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    Well in news that nobody at all cares about I have the first shortlist for my cycling CQ team put together
    Comes in at 8100-ish points when the limit is 7500. I'll probably switch Kwiatkowski out as he has well over 1,000 points. Interesting year as I don't see any real must haves when there was at least half a dozen last year.

    BMC are interesting with Tejay and Porte next year. They could either both thrive or they could be an anchor around each others neck.

    Did not get to mobile post last night but holy shit guys.

    Her favourite game is Day of the Tentacle. WHAT.

      We're done here. She's the one.

        Only thing that gives me pause for thought is she's a smoker.


            Mm. Though it seems like it's somewhat infrequent, so there isn't the constant smell of the stuff like I've noticed with some of my sister's friends that smoke all the time. I dunno.

            It does bother me a bit, and we have talked about it so it's at least on the table :P

              I'm an occasional smoker (mainly when I drink), with my girlfriend being a devout non-smoker. Depending on how frequently she does smokes, it's actually pretty easy to get around it - my gf just makes it clear that we keep our distance if I've been smoking, at least until I've showered and brushed my teeth afterwards. Like you said, if it's infrequent you don't get that constant smell (or the yellow teeth!), so it's not that much of a dealbreaker.

              It sounds like a cop out but you'll get used to it. It's really not as big a deal as it seems.

                It depends on the person. My wife can't stand it and it would have been a deal breaker if I was a smoker. Also if you are interested in fitness and athletic lifestyle then it can be a big warning sign that your lifestyles might not be compatible.

                  Maybe, maybe not. I know some pretty serious rugby players that smoke occasionally, and some that only smoke during the off season. Granted, if she's a heavy smoker then that's probably true, but the occasional ciggie isn't going to have much of an impact on her overall fitness.

                  But at the end of the day, her favourite game is Day of the Tentatcle. Does anything else really matter?

      Maybe I'm catfishing you?

      With an elaborate robot?

    Well that's awful news to come home to. Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead has passed away. I must say a man of his life style to reach 70 (which he just celebrated Christmas Eve) is a hell of a good run.

      Stupid Keith Richards, not sharing the secret to immortality.

        I know right? Not even a coconut tree can kill that bloke!

        Keith became a Lich some time around 1985.

        Presumably he learned the secret from Queen Elizabeth.

    For those who may have missed it on twitter I got an awesome Christmas card from my not so secret santay

    And on a completely unrelated note who is plugged into the current hardware cycle. What is the sweet point for Nvidia cards atm?

      What a gorgeous dog there :P

      Depends on your price range? I picked up a GTX760 to play the Fallouts for $160 on eBay (probably 50-100 bucks less than it's real worth tbh) , it runs it really well. But a 950 or 960 would do justice. The 950 scores better than a 760 as well and they run for not much more brand new (starting at $250 from PC Case Gear) than the 700 series cards of a similar spec go for 2nd hand it seems. Hell even a GTX 670 or 680 is anywhere upto 350-400 bucks.

        eBay seems to have 15% off on $150+ spending til the 31st, so it's got me pondering an upgrade. Currently sitting on a GTX 660, and mostly thinking in terms of VR stuff. Talk around the place seems to bring up a number of points:
        -Don't upgrade now, new architecture's just around the corner so get that
        -New architecture will bring price drop on older stuff, get that
        -New architecture won't be here til after the HMDs arrive, so you'll be waiting a while
        -Price drop never happens, don't bother waiting
        A lot of that seems to be said in the context of those who have pretty high-end cards already though, so I dunno. Was pondering going for a 970 since that meets Oculus' recommended specs and should maybe do me a while with that, and the eBay sale seems to have them around 450ish.

        But I dunno. Haven't really looked into hardware stuff at all since I went about buying all the parts for the machine in early 2013, I can't remember anything about it.

          I can loan you a 970 if you want to try one out. In my experience it isn't really enough for using with the rift, personally I'd be waiting for a new card, and hopefully a drop in the price of the 980.
          I have a Titan in the VR rig now, since I ditched the 970, the 970 is currently in the Virtual Pinball machine.

