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    Hoorah it's Monday. It's also my day off, so today is a good day!

    How was everyone's weekend?

      You lucky son of gun! Enjoy your day off! Weekend was awesome except for the McGregor and aldo fight...was expecting a war and got a 10 seconds!

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        Haha, I could get called in, which I wouldn't object to, cause money :P

      I'm exhausted after getting home from Brissie at 12.30am, and you get the day off. All of the jealous right now :P

        Haha, I don't think i'll be spending it relaxing some how though.

          10 days until Christmas. THERE IS NO RELAXING!!!!

            As a retail worker, thanks for the reminder I didn't need :P

            But as someone who recently just got a job again, woo money!!

              I'm on monthly pay. It comes in today. *segue to video of me dancing in a torrent of cash*

                Monthly pay, man fuck that :| Government job?

                I'm on weekly, I think i'd prefer fortnightly though..

                  Nah I'm working for a fleet management company. I like my job though :)


                  Haha if we had paper money I would buy this shit out of this XD

      There was a metaphorical ten-car pile-up in my workload this week, so I'm looking at the very real possibility of cancelling my leave for next week.


    On Thursday night I got up to the skell license in xenoblade, then I had to spend the next three days at a wedding I didn't particularly feel like going to.

    It was torture, but soon I'll have my skell.

    Friday night was work Christmas Party which was average.
    Saturday did a heap of work around the house and then had a mates 30th which was great.
    Sunday was the kids Christmas party which was tough to front up to after the previous nights antics.
    absolutely zero gaming :(

    Hey guys, a question for people with kids. When did you get the little one into gaming and what games did you guys play together? I've got a two year old so I think it's still very early but I'm curious to know other people's experience.

      Mario Kart 8 was my kid's first game, and she'd only just turned four when she first played it. Since then, she's dabbled with New Super Mario Bros on DS, but is far more interested in apps and educational things like Literacy Planet and Mathletics.

        It's awesome that she is interested in the educational games/apps. I hope my little one is the same but also that she shares my passion for gaming however I won't push it if she doesn't. Although one of my dreams is to teach her how to build a PC when she is a little older :)

      Our little dude has been playing things since he realised that controllers are for pressing, not eating. He loves all things Nintendo (Super Mario 3D World, Captain Toad, Yoshi's Woolly World, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Pokemon). Yoshi and Captain Toad are both great games for little ones, but still fun enough for the grown ups who are playing along. Also Mario Maker. The Lego games are also great (We love Lego Batman)

      It's just a personal choice for us, but we tend to stick to games on the consoles/TV to encourage sharing and taking a break and reserve the 2DS games for long car trips or plane rides (or PAX!).

      My best advice is to set clear limits on game time, and enforce them from the start. It's super tempting to get lots of quiet time by letting them play whenever they want, but they really need to do all the hands-on, social play with blocks and crayons and playdough and sand and with other kids. Games are good when they're sick or when it's horrible outside.

      There's lots of other ways you can get them into gaming without actually using a screen, like toys, collector cards (pokemon cards are still cool). My son likes making mario levels out of duplo.

        Yeah this is what I was thinking as well. I'm not a massive fan of letting her play with phones/iPads so I think a console and the TV will be the way to go. So what would you say is a reasonable time to allow them to play? Do you count game time and TV time as one? I was thinking an hour would be enough and, like you mentioned, only when it's raining outside etc.

        My parents didn't have an understanding of games so I was basically allowed to play whatever I wanted for as long as I wanted. I was more inclined to be outside playing soccer anyway so I was lucky in that sense.

          You'll definitely know when there's been too much! It's really like everything else, don't let them boss you around, and be prepared to play mean parent and revoke the privilege if they take it for granted. I think learning balance is going to be far more important for kids these days than simplistic time limits. Screens are unavoidable these days, so learning to put them down when you have more important things to do is an important skill.

          Oh, and he also likes bikes :

      Mario Kart, Pacman, Journey.
      For a 2 yr old, the Duplo games on the iphone are frigging fantastic.

        I'll check Duplo out although we don't have iphones so hopefully it's also on Android, thanks!

      I got him some kinect Disney thing cos he loves Cars. Probably started appreciating it at around 4.

      Before that he enjoyed Guacamelee a bit.

      Yes been playing Sonic Racing Transformed since he was 3 because he has better taste than most.

      Now he's right into LEGO Star Wars III.

      Her play anything if he could, my wife won't let him cos she's a jerk.

      Hes 5.

        Oh, he plays Angry Birds & some other iPad crap too.

        haha yeah my mrs is the same! It's hard trying to smash Fallout 4 when she is constantly on my case about playing too much! I'd imagine she'd be the same with the little one...

          Yep :-(

          Before he was born, we used to play Warriors Orochi together & she played so much Phantom Hourglass there was nothing left to do.


          Now games are bad apparently

    Two more sleeps until The Force Awakens.

      I thought that was out boxing day? Well then.

        Yeah I convinced my girlfriend to wait and see it with me when I fly up on Boxing Day. Then she realised she'd be waiting a week hahaha. Queue pants of the cranky variety XD

        Midnight launch Wednesday night/Thursday morning \o/

          That's cool. But damn, I have no idea how I managed to miss that it was releasing this week.

