*



  • 5 Minutes into Attack of the Clones, being optimistic that I was just being too harsh on Hayden Christiansen. He opens his mouth…. Creep alert 101. “You’ve grown too, more beautiful I mean.”

    Just… wow… Suffered through it, now I have to push through Ep3 tonight and I can be reminded how campy a New Hope is ๐Ÿ˜›

    • I see no reason to watch the prequels before seeing The Force Awakens.

      Squeezing in a viewing of Return Of The Jedi right now before I go to work.

    • I watched Episode 1 last night. What impressed me most is how they managed to find so many actors who couldn’t deliver a single line without it sounding stilted as balls.

        • A little of both ๐Ÿ˜›

          So far I’ve only seen the initial teaser trailer, I’ve managed to avoid the “actual” trailer entirely.

          • That said, I heard from someone the other day that apparently one of the trailers for this is actually really good. Something about the difference between a trailer by the marketers vs a trailer by the director. Though not at all sure how to tell which is which, so I’ve been avoiding all of them just in case.

          • I know two three things about TFA, purely through cultural osmosis. All I want before seeing a film is a one-sentence overview of the plot, and an answer to the question “is it any good?”

            Hell, I’ve booked tickets for Saturday, less because I care about seeing the movie asap, and more so that I can continue to peruse the internet for the next few months without having to navigate a minefield of spoilers every day.

          • Yeah, I’ve really taken to going into movies pretty much blind over the last few years and am considering just ducking into the cinemas wherever I can this week just so I don’t have to worry any more.

  • Just realized a huge plot hole in the prequel trilogy, can’t believe I never picked up on it before.

    In Return Of The Jedi when Luke asks Leia if she remembers her mother she says “Just a little bit, she died when I was very young.”

    But hang on, didn’t their mother (Padme Amidala) die while giving birth to them in Episode III.

    Well done George, well done.

  • I’ve got to turn adblock back on on the AU sites. I don’t know if it’s the same in Australia, but viewing from the US the site’s festooned with several flash ads that play videos and roll in a new ad every 30 seconds and end up slowing down my entire machine if I have a few tabs open. ๐Ÿ™ Was fine until the last week or so when these ads started showing up.

    • I did that and a big chunk of the bottom screen is a big red passive aggressive banner complaining about me using adblock.

      • Yeah, which is bloody annoying. I’d love to turn it off but not if it means slowing my PC to a crawl and having my laptop fans hit overdrive because of the heat generated from having the CPU & GPU running flat out rendering 10+ bits of flash video simultaneously.

  • Just noticed another thing in RoTJ that I never noticed before.

    Chewy does the Tarzan yell while swinging on a vine.

    • I went to play solo last night and found out I couldn’t because of an 8 hour outage for an expansion I don’t own.

      Despite understanding why solo needs a server connection that was still a really shit experience.

  • I was super excited this gen because a lot of the genres & IP I love seemed to be making a comeback.

    Then sales were lackluster (were they really?) & my favourite shit is mostly ignored. End of year awards go to games I thick are complete cack & I’m probably looking at another decade of my niche tastes remaining niche or being homogenised into other genres.

    So , the usual. Felling good. How is everyone?? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Wednesday morning “oh god, only a few more hours until new Star Wars movie” question:

    What is your earliest or favourite Star Wars related memory?

    I have a couple. Spoilered for length.

    When I was about 4 or 5 my Dad sat me down on a Saturday night to watch a movie. This was exciting, getting to stay up past bed time on a Saturday night. My parents had (and still have) a big wall unit that ran the length of the lounge room. In the drawers were all the VHS tapes we owned. But at the back were a set of blank tapes that had been used to record stuff onto. There was nothing written on them, they were just numbered. There was a small notepad which listed what was on each tape, movies had been crossed out as they had been taped over. There were dozens of these tapes. I wasn’t allowed to watch them, as not all contained things that were suitable for children (it’s how I first stumbled upon Alien when I was like 7).

    My Dad went to the drawer and pulled out tape number ‘4’. Everything just got more exciting. I’d never been allowed to watch one of these tapes before. He put it into the VCR, sat down on the couch and hit play, and ‘A New Hope’ started. My Dad still says he had never seen me sit so still up until that point. And the obsession began.

    On the following Monday when I got home from school, I remember going to the drawer of VHS tapes and pulling out number ‘4’. I was about 3 minutes into the movie before my Mum told me to turn it off, because it was too close to dinner time or something. I tried to do this every day after school for that week.

    The next Saturday, we watched ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. The Saturday after, ‘Return of the Jedi’. I ended up almost wearing all 3 tapes out over the next couple of years.

    In 1997, when I was 8, the movies were re-released to cinemas, ‘A New Hope’ opened on my birthday. In the morning my parents gave me a card. In the card was 4 tickets to see ‘A New Hope’ that night for myself and the family. My Dad told me that from the moment the 20th Century Fox logo started I was glued to the screen, wide-eyed. We would later also watch the other 2 sequels as a family when they were released as well.