          HELLO GOOKY.
          I have a GTX660. I just ordered a GTX 960 gaming G1 4GB off ebay for $300 delivered by Tuesday thanks to their discount. Just dive in and get yourself a new card, man. There's NEVER a good time to upgrade.

          Last edited 30/12/15 4:18 pm

            There is sometimes -- say the week or two before a new card comes out, or waiting maybe a month for the launch of a new series of CPUs -- but generally, just bite the bullet.

              Naaaah, live in the NOW! Forget any of that waiting stuff. Impulse buying is the absolute best :D

              I just find people fall in to the waiting trap of constantly waiting for the next thing to come out. They wait for one card then hear rumors of a rival card so decide to wait a bit for THAT card. Repeat ad nauseam!

              Last edited 30/12/15 4:36 pm

                I do rather like me a good impulse buy. Especially when there's a rapidly closing deadline like with this sale.

                But then comes the thinking. ~$450 is like a new console price, and feels kind of unjustified when the only PC game I play that's in any way taxing is Elite. And Poita's words give me pause for thought too, although the 970 is the recommended spec for Rifting so I dunno.

                As much as I talk myself into it I also talk myself out of it.

                Edit: Looks like they pushed the expiry date on the deal forward, and it's over now. Guess that's that decision made for me :P

                Last edited 30/12/15 8:04 pm

            960 is great for the price. especially the 4gb ver!

    I'm inclined to side with her purely because #FuckJetstar and #NeverAgain.

      Uncle Phil never did get the hang of this newfangled 'reply' button.

      But seriously though, you know you're getting what you paid for - no-frills transport from A to B with 0 customer service and just general douchebaggery on the part of the airline, but on the cheap. Expecting anything more because you think you deserve it but are not willing to pay for a better airline is just plain wankery.

      Edit: But yeah, fuck Jetstar. I had friends who got to the airport 28 minutes before departure, partly their fault but mostly because there was a huge fuckup with the trains to the airport. Jetstar closes check-in 30 minutes before departure. My friends were not allowed to check in, missed their flight, no refunds.

      Last edited 29/12/15 4:14 pm

        They imprisoned myself, my wife, @transientmind and his brother in Cairns airport for 14 hours without access to food or drink for a chunk of that, wouldn't let us leave or cancel our flights, stuffed us around for several more hours trying to get onto almost sold out flights instead of scheduling a new one, flew us into the wrong city, stranding Transient and his brother in Tokyo without accommodation for a night two days later then to compensate us sent us a pair of vouchers for $25 ooff our next flight with Jetstar.

          I was relatively new to TAY then and was cringing at the updates flowing through Twitter that night... Felt so bad for all of you.

          So what you're trying to say is... sometimes you get even more than you pay for with Jetstar? =P

          I wanted to murder someone who deserved it. Unfortunately Fortunately, I could find no-one who deserved it - only hapless cogs in the machine.

          I was even trying to keep a cool head while talking to the poor tiny Japanese desk girl but she looked like she was about to burst into tears, so I had to walk away and call the Australian number. Y'know... call people who are used to being abused by Australians.

    Aw yeah, getting so many hours* at work. Well it seems like it with the phat** monies i'm raking in.

    *Not even coming to a full week of full time hours, but been getting Saturday & Sunday shifts so!
    **High hourly rate of pay + being unemployed & being on Centrelink for so long makes it seems like a lot :P

    Saying that i'm a bit bummed my boss is leaving, he's moved to Ipswich just before Christmas, and well the 2.5 hour commute just ain't worth it, so he's transferring up that way shortly. I just hope we get someone as good as him as a replacement.

      I did 61 hours last week and I only worked 4 days \o/

      8 of those hours were public holiday pay from Christmas day.

      Last edited 29/12/15 5:27 pm

        Duuuuuuuude. Sweet. But fuck 61 hours :/

        Also we gotta catch up sometime! Been too long since!

