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    Ugh, just found I got overcharged by the girl at the fish markets yesterday. And of course can't do anything about it at all tomorrow.

    I blame Mum for dumping all the receipts somewhere and leaving it to sort out later :P

      Eugh. Maybe it's because I'm a vegetarian and don't eat fish anymore, but even just walking past the fish markets is enough to make me gag. That place smells rank.

        Nah, pretty sure fish markets have always smelt regardless of dietary status :P

        But their stuff tastes damn good once it's eating time.

    Well, wrapping sure took longer than expected. Stupid printers.

      You're finished already?? I'm still wrapping, and still fighting with the stupid printer.
      They just need to sleep for another 30 minutes and I'm gold...

        Well you have kids don't you, so at least you have good reason to be still going :P

    I'm wide awake and out net is slow as balls.
    Oh well.
    Merry Xmas!

    Also, @f4ction, you're awesome! Thanks a bunch! :D

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    Merry Christmas! Presents have been opened, 5km has been run (by me at least) and a there was a bacon and egg breakfast.

    I'm drinking coffee with eggnog - it's a good day!

      Merry Christmas \o/

      I'm gonna make bacon & egg wraps in a bit, I can't wait haha.

    Merry Christmas all my friends! Hope you all have a goodn! So far I've consumed way to many ham croissants, pork roast, Turkey and red wine... A 5km run might be in order tomorrow

    A tonne of beer, two bottles of Aperol, and a can of Coke Zero.
    So long liver, we had a good run.

      We had like 7 tonnes of beer arrive at work yesterday & friday, and we sold most of it..

    Too much cider+whiskey punch. And those subsequent glasses had way more whiskey than the first, I am sure. Most of face is numb now. Must be nap time.

    Merry Xmas TAY, ilu all.

    Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals....

    *bang bang bang*

    And a happy new year!


    Edit: My girlfriend has never seen Die Hard. We have been dating for 8 years. I am ashamed, but I am going to rectify this injustice right now.

    Last edited 25/12/15 8:48 pm

      Now I have a machine gun.


        Literally every time there was a Christmas reference, I looked over at my girlfriend in glee and shouted out 'CHRISTMAAASSSS!!!!'.

        She now believes me that Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

    To my Secret SanTAY,

    Thank you so much for my gift, coffee and chocolate combined is what life is worth living for, you are the best!!! :) And I very much appreciate the note and the creativity in my gift as well, hope you have had a fantastic Xmas and got spoiled! :)

    Damn it. I just realised I have work tomorrow and I just opened a bottle of rum :( I should go to bed...

    Ugh... I feel so seedy. Then again i'm sure most of my customers today are gonna feel the same as me so all good!

    How was everyone's Christmas?!

    I just had a quiet one with mum, dad & the dog. Had a very nice boneless ham with pineapple cure, which we topped with a peach & mango glaze. It rained most of the day here too, so it was really quiet, which is a total change for Christmas day in my neighbourhood lol.

      Sounds chill! Went to a lunch with the girlfriends side of the family. Her cousin is fabulously wealthy and has a penthouse apartment in Potts Point, so naturally we went to his place and drank actual champagne. So yeah, pretty rad!

      Edit: So I take it you didn't just put that bottle of rum down when you remembered you had to work today?

      Last edited 26/12/15 12:39 pm

        Haha, I had one drink.. I blame th half dozen ciders & 2 bottles of sparkling I had consumed prior :P oh well 2 days off now so woo \o/

      I think I was wrestling with my hangover last night. Stayed up pretty late just so I could force myself to get more water into me.

        Haha. I took panadol & drank a heap of water before work then had a bacon & chicken sub from subway for lunch, I was fine after that lol.

        Sometimes staying up a bit later to get the water into you make much more of a difference than the extra 30-60 minutes of sleep would

    Well that's dangerous. I got a bowl of ice cream and poured some Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Rum over it, holy shit this is too good. I'll be a fat alcoholic before I know at this rate.'s also good in egg nog ;)

        I've never had egg nog before, i've never been too keen on drinks with egg in them for some reason D=

          The supermarket stuff is pretty much a lightly spiced milkshake. Not very eggy at all.

    Shot in the dark message to Pizza Thief to see if she was free for lunch or coffee tomorrow after I'm done with Star Wars (HYYYYYYYYPE!), didn't expect she would be but now it looks like we're meeting up after all :o

    Wtf apparently City via Regents Park services exist on the weekend again now? Weird.

    Baw, her family absconded with her on a spontaneous zoo trip. But hey, Star Wars was awesome.

