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    Pretty good weekend. Went out with Pizza Thief on Friday night, wandering around Newtown going from bar to bar pretty much. Still don't understand how it is that we managed to spend so much time talking. Ended up on play equipment on the way home because of course, managed avoid causing any injury to self or others somehow, despite the level of inebriation. A nice change. Then when we got back to hers, the same old guy as last time was sitting in the park across the road, just watching us with his dogs :P

    Saturday night, sister had some friends over for a catch-up. They decided they should do a Christmas photo. Then decided it should be a Santa photo. And that I should be Santa​​. And then that they should go to Kmart to get some crappy Christmas shirts. And that I needed to take them because I was the only one that was ok to drive. Then when we came out of the shop, they noticed that the Santa throne was just downstairs and pretty easily accessible, so we should just take the photos there in the middle of the shopping centre. The security guard came down and was kind enough to man the camera for us. His framing leaves a little to be desired, but did better than one of the girls who somehow managed to make everything impossibly blurry. Later on the boys were done with whatever they were out doing, so came to join. Had to do another run to grab them from the station, dressed in the Santa outfit again. They had the AU edition of CAH which I hadn't seen before, ended up playing that. It was most of the group's first time, and half of them were too fuddy-duddy. Most of the great plays didn't win because they all came up when those ones were judging. Boo :P Also, eggnog is great.

    ​​Sunday was get-stuff-ready-for-Christmas day. We've got several kilos of fruitcake (the big one alone is nearly three and a half), sister got the front room decorated, and then it was on with the traditional set of CDs to accompany us for crostoli making. Sister does the rolling and cutting of dough, Mum does the frying and I do the sugar coating and boxing. Seemed to go much faster this year for some reason.

      Then ... we got back to hers

      Bom chicka waa waa!!

      *Popcorn eating intensifies*

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        Just the doorstep :P


          You pervert.

      I couldnt cook my popcorn in time because someone left bread in my microwave.

      also your family makes crostoli, i havent made it since i was a kid because to quote my nonna "You slow it down and eat all the ones we make"

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        "You won't believe where the next best place to cook popcorn is!!"

        It's outside
        That's where
        It's so hot out here

      The old guy is her husband.

      He likes to watch.

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    Wow... just wow. The NSW new anti-weed campaign is quite possibly the best/worst thing I have ever seen.

    *Sigh* Stoner Sloth!

      You know you want to be a Stnr Slth.

        Maybe after this Str Wrs nonsense dies down.

        My girlfriend is going out of the country for a few weeks at the end of January, and I plan on living up to that lofty title while she's gone.

      I can't tell if I'm supposed to be laughing at it or with it.

      Either way I am laughing. A lot.

      I've known a lot of stoners in my life and none of them ever resembled people in the mid stages ofof ALS.

      Apparently concerns have been raised that the stoner sloth mascot is so inherently cool and likeable that the campaign will have the opposite of the intended effect. I'd like to point out, I saw links on reddit to stoner sloth t-shirts on redbubble and was confused for several hours before I saw any info about the stoner sloth campaign, so I'd say those concerns are justified.

        Stoner Sloth is my spirit animal.

          Someone called me their spirit animal in Rocket League last night. Now I know that this is apparently a thing...

            Hey that makes two of us! I also got asked if I wanna team up by a guy who spammed "What A Save" all game

        I think it has the potential to fold back on itself and go from a funny joke into a frustrating and tiring experience, thus meeting its goal.

        Kinda of like everything that has ever gone viral.

        Maybe they nicked it from Memetic?

        Epilepsy warning...

      79 years since "Reefer Madness". Plus ca change.

        YESSSSS the parodies have already begun.

          Actually, scratch that. This one wins the internet for today:

    Fail reply: Check.

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    Your favourte sitcom, RocketNob: The Sitcom is shooting a Housewarming episode special with special guest @f4ction and we need extras. You heard me correct! You too can star in the sitcom sweeping the nation. RocketNob: The Sitcom. Filming will begin on the weekend January 30th and take place in Brisbane, Southside. All applicants send message via twitter or sernobulus at the g males for full adress. All extras will be paid in Zooper Doopers*

    *Zooper Doopers may include orange flavoured Zooper Doopers

    @beardymcmuttonchops @beeawwb @cufcfan616 @dc @freezespreston @gutsoup @janexo @jimu @lambomann007 @popdart5 @sernobulus @strange @sughly @transientmind @welbot @virus__

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      It's not a multi-cam sitcom, I hope. D:

        I only have one camera and its staying hidden in nobs room.