    So there's an official blu-ray remote for PS4 now, and it;s been around since like September, but Sony don't sell it in Australia, wtf Sony.. Also $56 posted to Aus from the states boo :( But I kinda really want/need one for the PS4 so eh, whatever. Plus it can control my TV which is a nice bonus.

      If I turn on HDMI control, then my projector remote also works as the remote for BD playback etc. on the PS4, which is very handy. Also when I turn off the projector, it automagically turns off the amp and the PS4.

        Yeah the MHL pass through with my Bravia doesn't always work as intended (or works as intended knowing Sony) otherwise i'd just do that lol.

    Star Wars impressions from someone with no interest in Star Wars!
    Spoilers, obviously:
    Overall I thought it was pretty solid. I liked that it was similar to the original trilogy in tone, with the CGI of the prequels. The OT is far too dated for me personally to care about, and the prequels too cartoon-y :/

    It kind of confused me why lots of people looked so young though (Hux, Kylo, Rey), and why General Phasma didn't have more of a roll. She looked super cool! She better be in the sequels!

    I really liked how the advertising (trailers, posters, etc) made it seem like Fin was the jedi, Rey was a random, and Poe was a nobody though. That was really cool.

    Also, very controversial, but I'm glad Han Solo died.

    Also also, someone I followED on twitter spoiled who Kylo was for me, so I called him a c*nt and blocked him :D

      with the CGI of the prequelsBut the CGI was actually good :P

      Also, very controversial, but I'm glad Han Solo died.
      You're a monster.

      Also, someone on Twitch chat spoiled that Kylo killed Han for me. It literally took me 2 seconds to minimize the chat, I happened to glance at what they were saying as I was shrinking it, and BAM spoiler. Ruined my whole week :(

      Last edited 30/12/15 10:14 am

        I was so glad I managed to avoid all spoilers!

          Lucky bastard.

            I managed to avoid trailers too, only saw the initial teaser :P

              I only saw one trailer, when I took my Daughter to the last Hunger Games movie, and the trailer was great, didn't give anything away and just got me psyched. So good seeing trailers in the cinema too.

                Someone told me there were two trailers going around, one that was obviously by the director and didn't give anything away and one that was obviously by the marketing team. Or maybe they were talking in the general sense and that was what you tend to get. Either way I was never sure which one I'd end up getting so avoided all of them just in case.

      My feelings towards the movie are near-identical to yours. I don't have much nostalgic love for the previous movies or anything, so I judged it for what it was. Decent.

      I'm glad they had the balls to kill off Han Solo. Was worried they were going to play it too safe. I have no feelings one way or the other towards the character, so obviously it wasn't as heart-wrenching as it was for other people. But I at least admire the gall.

    3 coffees before midday, today is going great

      Just a few more coffee's before you can step through time and make yesterday great too.

        I'm sure the bottle of coke will help with that

          ... and some Coca Cola too!


    I've had the Final Fantasy battle victory music dropping in an out of my head the last few days.

    I feel like it's a sign from my subconscious - but I don't know where to start...

      At the beginning.... *cue FF orchestral music*

        What's the best way to play through 1 - 6 if I... err... had... not played them before now?

          As (what I like to consider, though I know I'm the only one who thinks this) the voice of reason, skip the early ones. I think the remake of 4 is on Steam (DS remake so it looks dated, but it's not awful), 5 & 6 look terrible in their phone remake form, so an emulated form is probably the way to go.

          All FF's are stand alone stories so it doesn't really matter where you start. Kind of depends on whether you already enjoy turn based RPG's or if this will be your first dalliance with them. If it's your first then maybe go for some of the faster paced FF's like 8 or *shivers* 12.

          However if you're looking just at 1-6 (it's been a while) but I remember enjoying in order 6-4-5. The first 3 I don't really recall aside from them being very basic turn based RPG's with crystal oriented story lines?

