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    Dear Secret Santay, this is wonderful. I have put it up in my loungeroom

      It looks familiar but I don't know what it is.

        It's the map from The Witcher 3, canvas printed

          Nope, don't know it. It reminded me of the chrono trigger map of all things =P

          I would have said the map from Fable. I guess game developers like coastal regions.

    @shane Negative feelings and emotions are what stops you sticking your hand in the end fire every time, literally and metaphorically. Problem is people don't know how to handle or process them appropriately.

      So many of our initial reactions are tied to a world we don't live in any more. And the damn ones that bypass any thought process and make you react.
      That said next time a ball comes flying at my head I'll be happy for those ones

        Instinct's a funny thing.

        For hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution, survival - let alone prosperity - demanded that we be warriors; any sign of weakness was an invitation for extinction at the hands of the strong. Then the advent of gunpowder warfare, the subsequent age of enlightenment and the industrial revolution, and eventually globalization meant that within a few measly hundred years - only a few generations, a blip in human history - most of us no longer need to kill. Not up close and personally, if ever at all.

        Those of us born today are born with the product of hundreds of millennia of evolution: now-vestigial instincts for aggression and tribalism that, at our healthiest and most constructive, we sublimate through exercise, sports, and fantasy.
        ...All while incredulously wondering what purpose those instincts serve and what's 'wrong with us' for having them in the first place.

        Gee, I wonder.

      May I suggest "The Happiness Trap" by Russ Harris to anybody? It's specifically about that... how "negative" emotions have a purpose and value and we shouldn't try to eliminate them (which, our inability to do so, makes us unhappy!) we should learn to process them in a constructive and effective manner.

        I like that, i think when i was at my lowest the negativity just felt so overwhelming, like thats all there was, being able to realize that constructive negativity was useful was probably my catalyst to getting better. Self improvement only happens when you realize what the problem is. I was deppressed because of expectation and when it wasnt met i felt cheated. I learned to stop expecting things and started to just enjoy them and i felt a whole load better. I might pick up that book and have a read and see if my self discovered enlightenment could of been learnt quicker :P

          I'm only on the third exercise myself, but once I'm happy to pass along my copy (you can download blank worksheets from their webpage) once I've finished reading and moved on to the companion app.

          I'll DM you the page that made gave me a real "Ah-Ha!" moment too.

            I think i just need to realize when something is worth feeling.
            Its funny they teach you critical thinking in school but they never teach you how to critically analyse your feelings and deduce wether or not its valid reaction or not.

              I think it's no coincidence that the method taught in the book is called "Acceptance and Commitment Therapy" :)

        Alternately, just watch Inside Out for the same moral lesson. :P

      Haha, I understand what you're saying and I recognise the importance of balance in life. I wasn't advocating the eradication of negativity or critical thinking or the very reasonable natural fear response. I just have a dream for the world where the scales tip just a bit more towards the positive, purely in those circumstances where holding onto the negative feelings is more destructive than beneficial (like, for example, inherited bigotry and racism, or holding a 16 year grudge for the Star Wars prequels :P ).

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    So here's an out of left field theory for the new Star Wars trilogy (contains spoilers for The Force Awakens and really dumb 99% unlikely to be true predictions for episodes 8 and 9).

    Luke is Snoke. He has gone over to the Dark Side and the First Order is his thing. He secretly turned Kylo to the Dark Side and used the guise of Snoke to recruit him as his Sith Apprentice, and made the others think he was just devastated over his "failure" when he went into hiding. He planted the Vader mask for Ben to find and made him think he was destined to continue Vader's legacy as a "Knight of Ren".

    Now Luke plans to recruit Rey and train her under the guise of Jedi training. At the end he will get her to face Kylo who he is also training in secret, and get her to destroy him to complete her training and try to turn her to the dark side. Rey will realise what's happening and refuse to kill Kylo. She will instead save him and turn him back to the light, they will then team up to defeat Luke.

      I find your ideas batshitinsane intriguing and wish to subscribe to your magazine.

      Can we make this movie???? Because no way on earth that is the actual plot and yours is so much better

    Dear Secret Santay,

    Nailed it. Thank you so much! Though we do need to speak about spending limits...