        The best sitcoms are Single Cam. *fist bump*

          This guy knows where it's at!

      Also this is a open invitation to any tayple who wanna come, im not imagining anyone besides faction will want to fly to brisbane just to spend time with me and Nob but you never know.

        If I wasn't blowing money on a Sydney trip the week before I totally would.

          I'm sorry we ruined this for you.

          *runs off crying*

          Jetstar have a sale on still IIRC. Cost me $170 return from Melbournenene

            It costs me $210 each way for the cheap tickets, and takes 4 hours as I have to go via Sydney :P

              BUT WHO WILL DO THAT UNIQUE THING ONLY THE TWO OF US DO? I presume we have one of those things.


        Just pour a 40 on the curb for the homies who couldn't make it that's what I do

      Look, have your people call my people and we'll check our respective schedules but I feel confident we can work out a mutually satisfactory arrangement.

      Where abouts is it gonna be this house warming, like Brisbane, Gold Coast, Darwin? Details man, details! :P

        Southside Brisbane, updated the original post.

        Last edited 21/12/15 12:26 pm

          Oh cool beans then! Yeah I can probably attend. Can't see why not, unless I died or something, I guess that would stop me from attending..

            Clearly you haven't seen Weekend at Bernie's.

              No bringing dead people.
              I feel like i shouldnt have to say that

              Well that's what I thought of right after that post, actually haha.

      My calendar entry has this listed as Rocket's Nob Warming.

      Just FYI.

      Niiiice, will be back in Brisbane by then! Most definitely

      I've been practicing my "room entry with pause for applause" technique. I hope to have it down by the time I get there after my low-class flight from stinky Melbourne.

      Keep me posted?

      I've got maybe something on February 6th (non-work related) but maybe I can do Jan 30th-Feb 6th? :P

      As long as I can maybe possibly stay over?

        Umm, got an air mattress? We got faction staying the night but there's plenty of room for a couple of air mattresses.

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          Not one that I can easily bring on carry on :P. If I'm there for work they should put me in a nice hotel though!

          Pretty unlikely but I am supposed to be heading up there sometime in January or Feb for a business trip (or two?)

      Orange is one of the best flavours!
      I will be either on a plane, or in Denver. Is your house in Denver by any chance?

    @shane, Undad volume 2 just came in the mail. Thanks man, also that diary of Brett Buckley arrived a few weeks ago.

      Awesome, man. Thanks for letting me know! I hope you like it :)

    After checking out the best video game music article I put on the Splatoon soundtrack. Damn it, now I really, really wanna get back into it.

    Too many games to play, and so many more that I want to get!

      I've barely touched it, I'm keen to play!

    Alrighty because im bored at work and its approaching a critical mass of boredom where i use the soldering iron to give myself a tattoo lets play FAVOURITE MEDIA OF 2015
    Here are the rules
    Pick a show, movie and song released this year that is your favourite.
    Tv Show:Mr Robot, easily the most compelling tv show of the year for me, the tone was perfect, characters memorable and i just really enjoyed the ride. The use of music throughout was particularly clever
    Song: The Hills-The weeknd, "but rocket a CHRVCHES album was released this year what the fuck man. " True but i have had the weeknds album on repeat pretty much most of the last few months and i just think it is a amazingly solid album for the mood im in at the moment. CHRVCHES is always in my heart though
    Movie:The Martian-Beautifully shot, beautifully acted and they played ABBA in the movie so my hands were tied. Seriously though.Best movie of the year.

      Fargo S2.
      The Hills - The Weeknd.
      Mad Max: Fury Road/Star Wars: The Force Awakens. If forced to pick one, probably Star Wars.

      TV Show... Did I watch something new that was released this year? Ooh, Better Call Saul was released this year. I really enjoyed that. Looking forward to next season.

      Music... Yeah I really don't think I've listened to any albums that came out this year. Ben Folds' "So There" album was ok. There's a new Clairy Browne album but I haven't heard it yet.

      Movie... Agreed, The Martian. Loved it. Also Ant-Man.

        Ant-Man was a suprise for me, i didnt know i was gonna love it as much as a i did. But it was a genuinely fun movie and so funny.