    In 1999, when I was 10, I had my first midnight screening experience with my Dad for ‘The Phantom Menace’. Everyone has their own opinions on that film, but I was the perfect age for it. Watching it again now, I can see its flaws, but the nostalgia I remember from seeing a brand new Star Wars movie, in a cinema at midnight, with my Dad gives it a free pass from me. We would also watch ‘Attack of the Clones’ and ‘Revenge of the Sith’ at their respective midnight launches.

    I fly home on Sunday for a week and a half for Christmas. I will have to find time to go see ‘The Force Awakens’ with my Dad.

    • I can’t remember a specific first memory of star wars. It has always just sort of been there. I think the earliest memory I can recall is playing with my action figures.

    • I remember shaking my fist when LucasArts released a new Star Wars game.



      First Star Wars film I saw was The Phantom Menace.

      Yeeeeeah, wasn’t the biggest part of my childhood. It was only when KotOR was released, I got invested in the series. ๐Ÿ™‚ I saw the original series for the first time when I was in uni after my friends all gasped when I told them I hadn’t seen any. Return of the Jedi is my favourite. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • A have a vague recollection of watching the first three movies at my (at the time) best friend’s house when I was like 7, but I have a shit memory and the only thing I remember is the movies themselves.

      Easily the best memory is seeing Episode I on midnight release with the same friend and his mum when I was 12. Same as you, perfect age to appreciate the movie without any criticisms (which obviously changed as I became a jaded, cynical adult). It was an incredible experience. Having a massive crowd in the cinema that was totally invested in the series was just so good.

      Honourable mention: There was a delay in getting everyone seated/the movie started for one of the other midnight launches I went to (I think it was Ep II), so two audience members in dodgy Vader/Jedi costumes ran to the front of the room and started having an epic lightsaber duel with those plastic extendy sabers. The entire crowd got behind them with cheers, boos, etc. and burst into laughter when Vader got his hand cut off and then melodramatically died.

    • Starting up Tie Fighter’s campaign for the first time, flying in the cockpit of a Tie Fighter on the first mission, feeling like an actual pilot of the Empire fresh out of the academy. Just that feeling of “I’m actually flying one of these things I have been seeing in the movies!” made me so excited while playing that game.

    • Similar actually. Grandmother had an entire room full of bootleg VCRs, thousands of them. Everyone had two movies on it and when I was 5 or so I used to love watching Smoky and the Bandit. After a while I decided to watch this Return of the Jedi thing after it because I was bored.

      Started fast forwarding through Smoky after that.

    • when my dad died and i was 7, i was really too young to appreciate it, i mean i was sad but i just hated being in a room with sad people, i asked mum if i could go to the video shop and get some movies with my sisters, We each got a movie, my sisters got a land before time and little rascals. I got a new hope, we sat in the little room in the downstairs of my nonnas house and watched their movies first. By the time my older sister put a new hope on they said they didnt want to watch a dumb “space movie” I cried and said i watched there movies. They sat down and watched it with me.

      That memory is very precious to me, i dont even remember having a opinion of the movie at the time, i remember re watching when i was 12 and loving it but i dont remember liking it when i was younger. But i do remember sitting in that tiny darkened room with the aircon blasting us and my nonna popping her head in and letting me eat a bowl of pasta on the floor which she never let me do.

    • First movie I ever remember seeing was a new hope at my Dad’s Cousin’s house down in Apollo Bay in Vic. Still remember the stormtrooper armour and a lot of the scenes quite vividly, I think I was only 4 or 5 at the time ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kind of all snowballed from there really! To be young again hey!

    • Star Wars taped off the TV! My dad put it on for me, and I watched all three movies in the space of two days. I was about seven and that weekend, my path through life was set.

      I started collecting all the Star Wars stuff I could, mostly books. I did a massive project in primary school about The Jedi Academy trilogy by KJA, including an extensive map of all the areas discussed in the books, and the paths all the characters took. I still have quite a few of them, including the X-Wing stories.

      A few years later, the Special Editions released on VHS (I missed seeing it in the cinema), and I wore those tapes down to little plastic nubs. Despite this being the version of the films I’m by far most familiar with (at least until the Despecialised Editions came into my life), I still think the only good change they made was losing that Yub-Yub music at the end of Jedi.

      I loved Episode I when I saw it in the cinemas, but less than two years later, I’d done an about-face so severe that I started writing The Lesser Evil to prove that I could do sci-fi better. That’s a true story.

    • Easter Long Weekend, ’98 or ’99, Dad gets stuck looking after me, so I end up sitting in a room at the hospital watching movies all day.

      My first conmment after seeing A New Hope was that “that guy looks like Indiana Jones.”

    • Watching A New Hope when I was 5 and in the Women’s and Children’s hospital with pneumonia.

      Me and the kid in the next bed shared a TV and that prick kept trying to change the channel because he thought it was funny.

    • I had a VHS tape of the film and would watch the Battle of Yavin over and over pretty much every day when I was around 2 or 3. So that’d be my earliest.

      The earliest Star Wars video gaming memory I have was playing the Atari Star Wars game on my uncle’s system which I think was an Amstrad. Would have been similar age – he was still living at home with my grandparents, his first year of university I think? So I’d have been maybe 2 or 3 years old then too. I remember it because he had the Empire Strikes Back Arcade Game as well, which was the same vector graphics thing but there were AT-ATs and stuff.