    And then just after she asked if I'd be over that way again soon, suddenly other friend swooped in with an invite to meet up for lunch at Bondi tomorrow. Freaky.

      You mean you didn't know that you were part of some Trumanesque show and so these situations are manufactured for maximum hilarity for the viewing audience?

        Well the suspicion's always been there, but I'm yet to get anything beyond circumstantial evidence to be able to say that I definitively "know".

        The Fishgief episode was an all time ratings high.

    Just got back from seeing Star Wars, that was a good movie. Like really good. I'm not much of a Star Wars person but god damn that was a movie I can understand the hype over. Saying that I reallllly need to re-watch the originals.

    Thanks @cakesmith! I have all these games i need to finish and Elite Dangerous that needs to be played, but thanks to you i'm stuck playing a Game from 20 years ago!
    Holy shit these games are fantastic!

      Man X-Wing vs Tie Fighter was annoying at the start with the first mission.
      Report on Primary Target: Their hull is damaged
      Report on Primary Target: They've been destroyed
      Report on Primary Target: Their hull is damaged
      Report on Primary Target: They've been destroyed
      Report on Primary Target: Their hull is damaged
      Report on Primary Target: They've been destroyed

      On and on and on, cuz you're blowing up containers :P

      Last edited 29/12/15 1:58 pm

        -Nice shot!
        -Target Destroyed
        -Nice shot!
        -Target Destroyed
        -Nice shot!
        -Target Destroyed
        -Nice shot!
        -Target Destroyed
        -Nice shot!
        -Target Destroyed
        -Nice shot!
        -Target Destroyed

        Yeeeaaah pretty prominent in the original X-Wing as well :P

    Welp, no new TAY, so...
    How's the post-xmas gaming going?

      I think today is still a public holiday

        Yep. Normal resumes tomorrow, and then Friday is another public holiday.

    So, what's everyone planning for New Year?

      Working \o/ or is that /o\

        I'm going to say \o/ for having extra monies.

          Good point, i'm trying to save to buy a new phone & buy myself an iPad so this is a good point lol.

            Just grab a phone with a plan and spend the money on alcohol!

              Don't have a plan, they're kinda useless to me when prepaid gets me more data for at least half the cost of what I want on a plan :P

                I break my phones far too often to buy them outright.

                Clumsy oafs ftl.

                  Haha. I'm yet to break a phone. I once had a phone go through the wash, my old Nokia 3315. Only phone i've ever destroyed. My iPhone 4 has never had a broken screen or anything, faulty home button though and it's an original launch model too. So I feel proud for how well it has lasted.

      A friend is throwing a house warming/New Years party so I'll probably be going to that and passing out on a couch the second I arrive. Too much running around this past month.

      We were planning on trying to organize a Melbourne TAY meat up at our place for New years day. Much food and dog cuddles. Board games etc.

      Going to a party with a bunch of people I haven't seen in 4 or 5 years! Fun!

      I always get the itch to do something for NYE, but the truth is that I'd rather see the 9pm fireworks and be in bed at midnight and then spend the first day of the new year out having a lovely picnic, rather than lying about with a hangover.

        That was one of my first clues that I was getting older... having to factor in the hangover into the decision of whether to drink or not.

        Life was so much simpler when I was 18, damnit!

      Anton and I Are having friends around for games and partiness and watching fireworks from the balcony

      No real plans. Wonder if Tiglet would be interested in fireworks.
      Most likely working during the day.

        If you find yourself going to a bbq or something with other kids, stock up on glow sticks. Even kids who find fireworks scary love glow sticks.

    Went to JB today buy the Star Wars blu-ray boxset, and of course they were sold out of that & the original trilogy, dang it. So I ended up buying Slash live at the Roxy, Sonic Highways & Flight 666 on blu-ray instead.

    Morning All. How was everyone's holiday period?

    Mine was up and down but I went and bought Rock Band so, yeah it was good

      Although I am still waiting on Access to my backer copy of Amplitude. That was supposed to be accessible last thursday. Lo and behold the codes work for US and UK but no one else can access. Add to that Harmonix have closed customer support until jan 4. AND The game officially releases Jan 5.
      Really Annoyed Ginger

        Oh and then I get this message,
        Harmonix Music Systems says:

        Hi there,
        We're aware of backers in certain countries having problems with their codes, and are working with Sony to rectify the issue.

        Thank you for your patience!

