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    I'm trying to get into the holiday spirit, but I can't find a damned corkscrew! #PleaseBePage6

    As I enter the last hour of work for 2015, I'd just like to say how utterly awesome it is to get my major project approved and signed off before I go away for a break!

    Will be incommunicado for 24 hours 'cause we're spending tonight and tomorrow with friends out bush, but will be back for mad gaming stuff soon!

    Enjoy your hols, all.

    Edit: Dammit, page 6 and I didn't post a joke. Sorry.

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    So apparently Sleeping Triad Dogs Wars looks like it's being cancelled? Way to take one of my favourite games and turn it into an MMO that collapsed Square.

    Edit: I'm sure to top this they'll end up whacking on a multiplayer section in FF7 with microtransactions.

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    This is going to explain a lot about tomorrow..

    Who brings presents to baby sharks?

    Santa Jaws #xmaspage6

      Edit: It's been done.

      But that joke made me cringe. In a good way. Sort of.

      Last edited 24/12/15 3:01 pm

        It was from my Mr4's Christmas Jokes book, and it's his favourite, because he likes sharks. :)

    Merry Christmas TAY! I'm done at work and probably wont log back on over the weekend so have a good holiday and I'll see you on the flipside! :)

    This is my life right now.

    Edit: And also a healthy dose of this:

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    Someone mistakingly left a BB8 Sphero on their desk at work (won at a competition) before they left for the holidays... I've been doing nothing other then driving it around the office for the past hour...
    MAAAN i want one of them!

      I'm pretty sure it was Santa.

      You don't want BB-8 to be alone for you?

    *glances at Virtual Boy, Nokia 808, etc*


    So my secret santay gift has arrived. At home. Where I am not. Antici...............pation

      Woo! I'd ask what you got but, I am pretty sure the mystery is over :P

      Hope you enjoy it man!

    Telstra guy shows up at 5pm Christmas Eve to see if he can fix our internets.


    Last edited 24/12/15 6:01 pm

    Hooah! Two games 100% for the year. Rocket League and now The Room 3. Good times took 6 hours.

    Anyway how's things going over here?

    On boxing day Target is selling Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront for $49 each if neither appear under your tree tomorrow.

      Hey guys, I'm getting a new Wacom for Christmas. This means I no longer need my old one. It's a bamboo, which Wacom don't make anymore, but it still works as long as the drivers are downloaded. There's a small crack on the pen and the nib may need to be replaced as I've worn it into an angle. It's old, but it still works.
      Anyone want it?

      Why is this a reply? What the heck...

      Last edited 24/12/15 10:20 pm

    You all should take it from me, play SteamWorld: Heist

    So good, so much fun, Steampunk robot shootout fun :D

    So not sure if I am looking forward to boxing day or not.. We sold SO MUCH alcohol, empty spots all over the store :| Also had at least 3 incidents tonight regarding minors and either handling alcohol whilst in store or people who looked too young not producing ID and then kicking up a stink, one whilst the Woolies manager was behind in line, and the look on his face when this one started acting up was all "i'm done with people for the day" haha. And all those happened within about an hour of each other, so much fun..

      Even handling alcohol's a problem? Didn't know that.

      Was looking around while my mum and sister were waiting in line and saw some ginger wine on the shelf, Stone's. Hadn't seen it before, we ended up getting the bottle to try. Hope it's nice :P

        Ahahahaha. The old Stones. It's pretty terrible. Usually we just mixed it into cheap beer to make a somewhat bearable ginger beer out of two awful things.

        Yeah man, RSA law's are strict in NSW, anyone who cannot produce a valid ID or is underage & is seen handling alcohol, pointing it out to the older person they're with or seen handing money over to the person they're with is grounds to refuse service to everyone in their group. At the end of the day I don't wanna lose my job/be fined or even go to prison, I also don't want my boss to cop like a 250k fine for my fuck up as well.

        Haha Stone's Green Ginger Wine, a mate who's a singer swears by it for fixing a sore throat, some people actually enjoy it, i've never had it though. It's cheap so i'd presume it's also nasty :P

    Holy crap! Thank you, @thecracks for buying me The Binding of Isaac. Didn't expect that. Now I have to buy you something in return. Will you accept a copy of Bleed? It's a fucking amazing shooter-platformer thing with inspirations from bullet hell shoot 'em ups. It was my Game of the Year for 2013 and has a 93% positive rating on Steam. I bought a gift code in a Steam sale like a year ago, but they wouldn't accept my generosity and it's just been sitting in my inventory since. Please take it.

      Isaac is awesomeeeee

      I don't totally have 220 hours in it...

      Don't judge.

      Thanks buddy!

      You didn't have to, but I appreciate it!

    Does anyone game on a 4K TV? How's it look?

    I may have just purchased myself a TV...


    Some of the hymns that they sing have nice chords but the lyrics are spooky

    And yes I have all of the usual objections
    To the mis-education of children who, in tax-exempt institutions,
    Are taught to externalise blame
    And to feel ashamed and to judge things as plain right and wrong
    But I quite like the songs

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