    • Also, two more

      – I got the Crystal Star (Considered one of the worst EU books) for my… tenth? birthday. Read it a whole bunch and got hooked on the EU. Met my best mate in HS because I saw him reading a Star Wars book, and we both used to read and trade them. Haven’t seen him for years (he got a bit weird post HS) but I still have the books

      – I got Jedi Power Battles on PS1 in 2000. Me and my brother played a looooooooot of co-op, and that continued with both Battlefront games. We still play co-op whenever we have access to a console.

  • So I have a driving lesson today and I am super nervous. I like to think I am a decent driver but I can’t help thinking”what if”

  • Essential Anime according to Negs part 2

    (part 1:

    This time, let’s talk about the defining, essential stuff for the western market. I should probably note that Evangelion was enormously important in the west as well, but we already covered it in the first part.

    Akira’s honestly speaking an average film, but it’s a very important milestone for anime in the west. It was one of the first really mature anime brought over to the western market and pretty much marked the start of the 90s anime boom in the US. It’s also an iconic steampunk work which will often be referenced by older English-speaking anime fans (usually people yelling TETSUOOO). Otomo’s visual style in the movie and the manga was one of the major influences on modern Cyberpunk. Also Kaneda’s bike still looks rad all this time later. It’s only a single movie so the time commitment is low, but it’s important to add to the list simply because of its impact in the west.

    Cowboy Bebop
    Akira cracked the market, Evangelion ripped it open, and then Cowboy Bebop brought it to the mainstream. Aside from the music, the show was largely forgotten in Japan within a few years, but something about it clicked very strongly with western audiences, and it will be one of the first names to be recommended to new anime viewers by anyone old enough to have seen it at the time. It’s very good, a combination of many different styles and genres mixing western sensibilities with eastern quirkiness, and helped along by having an English dub that was much higher quality than average for the era, plus being syndicated on TV in the USA and abroad. One of the most memorable soundtracks in anime as well. The movie is essentially a side-story to the anime and is set around the middle of the show, but you can hold off watching it until after finishing the TV series. Samurai Champloo also had a similar impact in the US, though it was never as big as Bebop.

    Spirited Away
    It’s arguable whether it’s Miyazaki’s best film or not. Some say it is, some prefer others, maybe they point at how influential Nausicaa was or how every Japanese kid has seen Totoro or how Princess Mononoke was when Ghibli really broke into the western market. But Spirited Away is absolutely one of the studio’s best films no matter how you slice it, and it’s the most important because it has an Academy Award, something that I believe no other anime film can boast. This stuff is effectively like Disney to Japan though, as mainstream as anime gets, plus Ghibli’s influence has waned over there significantly. I feel like they’re potentially more important in the west than in Japan now, which is why I list Spirited Away here instead. You can literally substitute any Miyazaki film in here instead. You could actually consider this entry to be “Ghibli’s Entire Catalogue” if you like.

    Sailor Moon Crystal
    Anyone that was below the age of about 16 in the 90s was probably exposed to Sailor Moon in some way, especially if they were of female persuasion or had a sister. The localized version was a Kids TV staple for a long period. It’s also an essential show that would make this list regardless, as it’s one of the most important Magical Girl shows. Not the first by far, but for a western viewer that is unlikely to have even heard of Minky Momo or Sally the Witch, Sailor Moon is somewhat of a touchstone. It has most of the tropes – the protagonist is a ditz but is somehow destined for greatness, falls for a dashing dude at first sight, becomes a princess, fights against a cadre of enemies that summon a new stupid monster each week and so on. If you can get past the fact that it’s ‘for girls’ it’s actually a half-decent watch (especially the third season, Sailor Moon S). I recommend Sailor Moon Cystal rather than the original series, because Crystal covers in 26 episodes story arcs which took the original about 100 to do, and it follows much more closely to the manga so feels less formulaic and has some more interesting developments. It’s also vastly better animated. If you want a modern formulaic Magical Girl anime instead, you could try one of the Precure series, probably Smile Precure as it was the last really good one. If you truly hate yourself, it’s being released on Netflix at some point localized as Glitter Force and saddled with a horribad dub for the full experience.

    Dragonball Z
    The exact same reasoning behind Sailor Moon’s importance applies to Dragonball Z. It was a western TV staple in the 90s and 00s, and still enjoys a lot of popularity. It’s a fun watch too. More importantly, it’s iconic in Japanese circles as well. Shounen Jump series had existed before it, but Dragonball was the big one, creating a certain visual language (powering up and glowing, big hair, that machine-gun punch effect, the drawn out fights with viewers giving commentary and so on) which you will see in just about every Jump show since. Stuff like Naruto and Fairy Tail wouldn’t exist without DBZ. I’m not sure if I’d recommend the abridged ‘Kai’ series or the original, as each has their merits. You could probably sub in any other Jump show instead, honestly. Fairy Tail’s a good pick.