        Either @Shane barely sleeps or he sleeps a lot?

      Avoiding spoolers until I can see it is going to be frigging near impossible.
      Two days of analogue time, coming up.

    So, Star Citizen alpha 2.0 is live.
    So far I've played headbutt with another ship till I died, got stranded in space when I hit eject instead of exit seat, shot space rats, shot possibly another player, Eva a bit, crashed into an asteroid, stopped at a space servo, explored a creepy abandoned space station, had my ship stolen and got shot in the head.
    Also several ctd and got stuck crossways through a ladder.
    It's shaping up pretty good.

      I'm shocking, I backed the game and just completely lost interest after so much hype and no playable stuff happened. How do I get the alpha and try it out? Is it worth it? Should I just stay hidden in my little box and wait some more?

        If you backed with alpha access and a ship just download the launcher, download the game (many gigs) and away you go.
        It's a great time to start paying attention imo. 2.0 is basically the first chunk of the persistent universe and with updated ship physics and Eva/Fps mechanics you get a real sense of what the game is gonna be like.
        Still definitely alpha tho, so prepare for bugs.

          Cool, I might give it a go if I have some spare time :)

      How big is it? I feel like I heard ~20 odd gig being thrown around at one point or another. I'd be curious enough to check it out on one of their freeplay weekends they seem to do every now and then, but it'd take me that long just to download the damn thing at that size.

        Was 30GB for me, and I already had V1.3 installed.
        Pretty sure it was re-downloading the entire thing, does this every time.


          Not to keep on the comparison/fanboy war at all, but I really like that Elite is only a few gig, and mostly just downloads the new stuff you need. Not entirely certain but I'm pretty sure when betas end and the live version starts, it might even just copy the last beta stuff over to the live directory if you have it, which is great.

            Well if we're starting wars we could compare the amount of gigs with the amount of unique content.
            But we are all civilised people here :p

              Part of it came down to them redoing the game as a 64 bit app IIRC

              We are? But I heard there were-

              *pauses to scan room*

              console users around here.

                PEASANTS! I'm on to you lot, with your airs of faux civility! It's like a cargo cult of chittering chimpanzees, wearing top-hats and monocles and... hm. I had a classist rant to go with here with some astounding PC elitism, but now I think I really need to google image search chimpanzees with monocles and top-hats.

      I've been waiting till tonight to get the download done (net cap resets tomorrow). Keen as hell to see where it's all up to, but I wish my Freelancer was flyable. I'll have to be content with my M50 for now (which I totally am).

        Was it you that had a Connie? I believe that's flyable now.

          No, unfortunately. I've been tempted several times to trade up using my Freelancer or M50 but honestly I love both these ships and not having a Connie from the start gives me something to aspire to.

          I think @beeawwb has one?

    So operation sneaky bastard was a success as I mentioned on Friday, spent the rest of the weekend playing supportive house husband/boyf for the girlfriend in Brissie. Met a lot of her friends for the first time too and apparently I have passed the test ^_^

    The only hurdle left is the brother whom I haven't met... At least he likes Star Wars and Pokemon, right?

      With any luck he hates the prequels and loves the original trilogy.

        He's the same age as me so it's a fair guess that's the case! Fingers crossed :D

          ... do you have a contingency plan in place in case he says Jar Jar is the highlight of the series?

            Realise that no matter what he thinks of me, he's a broken human being :)

    Howdy TAYbies!

    Hope everyone's weekend was great. I finally moved in with Rockets on the weekend. Spent most of my Saturday morning packing the last of my stuff, (computer/consoles/etc... you know, the necessities) and spent Saturday afternoon moving it all it. The remainder of the weekend Rockets and I marathoned Star Wars, it was great. I always hold the movies in high regards in my mind but always get surprised with how good they are when I rewatch them.

    Anyway my movie preference order (from best to terrible *cough* episode 1 *cough* is: 5>6>4>3>2>1

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      Oh also, when I say we watched the Star Wars movies I mean we watched them in machete order. So 4-5-2-3-6 which thankfully means, NO EPISODE 1 \o/ \o/ \o/

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        It has to be 4-5-6 and then if you absolutely must watch the prequel trilogy then 1-2-3. Can't understand how anyone can watch them in any other order.

        Only ever seen the prequel trilogy once (when they were first released in the cinema) and even though I now own them on DVD I honestly don't know if I'll ever watch them again.

      5 > 4 > 6 > 3 > 2 > 1 for me.

      If you haven't already, check out The Clone Wars series (it's on Netflix) and the Rebels series (it's not on Netflix). They're both part of the new canon and seasons 4-5 of The Clone Wars are particularly good.

        Also Clone Wars, the 2d animated one by Genndy Tartakovsky is rad.

          Yeah Clone Wars was a 100x better than the animated crap Lucas made. At least Rebels seems somewhat decent though.

            The Clone Wars gets good after the first season, and its later seasons are really well received, so dismissing it out of hand is a bit harsh. I hate the stilted animation that their 3d stuff has though. Lacks any sort of charm.