          Yep, same. I went in to it thinking "PG rated Marvel universe? This is probably going to be pretty average" and came out of it ranking as my second favourite Marvel movie next to Guardians. Amazingly well done.

      TV Show: Better Caul Saul, I think. Edges out Daredevil and Master of None, as well as Season 3 of OitNB.

      Song: Are people still making music these days? (obligatory Grandpa Simpson)

      Movie: Mad Max: Fury Road. One of the best movies I've ever seen. Star Wars was a great big shot to my nerd, but Fury Road was a much more impressive movie.

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      TV: Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers
      Song: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Soundtrack
      Movie: Alvin and the Chipmunks

        A quick google tells me the movie is called "The road chip"

        I dont want to bag on anyone who has the creative talent and forsight to realize there is a market for this but talk about beating a dead horse. Make some talking dog movie instead.

        More seriously:

        TV: I didn't watch a lot of new stuff this year but Daredevil comes to mind and it was damned good, so that's where my vote lies.
        Song: Most new music, good or bad, tends to fade from memory a few weeks after I've heard it...but this year soundtracks have made a big comeback. Splatoons is amazing, as is The Witcher 3. Too many others to choose from, really.
        Movie: Similar to TV, but even if I had seen more stuff this year I think I'd still be putting my vote on The Force Awakens. I'm still fanboying like mad about it and I don't see that stopping for ages. This has really made me really how stupidly big a fan I am of all things Star Wars...except for the Maul arc in The Clone Wars. Ugh.

          How frigging great was TFA?
          I'm busting to go see it again.

      TV: Don't know if it's just because I'm watching it now but Ash Vs Evil Dead is just so consistently fantastic. It's goofy fun that's the most entertaining watch I've had in a long time.

      Movie: As much as I'm still riding a Star Wars high I think Mad Max was the better film.

      Music: er, I'm a cranky old geezer when it comes to music and genuinely dislike modern music. So I guess it would have to be off the only two albums I've like this year so as far as sing goes it's either The Day Is My Enemy - The Prodigy or The Handler - Muse.

      Holy fudgsticles, looking now and I don't think I have watched a movie that was released this year.
      TV shows: Maybe because it is recent by maybe Jessica Jones. To date only seen the first episode so hard to say.
      Music: Nothing recent really springs to mind. Sure I've heard some new stuff but nothing that

      I am the worst at this game

      TV show: would be Moon beam city such a funny cartoon in similar veil to Archer if Archer was 80s laser rave also has Rob Lowe and Will Forte.

      Music: I would go with Macklemore's Downtown as its so damn damn catchy! And I know almost every word

      Movie would be The Martian it was beautiful and smart while also comedic and feelsy

        You know i really wanted to dilike that macklemore song because its literally just genre hopping to appease the masses. but the chorus is just so great. I would like a song where they sample that chorus on repeat.

      Oh good, you asked for favourites, not best on a relative scale.
      TV: none of it. I've enjoyed the catch up on older series more than anything released this year.
      Music: none of it. I'm deaf, old and grumpy. I don't listen to music released this year.
      Movie: Star Wars is going to edge out Mad Max. While I think MM is a better movie, SW will probably make it onto my very short list of movies I'll watch more than once.

      TV show - The only thing that comes to mind that I've watched this year is Daredevil

      Movie - STAR.WARS.

      Music - hmmm, I'm not a bit music person. Maybe something from the new Muse or CHVRCHES album.

      Music: CHVRCHES. No, I won't specify further, fuck you.

      TV show: What the hell have I watched this year? You know what? Fuck it. Steven Universe. Far from the best show I've watched this year, but it's fun, and I like fun. Fun is fun.

      Movie: This one's kind of a challenge. I want to mentally distance myself from Star Wars, since it's so recent that I can't view it properly. I liked Fury Road, but was cooler towards it than most, Inside Out and The Martian were both great, but I don't know if I'd rate them as my favourites, and most of the rest was mid-tier crap that I enjoyed for various reasons (Spectre, Ant Man, Jurassic World, Age of Ultron, et al.).

      So uhh, yeah. Non committal answers are the best.

      TV: Um, too hard. Either The Leftovers/Sense8/Jessica Jones/Please Like Me/Bloodline/Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt/Show Me a Hero/Mad Men. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      Song: Adele's When We Were Young ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      Movie: Really enjoyed the new Star Wars, but also loved Ex Machina and Mad Max. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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      TV Show: Sense8, easily! Loved every minute of it.