    Yes, really. If you do a word association with the average person about anime, there’s a better than even chance that ‘tentacle porn’ is going to come up. And this is the reason why. Yes, it’s tentacle rape porn (among other things). It’s one of the first examples of it. And it was released onto an unsuspecting English-speaking public. Many retailers and rental places unwittingly assumed that being animated meant it must be for children and stocked it in inappropriate locations. Eyes were seared, minds were scarred, and anime in the west is forever associated with perverse tentacles forever. No, you don’t have to watch it, just be aware of it and its importance. Originally a 3-part OVA, the western release was a movie edit which actually toned down some stuff. There’s obviously heaps of others like it out there nowadays if you wanted something else with the same sort of content. I’m not about to go naming names for fear of incriminating myself :P.

    Next up, Giant Robots.

      • I think it’s Mononoke for me. Castle in the Sky and Nausicaa are up there too. I also thought that When Marnie Was There was absolutely excellent too.

    • Aside from one thing on that list which is essential in all the wrong ways, everything else there is fantastic. Spirited Away made me happy. Pure happy.

    • Huh. I’ve never heard of Urotsukidouji. I’ll check it out.

      I’m tempted to throw down some weighty opinions of my own for both your anime posts thus far, but 1) it’s your show and 2) I’ll save that shit for your giant robot post. I’m probably going to judge your very soul based on your giant robot post.

      I really like giant robots.

      • Spoiler:
        Gundam (suggesting the original movies, zeta, or seed (but not seed destiny because fuck that shit) as starting point), Macross (DYRL or Plus or Frontier), Gurren Lagann as a classic-styled Super Robot with a backup of GaoGaiGar (because the old stuff like Tetsujin 28 or Mazinger are very hard to go back to). Gunbuster & Gunbuster II for the endings and because the Gunbuster March is the raddest thing ever. Evangelion already in the list earlier. Depending on how I feel, possible additions of Aquarion, Voltron, Eureka Seven or Nadesico. Nadesico is most likely because it has so many call-outs to classic stuff (Gekiganger is basically Mazinger). Voltron’s dated really badly, probably should have been in this list as well as it was way bigger in the west. Patlabor probably not, it’s extremely good but not essential.

        If you tell me that something boring like RahXephon or plain terrible like Aura Battler Dunbine needs to go in there then we may never be friends.

        • I’m not surprised at your main offerings, although if you didn’t include Gunbuster I would have just.. been real sad, man. Only thing I’d argue is 00 over Seed. Seed’s a faithful, pretty-looking kinda-remake and all, but 00 actually has some original stuff to it while keeping to Gundam’s more tolerable aspects. But really Gundam’s another thing entirely, I suppose. As for the fringe options, Aquarion’s great (I.. forget about the sequels,) Voltron? It’s design is iconic, but… I dunno, I’d put Robotech in over that, and that makes no damn sense when you think about it. Nadesico’s a great pick. Eureka Seven’s great, although depending on your reasoning for it’s inclusion and if I felt particularly dirty I’d very cautiously put Code Geass next to it, and.. mmnnnnnn Patlabor scratches a real good itch, and it’s kinda a good representative of a offshoot of ‘Real Robot’ anime, where there are giant robots, and they are sexy, but they aren’t the main thing, like.. say, Full Metal Panic, or more recently Gargantua, and it actually works better for those series because of it. Bubblegum Crisis I feel would be worth a mention as well? Ideon? Tekkaman? The Big O for the west? dasdhasdasdad now I’m ranting.

          All in all, thumbs up. Gooood shit.

          EDIT: I echo the popular opinion of RahXephon being Eva lite, and I’ve heard of Aura Battler, but never peaked my interest. To apparent good fortune, apparently.

          • I fell like RahXephon is Ideon lite, more than it is Evangelion lite (of course Evangelion is also derived from Ideon which is why they’re similar).

            Aquarion was great, and Aquarion Evol was fairly good. Logos is a steaming turd because Kawamori isn’t involved as he’s busy with pre-production on Macross Delta. Voltron would be there because it’s the canonical example of the gestalt robot, but you could argue that Gurren Lagann handles that already, and GaoGaiGar definitely does (it’s where we got “Symmetrical Docking” from after all :P).

            I disagree on 00. It’s accessible, sure, but the plot goes way off the rails in the back half and things just get silly. Also because it’s unconventional for a Gundam show it’s not a great intro to Gundam. Seed is the better entry point because it was pretty much envisioned as exactly that – a do-over of the original Gundam for a new generation.

            I feel like Code Geass isn’t a mecha show. It’s a great SF piece and highly recommended but not even sure it’s essential. However it’s more of a mechs-are-the-background thing. You could take the mechs out and make them magical suits of armor, Saint Seiya style, and it’d change nothing. Gargantia is the same, possibly more so even since Chamber is an actual character that sometimes has a pilot. Full Metal Panic is also the same – it’s a fantastic show and I’m still hacked off they’re never continuing it since The Second Raid ended on a cliffhanger, but it’s not really bringing anything to the table as a Mecha show that you don’t get from one of the granddaddy Real Robot shows like Gundam or Macross. That even goes for Patlabor, though I feel like Patlabor is more important because it feels like they put more thought into it than most.