              So much of the series just felt shallow; especially in comparison to what Genndy Tartakovsky did. His 10-15min episodes had so much more depth and character to them.

              That said I enjoyed the clone trooper episodes but everything else was just far-fetched (yes even for star wars). I mean for crying out loud they introduced magic! and zombies! and voodoo! and let's not forget force deities.

                I'll praise the Genndy Tartakovsky stuff for a lot of things, but character development really isn't one of them.

                  With his series I felt the character development went unsaid. Like anakin freeing those mutated aliens or the glimpses into what drove Greivous as a person. A lot can be developed if left unsaid.

                  In contrast the clone wars from Lucas was like - This is what's developing. Right now. In bold. Oh we also underlined it in case you missed it. Oh btw we also have fireballs and demon hunters now.

                  @pupp3tmast3r: Yes, Clone Wars had some stupid bits around Darth Maul and Dathomir. But at the same time it really got good. The first season was ropey as fuck but by the time they got to season 2 they'd really hit a good stride and 3 and 4 have a ton of subtlety to them. Rebels is probably better, sure, but not by much.

                  Also I think you can blame some of the more outlandish bullshit on the Expanded Universe. And the worst thing is that thanks to them incorporating some of that stuff, it's canon. Stupid shit like the Dathomir Force Witches. :(

        No internet yet, but I will check it out when we finally so get it.

        I felt that The Clone Wars stumbled big time when in one episode, some Mon Cal (presumably) died by falling slowly into a large underwater chasm.
        Fish people. Underwater.
        What even.

          How slowly? Maybe the impact killed them? People die from jumping off bridges into water...

          Or was it all underwater anyway? In which case maybe a pressure-crush situation, where getting dragged by impossible currents into the depths is worse than falling to your death. Especially thanks to the unholy creatures that live in those inhospitable conditions....

            Whole thing was underwater, the Mon Cal were conscious and were not injured, and it occurred at a depth that was survivable for the Mon Cal.

          I just assumed they were sucked down by a current or something.

      People gonna hate me... I liked Ep 1 the most out of all the prequels :B Hayden Christiansen just does my head in so much when watching Eps 2 & 3...

        I put 2 below one. 1 is a bad movie, make no mistakes, but its biggest crime is that it's not really Star Wars. 2 attempts to rectify that mistake, and makes everything even worse in the process, but it panders slightly more to the fans, which I think is why it tends to rate slightly above on average.

          I agree that it's not a great Star Wars film. Still better as a film than 2&3 though hahahaha.

        he is a fucking creeper, like darth vader force chokes 4 of his admirals is empire strikes back and i still feel like teenage anakin is a bigger fuckwit.
        still there is alot of enjoyment and fun to be had in the prequels. just not the attention to detail which made the originals brilliant.

          Padme "Hi Anakin"
          *stares creepily at Padme for 5 minutes*

            he was undressing us with his eyes
            soo creepy.

              I had nightmares about his creepy staring.

                its okay i heard you moving around in your sleep and i came and stared at you until you stopped having the nightmare.

                  Plot twist, Anakin IS THE NIGHTMARE *runs around shouting*

          He so fucking is. And such a petulant shit. "I don't like sand waaa waaa waaa" ORRR "Fuck sand, them Tusken pricks killed my mother. VENGEANCE!!!!!!!!!!"

          Instead he just mopes around like an entitled emo prick who has been coddled.

          Vader taking out those guys in ep 5 is the best. Just the increasingly nervous admirals every time it cuts back to the star destroyer and he promotes a new one is comedy gold.

          Everyone that Vader chokes in those films either fucked up badly (Needa) or is a complete asswipe (Motti) or both (Ozzel). You don't see him choking people that are actually good at their jobs like Tarkin or Veers.

          Also I can only think of those three examples of him choking officers. Who was the 4th?

      I've never bothered trying to rank the movies, but I can never truly hate Ep 1. Aside from the fact that I was young enough to not notice a lot of the flaws when it came out (excluding Anakin...ugh) it was my first midnight launch cinema experience, and it has Liam Neeson in it.

      Honestly, between Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor and the brilliant lightsaber battles, I will never outright hate 1-3. Granted, they have some amazingly bad parts (god damned Anakin...ugh). I've actually been meaning to rewatch them with the Jar Jar theory in mind to personally see how well it all works, but doubt I'm going to get there before Wednesday night.

      I blame little orphan Annie (fucks sake Anakin...ugh).

        I think the people who hate the prequels completely ignore the brilliant lightsaber battles and action sequences in them, like anakin vs obi wan is completely amazingly ridiculous but its soo fun to watch, like stupid fun.

          That's pretty much why I rank episode 3 the best prequel. Also Anakin is about 90% less creepy.

            Is he? *murders room full of children* trolololol NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *derp*

              technically he does that in Episode 2 aswell. Or do Tuscan raider children not count as children?

                They're clearly monsters. Also it's even worse with the Tusken children. I've seen potatoes with more convincing facial expressions than Hayden Christiansen when he looks supposedly sullen....Dafuq...