            I've played 7/8/9 multiple times and started 13 but never really grabbed me.

            Missed the PS2 iterations and have no care for the MMO variants.

            Mainly just the earlier ones that I've missed - emulation might be the best route actually. Can get them up and running on my laptop... probably.

              10 is pretty solid as well; as far as I'm concerned anything past FF-10 doesn't exist and is an aberration to the franchise =P

              With regards to ff-4 you might want to grab the remake cos they actually did a decent reskin of it unlike how they butchered the reskins of 5/6 with those damned high def sprites.

          The best way is not to play them. They've dated badly. 6 is the only one which stands up okay and it needs to be the SNES or PS1 releases, Squenix has fucked that game up subsequently.

    5 hours left to have your say in a stupid poll. :P

      Do you need to look remotely professional for your job? I shaved mine off when I got a client-facing job, not having them makes you look about 9000x more professional.

        I do not. And since I've had them pretty much continuously for the last 7 or 8 years I think work would have said something by now. :P

      Need the adjoining 'stache with the chops imo :P

      Nooooooo what the hell are you doing, man!? That's your soul! To shave your sideburns is to spilt your very being in twain!

        On the other hand, having the best sideburns on TAY by default is a tempting prospect...

          Oh yeah, I forgot we were at a cold war escalating over who had the most majestic sideburns. Guess I'll have to grow them back sooner rather than later. With... hookers. And blackjack. In fact, forget the sideburns.

    Very late post, I wanted to drop by and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and
    a Happy New Year. I've been enjoying the holidays and in that period where you don't know what day/time/date it is between Christmas and New Years playing Fallout and Aviary Attorney lol.

    My copy of Kanye Lens vs Soundwave turned up today, holy shit it's 439 pages of photo awesomeness. Also signed & individually numbered that was a nice touch! I kinda feel bad I only paid 20 bucks for it though, didn't realise it was so fucking massive and indepth. Would've cost more to have it printed i'd say. Since he was originally asking $90 for them when not on sale.

    What a crazy week. Christmas was possibly the most relaxed and low-stress ever. Family was down here this year, which was great. And despite having fewer people than usual, we managed to cater sensibly. Didn't overeat, didn't have a craptonne of leftovers. It was all a manageable level. Made use of the present my sister's boyfriend got too, Finska - kind of a cross between bocce, bowling and darts. The weather had warmed up after lunch so we went outside to play that and have dessert. I was in charge of the trifle again. It looked awesome :P

    Got some pretty good presents. A bottle of Fireball from Mum and Dad. A beard comb, moustache wax and beard oil from my sister. Apparently she was sweating it out in the leadup to Christmas hoping I wouldn't just spontaneously decide to shave it off. Guess I gotta keep it even longer now, at least til the oil gets used up :P Favourite though was from her boyfriend - he got me one of these Trinidad Scorpion in a can things. Got it opened and watered, currently nestled between two power packs behind my computer where it should hopefully be warm enough for them to germinate nicely. Looking forward to having that growing :P

    Boxing day, we went out for lunch for Dad's birthday. Took him to this place over in Woolwich, the Ironwood Coffeehouse. Holy crap their food was so good. Started out with a provolone fondue, with pizza crusts. Me and my sister had their gorgonzola gnocchi and OH. MY. GOD. I have never had gnocchi so light and fluffy. Ever. I was asking the waiter how they managed to put the clouds into the dough, though he wouldn't tell me. Tried a bit of their pizza my sister's boyfriend got, and the dough for that was amazingly light too. They must have a wizard in the kitchen. The desserts were also really good, and I liked their "cinnamon bun" coffee. Will definitely have to go back there again.

    Went out early the day after to go see Star Wars, that was great. So great. Then was supposed to meet up with Pizza Thief, but that had to get cancelled because of family stuff so I just ended up going home after wandering the city a bit, and organising with another friend to meet up the next day.