            Ideon is super important but being a Tomino show it’s also a really hard watch by modern standards, and Evangelion covers the same sort of ground. I’ve never seen Tekkaman or The Big O so I wouldn’t list them for that reason.

          • I liked RahXephon for its music and the fact that its protagonist wasn’t a fucked-up whining pansy who reacted to piloting a giant robot in an entirely unbelievable and unrelatable way.

          • Yeah, I can see your reasoning for Voltron being the ‘combiner robot’ forerunner. I very much felt putting down ‘Gundam 00 (first season,)’ because, as you said, it gets… crazy. And.. hmm. I like seed. But adapting the UC’s brand of realism to modern standards wasn’t great. Newtypes? great. Coordinators? awesome, but you didn’t have to make the guy the ‘ultimate’ coordinator. Princesses? Yeah, hell yeah. Princesses and pop stars? Well, y’know, that’s slightly much, maybe? Protecting friends? Noble goal, A+. Wanting to protect friends and all life on the battlefield, well, you know, damn. It’s a lot simpler in the original Gundam and it’s a hell of a lot better for it. It’s why I feel like 00… the grounded parts.. are better- the setting and it’s politics are modern as opposed to ‘remade for the modern age,’ and it’s more relatable because of it. If I wanted the fantastical side of Gundam, sign me the fuck up for Seed, gimme dem crossbone and double ZZ and wing and G gundam. But 00’s first half gave me much more of a UC vibe, and I’ll be damned if I’m not a One Year War man. Funny I said wing, considering 00 is a bit of a wing remake.

            You are probably right about Code Geass. I only thought of it because of how it and Eureka Seven are top robot anime models for the 00 decade, when anime chugged along at a rapid pace for the west. Same with Gargantia, and FMP (although it’s non-comedy parts are quite good? can’t quite remember the anime compared to the manga) and Patlabor. I said before that theres a whole genre of ‘Robot but not Robot’ anime nowadays, so it can be all waved away.

            Shouldn’t really list Tekkaman, that’s kinda more Kamen Rider territory? The Big O was a great hit in the west, overseas popularity gave it a full 2-season run. It’s good stuff, decadent film noir with science fiction (and damn, that’s already good stuff combined alone) and of course, giant robots. Definitely recommend it.

    • Fun fact/late night reply (it’s only 11 in Perth)
      Bebop was given funding by Bandai, giving Watanabe only one real instruction: “so long as there is a spaceship in it, do what you want”
      In that regard I think it’s really interesting how it’s true that Eva obviously did have an impact on the market in terms of merchandising. For that your insight is great negs.


      “Watanabe often also often encouraged his staff by saying this will be an anime will be memorable three decades later”. Awesome

  • I haven’t been able to open Dota in over a week. Don’t know what’s going on. Updating everything hasn’t helped. Boo.

    Edit: Problem solved. Not entirely sure what was going on but updating of many drivers, Steam and a restart to force some Windows updates seemed to do the trick.

      • 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86 6.86

        Roshan is wearing a Santa hat

    • I cannot believe that Arc Warden got released before Pit Lord. WTF is going on.

      In other news, pretty pumped to play with the new update tonight.

      • I don’t think 6.86 is going live for a few days.

        Anyhow, I’m much more excited to see the changes to the map. New jungle layout, safer dire offlane (hard camp moved closer to lane and new camp near secret shop).

        Oh and that new item that increases range? I’m going to spam so much Vengeful Spirit.

        • Her new scepter upgrade seems pretty amazing as well. I just hope it doesn’t see Sniper making a comeback.

    • Hmmm…rain normally falls downwards. The fact that it’s going sideways must mean someone or something is exerting a great deal of Force on it.

      *moonwalks spacestationwalks out of the room*

  • @cffndncr
    referencing your post on the previous page.
    Just because a genre has multiple sub genres doesnt mean that they still dont belong to that genre. The idea behind genres in my opinion is to let the listener know the influences within the songs, so while a song lets say “smells like teen spirit” may not be very similar to “jailhouse rock” there are elements of elvis’s work in nirvanas, just like there are elements of The ramones work in greendays.

    Also fuck sub genres, music is so diverse these days with a million sub genres of sub genres and as someone who listens to a wide range of crap. I hate being told that the song im listening to isnt in a genre because it belongs in a sub genre of the genre i was refering to. Like when people say skrillex isnt dubstep, i understand that his music is different from what “purests” would call dubstep but why is it wrong to group him in with electronic artists who make actual dubstep. They are all electronic artists.

    The second thing i get annoyed with is bad electrical safety.

    • The second thing i get annoyed with is bad electrical safety.That’s the stuff with the main thingy you should do when you fix the power sockets right?

      • You don’t need to mess with the mains if you just short out the socket temporarily. Like with a fork or something.

    • I don’t mind sub-genres as long as they don’t detract from the parent genre. That way we can agree that both Nirvana and Elvis are rock artists, and then further classify that Nirvana is grunge while Elvis is rockabilly.

      Kind of like how taxonomy starts with broad groupings and then further specialises as you go down the lists.