    PS: $30 for postage is highway robbery.

      X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter!?! I STILL HAVE THE EXACT CASE AT HOME (over seas home)...
      Please tell me that these discs have the improper printing as well? (Multiplayer disc labelled Single Player and vice versa?) Magnificent!

        Oh man, I used to have that edition! Will check and let you know

    God shit damn it. I had about 600 words written up about something emotional that happened today, and now it's been swallowed. It took half an hour to write the damn thing, and now it's gone. I should have copied it into a word document before posting. Argh.

    Last edited 22/12/15 6:09 pm

      Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, *then* post. Every time :P

    Dear Secret SanTAY (part 2)

    Do you remember the best thing about X-Wing vs Tie Fighter? It's not the game itself (though wow, nostalgia for sure!)... but the fact that the game CD is actually also playable as an audio CD! Half an hour of pure blissful medley of the Star Wars trilogy soundtrack's action sequences. HEAVEN.

    Thanks again! <3

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      I remember when I first got X-Wing, it looked amazing, but the sound was pretty average even though I had a Sound Blaster. Then my aunt taught me how to change extended memory into expanded memory in the DOS prompt and BAM! Awesome music and I'm pretty sure there was speech in there too. Man I feel old, but damn those were the good old days.

    Was struggling to think what I could get for my sister for Christmas. Then suddenly thought hey, board games could be a good idea. Then couldn't think of anything, and spent ages scrolling through searches. Gonna go down to Gamesmen and pick up both Sushi Go and Hanabi for her. Sorted!

    And shouldn't even have to go out on Christmas Eve for once.

      Sushi Go is a brilliant game. Played it with friends a couple of months ago, and it's so much fun. Quick game too, so you can get a few rounds in before it gets stale.

    I knew it, I *knew* I was jinxing myself by saying that. Just realised I have neither thing nor clue for both Mum and Dad.

    I hate Christmas and all its forced thoughtfulness.

      I have no idea what to buy my sister. I've grabbed her board games in the past, but I'm not sure she's ever played them, so that's out, which leaves, what, a pile of tears?

        I don't see why that means you can't just get her more boardgames :P

          Because I don't know if she really appreciates them, plus I don't know what she owns. >.>

            That's ok, until she outright tells you that she doesn't like them you get to just keep pretending that you think she likes them and you're doing good.

    Holy shit, really good Square Enix Humble bundle. People should check it out.

      Their definition of "Just Cause Collection" bothers me since there's more than 2 in the games series now damn it!

      But holy shit that's a good pack, I have all those games so damn :P

        I have half of the games which is why I haven't bought it.

    Hey guys. I dreamt of a game last night. Bear with me please.
    It was a racing game where 8 races raced against each other, but, 4 raced the track forwards and 4 raced in the opposite direction. The aim was to complete in the fastest time, without smashing into the oncoming racers.
    When I woke up I thought, that sounds like a pretty interesting game.

      Sounds like it could be interesting. Kind of like a lot of the burnout series where the track loops back on itself so you have cross traffic, but a level more intense.
      Was it done from a 1st person, 3rd person or top down view? Perhaps as a top down view but if it is an 8 person race maybe you have 4 teams of 2 people, one racing in each direction. With the final result being the sum of the positions of both players on the team.

      Last edited 23/12/15 10:07 am

        3rd person. Behind the car.

      Make the vehicles trucks. The roads icy. 1 side carrying coke and the other carrying mentos. Could be fun. Have little cars as obsticles too. lol

      Last edited 23/12/15 10:06 am

      I could see that being amazing.

      What if it was 2v2v2v2, with 1 player from each team racing each way around?


      What if it was Rock 'n Roll Racing style, and you could equip weapons to fight against the other players. You could have a big plow on the front of your car, and if you hit the guy coming in the opposite direction you send them flying! It would be pretty amazing if you could coordinate an attack on a car with your teammate coming in the opposite direction.

      Someone please make this.

        Kind of like twisted metal, Mario kart and rocket league?

      Remove the 'without' and I am in.