                  Hayden Christiansen gets a bad wrap because of Star Wars, but he can actually act. Sure, he needs a better agent to help him pick his movies, but "Life As A House" shows he can do it (he even got nominated for a Golden Globe for best supporting actor in it).

                  Yeah, but no one turned in a good performance in those movies. No one.

                  @cakesmith I have heard this a lot, he's still a weak link in the movies IMO.

                  @shane you're right, even Ewan looked positively bored by the third prequel.

                  I've seen footage of Lucas 'directing' the prequels and I've never seen someone communicate less when in charge of something. And I worked for a multinational for 7 years... Empire is the best because the director was the best. I wish the same had happened for the prequels. Ahh well. What's done is done!

                  Hayden Christensen. And he's actually a good actor. No actor could have delivered that shit script with those awful lines under that sort of direction and environment and made it a good performance.

                  Hell, the fact that actors of the caliber of Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman come across so mediocre tells you everything. Some fresh-faced kid working on his first major motion picture in the lead role had no chance. Ruined his career too, since people hated the character and thought that the shit character and mediocre performance meant a shit actor, and it's not the case.

          Lightsaber battles are the only redeeming feature of the first ep.

          And honestly, they did a better job in Ep1's battles than 2 and 3 with the exaggerated jumping and flipping. I mean, I get that given their Force abilities some exaggerated mobility is possibly more likely than just really impressive sword-fight choreography, but dude...

          Because watch the light saber battle from Ep1 then compare to Obi Wan vs Vader in Ep4.
          It's ridiculous. Utterly laughable. I've seen children fake lightsaber fight with more aggression and agility than that.

            we will have to agree to disagree, i thought the ridiculousness was fun and silly and stupid.

              Well, it was silly and stupid, for sure. Two outta three ain't bad. :)

        I thought Liam Neeson was the 2nd worse thing in Ep1

      Polygon posted a cut someone did of episode 1 that was basically with the bullshit removed and I really enjoyed it, much more than the first one. Cut out basically every major Jar Jar fucking around scene, turned the Nemoidians and Gungans into aliens that spoke some alien speech that was subtitled so no dumb voices, cut all the awful 'romance' dialogue, the Midichlorian bullshit and a bunch of other stuff. The core of that film is actually not that bad, it turns out.

      Regardless, 5 > 4 > 6 > 3 > 1 > 2. Attack of the Clones is just a fucking shitshow the entire way through. Awful dialogue, awful plot, awful everything. Literally the only good thing the entire film is that effect they used for the sonic mines in the asteroid chase sequence. The Phantom Menace isn't great, but the duel between Obi-wan, Qui-gon and Maul is still fucking excellent, from an era when George had his head between his legs but hadn't shoved it up his ass yet so it has good choreography, good tension, ebb and flow and some actual acting to it.

        And importantly the Gungan voice replacement included Jar Jar so they can cut all the baby words and slurring from it.

    So here is some fun Star Wars related facts for you:

    If you take the reviews for the original Star Wars trilogy back when they first came out (77-83), they actually reviewed, on average, worse than the prequel trilogy.

    Tomatometer Ranking of Star Wars Series Based on Critical Reaction During Original Release Dates:
    83% - Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
    79% - Star Wars
    65% - Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
    62% - Star wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
    52% - The Empire Strikes Back
    33% - Paul Blart: Mall Cop
    31% - Return of the Jedi


    It should be worth noting the movies currently sit at:
    98% - The Empire Strikes Back
    93% - Star Wars
    80% - Return of the Jedi
    79% - Revenge of the Sith
    65% - Attack of the Clones
    56% - The Phantom Menace

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      Someone had been drinking the coolaid reviewing Ep III. Blargh. Maybe I need to stop being a whinging prick and just sit down and watch them again?

        Ep III does have some amazing action sequences.

          Also has probably the most dynamic shot of the prequel trilogy -

            Such an amazing opening.

              I was saying to nob that the CG is 100% better used in episode 3 than 2 i mean not just better, but they didnt use it for fucking everything. Looking at you CG pear in episode 2

            This (or more accurately, the opposite of this) is something that usually makes me sad about 3d stuff (I had a whinge on Friday to a friend after we saw Spectre('s great opening shot)). They have the capacity to do anything with the camera, to frame and shoot in any way that they want to. And so virtually everything ends up as a mimicry of what cameras have been doing for decades. And I don't get my five minute long single shot fight scenes.

              And I don't get my five minute long single shot fight scenes.

              Because you don't appreciate the arts, man!

              But I agree with you. Don't get me wrong, there are some great long shot fight scenes out there, but like, the one from that Tony Jaa movie where he fights his way up like 4 levels in a hotel; it's technically impressive, but I found myself getting bored with it after like 2mins.

              Fight scenes are way better when they go for 10 minutes and are comprised exclusively of half-second shots of shaky cam bullshit crap where you CAN'T FUCKING SEE ANYTHING AND HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S GOING ON I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

                The Fucking Bourne movies have so much to answer for.