    So rather than go climbing on Monday, since they were closing earlier than usual, I went and met up with my friend at Bondi and we wandered around chatting, making our way down to Coogee for lunch. A late lunch :P Aaaaaaand we got burnt. Pretty badly. I've got a lovely necklace line running through the middle of mine. Stupid sneaky cloud sun. Told her about what had been happening with Pizza Thief, and that she had asked about meeting up that afternoon to make up for the day before, so we parted ways when she got there and was trying to find me :P

    Aaaaand that's when we went on our third date I guess. Wandered along the beach for a bit, though the clouds had rolled in and the sun had disappeared just as she arrived, and the temperature had dropped quite a lot with the chilly winds so we went inside to get a drink. And had only just sat down with them when she got a call from her family - apparently she'd forgotten to leave the keys with them, so they couldn't leave the house like they were planning to :P We got through our drinks and made our way back to her place. Damn that area is full of hills. Got to say hi to her mum, and her sister, and her little niece who was none too pleased about me whisking away her aunt so soon.

    Spent most of the night wandering from place to place, talking and drinking. And then being too full to really bother having dinner, other than a bowl of edamame at this one place. Where the whole Day of the Tentacle thing came up. Couldn't believe that. Can't remember if she said she'd played Maniac Mansion, or just didn't like it as much. And I think she'd played the first Monkey Island, but not the second. And was happy to hear about the Tentacle remake, and also liked the sound of Grim Fandango. Such a fraud, I haven't even played most of these games :P

    Found one place towards the end which had a downstairs space with a couple of guys playing music, so hung out there til they finished up and danced a bit. That was nice. Figured we should probably make our way home, but the bus was taking forever so we just walked instead. Much better decision. Theeeen spent too long out the front of her place. Way too long >.>

    Apologies to all the home viewers.

    So yeah it went pretty well :P Took foreeeeeeeeeeeeeever to get home though. Had to wait ages for a bus to get back to the city, and thought I was just in time for the night rider there but it turned out they were only running hourly instead of half hourly that night. It was too damn cold waiting and I hadn't seen any other buses yet, so I decided to walk down to Central instead. And got a muffin on the way.

    Think I got home about quarter past 5 this time, the sun was coming up. Really gotta stop doing that.

    Today, it was lunch with the new family. Six of Mum's seven newly found half-siblings, all meeting up with most of their families. That was interesting :P All of them lovely people though. One of the guys who now lives in Thailand, we were talking with his two sons who are around me and my sister's age. It turned out they went to the same school as her boyfriend for a bit, and were trying to figure out when that would have been to see if there was any overlap - turned out there was about a year or two where they were there at the same time. Then someone decided to ask about surnames. "OH, YOU'RE [SO AND SO]!". OF COURSE THEY ACTUALLY KNEW EACH OTHER.

    The world is friggen minuscule, man.


    I got a graphics tablet for Christmas, which is what I really wanted, but I'm finding that the tutorials I'm looking at are very, uhh, vague.
    I'm trying to learn how to draw, but basically all of the tutorials just tell you to draw the thing.

    I need to know how. Brushes, layers, colours, etc. There's no point saying, "draw this". A tutorial should show you how to draw this...

    I slowly learnt a little, I think, but that was more from playing around, and ended up taking me about 3 hours to do the first 3 steps of one tutorial that has about 14 steps and is only supposed to take 4 hours :3

    It's gonna take a lot of practice...

    Oh well! I had fun playing around.
    Just gotta keep swimming :3

    If anyone knows his tutorials, drop me a line :)

      I've been learning how to use Corel Draw lately with a lot of help from my brother (who's like a pro in it). I think the best first step to take is to just come to grips with all of the tools in a graphics program and what they all do and how to use them.

      Eg I was trying to draw a person with the pen tool and I'm just like 'wtf where do you even start?', and he walked me through placing guidelines to mark where each joint should start and end and proportions and that, and how to create/alter/connect nodes, and now it's not that difficult at all. Being vectors which is essentially just maths it's completely formulaic and I can completely understand how it all works, I just needed it to be explained to me really.