      Movie: Toss up between The Walk and Flying Colors. Wasn't expecting anything from either of them and they both turned out to be fantastic. The surprise makes it better I think.

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      TV: Ash vs. Evil Dead. This is such a gem.

      Music: Haven't really bought much music this year, but Book of Souls was definitely the best.

      Movies: Tough choice. The Martian was obviously fantastic, but then so was Fury Road. Trainwreck was great but probably not the best...

      ... but I haven't seen Star Wars yet, so I can't make an informed decision here.

      TV: Probably Ballers. Can't wait for season 2.

      Movie: Inside Out. Star Wars and Ant-Man were pretty good too. The only other movies I saw this year (that I can remember) were Fast and Furious 7 and Pitch Perfect 2.

      Music: The Wombats. CHRVCHES had a few good songs though.

      Dead Daisies - Mexico/Midnight Moses
      Sicario/Force Awakens

      TV Show: Mr Robot.

      Music: It Follows soundtrack

      Movie: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. As much as I loved Star Wars (saw it 3 times in 24 hours and will be seeing it again this week), I don't even think it's in my top 5.

      TV: Sense8. Daredevil and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt came close... I guess I like Netflix?

      Movie: Haven't seen too many this year (maybe 5 or 6?) but Inside Out is the best of what I've seen.

      Music: Glitterbug by The Wombats. Narrowly edges out What Went Down by Foals. They've been on repeat constantly since release.

      TV show: Dunno. I guess I got pretty into Orphan Black earlier in the year? Other than that I guess some anime thing but I feel like this was a weak year for anime. EDIT: Oh wait, Daredevil was actually 2015 too wasn't it? That, then.
      Song: I don't really do 'songs', I do albums, because I'm old. But honestly nothing grabbed me this year.
      Movie: Mad Max. Star Wars is great and there were some other solid films but Mad Max shot right into top ten of all time for me, maybe even top five. Rewatched it many times and every time I do I notice more stuff. It's so dense, and yet so tight. And it's so completely unconventional. Still stunned that it was able to be made and released in 2015 with such a high budget and yet be such a risky and unique film. Also that fucking color. The pop of it, the vibrancy. The color treatment alone makes it the most striking thing I've seen in ages.

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      Show: Fargo S2. Just, so good.

      Song: David Bowie: Blackstar. Bowie has distilled peak Bowie into a single song and it's wonderful.

      Film. Mad Max Fury Road. WITNESS ME

      Mad Max
      I've been listening to The Hives on repeat for the last 5 years.

        I dont think the hives like the hives as much as you like the hives.

      Favourite TV Show: Into The Badlands. Cheesy as hell, post apocalyptic American South meets Kung Fu. Some amazing fight scenes make it incredibly worthwhile. Unfortunately the last episode for the season is tonight.

      Song: Hard to pick. I'm leaning towards Scars by Metal Allegiance because it features Cristina Scabbia but any song from that album is pretty great. Also Muse, The Darkness and Stryper albums came out and they're also pretty great.

      Movie: Mad Max Fury Road. Hands down my favourite movie of the year. Saw it twice in opening week, which I've never done before. Been a really good year for movies I like though. The Force Awakens is second, then Ex Machina, Inside Out and The Martian, with Kingsman not far behind.

      Damn I've been spoiled this year with some great stuff.

      TV show: Jessica Jones I think, though there are a bunch more old TV shows I am catching up on now that Netflix is a thing. I prefer Continuum and Supernatural to JJ but neither were released this year.
      Music: eh? I love all music but not much that has been released this year. Adele -Hello?
      Movie: loved Mad Max soo much but I think it has to be Star Wars simply for the nostalgia value. Watching it honestly took me back to being a little kid and cuddling up with mum and dad while watching the original trilogy on vhs.


    Oh no, what a shame.

    This is the greatest tragedy known to man.

    There was a fire related to the air conditioning at my work, so I probably won't be able to work for the rest of the week (or at least a day or two).

    I am truly heartbroken.

    This is the end of days.

      Your heart must be broken.

      It will be okay buddy.

        I'll be honest, I'm sad that I'm missing out on money that I sort of need (for my overseas trip oh god my life is so hard), but at the same time, I think I'll live.

        I'll definitely live.

          At the very least, you won't be dying in a fire at work. #ChristmasMiracle

    Had a nap after lunch, and Max decided to curl up next to my legs.