                That said, the one that started it all was a week choreographed fight between two dudes who looked sort of similar, and it was shot that way to make it look very tough and tumble, but also so that it was hard to tell what was going on. Most scenes since then have been bad fight scenes that they shot badly to disguise how bad they were.

                  I don't mind it in the Bourne movies. Paul Greengrass is one of the few people who knows how to utilise shaky cam.

                  I tried to find the car chase scene from Taken 3 online but couldn't. It's probably the most over-edited scene in movie history. Basically take this, remove the fact that that is played for laughs and you have the Taken 3 car chase. Oh, and add twice as many cuts.

                  Another fun game to play during Taken 3 is to take a shot whenever obvious Liam Neeson stunt double is obvious. You should be drunk after the first fight/chase scene.

                  @cakesmith Yeah, don't get me wrong, I really like how it's utilised in Bourne (which had some really cool practical stuff for one of its car chases, unrelated as this is), but it popularised the messy handheld fighty thing, so I have to get angry at it for that.

                  Oh I get that, but me being me, I have to disagree with you on at least some level, because fuck you, Blaghs.

              Creed has a pretty impressive single shot boxing match. Unfortunately, though, it's the best part of that film.

                It didn't even click for me that it was. I mean I noticed the camera swooping around a lot and being real close to all the action, but didn't pick up on there being no cuts.


            Amazing opening that then goes on for waaaaaaaay too long.

            That whole sequence wears mighty thin on repeat viewings. Especially the topsy-turvy Star Destroyer.

              Instead of feeling like there was action, it was almost snoozy for me :P

            I've never understood how he could put together such great action sequences like that and yet make the cinematography in the dialogue scenes feel so wooden. He blocked it out like a soap opera in ep 3.

        I liked Ep 3, wasn't as good as the original trilogy but it definitely has the best action sequences in any of the movies. Although they do kinda screw up the ending which is the biggest problem with Ep 3.

    Tired. I had a terrible dream I worked an awful retail job that changed management overnight. I made a back first impression by showing up an hour early for work after being out all night drinking, which for some reason made sense. Seeing my colleagues already hard at work. I jokingly told them to go home, at which point I had three managers yelling at me. Knowing I would not have time to go home, change, and come back before my shift officially stated (adding tardiness to my list of bad first impression crimes), I informed them I was calling in sick and left.
    I have a feeling I might be feeling slightly anxious about the upcoming merger.

      Worry is often pretty useless. So do not worry. When the problem arrives you will fix it. That's even if it is a problem and not just an anxious assumption.

        If you are able to solve your problem, what is the need of worrying?
        If you cannot solve the problem, what is the point of worrying?
        - Shantideva

        It's not something that seems to be affecting me consciously. I guess it's just that once the companies merge I have little idea of what to expect, and apparently this has infiltrated my dreams.

    oh shit, i bought tickets to the midnight showing were on thursday night not wednesday night. hahah glad i realized now not on thursday night :P

      So, midnight Thursday, not Wednesday?

        Wait, it would be midnight/early morning Thursday or Midnight early morning Friday?

          we drive there late wednesday night. thats what im going off now.

      Just go by when you're leaving to go to the cinema, i.e. Wednesday night.

      Besides, we all know that it's never the next day until you go to sleep. This is the basis of all human time travel technology. Jeez...

    Got th G29 fully configured and got a little better at dirt rally. Must say it's pure awesomeness.

    Nearly finished uncharted 2. Encountered a glitch where a dead ragdole body flew across the screen during a serious cut scene. Was pretty funny.

    Also Christmas party times have officially begun.

    Great weekend was great. Spend most of it with Rocketbuddy's friend Shannan. Was funny introducing her to all of my workmates on Friday when I'd just met her in person for the first time not thirty minutes earlier. May have given her the final push to get a tattoo on Saturday, which I feel slightly worried about :P First time I've been part of someone having "the best day ever" though.

    Sunday was UFC 194 day and dang, though the McGregor Aldo fight was only 13 seconds I totally have no regrets paying for PPV. It was a fun day. I am glad to see McGregor lived up to all his shit-talking (he is so much fun to listen to) but really felt for Aldo when he gave his post-fight interview and saw the tears in his eyes :'(

    My brother has told me I have to join him for Tough Mudder and Spartan next year. That gives me like... 11 months to lose like 45kg. So now I'm on a near-year-long liquid diet and tripling my exercising :|

    Still haven't attempted to turn on my PC since rebuilding it with 90% new components.

    And that's me done. I have Star Wars on Thursday at 12:01am and my granddads funeral at 2pm the same day :'(

      She didnt stab you in the heart? Thank god, she sometimes does that she is a but of a loose cannon who plays by her own rules.

        She tried, but thanks to my experience with stabbings in Geelong I managed to evade her

    Well there, i've been productive already this morning. I mowed the lawn, I did a good job on the nature strip, then dodgied the rest of job, cause you can't see the rest of our yard from the street :P

    I had a great weekend. Took a chance and got out of my comfort zone and had adventures! Sounds stupid, but I kind of feel all energized now. *flails arms*

      dc have you ever thought that maybe you are just a anxious extrovert?
      For years i thought i hated social interaction but i didnt i just got really anxious before it and told myself i didnt like it, Recently i have kind of realized i love to talk and love company and draw a lot of positivity from it. I think you might be the same.