        Which tells us nothing

    So this happened:

    Sure, getting injured on a holiday sucks... but am I the only one that thinks she sounds like a self-entitled prick for kicking up a stink at being refused a free upgrade? I mean for fucks sake... if you need a business class seat that desperately, why wouldn't you just pay for the upgrade yourself? Oh right, because you're a journalist you're obviously entitled to special treatment.

      If she hurt herself whilst on holidays she should just cough up and then get her travel insurance to pay her back once in Australia?

      I feel like she's had it in her head for days that she was going to get the upgrade. As soon as she gets told no she's lost it.

      I always try to chill out when flying... relax and just roll with whatever happens. Low expectations = happy passenger. I'm always happy to make it alive to my destination after spending hours in a 300,000 kg steel/aluminium/carbon fibre tube hurtling through the sky.

        Complaining about the upgrade is one thing, but I think making her pay for a pillow is a bit much. Sure she is taking a budget airline but she would have already had her flights booked for the trip home.
        Then again she might have been short and demanding with the flight crew about the upgrade so they were just petty and 'following the rules' to the letter.

          I don't think Jetstar have individual pillows - it's part of the Comfort Pack, which comes with pillow, toothbrush, eye mask, etc. So basically to give her a free pillow, they would need to open up one of these packs. I used to work in a budget hotel where any stock that went missing came out of your pay - I don't know if Jetstar do the same, but it wouldn't surprise me and I don't think the in-flight staff should be expected to potentially sacrifice their own pay because one passenger was too cheap to pay for the pack themselves.

          As for the upgrade, you can most definitely upgrade on the day if there are seats available, just do it when you check in.

            I don't think the staff should have to pay either, but I do think there should be some give and take for customer service.
            If the staff can't help an injured passenger (And one with such high potential for negative PR if not for human decency) then that is a company process issue

              I disagree. If it's someone like Qantas, sure - but we're talking about Jetstar, who literally made me take a pair of jeans and a couple of shirts out of my carry on to get it under 7kg.

              At the end of the day, customer service costs money. She wanted it, but obviously wasn't willing to pay for it. Given how the story panned out, I wouldn't be surprised if she was a total bitch about it too, so I can't really blame them for not going out on a limb for her.

              I agree there should be some give and take within reason. However, if someone rolled out their job title/position as leverage I'd be even more inclined to to follow policy to the letter.

              I find it interesting that Jetstar are tiptoeing around this one saying her account doesn't seem accurate. When they mess up badly (checking personal wheelchairs at check-in (Kurt Fearnly incident) and saying no to guide dogs) they quickly investigate and apologise.

              Appears Jetstar are probably aware this one will fall in their favour. Looking at some of the comments on the Facebook link, I'd say the court of public opinion has decided in favour of Jetstar this time.

                Yeah, they were very quick to backpedal when they embarrassed a couple of ladies by asking "are you *sure* you're not 28+ weeks pregnant?", when they were in fact, not pregnant at all.

                However, if someone rolled out their job title/position as leverage I'd be even more inclined to to follow policy to the letter.

                Doesn't that make you the very type of jerk you're upset about? People are frustrated when they travel. It's stressful. It gets even more stressful when you know you're going to have a really uncomfortable flight no matter what. I'm not saying people should get a free pass to blast airport staff, but it goes both ways. Airport staff don't get a free pass to hold a petty grudge the instant someone annoys them any more than I get a free pass to treat them like crap if they're a little rude.

                  I can see what you are saying but there needs to be some give and take.
                  As was stated further up on the budget airline it is possible that staff would have there own pay docked if they gave away things and were probably not actually allowed to offer the upgrade.
                  It is possible that they were doing everything they could, moving other passengers, give her as much space as possible and rather than getting thanked for them making the effort and doing everything the were allowed to they got an earful of "I'm a big important TV person, why aren't you putting me in business class"

                  If you are not grateful for what they are doing, why would they do any more. I have no issue with then returning the attitude and not going out of my way to help them any further.

                  @tigerion I'll agree that there is a point where you have to stop tolerating their crap and that's different for everybody, but if you're working in the service industry and for Jetstar of all people that line shouldn't be 'injured person was in a bad mood' (and even when someone crosses that line it's not an automatic free for all). She's not some single minded extremist dedicated to using her press pass to stomp all over everybody any time she gets the chance. She's a person who had a really shitty experience and then complained about it.
                  You don't have to side with her but it upsets me that people seem to be lining up to crucify her simply because the story is much more enjoyable if she's a wanker trying to bully free upgrades out of Jetstar while we all have to travel up back.

                  I'm a bit confused as to why you guys are so convinced they'll get docked for handing out a free pillow set. Even if they don't like doing it Jetstar should have the ability to comp items. If they don't then that's a pretty serious fault with the company that needs to be exposed. They can't just hide behind the fact they're intentionally shit.