      Also... why do you get to dream about games, and I am stuck with dreaming about going to work. I wake up, relieved, until I realized the nightmare is real and I have to go to work.

      Gimme counter-clockwise-battle-racing dreams any day of the week.

        Apparently they did a study and found that people who play video games have less nightmares and tend to be able to control their dreams. I have that ability, Some of my best dreams have been nightmares about zombies that I've then turned into video game like dreams =P

          Well I don't know if dreaming about work classifies as an actual nightmare... but playing video games in my sleep SOUNDS AMAZING.

          Totally not jealous or anything.

            Check out lucid dreaming. That's it.

              Yup, had no idea what it was called initially. I've done it most of my teens and adult life.

                It's happened teen and entering adult life. After that it stopped. I didnt get the same quality of sleep that I used to and barely any dreams to nothing did I actually remember. Untill not too long ago. Lucid dream. I believe I've had one, but can't really say for sure. Memory can be tricky.

                Now I remember. Kicked a zergling-like dog and woke up in pain. Realised I kicked the wall.

                  Does your body not do the paralysis thing as well?

      Sounds interesting, but it might be difficult to balance it out unless the course is a mirror image of itself, so they're effectively racing on the exact same track. I guess if you wanted more course variety than mirrors offer you could just make them race once in each direction, then add their times to determine the winner.

        It was the same track, at the same time so you were trying to avoid the collision that may inevitably happen. Winners were based on times alone.
        (If you're interested, I came second)

          Only you would come in second in your own dream. =P

            Hey, I got a pretty awesome cape to use for 24 hours.

      You know what? If you could keep the track design interesting and varied ala Mario Kart, while making it bi-directional, I would play the hell out of it. Especially if there was an alternate method of victory that required you to destroy all opponents.

        time trial mode and demolition derby mode?

          No, I was thinking more like an RTS that lets you win either by economic victory or military victory; you can win by either being the fastest racer, or the last man standing.

            I get what you mean. Either get the fastest time or not be destroyed. Battle royale if you will.

      This is pretty much how I used to play Daytona/Scud racer at the arcades, everyone would take off at the starting line, I would turn around and get as much speed up as possible going the wrong way and try to take out whomever was coming first. It was worth it for the WTF! screams from my mates.

        Split screen Gran Turismo 2 we did the same...

      There's a limit on replies? How do the replies work here?

      Also, yeah it does, but I guess I was waking up and certain parts switched functions too soon. So paralysis worn out I guess.

        The thread does run out after a certain number of replies.
        That sucks that your first lucid dream in a while ended up with you in pain. Thanks for explaining it's lucid because I sometimes wonder if it really is. Sometimes I think that maybe it's not because I seem to use logic to change the dream. (does that make sense?)
        It's really weird. Sometimes, something will happen that I don't want and it'll just rewind it and try again but with a preferred outcome. I don't really feel like I control it, it just kind of happens.

          Makes sense. Logic of the mind is what the mind makes it to be. Sort of like beliefs.

          Rewinding? Strange. How much detail can you remember and how much is made up to fill in the parts you don't? Its difficult to tell, maybe you got really good memory.

          I've changed environments and myself in dreams. Noticed that the people in my dreams are different parts of me. If all my attention becomes used by me then the people stop and alsmot go hollow? I guess the brain kinda focuses those parts to what I wanted to do with it since I'm fully aware of what's happening. Doesn't just roam. The more I concentrate the easier I wake up. You need to find the balance in between. If you relax too much you will lose yourself in your dream and if you focus too much you will wake up.

          I've had it when I'm about to wake up I let my mind wonder and then start dreaming normally only to realise once again and remember the weird moment that I wasn't aware that all it was was a dream. It's strange and fun.

          I've also visited and talked with characters I tried writing a story for. Been the hulk, been James bond snow boarding down a mounain. Did a kamehameha. Used rocketman cheat to save someone. Altered my nightmares so I do not have to run. Opened doors to places I never thought I would reach. Talked to monsters. Confronted a ghost, changed it to a spirit eagle. That's all that I can remember. Was master chief, that was the first time I kicked the wall. So far that's only happened twice.