      ANyway im glad you had a wonderful weekend buddy, you deserve good things.

        This sounds... familiar! :D Damn you social anxieties for ruining my socialite plans. :P

        Last edited 14/12/15 10:21 am

          i know the feels, but by forcing social interactions whenever i can and not letting up, i have found each time is easier and now i dont feel any stress meeting people, i still feel stress at getting to and from places but never from the interaction itself which is nice.

        i love to talk and love company and draw a lot of positivity from it

          spending time with you and cakesmith in the same room, its impossible not to be happy.

            Nawwww... *blushes*

            I always have fun with the TAY crowd, but I eventually hit that point where it'd just be awesome to be alone for a while. Alone time (not that sort of...well, I mean......nah, not that sort of alone time) is so bloody nice after a big weekend of doing stuff with people.

            Making Rize laugh is always a highlight for me whenever I'm hanging out with him :)

    Tried to watch The Ridiculous 6 last night. Got as far as a donkey with explosive diahorrea giving an intellectually disabled man a blow job and I had to bow out. First movie this year I haven't been able to watch through and I watched the 1990 Captain America movie. Pixels is a masterpiece in comparison.

      I watched the whole thing and it made me wish that I, and every other sentient being in the cosmos, was dead.

      *googles movie name, Adam Sandler's face comes up*



      Wow, it was really that bad? Glad I haven't watched it yet. I watched that's my boy just because it was on Netflix and haven't laughed that much in ages, it was just stupid but closer to a silly Sandler film like Happy Gilmore. A shame :(

        Really? I've always been under the impression That's My Boy was his worst movie ever, even worse than Jack & Jill. Love Happy Gilmore, probably his best movie ever.

          Have you actually watched it? I was under the exact same impression. It's way way way better than Jack & Jill which is almost as bad as funny people...

            Nah, never watched it, that's just based on things I've read about it. Might watch it one day. Incidentally, it was originally called "I Hate You, Dad", we've actually got posters with that title on them at work stored away somewhere.

      Here's my experience with Ridiculous 6:

      1) splash banner on Netflix for upcoming release
      2) vague twitter buzz/interest
      3) people bitching about a "new Adam Sandler movie" on twitter, which I assume means Pixels is on US Netflix already
      4) complaining about Ridiculous 6
      5) noting Adam Sandler appears in auto-playing Netflix trailer for Ridiculous 6
      6) the penny begins the long drop

      The shocking part is the trailer (at least the ten seconds of it I've seen) doesn't seem that awful. I guess they save that as a surprise for later. I almost want to watch it just so I can justifiably give it a one-star rating.

      In other low-rated Netflix news, I felt bad about giving Jane the Virgin a 2-star rating when strictly speaking I didn't even finish watching the pilot. So, I finished watching the pilot. As much as the show was trying to sucker me in by ending on an ominous voice-over and throwing up a "to be continued" card, I stand by my 2-star rating.

      I've sat through all of Frankenfish, S.S. Doom Trooper, Manticore, and Frankenstein 2000.

      I couldn't make it ten minutes into The Ridiculous 6.


    fuck i hate moving. anyway. this time next week, i hope to be unpacking everything & getting it done with.

    and last week of work for the year. double plus hype.

    anyway. fun things. games. Ori & The Blind Forest. Play it. so damn good. finished it on friday night. one of those games thats challenging enough to make you feel like a boss when you get through a tough section. also, that art style is 100% sexy.

    about to be without the internet for a few weeks. downloading all the things right now. gonna have a chance to make it through a bit of my pile of shame. so thats good.

    how's things with you lot?

      I am trying to figure out the best time to explain to my mother that I'm not going to "our" family Christmas because it's better that my wife and I spend it with her aunt, who is currently going through a divorce. My wife has promised that we will both go to my family's thing next year, a promise I plan to firmly hold her to because as much as we both dislike my family, it would be nice if she would engage with them at least a little, once in awhile.

        man, how rubbish is family xmas politics?

        no chance of doing both i take it? like morning with your family, afternoon / dinner with your wife's aunt?

          God I'm lucky. Girlfriend's family are all lovely (except haven't met the brother so that'll be interesting...) and my immediate family is awesome as well. So will be interesting to see if that continues in the future.

          We used to have family politics with the extended family. Now I just don't go XD

          I've tried this argument, my wife takes issue with the fact my family is always inflexibly locked to lunchtime on Christmas day. I'd like her to make more of an effort to go to my family stuff considering I always go to her family stuff, but I'm not going to make a thing of it.

            Christmas day is reserved for one family each year. Cycle between the two on a yearly basis

            Although that said it gets much harder when everybody has families themselves

            Last edited 15/12/15 5:12 pm

    For those that are interested, the new HDD I ordered from OGS just arrived. I put in the order on the 3rd, so 7 business days for it to arrive which is pretty on par with their usual shipping.

    I am very tired due to staying up way too late but the weekend was pretty great. People continue ruining my plans in my RPGs but at least everyone's having fun. I even had someone describe the game as like the Mario Kart of RPGs and I'm quite happy to receive that compliment.