      • I think the branched thing is what the genre system is supposed to be like but i think because music is a very subjective experience a song can be many different genres depending on who you are. With taxonomy everyone agrees that certain animals fall within certain groups. But music will never be like that when it gets down a few layers in genres,

    • Wait. Skrillex isn’t dubstep? Must have missed that memo.

      I guess it’s just a result of genres evolving over time. If Green Day had released their songs in the 70’s, I doubt they would have been lumped in with Sex Pistols et al. At what point does a sub-genre become a different genre?

      I mean, bands like Atreyu list Bon Jovi as a strong influence, but they are definitely from different genres. Post-Rock has clear influences from Rock, but saying that Sigur Ros and Gun n’ Roses were from the same genre seems a bit of a stretch.

      Anyway, back to my original point.

      I really dislike that Green Day is in the same category as the Sex Pistols and The Ramones. They’re pretty much the antithesis of the whole Punk movement.

      I think we were actually saying the same thing all along. As much as I dislike it, Green Day are a punk band, because the definition of what constitutes punk has evolved so much since the 70’s. Metal is another example – today, basically any kind of music that has a guitar in it can probably be classified as some metal sub-genre or another.

  • Oh, dammit. Completely forgot JB use Toll for their delivery service… which means a trip to Erskineville to pick up a parcel, because they refuse to drop it at the PO like every other courier. Which means either a long day going there after work, or rushing on Saturday morning. Ugh. At least their open hours aren’t just “9-5 Mon-Fri, F-U Sat-Sun,” I guess…

    • Ahhh Toll. What a PITA. Ordered my Rail passes and Ghibli Museum tickets the other day. Toll guy drops them on the table at the entrance to work without telling anyone or checking for reception etc. If a workmate hadn’t spotted it and they’d gone missing, that would have been an expensive $700+ exercise in shitty delivery…

    • The problem is that Australia Post charge the couriers if they accept a parcel for pickup, and therefore only have agreements with specific couriers (pretty much startrak only). Also can’t get those deliveries into parcel lockers for the same reason.


  • Urggg, just realised how bad the AUD is at the moment. Our $5500 holiday tanslates to over $8000. Thinking it might be more prudent to pay a holding deposit and hold off paying the rest and hope the exchange rate improves.

    • That’s the whole for-ex / currency speculation game in a nutshell, isn’t it? You could pay a holding deposit and then end up paying more down the track, or pay less depending on how the currency moves. A guy I used to work with treated currency speculation as a second job, akin to the stock market.

  • There’s a FLGS that has casual Netrunner every Tuesday night. It’s rad and I’m really enjoying going there. They’ve got a tournament on Saturday that I’m going to go to.

    In Netrunner, you need to have two decks: a runner and a corp. I’ve been using Rielle “Kit” Peddler as my runner and Hass-Bioroid: Engineering the Future as my corp.

    The Kit deck is what’s called a Yogosaurus deck, using a combination of Yog.0 and Dinosaurus to wreck face. It’s all wrapped up with an obscene amount of card draw and tutor effects to try and keep everything working. It’s not great but it works.

    The Haas-Bioroid deck is in a much worse situation. I do alright with it, so I’d be happy to take it to the tournament. I can’t. The tournament doesn’t allow proxies and I have three proxies of Jackson Howard in there.

    Jackson Howard is a lynchpin for most corp decks in Netrunner. He let’s you draw a lot of cards and protect you from some nastiness. Quite simply, he is the best corp card in print. Normally I’d just but the pack that he’s from because he’s important enough to have that it’s worth dropping the $20.

    I can’t. The pack he is from is out of print (being reprinted any day now) and because he is such a versatile and powerful card, the pack is also out of stock.

    That means I have to take Jackson out of my deck. Okay. Fine. I can do that. Oh. Wait, now my core strategy is much weaker and this is a deck designed to do exactly one thing and do it well. Fuck. New plan. I’m going to weaken the core strategy quite a lot and add in the SEA Source/Scorched Earth combo.

    It’s amazing how literally one card makes such a huge difference.

    I know all of this is gibberish. The important thing for everyone who doesn’t care is that Dinosaurus is cute, Jackson Howard is a boss and I’m going to kill some jerks on Saturday.

    • We really need to figure out a way to make money off your ability to inanely ramble about a ridiculously complex issue and then summarize those rambling in less than half a sentence. Maybe you should write gif captions for buzzfeed??

    • Look, I may not know much about Netrunner, but I do think you just need to play Counterspells and force Storm to win. #helping

  • I opened a Hearthstone stream on twitch. In the time it took me to minimize Twitch Chat, I saw a Star Wars spoiler.

    0/10 would visit again.

    • Leia and Luke are twins.

      Darth Vader is their dad.

      Anakin is a giant knobend.

      What’s twitch?

      Odd-numbered old Star Trek movies are pants.

    • Damn that’s a good warning actually; note to self only use Twitch on phone for the next few days where I won’t be at risk at looking at twitch chat.

      • Or what I used to do, not sure if this still works today, if you know the twitch channel name, end it with “/popout” in the URL and it should only show the video and nothing but the video.

  • You know those movies where sequentially things get worse and worse and more farcical? John Cleese in Clockwise f’rex. That was my day.