          Was captured by two eltes, so I made a plan to kick the third one that was approaching me and push off from him. Kicked the wall and woke up in pain. lol

          Last edited 25/12/15 8:14 pm

            The rewind ability is when I say "Wait, that's not right" then it goes back to before it happened and I'm able to alter it. For example, someone may get killed, I'm not happy with it, it goes back and I save them.
            As for people, I don't see them with features, but rather, they're a blank human. Instead, I look at them and go "that's mum." or someone else. So I know who it is, but I not from their features. Dreams are weird.
            When I wake up, I remember them for a while, but the details become vague after a while. Probably because it happens so often. For example, I know I've had the zombie apocalypse dream multiple times, slightly different each time, and it's always ended up a lot of fun because I'm able to find resources and fight back.

              Listening to the audio book; The organized mind, by daniel j lewit, Luke Daniels. Learned that when you try to remember something you borrow the parts of your brained required to remember it, to recreate it. If it's something visual, your visual cortex is somewhat borrowed to see the picture, color, detail. Same applies to other senses. To add to that you don't remember and/or see every possible detail. Your brain fools itself by filling in those missing details. Every time you recall a memory it is slightly altered. If the action being remembered is something you do every day, such as catching the same bus, chances are you won't remember it in too much detail on what happened on the bus ride 2 days ago. Unless something out of the ordinary happens, like a dog takes the seat next to you and strikes up a conversation. Or maybe something normal but not ordinary, like some guy tries to start up a fight. But in the dream that can feel like such a normal every day thing that a talking dog or a guy who wants to fight can feel so natural lol. That being said if you don't try to remember it then it is not important and chances are you will lose that memory. Best have a dream diary next to your bed and write down the dreams as soon as you wake up if you want to remember them.

              Sounds pretty cool though, I'm pretty tired of all the zombie games lol

                Yeah, the racing game seems pretty cool though. No idea how I'll make it though. =P

                  Write it down for now. Beware of scope creep though.

                  As to make it; check out tools such as unity. Or perhaps draw up a prototype. Make one out of paper? Test the idea.

                  If the idea feels good. Break down the tasks as much as possible. Such as; load up empty screen. Load up box. Apply controls to box. Load up small surface for box to move on. Another box.test collision. Eventually you would need to apply some physics, but then that also depends on the kind game style you want to go for. Maybe you won't need physics.

                  1 by 1, the tasks can be done and eventually you get there. Would take time though.

                  I'm too lazy and have stopped working on all of my ideas. Keep telling myself I should continue, but the more I talk about it the less I do.

                The main issue is I can't code for crap. =P I can do the art stuff, but not the coding

                  That's pretty cool. 3D? Or 2D? Both? I can't really do 2D lol. I've done a bit of 3D at uni, it was fun. I wouldn't really know how to make/prep 3D for games, but I'm sure I could find out.

                  Yeah coding can be difficult, that's the only thing I've done so far. I'm that good at it, but given time I've figured some stuff out. Given time you can figure it out.

                2d and 3d. I do both.
                I don't really have time to learn coding. It sounds like bullcrap but I am pretty overloaded as it is. I'm still working on my bookmarks, trying to fix up the house and I've still got sewing things to do.

                  All things take time, its just a matter of organising the tasks and priorities. Good art takes a lot of time. Learned that when I did 3D animation. If you don't have time to learn coding, you can ask a friend who may be interested.

                  I've done that before with my friends and never really worked out. No one wanted to actually do things they didn't know how to. Nobody wanted to do any research, just do what they already knew. And everyone seemed to have wanted to make changes/influences on the core design of ideas even if they agreed to who was going to do the main design. Attempted many different ideas with the same friends and every time nothing lol.

            That always seems the case.
            I'm pretty terrible at getting things moved forwards, especially since I have a lot of other things to do (At the moment, bookmarks and house DIY)

              One thing at a time you'll get there.

              What kind of bookmarks? Fan-art bookmarks? Book specific bookmarks or something like that?

              The design all in the art or is shared on the design of the phsyical thing itself? I'm imagining something like a rectangle with art, bright colors.