    Nobody reads the intro to listicles. It's my own fault for trying to write one.

      Where did you write a listicle?

          I thought you may have meant that one but didn't see much argument in it.
          The biggest issue with it is probably the title doesn't match the intro.
          The best games to play over christmas != The best game to play for families that argue

            No arguments. Looking at the comments I think people only looked at the title and the games listed. Which is exactly what you'd expect with something in that format.

            And yeah, I didn't pick the title. My suggestion had something to do with bickering in it.

              Write another articles with co-op games and see if they call it "The other best board games to play over Christmas"

      Whenever it comes up, I feel like I must be the only person on the planet that doesn't like The Resistance or its many other forms. I just have never been able to see the fun in it. It seems to self-select toward a certain type of player and it also can easily be dominated by certain types of personalities that end up making it feel like they're playing the game for you. I guess I subscribe to the a-game-should-be-an-series-of-interesting-choices and I've never felt like I was really making interesting choices at all while playing it.

      My family is ridiculously hard to find a good game for. My sister is stupidly competitive and refuses to play games that involve any form of co-operation. The only way she truly enjoys playing games is if she can crush everyone else utterly. My Dad is a planner and a deep thinker so really enjoys stuff where he makes tactical decisions and plans things out 4-5 moves ahead constantly, so gets frustrated if anyone takes time on their turns. My Mum tends to like stuff that's fairly simple - she is usually fucking good at stuff if she pays attention to it but gets overwhelmed by anything too complicated and will seize up and stop thinking. And I know some stuff I will end up playing people's turns for them (super bad at doing this in Carcassonne, as a result of having played it so much)

      I've tried a ton of stuff and just nothing has clicked for everyone. Hoping to try them on Splendor at some point over these holidays, I feel like it might have the potential to work. Basically needs to be a strictly competitive game which involves planning moves 3-4 turns ahead, but has really simple mechanics.

        Whenever it comes up, I feel like I must be the only person on the planet that doesn't like The Resistance or its many other forms. I just have never been able to see the fun in it. It seems to self-select toward a certain type of player and it also can easily be dominated by certain types of personalities that end up making it feel like they're playing the game for you.Man. My friend tried to get to pick up a copy of Avalon for him just the other day, and this is almost exactly what I said to him. Not at all alone :P

        I'm very much a fan of games as interesting choices. With social deduction games, the decisions are made about the other players instead of the actions. There are still choices to make with your actions: voting, team selection, pass/fail (as a spy). Then you have to navigate justifying/bluffing through your actions.

        The interesting choices are there. They're just very different from what you'd see in say a worker placement or Stefan Feld game.

        With that being said, they're not for everyone. That article was specifically about games to argue over. I'm hugely biased against anything involving a moderator which is why The Resistance has to be first on that list.

        Splendor sounds absolutely ideal for your family. Simple with many lines of play.

      Hello, my name is Nobody. I only read the intro. I don't need to give my family any more excuses for bickering, thank you. :P

        Good call.

        You'd want something like Exploding Kittens.

    Star Wars The Force Awakens spoilers:

    'Official' explanation of R2-D2's role in the movie ,and his bizarre coma:

      The thought occurred to me at the time that pretty much exactly that (especially because of the kylo reference to empire data) would have made a perfectly good explanation to put in the movie instead of just being compelled to wake up Because Plot

        I feel like it would have worked better if there was a hint of response to BB-8 from R2-D2. A light going up, the whine of a servo, something like that, but then, for all I know there could have been and it was just really subtle, and I'd rather something subtle than a lingering shot on R2 as his eye-light lit up. I'm just assuming that there isn't even the barest hint.

          I didn't see anything, and the linked story shows that it's coming up in interviews as a not really explained thing, so it's probably just a small misstep by the director. Eh, movie ain't perfect but it was entertaining.

    Star war haiku review
    I like the movie.
    I didn't think they could do,
    but they did, and well

    Jesus I can't do poetry

    While I really did enjoy it, it was just crazy to think they've made a formula of a film saga without a formula. The last six films were different in every way, but this followed a path already walked. I guess I'm glad they did it - and they had to from a business point because this film was simply testing the waters for a multi media decade spanning franchise.

    Also there were some fantastic shots in there, and while there were no stand out pieces the score was great too.

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    Apparently when some people get butthurt and have a grudge, they really hold on for their desperate lives.