      I know it's different than raster graphics programs like Photoshop but still, learn all the tools :P

      I can send you some magazines, I've been drawing on tablets since the 80s, and they are so much better now.
      Honestly I reckon your best bet is to pick up a photoshop tutorial magazine, they tend to have the files on there and be step by step for beginners.
      Can you already draw/paint traditionally?

      Also, some nice tips on mapping buttons etc. here that will save you time.

      Last edited 31/12/15 1:24 pm

    Oops. Kinda let the air compressor get way too low on oil. Kinda forgot these things need regular maintenance, like oil so the motor does not seize.

    Also Far Cry 4 with all the DLC for $42 AUD on Steam worth it? I was gonna get it from EB for $36 but it's UPLAY and I really don't care for retail games that aren't Steam or DRM free.

      If you enjoyed previous Far Cry's then yeah that's a decent price; with the DLC i recall reading that one of them was great and the other was very lacklustre so extra 6 bucks for a decent dlc essentially?

        Yeah I didn't mind the series. I own them all, figured 4 would be pretty okay. Not interested in Primal though, unless it becomes like $5 or $10 in a Steam sale :P

          Given that Blood Dragon was one of the best expansions of all time, I'd be cautiously optimistic about the FC4 expansions.

      I loved FC4 base game... never ventured into DLC as it didn't really interest me.

      Also, $36 from EB is on PC with the DLC? If you can't be bothered with a trip to the shops that steam price seems pretty reasonable. Although, you might be able to find a key cheaper if you have a hunt around GMG or similar.

        Pretty sure it was just the limited edition as in no season pass & DLC, which is what I ended up pulling the trigger on, on Steam. 40 bucks seemed like a good price with all DLC's for a digital Steam copy, since most places that sell keys now sell the UPLAY, Origin, Social Club or whatever key instead of the Steam one, which sucks. Since I got sick & tired of all these other Steam-like ideas to manage my games x.x

      From memory Ubisoft games on Steam still run through Uplay. Then again I haven't played a Ubisoft game through steam since Rayman Legends so it may be different for newer games.

      Last edited 31/12/15 4:42 pm

    I really shouldn't be allowed to check Steam while the sales are on. In the last hour I have very nearly bought 2 games I will probably never play, 2 that I really can't afford, one that won't run on my current rig, and one that I already own.

    Please send help.

      I only buy games in steam sales I'll never play.

      That's how steam sales work isn't it?

      2 games you'll never play and the game that won't run on your current rig are investment pieces ;)

    I know it seems I only come here to post bad news these days, but this is my life atm unfortunately. Let me just say that being sick SUCKS BALLS!
    Just got my pay for the past 2 weeks, and it's a good 1k short of where it usually would be :\ And I'm scheduled for 2 days off next week already for surgery :( FML. Next year WILL BE MY FUCKING YEAR!!!!
    On the plus side, at least I don't have to worry about my car crapping itself thanks to getting a new one this year, got one credit card almost paid off, and thankfully, despite having no money, I still have a job, and no chance of losing it, so I'm still better off than I was this time last year, but dang. FUCK 2015!

    Hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating tonight, whatever you do, and where ever you do it! Sorry to open with a shitcunting downer of a topic, but I just had to let off some steam.
    Still to this day, you TAYbies are some of the best people I know, and the best friends I have, so I just want to say I love you all, and keep doing that voodoo that you do so well!

      I really hope the new year brings you some good things.

        You too!! :) And your hubby and bubby of course :)

    I've decided that 2015 was just a bit crappy. Not there wasn't anything good, but the bad stuff was especially bad. Not going out tonight, our little family is staying in, eating nachos for dinner and watching a movie. Tomorrow I'm getting up bright and early and going to parkrun, to start off the year doing something happy, healthy and fun.

    If your 2015 was also a bit crappy, here's to 2016 being a bit less crappy.