                There's a the current series. Persona 4

                  They look pretty cool, but I've never watched persona or played the game. Only heard good things about them. No idea as to why I never really bothered to search up on it. Is the game a fighting game? Whats it on?

        Persona 4 is part dating sim, part dungeon crawler. You play as Yu (you can call him whatever you want) who has to adjust to staying with his uncle as his parents are overseas. To make things worse, someone is going around committing murders using the most unlikely of weapons! This is no ordinary case and the police have no idea. Juggle daily high school life, create lasting relationships and catch the murderer!

        The social links allow you to level up your persona, which is what allows you to do battle in the dungeons. Persona 4 is available on PS2, and the later released persona 4 golden is available on PSVita.

        The fighting games are spin off games that feature the cast of Persona 3 FES, Persona 4 and later Persona 4 golden. There is also Persona Q, another spin off game and Persona 4 dancing all night, yet another spin off game.

          Seems like a successful franchise. I never had a ps2. At that time I had Xbox and halo. So missed all the games on ps2. After the Xbox I got the Xbox 360 and wii. Only 3 months ago did I get a ps. Ps4. Pretty good console and some decent games on it. Now I barely have time to play anything. Still playing the Nathan Drake collection.

            If you like JRPG's and story based games, you'll generally like Persona.
            Uncharted, the second game is best. I'd then say the 3rd and then the 1st

              I don't mind jrpgs, though never really invested much time into them. Might look into persona if I come across it.

              As for uncharted. So far I'm near the end of number 2, and its was more story rich and fun than 1. I'm looking forward to finishing 2 and playing 3, should be good. Got the last of us lined up after that. That should take some time considering I have witcher and other games on pc that I'm still playing from time to time. I think I've seen a persona game on steam? Will have a look.

              Hmm just had a look. Nothing. Strange, I remember seeing it on some sort of online shop. The newest one. Might check it out later. Should probably leave it for now. One game at a time.

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                Persona is exclusively PlayStation with the exception of Persona Q, which is 3DS.

    Heading home today to see the family. Probably won't be around TAY much for the next few days so I hope you all have a very happy Christmas!

      Merry christmas buddy.
      WHoops those kisses were meant for pants, sometimes i get you two confused

      Last edited 23/12/15 10:15 am

      You're abandoning us? D=
      Merry Christmas too, I guess. Traitor =P

      I think I saw a pic of you, your mum, and brother on Facebook. He's like a more hippy version of you, it's the best.

    So the only Steam game for the Christmas sale seems to be "look at your discovery queue 3 times a day for free cards". At least it's accessible for all, I guess?

    After going through my queue I realised that about 20% were actual games, and the rest were Early Access entries. Thanks anyway, Steam.

      You can customise your queue s that early access games don't show fyi

        Yeah, but I'm kind of stuck. I want to see new Early Access games, but I don't want to buy them until they're done...and following them just means my Steam feed is clogged by tiny updates that I don't care about.

        I'd love a button that says "This game looks interesting. Let me know when it's released".

          That is what I want as well. But for me I'm happy enough to ignore them until release, not really interested in see how they develop and what new features are there. Only interested in playing once it is done

    So I really want to buy a bunch of Steam sale games..
    But my backlog is already so, so long...
    BUT I have been wanting to buy these games for ages!
    But my SSD is nearly full anyway...
    BUT they are so cheap!
    But I am already broke from xmas shopping... and I won't have much time to play over the holidays...


    Last edited 23/12/15 10:27 am

      Buy another SSD, cause they're cheap enough now, buy more Steam games, ????, profit!

        That would delay buying a new graphics card.... which I can't do until I have paid off my credit cards...


      Do what i do, buy for everyone else XD
      Satisfies the buying urge without clogging up my library :P

        If this is your sneaky way of getting me to buy you games...

        It's working! What do you want? I still haven't gotten around to downloading the games you gave me (these 12hr working days are so much fun).

    On a whim I just counted up how much all my remaining (did a big sell off a few years ago) TF2 items are worth on the Marketplace. It comes just over $40USD. Now to see if I can convince myself to part with them.

    Also, if people do have old TF2 items I'd suggest checking your Halloween 2010 items. I have a couple of hats worth $7ish each.