    Friday night was my work Christmas party and I spent Saturday just lazing about. I'm finding it very difficult to get extremely drunk lately which I guess is probably a good thing. My days of stumbling into lampposts and other blind drunk antics seems to have passed.

    Currently lying on my bed, phone tethered to my laptop as I work from home waiting for the Internet man. My productivity may not be the best but damn if I'm not comfy right now.

    Also moved on the weekend. @alexpants is a champ and helped carry a bunch of heavy things up 2 flights of stairs yesterday. Next time I move, I'm paying someone to do it for me and getting a ground floor place. Also don't know when I acquired so much...stuff.

      I should really look into flights for January...

      $300 return isn't bad.

      Last edited 14/12/15 12:35 pm

      If I'm paying someone to move, I'm going to the 13th floor and make them use the stairs while I eat ice-cream and watch.

      Mini-movers or man with a van are great value. last time I moved I figured it was worth it just so I didn't have to move the fridge myself

    Finsihed watching Mr Robot last night.
    The last 3 episodes are a total mind-fark.

    Seriously, I am still freaking out.

      Weirdly I picked up on the twist after episode two and then spent most of the season proving that my theory was right. (Which makes the show even more entertaining seeing how clever it was shot and structured.) Such a great show. :D

        I was pretty sure from Ep2 as well, but I was more talking about
        The whole oops I've killed the bosses wife sequence, the WTF happened between Elliot and Tyrell and the missing 3 days, Tyrell's wife breaking her water to get hubby out of questioning, the CEO blowing his brains out, I picked the dad-twist, but didn't see the sister thing coming, his confession to his psych was fantastic, that they actually went through with the hack, the great idea to stage a party to flood the room with DNA and fingerprints, the post credits sequence on the final episode etc.
        All that stuff was and more was just so great, so often I thought a character was on one path and the show would flip it and go down another. It so easily could have been a straighforward 'Young hacker vs Evil Corporation", but they made it so much more, so much deeper and with a lot of reward for careful watching, and enough there to make me want to rewatch it again looking for clues for the next season.

        The writing is wonderful, it was a slow start for me, but I'm really loving it now.

        Last edited 14/12/15 12:17 pm

      Can I just say, as somebody who has only seen the commercials for that show on Fox8 - I've seen nothing appealing or compelling, just generic "corporation is evil, angsty teen is only one who can do anything about it but who will believe him" crudmuffins.

      Is it really that good?

        Yeah,it really is that good.
        It isn't really about teen vs evil corporation, the commercials really misrepresent the show. The writing is great, there is a lot of density, the characters are not black-and-white, there are some great twists and reveals, and it gets very, very dark after the first few episodes.

        Last edited 14/12/15 12:18 pm

          I think that's what's getting me. I see the commercials and think "there is literally nothing for me in that show" but then I also think "It's Fox8's commercial and they never represent things in ways that appeal to me" so I'm caught in the middle.

            Yeah, I know what you mean, those ads never sell the show properly. But this one? Should be on your radar! You'll know pretty quick if it's for you!

              I'll put it on my extended radar because you guys said it's good. IT'S ON YOU IF I DON'T LIKE IT, cc @poita.

                If you don't like it, I'll buy you a coke.

    Went to Myer in Melbourne yestetday to try and find a gift for my sister, since they didn't have what I wanted in Geelong.
    Turns out that they didn't have it there, either.
    Oh well, at least I got a Toothless from Build-a-Bear. :D

      What is Build-a-bear?

        A shop where you can choose the parts and do as the title suggests, build a bear :)

          But can you ride your bear into battle? Because if you can... mine will have the legs of raptors and breathe fire AND YOU SHALL ALL PERISH IN FLAMES...

          Or he might just be super cuddly.

          Really. And you can make dragon bears?

            They have ones of Toothless and Stormfly from How To Train Your Dragon.
            Apparently they've been really popular.

    Quiet weekend. Caught up with a highschool friend on Friday, saw Creed. That was pretty rad, though I am a sucker for Rocky movies. Got to see his new place, filled him in on the eventful Thursday :P

    Otherwise, mostly just bummed around the house and helped my sister fix up the long-in-the-making daybed that's been prepped for outside, as a kind of surprise for the parents once they get back. Didn't quite get through as fast as we were hoping, so assembly will have to wait til later once the staining on the wood has dried.

    Oh and also apparently Sunday was a Splatfest. Totally forgot about it, then once I did I absolutely could not be bothered to jump on. First one I've missed :(

    Last edited 14/12/15 11:42 am

    So, can I ask you guys, if you hit "attending" or "going" on a facebook event, do you generally follow through and attend?

    Only reason I ask (and this might come across as a whinge/cry for attention etc, apologies, not intentional) is I had thrown up an event page for drinks for my 30th this past saturday night. Over time, I had 16 people marked as attending, some of who have partners they'd likely bring etc, so roughly 20 altogether.

    I called up a venue in Circular Quay about two months ago, asked for a few booths to be sectioned off, enough for about twenty people.