    Head to airport for 9am flight, find I’ve been changed to 10am. Get on it. Open 3DS…

    Sitting on the plane out on the apron ready to go, we go back to the gate and disembark, get bumped to 1pm flight.

    At the service desk, surrounded by a bunch of wailing people trying to get to their cruise ship by 5pm (…dreaming… ….anyway, if it was the one with 182 gastro cases, just as well…).

    Maintain smiling politeness and reassure staff firmly and loud enough for wailing people to hear that it’s not their fault that the control centre in Brisbane have made all these changes because of tennis ball hail in Sydney. Receive relieved looks.

    Head to new gate.

    New flight was then delayed to 14:35.

    I’m supposed to be on the 7pm coming back if I ever get there!

    I decide not to, go to counter, officially “deboard” so that I don’t further fuck up the awful day they’re having. Get in cab to go home. Find wife at home, sent home sick. ๐Ÿ™

    Still, I fired up the PC, ran the Elite: Horizons installer, paused it, copied the beta files into the new folder, re-ran the installer and very shortly after have a working Horizons. Woop. ๐Ÿ™‚ Where’s my new chair?

    • I think the update automatically copies the beta files over if you have them. I didn’t bother and the thing flew through pretty fast.


      • Not convinced it’s doing it properly – really really slow. Copy files across, restart – really really fast. hmm.

        Anyway. Now I need to fly back around to the human worlds to get some kit for landing. Then I’m going to build a base half a galaxy away from everyone else and sit there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • The weather in Sydney was horrendous around the airport – the suburb of Kurnell next to the airport had a whole bunch of houses smashed up.

      • Yes indeed. I’m not saying that the airport closures weren’t justified, just that the Bureau of Meteorology could’ve asked me if I was flying before they arranged storms… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Spaghett visiting, how are you all?

    What was the last song you listened to??

    I’ve been listening to one album by each artist on my phone and journaling it on Instagram, pretty fun

      • Volbeat? Like… the Pokemon?

        Volbeat was one of those Pokemon I could never figure out what to do with in Pokemon Sapphire. Not strong enough to keep around for very long, yet too good to pass up at the point in the game where it is found. Signal Beam at level 25 is pretty deadly.

        In all serious, I’ve never heard of this band before, but it sounds pretty cool.

        • Apparently a danish rockband that’s gained an insane amount of popularity and traction in the U.S.
          They’ve even been here last year for Soundwave!… If only i’d known them back then!

  • It’s been so damn long since I posted an update on my Dark Souls progress, I don’t even know where to start. I think the last time I talked about Dark Souls I was fighting the Gaping Dragon. Since then, I’ve conquered Blighttown and Quelaag, beaten Pinwheel, beaten Sen’s Fortress, and Great Grey Wolf Sif.

    I’ve finally figured out what my character build is supposed to be. I rolled a sorcerer and was trying everything with no direction. I’ve settled on an Intelligence build focused on dealing damage through my magic (now enchanted) battle axe.

    I remember beating Quelaag, then dying repeatedly before eventually losing all of my souls trying to get out of there. I didn’t have as much trouble with it as I thought I would, I didn’t even notice that many framerate drops. I had more trouble dealing with the Wheel Skeletons in the Catacombs than I did with everything else. (TIP: Don’t try attacking them from the blacksmith’s room for hours like I did, run around for three hours until you find the hole next to the Titanite Demon that you’ve been walking past without noticing.)

    Sen’s Fortress was hard at first, but quite easy once I spent several hours getting my bearings. It’s surprisingly quite short. I also didn’t discover the secret elevator that takes you the top for a very long time after beating it.

    I’m a little unsure on Anor Londo. I’m too scared to use the Anor Londo bonfire since I don’t know how I am supposed to get back to Sen Fortress, so I’ve been mostly bonfiring (totally a verb now) on Andre the Blacksmith’s couch, scaling Sen’s Fortress, going to Anor Londo, then attacking the Sentinels one by one for souls and using my homeward bone to get back. I’ve gone further into Anor Londo, (up to the second Gargoyle) but I always get shit-scared of losing my souls and bail. I’ve gone through a lot of Ring of Sacrifices, but I always make enough souls in Anor Londo to pay for new ones. I’m probably at a good enough level to fight most of the stuff there, but I have no faith in myself at all.

    I should go back to the Tomb of Giants and do a bit more there, but it’s one of those places I hate being stuck in, since travelling back to Firelink Shrine is a pain.

    After rescuing Reah, the wiki recommended I kill Petrus unless I want my rescue to be in vain. I think since I didn’t want to pay Lautrec for his information and I just killed him instead, Petrus’s evil dialogue didn’t happen and he was just completely silent when I would talk to him. His words during his death throes were sad and I feel guilty. Maybe my version of the game didn’t have an evil Petrus?

    • Petrus isn’t evil, he’s just a coward.

      Use the Anor Londo bonfire, you can go back to Sen’s via the gargoyles that took you to Anor Londo whenever you like where they dropped you off.

      Tomb of Giants is a dead end until you finish Anor Londo.

      Finishing Anor Londo gives you the ability to warp between bonfires.