      Edit: none of my TF2 stuff is tradeable, I must've sold off everything, dang it.

      Last edited 23/12/15 10:47 am

      I should still have a code for one of those Rift hats, from the kickstarter. Wonder how much those go for nowadays. Think I remember then going for something crazy like $200 at some stage.

    So, what's the deal with these Steam mystery card thingos.. I have #2 - #11 already, can't seem to spot a #1 on the market at all. So uh..?

      I can't see a #1, but I can see a #0?

      Edit: Hmm, that link didn't work, but I clicked on the filter for Holiday Sale 2015 Community Items and then sorted by name.

      Last edited 23/12/15 10:58 am

        Actually on second thought, I bet Card #1 is "Santa's Workshop" - I.e. they've revealed what the first mystery is. Then tomorrow Mysterious Card #2 will become whatever it's supposed to become and so on.

          I have a workshop, so yeah looks like they'll reveal each one over time.

        Oh there's a 0? I didn't see that! I got Santas work shop too.

          Actually it says there isn't, or at least it's not tradeable.

            I saw that just after. Weird how it's not tradeable.

    Huh. Looks like I underestimated TPG. I figured I could place my NBN order now and being Christmas they'd take a couple days to get to it and I'd see my connection next week when I actually move in (lease starts on the 28th)

    Just got 3 emails in a row confirming my order, confirming my address was suitable, and that my modem had been dispatched and should arrive next business day.

      I'm about to give them a call myself. I forgot that port availability was a thing. Now I've got to figure out exactly what I'm going to do. Construction has commenced on the NBN for my new building a while back, so I'm hoping they flip the switch on that and solve all my problems sometime between now and when I move in. =S

    Star Wars. I have experienced it. Spoilers ahoy for those that haven't seen it.

    I enjoyed the movie but I enjoyed it on a slightly better level than the prequels but not as good as the originals. It was a good Star Wars movie but I'm not sure that it was a good movie overall. It did feel like playing a bit of Star Wars bingo with the sheer number of throwbacks and homages to the earlier movies. Of course the movie would never be treated as just a movie in isolation to the rest of the series but it feels a bit lackluster that it didn't even try to stand on its own two feet. It also didn't have the same feeling of New Hope or Phantom Menace where the movie could be taken as a standalone and the obvious "wait for the sequel" ending didn't help. I would have much preferred that the movie ended after piecing the map together and before finding Luke.

    A bit ranty I know but I'm hopeful for the rest of the trilogy.

      I definitely agree that the movie was ending "too late" and it really should've ended after the ship took off with all those major characters in the shot watching as they left, as the usual end of every Star Wars movie showed a wide shot of many major characters just before hitting credits.

      I had other huge problems, specifically with Finn himself as a character but I'll leave that rant for another time. It's weird that I'm the only one that I know of who's bothered by that.

      Last edited 23/12/15 11:30 am

        You could probably recut the final shot as a Post-Credits scene and have the actual ending be the wide shot. It "felt" like a PCS any way, just without having to sit through the credits.

        I know it's weird to say about a Star Wars film but a lot of the new characters felt almost too one-dimensional or they had one specific character trait that was amplified above all else. Finn was a massive coward, Rey was really good at the Force, Poe was pilot extraordinaire, BB-8 was an overly cute droid, Ren was super angry, etc. I hope we see more variety in the sequels because the characters were almost caricatures in some scenes.

          Yeah I see what you're saying but to be fair almost all the characters listed are still quite young (looking at them and interactions it appears to be the assumption?) Finn came across as massively traumatized; especially after he realized what kind of power Kylo weilded and how escaping could be futile. Rey definitely needs more backstory in order to justify her character motivations; as a kid stranded on a desert planet scavenging for junk she should have much more of a self-serve; everyone out for themselves kind of personality. They better have some justification for her character being so well-rounded. Ren struck me as young as well; hence the overboard-emo-teen-angst vibe off him. Once again hoping for more character development to round out those jagged personalities. All in all felt like they had some really solid foundation characters with great potential to grow into some memorable icons in the upcoming movies; upto the writers and actors to make sure that happens now I guess! I would have to say out of all the new characters Poe seemed to be the most well developed but to be fair he's also older.