    Come saturday night, I had an FB message from one friend, he's sick, can't make it, no worries. A text message from someone at 8:15 (event started at 6 mind you) that she couldn't make it. A bit late, but at least she made contact... Nothing from anyone else...

    In total, 5 people showed up... I looked like a massive dickhead having multiple booths/tables sectioned off, and 3/4 of it being empty.

    What am I supposed to do with this information?

      Ugh. Sorry to hear that, bud. Hope you had a great birthday all the same.

      This is a problem with friend flaky-ness and not any thing you've done. :) Planning events can be like herding cats and frustrating as.

      Last edited 14/12/15 12:07 pm

      Yeah, if you say you're gonna be there and just not rock up, you're a jerk. Especially a shindig at a place like that where you need to book.
      If you're a maybe, say maybe.

      Personally I almost never respond to Facebook invites, but if I say I'm going to be there I better have a good reason to not be. That's just jerky mcjerkington behaviour on the part of those who RSVPd. Just because it's online somehow your RSVP means less? It's called etiquette, people!

      I can't really offer any advice, but I absolutely sympathise with the situation.
      If I say I'm going to something (facebook or otherwise), I'm going unless something comes up. If this is the case at a minimum I'll send the person running the show a text telling them that I can't make it.
      Just remember that people generally aren't being vindictive by not telling you they aren't coming any more, they're trying to avoid (what they think is) being mean. I mean, they're totally wrong and it makes things worse, but that's usually the measure of it.

      If I click attend, I attend, or at least have the courtesy to explain why my plans changed. If I'm a definite no, I click no. The dickest move I make is if I'm a maybe, I usually don't respond at all until I'm ready to click yes. I feel like maybe is too much of a yes and can give a false expectation.

      Yeah it's a bit like that these days. I think people should attend if the event specifically specifies that a venue is going to be booked and costs will increase as people attend so provide a deadline for people to lock it in. If it was more of a casual come have fun and drinks thing then people are more likely to flake and hit attend and forget all about it.

      tl;dr don't book stuff unless everyone's chipping in for it?

      A week or two out, you send a message to the group members saying "Hey can people double confirm if you are coming"

      Then go on those numbers.

        This, one thing I've learned with invites, always best to check again within a week or 2 of the event if it's been planned in advance, so you still have time to make adjustments if need be.

      I dont orgainize things for this exact reason.

        Yeah, these days I'm much more likely to ask a couple of friends to hang instead of doing the big group hang outs.

      I either give a maybe then confirm a few days out or don't respond until a few days out.

      But if I confirm, I always show up.

      I'm not on FB, so can't answer your question directly, but I always do a ring around the day before any event and catch up with everyone and make sure they are definitely coming, letting them know I am making reservations based on their numbers.
      You know, talking to people and checking in with them. That way the most I ever get is one or two that genuinely have an emergency on the day. I still think voice or face-to-face contact works so much better than anything else.

      What are you supposed to do with this information? Realise that Gen Y is the most non-committal inconsiderate generation to date. But don't worry, in 10 years we'll look like angels! I'm really sorry it happened though. I just get snarky with it because it's sadly not an uncommon thing.

      In all honesty though I always take half of the people for a mass invite and wipe them off. In future though, send one or two reminders during the week before the event like a "hey guys, if you're bringing partners just let me know" on the Monday and maybe a quick "I'll be there from 5.30, but feel free to show up when you can. See you tomorrow night" on the night before. People need a reminder. I've had 70 friends and family RSVP and 20 odd maybes but never expect more than 30-40 and it works out ok. You'll get LOTS of people say yes and just pike like the flaky bastards they are :)

        Also never take it personally if people don't show up. That's not an indictment of you, it's a reflection of how crap they are ;)

          Or call people and actually converse with them, and ask if they are coming and take a few minutes out to connect with them properly. Then they are probably going to show.

        Yeah, definitely something I'll have to do in future. Having said that, I was posting on the wall of the event up until a few hours before as to what train I was catching etc, and I know it was visible, because those that did attend met me on the same train.

          Yeah. It's a real struggle for people in their early to mid twenties. My Dad calls us the 'options' generation because people will double, triple even quadruple book the same night and think it's ok to pop in and out of events or just choose the one they want to go to the most. First in best dressed is the best way to play it in my opinion :)

      If I say attend then I will, or advise if I have to cancel.
      Depending on the circle of friends I have known people who use maybe as no, because they don't want to be 'mean' or whatever and actually say no. So for those people yes is an expression of interest, not a confirmation.

    Been doing a lot of painting as of late. Trying to get ready for the next story of Iron Kingdoms. This time with more players.

    Seems like every time I try to get into the Witcher 3, something comes along to distract me. This time it's Darkest Dungeon. This game has me so hooked. Yesterday I had my worst turn out. I fought the Swine Prince and he landed 3 attacks that hits all characters, landing a few criticals. Resulting in 3 characters getting killed simultaneously.

      Man Darkest Dungeon is soooo good! I hate it but at the same time I keep going back.

      It's like that relationship with a crazy person but was amazingly good in bed that just about everyone has.

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