      What I’m trying to say is finish Anor Londo.

      Stay away from the painting for now.

      For gods sake stay away from the painting for now.

      Anor Londo = Fucking archers. Have fun when you get to them.

  • Today was a mixed day. On the one hand, my little boy went and had his santa photo taken, we got some last bits of shopping done, and had a pleasant afternoon out. On the other hand, I spent the morning on the phone dealing a bunch of family crap. Gin and Netflix tonight.

  • So that red banner down there is pretty annoying.

    I turn off the blocker. It’s alright, I get it, I’m happy to support the writers.

    Now articles take 2 to 3 times as long to load. Page stutters and stalls when I start scrolling.


    Adblocker gets turned back on.

  • Started on season 2 of Fargo.

    Holy hell is there anyone who ISN’T in this? Spent most of the first ep just playing pick the actor.

    • Its so goooooood.

      Kirsten Dunst is incredible all season, Patrick Wilson is just an upright citizen, Ted Danson is always good.

      So good.

      • I almost went to joke “hey look even Angus Samson is in it.”

        Instead I said “wait what the hell is Angus Samson doing here??”

  • There is a surprising amount of traffic on the highway between Brisbane and Gold Coast at 3am-4am. Actually had to slow down in places.

  • Got a letter in the mail today from my company which has a leaflet explaining my COBRA benefits.

    People always told me I worked for an evil organization but I didn’t realize how right they were.

      • It’s related to health insurance.

        Wouldn’t have thought Cobra would have health insurance given that the daily grind has a non-zero chance of being murdered by a ninja.

        • Just because I know what it actually stands for doesn’t mean I’m going to pass up a chance to make up an acronym. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • I like Cost of Being Ridiculously Awesome. Apparently MS’s benefits package is the best in the industry.

  • OMG Trails of Cold Steel III announced. Since we’re getting I & II in English I feel like III is a shoe-in.

    Also new Ys confirmed to be Ys VIII and releasing in Japan in mid 2016. Really hope we don’t wait forever for it.

  • Hmm… internet dropped at work and killed my whinge/rant
    So, my mother lives in Cambodia and works for an NGO, which is all very cool. She moved over there after life being pretty shitty for a couple of years after dad died. She gets to help street kids, families and orphans and generally be super helpful, loved and needed. The funny thing is that, after 35 years of mothering starting at 17, she’s doing the carefree 20s thing in her late 50s, doing very little planning, not really taking care of herself and just letting life happen. Turns out that her travel insurance came up last month and she decided it was too expensive to renew, so she let it lapse – a combination of apathy, a lack of planning and a life with very little money making a single large cost look impossible or silly. The drama is, of course, that she has no money or assets, so not renewing her insurance is a gamble with her three kids’ houses and savings. Cue email that basically said “Nope, that’s not too much, bank details pls. Not willing to bet my house on your good health”

    • This happened when my Mum left my Dad. She had married very young and felt like there were a whole bunch of unfulfilled dreams to catch up on (spoiler: it didn’t work out as hoped/planned, and there are actually some experiences you can ONLY have when you are young).

      Chatting candidly a while ago, talking about love and loss, she was a bit taken aback at how much more dating experience her kids had compared to her. Like… a whole world of experiences.

      Being rejected, rejecting other people, falling for a friend – requited or unrequited, pining for a hopeless case, going through a gauntlet of first dates with no spark, just… a HUGE section of the ‘love and relationships’ spectrum.

      She also got a bit blindsided: she’d never really paid her own bills or anything like that. Dad had always taken care of finances. There was a lot of learning to go through.
      She fucked over Dad, but then got fucked over by her long-term boyfriend… The cycle of fucking-over continues. Life is sad sometimes. It would be nice if we could all be happy and safe.

  • Midnight screenings certainly have their ups and downs!

    Saw some cool stuff on the way into the cinema, like a bunch of Stormtroopers on rollerblades for some reason, and some people made an archway out of lightsabers for us to walk through before going in. Totally dumb and awesome at the same time. Got in around 11 and they played Duel of the Fates for an entire hour on loop which does get old after a while ๐Ÿ˜›

    Cake and I were super unlucky in that our screening was the one being covered by the media so there were a bunch of journalists and cameramen running around taking photos of everyone. At midnight they got everyone to cheer and holler and all that nonsense.

    Then they started a cosplay contest (Powalen you jinxed us you jerk) that went for twenty minutes. And in the end the winner was someone dressed as Where’s Wally because why not. So all up our movie started half an hour late. Really thought our audience was going to riot with all the ads they played in front of the movie. Bunch of dudebros behind us were booing every ad as it started and yelling out all kinds of hateful stuff. So that sucked.

    And then the movie played and all that nonsense was totally worth it! ๐Ÿ˜›

    The end.

    • I was fully expecting to have to watch a bunch of ads at the start (the last time I went to this cinema I watched literally 20 minutes of ads waiting for Inside Out to start) but we had none. A warning came up that the movie was about to start, then it switched to 3D and the Lucasfilm logo came up.

      the winner was someone dressed as Where’s Wally

      Whoever ran that contest is a failure.