      I'm jumping on the hate train!

      My pet peeve was I felt the over-arching themes were too similar to ANH? While I apprecaited the similarities for the most part I felt it went over-board with the whole giant planet destroying machine that can be destroyed with a single weakpoint. That final arc just felt like the story lacked originality; also I kept querying what the hell the rebels have been upto since RoTJ that the majority of their fleet = 10-15 X-Wings. And why is it the Rebels are still running shit out of a single base???

      To be fair these are all minor peeves; still loved the movie to death and definitely going to watch again.

        Pretty much everyone I saw the movie with agreed that the Starkiller cannon was rather stupid. Someone also argued that if the solar energy was fired through hyperspace (which was the only way it could hit a distant target in a short period of time), there is no way that it should have been seen while it blazed across the galaxy. Also the general lack of technological differences was rather silly but it was rather emblematic of the whole film and trying to recreate ANH. TFA was very close to being a stale rehash of ANH but there was just enough new stuff that it wasn't entirely the same movie.

        On the lack of equipment for the good guys, that can sorta be explained by the terminology. Rebels are generally considered more organised and have better equipment and supplies whereas Resistance implies that they're underground and making do with what they have. I imagine the remnants of the Empire and the Rebel Alliance merged together to form the New Republic while the hardcore elements (New Order and Resistance) battled it out on the fringes.

        I was disappointed by the lack of other spaceships though. No Y-Wings, no A-Wings, no TIE Interceptors. It was very lackluster in the space category as all the dogfights bar the escape happened in a planet's atmosphere. There was not enough space stuff in this Star Wars for me.

      You know, when ...
      Han died, it got me in the feels, even though I pretty much knew it was coming (Ford looked way too happy when promoting the film), but I realised two days later that in my mind Harrison Ford had died, and I started telling my wife how it is a shame that Harrison Ford had.... then realised. Man, I guess the film really 'felt real' to me :)

    Greetings All,

    Just wanted to say I hope you all have a great Xmas and have an excellent time at whatever you get up to! :)

      And to yourself!
      I don't remember seeing your name around here before, so you should come hang out more!

        I have been around a for a little while (few months) but I agree, I do need to hang out more, this is a good crowd! :)

    Anyone else working over xmas? I need to know who not to add to my 'silently hate for the 4 working days over the holiday period' list.

      Me, I've only got the public holidays off. Though I did get the 29th off as "personal leave" so I can move in to my new apartment. But that's not really holiday.

      I'm always working. Full time carer.

        And part-time bookmark artist!

          And part time games idea person. Not that I ever do anything with them =P

            Gurl so busy, she even works while she dreams!

              man, it would have been so awesome if I'd been able to work on Elsa's cosplay while asleep

                Do you have any photos of how it turned out? I kept seeing progress updates but never got to see how it all fit together.

                  I do. Lemme get them
         I never actually finished it in the end. I ran out of time (again) to do the arms and neckline decoration

                  @scree that looks fantastic! No wonder it took so long - the detail is awesome.

                  It still didn't get everything on it that I would have liked. If I did it again, I'd make the sequins like dragon scales.

        Yeah, me too, but am (just) holding down a part-time job as well, thanks to some occasional respite care. Got lucky in that I have a place that is really flexible with hours.

          Mum doesn't want to do respite and I understand. I don't mind as I'd just be working retail anyway

      Yep, I am! Saving my leave for another time

        Ditto. I've got 2 international trips next year, much rather take the time off then than fight the crowds and extravagant price gouging over xmas.

        Edit: Plus, you'll never be on my hate list, Techie. Necrons, represent!

        Last edited 23/12/15 11:59 am

          I am a machine, I prefer leading other machines, even if they are slaves, can't trust meatbags! :P
          I'm planning on a potential overseas trip for next christmas or next August, depends on what happens.

          Last edited 23/12/15 12:36 pm

            Ooh nice, where are you headed?

              Spoilerising it cuz it's personal:
              Up to Greece to spend Christmas with a long distance girlfriend that the relationship recently rekindled after a really rough patch that happened last year that almost ended it. So this way, I spend christmas with her and I also get to meet her family finally. If it's next August it'll be her coming here to spend two weeks here with me, either way we'll be seeing each other again

                For a heartless machine, you are too cute.