      Fucking signed. Some upsides happened (Magical TAY Japan Tour was rad) but basically the instant I left Japan it started to go off the rails - came back to no job, had to move to the USA for work, then had to delay for eye surgery twice. Fucking sucked. PAX and everyone being awesome at PAX was one of the few high points in that. Hopeful for a quality year this year.

    Happy new year!

    Wow my internets sure are quiet. Unless everyone's just gone to bed already and there's no one around to relay the night's skypechats.

    Last edited 01/01/16 2:14 am

    So, spurred on by @transientmind's self imposed embargo on games buying last year i've started my own "No games for 2016" in an effort to save some money and play through my back catalog...
    I've unsubsribed from all humble bundle/bundlestars/indiegala/steam promo emails in an effort to reduce temptation...
    Lets see how many days this lasts :P

      The Witcher 3
      Fallout 4.

        Aside from Bloodborne(no PS4) I got all of the above, so between that and Elite Dangerous, and (hopefully) Squadron 42 will drop to keep me occupied...
        Buuut knowing me it's like going off soft drink and wll last for a few weeks before i cave :P

          Yeah, as @freezespreston mentioned, 'no new game buying... with four major exceptions' meant the name of the idea was a little misleading.

          ESPECIALLY once I decided that accepting gifts was acceptable. I got a lot more gifts this year than other years, including ones that I never ever would have bought for myself (lookin' at you, AC: Syndicate).

          Also, I didn't include the free games with PS+, or anything that my brother got for himself, which I then also played. Didn't include free/F2P games, or expansions/DLC, either. There were a whole lot of exceptions there.

          On the whole, though, the main objective was mostly achieved. I broke the habit of buying every single indie curiosity to turn up daily on the Steam front page, and every major over-priced release that I had only casual interest in or simply hoped to enjoy instead of being confident that I would (see: Bloodborne, Witcher 3, MGSV, Fallout 4), and more importantly, I played a LOT more of my back-catalogue/pile'o'shame.
          And I got out more.

          Now, if I had made a resolution to only play one 'new' (previously un-owned) game every month, INCLUDING all the DLC, gifts, and F2P games... that might seem more lenient but might actually have been more challenging. Only playing three for the entire year? Almost inconceivable.

            How about backlog clearing? One new game per two cleared from the pile maybe? I've actually seriously been considering this option.

              The possibilities are endless when you impose arbitrary restricti-goals on yourself! :D

              (Seriously, I don't know why I went that route. Dramatic and arbitrary and without any particular consideration for changing conditions... I could've just said, "I want to be less wasteful, make use of what I have, experience free things that I don't normally show an interest in, and check my own impulsive behaviour," and not even said anything about it, going down a path of self-improvement or exploration in a mindful way... But I dunno. It just seemed like a useful catchphrase to remind myself with whenever I saw something interesting on the store or had people point me to things I might find interesting.)

              Last edited 03/01/16 3:10 am

    Happy new year all'a'y'all.

    Hope it's better than 2015! Given that I only buy older games when they go on sale, 2016 is the year I get to play 2015's games! \o/

    Oh hey there new trailer for Macross Delta you look kind of cool.

    Not sure about that music though. It's kind of catchy but kind of feels like a throwback to the 90s. Probably because despite that it seems like Idol music is the big thing they're riffing off, the main singer's pitch is much lower than the usual saccharine idol pop. But maybe that's a good thing.

    Apparently they put up the first episode online as a preview. Actual show starts in April or so. Pretty excited, though the recent news that Yoko Kanno isn't doing the music dampens some enthusiasm. That said I'm hearing descriptions of the first episode that say it's Macross 7 and Macross Plus smushed together and that sounds right in my wheelhouse.

      Yep, that's some music.
      I think it's the brass elements that make it sound off to me. Nothing like jaunty trumpets and trombone to completely remove any feeling of gravitas.
      But maybe along with the singer's lower tone they are going for a slightly 20's sound, which could work depending in the story.

        I think this is the opening or ending. I kind of like it, might be better when we hear the longer version.

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