    So I've been test streaming since I got faster internet and it didn't take long for a group of people that hate me to find it and start acting like dicks. I've been trying some Halo: Reach and the group was watching me to know when to search and matchup. The second they're in the game they immediately start insulting my views and opinions on Halo that I said years ago and don't care about anymore.

      I don't know how the matchmaking in Reach works, but can't you just cut the stream until you are in the game, so they can't queue at the same time as you?

        I didn't even know they were waiting for years for me to start streaming to jump in to attack me. I thought by now they would have moved on to Halo 5, which was designed specifically for their only gametype.

      That's... a really impressive and very specific grudge to hang on to and orchestrate a coordinated response to. Wow. Impressively sad.

      Everyone knows multi is shit and campaign is where it's at anyway...

        It's not the worst response. Back in 2012 someone actually called my mobile to insult my views on Halo.

        Everyone except for 343 apparently :(

          343: Cortana is 100% dead! Halo 5 is about Chief grieving with that loss!
          *revives Cortana and reduces Chiefs levels to 3*

    You are a dead man @Shane W Smith How dare you slip my wife your package while I'm out at work

      Not sure if adultery or xmas antics... either way, that doesn't sound so good ;)

    I have bought all the clothes in splatoon.

    Now what?

      I think you're ahead of me now :P

      Assuming that new clothes have become available since I last played, which I am pretty sure they have.

        I play pretty much daily. I still enjoy it heaps

          I was playing daily, or at least bi-daily so that my session would straddle the crossover from one day to the next so I could do two store checks for new gear each day. Once I had all the gear though I had less reason to play, then other games came out and took my attention away. Streak was broken, I was set free :P

            I suppose it's time to start collecting the weapons then

              Or, it's time to start upgrading every piece of gear to max slots!

                I have over fifty snails, so... =|



    It's SECRET SanTAY. You're all leaving out the secret part. *chews nails agitatedly*

      I assume mine will have my name as a billing invoice, so that when they hate it they know to never speak to me again.

        I am not sure if mine will be the same. I asked them not to put my name in cause gift... but who knows how well they can read.

      I'm sorry! /o\ I left them a note. I thought it was okay to know who it is when they get the present. My bad.

      I DIDN'T, although probably at this point I am the only person that didn't put their name on their Secret SanTAY gift so it's easy to tell it was me. =P

        Mine is going to be so obvious cause of the Christmas card has Chilli on the front of it.. I'm good at being subtle :P

        I also signed my name, but that's beyond the point..

        I didn't put a name on mine, but I feel like it will be immediately apparent regardless.

        I didn't put my name on either.

      You're not my real dad, you can't tell me what to do!

      Also, be quiet or i'll at some point get a Christmas present to you :P

      I'm pretty sure I left off all identifying details. Except for when I tweeted that I'd posted it... but then I'm confident they don't follow me so I'm in the clear. Except for this response. Redact the post! ████████████ is ██ ██████ ██████ and ████ ████ ██

    The worst thing about Star Wars right now is that they fucking flushed the EU down the toilet but the only novels available to replace it are written by a fucking hack that's on par with the worst of the people that worked on the old EU, and written in a style (present-tense narrative) that's absolutely impossible for me to enjoy even if the writer wasn't shit.

      Hah! Man I'm so not a fan of present-tense narrative. Really testing my memory to think of any works I've enjoyed that use it. (With the exception of porn.) Makes me wonder if that's just because everyone uses past-tense so it's what I'm familiar and comfortable with, or if there really is just something deeply flawed with present-tense.

    Heh, I tweeted just before that I bought Kane Hibberd's photography book 'Kanye Lens vs Soundwave' & some Kanye West twitter bot favourited it. I guess that goes to show the twitter bots are just mimicking his attitude that any mention of the name means it's about him haha.

    Oh for fuck's sake. Telstra won the repair contract to fix the shitty copper they sold the government. They sold a broken product and now are being paid to fix it immediately after.

      You know the saying "Have your cake and eat it too"? Yeah, Telstra got the whole damn bakery.

        Its funny because i was talking to some telstra guys in cairns and because of their absolute monopoly on the communications in this country when the government contracts come up for tender again, literally nobody, not even telstra tenders for the maintence of regional cell towers, then because nobody tenders and telstra is really the only one with the infrastructure or knowledge to do it, they are basically paid whatever they ask to do it. There isnt really any solution to because telstra has the network knowledge, even if a international came and tendered telstra would still have to play a massive roll because they set the shit up.