                  Last edited 30/12/15 12:27 pm

                  Following a policy doesn't have to make you a jerk, nor does it mean holding a petty grudge to make you feel better.

                  A short sighted, angry and ranting customer might think you're being a jerk but that's on them. Not on me.

                  I've worked in retail banking the last 10 years and I've lost count of the number of times I've made a customer realise they're being an absolute douchenozzle simply by stepping them through what I'm doing to help them. Often you get an apology out of it.

                  It's about customers thinking they're special and entitled because of some arbitrary factor - in this case her job. She thought she had the platform to vent if it didn't go her way. Turns out she was wrong.

                  Edit - should probably clarify the last bit. If this was anyone else complaining I'd say it would have gone no further than the tweet and an apology from Jetstar. It's because she's a reporter this has made the news.

                  Last edited 30/12/15 12:23 pm

      I think it comes off that way from the start of the article, but she actually has a legit reason to be pissed off about their customer service. According to her they offered no support for her even though she was stuck with an injury that severely impacted her mobility. It's not just the seating situation but in that case she had a medical need for additional space that was beyond her control.
      The article makes it sound like she's pissed off she didn't get any free stuff, which might be true, but the real point is that they allowed their policies to get in the way of doing what's actually right in this situation. You can argue Jetstar were well within their rights to refuse her requests for additional assistance but it's really no different than me refusing to give my seat on the train to a pregnant women on the grounds that I'm not sitting under a sign that says I have to. I know Jetstar built their brand on being bare-bones but under these circumstances I would expect them to do what they can.

      I mean it's not like she broke her leg on purpose to get a free upgrade.

        But they did though - they gave her empty seats in economy, but she was specifically upset that they wouldn't give her a free upgrade to business. They got her a wheelchair. They wheeled her to baggage claim. Granted, it sounds like it took them a while to find the wheelchair, but these things happen and if you're asking for assistance surely you can stand to wait around for a bit.

        I mean, look at her other complaints - she was upset that they waited to unload the other passengers before they brought her a wheelchair, which is common practice (I have never seen someone that needed a wheelchair being assisted before the rest of the passengers have disembarked). She also complained that they 'only' wheeled her as far as baggage claim and didn't assist her (and her husband) through customs - even though forcing Jetstar staff to not only wait around for them to collect their bags but also making them exit and then re-enter through customs would have been a massive fuckaround.

        I honestly think Jetstar are (for once) 100% in the right here. Back to your analogy, it's like you actually did give your seat to the pregnant woman on the train, but then she got upset that she didn't get the better seat with a little more space up the front of the carriage.

        Last edited 30/12/15 11:35 am

    So I'm bored at work and instead of studying for an upcoming exam I've decided instead to think retrospectively on my time in AC: Syndicate. Spoilered; ignore if you enjoyed Syndicate =P

    Firstly and foremostly the entire game feels like a reskin of Brotherhood which is probably why I don't feel like I've been ripped off as much as Brotherhood was in my opinion one of the pinnacles of the franchise. I'm still in the first half of the game but splitting up the main character into two personalities has left me feeling that both of them are half a person in terms of personality development. They don't get enough singular interaction with the other characters and effectively make what used to be a shallow storyline even shallower. There is little to no management of the gangs themselves (at least in brotherhood you had that mini-game of levelling up your assassins; etc). There is little to no motive in me putting together a gang (at least so far into the story) once again something you could do in Brotherhood. However my biggest peeve is the game doesn't let you summon allies for tough fights until you sink a small fortune of in-game currency into upgrades; something that was available from the get-go in Brotherhood. All in all aside from the carriage components in this game I feel like there is 0 innovation or improvement from the last European themed AC game I played being AC-3. As a whole the game feels emptier than previous older iterations; like even though it's packed to the brim with useless crap to collect they've somehow made it less of a game. The grappling hook thing takes away the concept of platforming almost entirely (there were times I felt I was playing a Batman game). I can't quite pin-point it but the game feels bland as a whole. The environments are uninspiring; the characters and cameos of famous scientists/engineers feel tired/worn out. I guess the game feels more like a formula now than an expression of art. Like someone in a team somewhere had a checklist of things they need to include in all AC games and anything outside the list needs higher approval from the board of directors.

    It's disappointing because I was really looking forward to sinking my holidays into an AC game but looking at how the series is going I wonder if we weren't better off with a 3 yearly release schedule back when the games used to be fuller/more fleshed out.

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