                I did long distance with my girlfriend a few years back - she was in Jakarta for what was meant to be a couple of months, and it ended up being over a year. It was the worst - commiserations, brother. But yay for getting to see her!

                Last edited 23/12/15 12:55 pm

      I was supposed to be working this week, but uhhh, not being allowed into my work has put a bit of a dampener on that.

      I have the public holidays off but otherwise will be working through. I like to take my leave in the less busy expensive periods too :)

      I volunteer as the TAY Christmas break hate sink!

      I have afternoon of the 24th off, coming back on Monday the 4th. None of this time is counted as annual leave and I get paid my full wage.

        *shakes fist*

        It's not working...

        Shake harder, boy!

        I too am in this position. Although I'm a bit worse and took all of tomorrow off instead.

        Oh, that's handy to know.
        Fuck blinking lights. Just fuck 'em.

      I write every day of the year, but I've got a week off over Christmas from my FT job.

      Self-employed and moving into a new apartment. I'm going to be pretty busy from now until about the 10th, but for the most part I choose my own hours and a lot of urgent stuff can be put off and blamed on couriers. I also don't have to deal with people directly at work, which is a bonus all year round that offsets the annoying periods like this.

        Also I just realised I'm running out of clean clothes and I won't be getting a washing machine sorted anytime soon. Welcome to sink town...

        What do you do, if you don't mind me asking.

          I source machinery components and then sell them globally. It's not very interesting but I get things cheap enough that I can make good money while still offering great prices, it doesn't take much effort, the hours are flexible and I don't have to deal with people face to face. I really lucked out in that it's something that's tailored to blending my particular skill sets that offers me the freedoms I need to be able to work efficiently.

            That's awesome

              I try not to bring it up because I get excited and it comes off as bragging, but it really is awesome. I wish I had of figured this part of my life out when I was 20.

                If you enjoy your work, then you should be happy. I asked, so it's not really bragging. I don't understand it much, but if you like it, then I'm happy for you.

            Am I the only one that imagined you saying this into a phone...

            'What I do have... is a very particular set of skills. Skills that offer me the freedoms I need to be able to work efficiently. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you'

            Can you find me a 4K 35mm feature film scanner?

      Yep, I am working right through.

    I realised the other day that Ritz and Savoy biscuits were named after fancy hotels

      I like the Ritz hotels. I got so drunk in the Ritz Carlton in Jakarta that I had to be wheelchaired out of the bathroom.

      True story.

        Why is all i can think of that scene from the IT Crowd? "Help, i'm disabled"

          I'm pretty sure, given the state I was in, I would have sounded more like 'MRGLGRUMPBLURGH'

        Whereas I like Savoy because I had a proper British high tea at the Savoy in London. :p

          Were you wearing a monocle? Because if not, it doesn't count.

            I'm afraid not. Wearing glasses all the time rather ruins whatever fun you can have with monocles.

              Ah I know your pain. All that potential monocle-ing, ruined!

    One more from me, sorry.
    New book mark is up (Scroll down)

      Despite me not knowing what the heck those are pictures of, the style is great =)

        Persona 4. If you can't play the game, watch the animation.

      I love them all, except the yellow one, something doesn't feel right about it. Maybe too much fine detail?

      I also don't know who they are, but think they look great.

        It's a less dynamic angle. The others are a 3/4 view where as the yellow one is straight on.

          I think it is more a lack of detail in the head/hair maybe. It is just kind of a big round black blob. Although that might be what you mean, it is straight on so you don't get any nose/chin definition to break up the face.
          That said I haven't played persona so could capture that character perfectly

          Just took another look, that is exactly it.
          I'd kill for some Bob's Burgers or Archer ones like that, do you take commissions?

            Never! =P

            I'll add it to the list. I'm currently working through the games, I'm moving to animation eventually. (I'll get there). I had some issues with Archer when I initially tried it, but I think that's because I got really hung up on the face. I think I'll either silhouette them, or minimalize.

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