        Telecommunications knowledge is very very limited in this country and there is a literal goldmine at the end of the shitty copper rainbow for anyone who wants it.

      Naw, they sold is "as is," it's just our current PM's shitty NBN relied on "as is" rather than it being replaced with fibre.

      It's frightening how poor the whole process has been

        Not Telstra's doing at all, just a really terribly thought out plan by the government. So much wasted money.

          Don't you see? This was the plan all along.

          Way back when NBN was first floated, the Liberal position was that Telstra should improve the network themselves. They haven't changed.

          Right now, 'NBN' also includes the High Frequency Cable that Telstra operates. And Optus' network has been rolled into it and presumably fixing up the shitty cable will involve Telstra taking over management of Optus' network too.

          In a few years, watch as NBN corp is privatized, then immediately taken over by Telstra who then own the entire broadband infrastructure again.

      It's pretty surprising how bad government is (or can be) when it comes to contract law. The things I could tell you (but won't, in a public forum)...

    @shane Got my Undad today also! It managed to get in before the rain really got going. Also the spine survived the trip intact too, which I continue to be surprised about.

      Fantastic. Thanks for letting me know, man! I hope you enjoy it.







      That's the reaction we all should have had!

      Last edited 22/12/15 7:39 am

        Exactly my reaction.

        I went to Star Wars to enjoy a fantasy/scifi movie set in the SW universe, not to go as a film critic.
        I enjoyed the hell out of it, must go see it again.

        I'm sure there are massive plotholes and problems, but you can pick the shit out of Citizen Kane if you spend enough time on it (I had to for a film school assignment years ago, totally destroyed the movie for me), and if you watch the original films as a critic, they probably suck too.

        I love this new movie, am avoiding reviews as I'm pretty sure they will just piss me off :)

          Yeah, I don't agree about the critic thing.

          Any time a movie makes me stop being engrossed in believing its world and makes me realize, "Huh? What? The hell is-- oh, that's right, I'm watching a movie," is a negative, to me.

          It's not about 'watching things as a critic', just looking for things to pick out - it's more about why the uncanny valley is called the uncanny valley in the first place. Something is not right here and your subconscious is screaming at you about it.

          This is not about having a chip on a shoulder or being a sad sack.

          I didn't go into Star Wars looking to be disappointed, and I didn't go into it looking for things to pick apart. I had my suspension of disbelief all primed and ready to go so that I could just get engrossed in that world and soak up all the pretty and the fantasy of space wizards and heroes and villains and spaceships and feel like a kid again.

          And I really enjoyed it even DESPITE all the moments that it yanked me out of that world and back into this one, where plot decisions and character actions are about call-backs and other non-in-world factors.

          My second viewing was more enjoyable because I knew what specifically to ignore, and could mentally 'tune out' all the dissonant bullshit and come armed with (utterly contrived) rationalizations to help things make more sense so I wasn't getting yanked back to this reality despite myself.

          Other people have better suspension of disbelief? Didn't find contrived references jarring and out of character? Good for them. I wish I could do that. I would've had more fun, and what sad fucking cynical bastard doesn't want to have more fun?

    God Eater Enhanced & 2 confirmed for Vita, PS4 & PC!


      Namco Bandai must have been very pleased with how Tales of Zestiria went for them in the west on Steam too, because they also announced Tales of Berseria (next year's Tales) is getting a Steam port for the west and they're not releasing on PS3 (it's PS3 & PS4 for Japan)

        It just seems like a no Brainerd* to me, to develop games for all platforms. I get sometimes it's an issue or the extra $$$ just aren't there.

        Yay for the customer!

        *autocorrect, I don't remember inventing that word, but I'm amused. fuck all you haters, this just guaranteed my purchase of the game when I get back to the US.

      Not controversial opinion time:
      U2 made some decent music in there day.
      Joshua Tree and Actchung Baby are pretty great. People just like disliking things its popular to dislike, U2 are the new nickleback.

        To be fair, their last couple of albums from them were shit and Bono's head is firmly wedged up his arse. But their music is still great. That pack has four absolute classics, one more recent piece that's absolutely perfect for a guitar game (Vertigo has some great riffs) one ho-hum piece and a couple of stinkers to pad it out.

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