Tell Us Dammit: What Are You Looking Forward To In 2016?

Tell Us Dammit: What Are You Looking Forward To In 2016?

2015 is almost over. In terms of major releases we’re pretty much done.

What are you looking forward to in 2016?

I have a few. Uncharted 4 is a big one obviously. No Man’s Sky looks great, Dark Souls 3, The Witness. A lot of games.

But I’m mainly excited about virtual reality. I’m hoping we’ll see the proper retail release of PlayStation VR and the Oculus Rift. I’m looking forward to VR becoming a thing and actually being out there in the wild.

I literally have no idea if it will succeed. I oscillate wildly between “it’s gonna fail spectacularly” and “it’s going to change the world” — often on a daily basis.

What are you looking forward to in 2016?


  • Oculus Rift + Touch, also Sixense STEM. Even if it all fails to gain traction, they’ll still be a neat bit of hardware. Curiosities for the collection.

  • Dragon’s Dogma on PC – heard a lot of good things about it on last gen consoles, with the main gripe being the poor frame rate.

  • XCOM 2, Gravity Rush 2, Witch and the Hundred Knight on PS4 (It’s a guilty pleasure), Etrian Odyssey: Knight of Fafnir, Street Fighter V, Nier 2, Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna, SMTxFE and a bunch of other things I’ve forgotten about because they have nebulous “2016” release dates. I’m also looking forward to seeing whether VR actually achieves mainstream adoption or whether it remains relegated to being a niche game interaction device. In slightly less game related areas I’m looking forward to finally getting to watch Evangelion 3.33.

    • Mark keeps forgetting to put XCOM2 on this list. It almost makes me suspect that he doesn’t like the series enough to flood Kotaku with 4-5 posts on the game per day in the weeks following its release.

      I am displeased by this thought.

    • I have been waiting for the blu ray release of Evangelion 3.33 for so long. Seriously, it’s been over 3 years since it was released in Japan, what is the problem?!

      • Yea what the hell? I still have a fan subbed version that I acquired a while ago.

        Also when is 4 coming out??

        • I “acquired” a fan sub as well, but I still want that blu ray.

          It sounds like a release date for 4 (or 3.0+1.0 as it’s called now) is up in the wind. Sometime in 2016 would be nice but it could very well be 2017 onwards.

  • Mass Effect mostly.

    And since I just completed Fallout 4s main story, I’m pumped for some killer dlc for that.

      • Q4 as far as I’m aware. I’ve got such tunnel vision for mass effect right now. Really wish they’d made a trilogy remaster.

        • It’d only be worth a remaster if they trash the worthless ending they produced the first time around… but fat chance of them actually doing what needs to be done to redeem what could and SHOULD have been *THE* game series of a generation.

    • I’m looking forward to Mass Effect as well, I think the game will probably end up getting delayed by at least 6 months.

      I just hope they don’t do anything stupid such as,

      1. Focus on Multiplayer and try to infuse it into single player (special perks coming across and so forth) and pretend like it’s an incredible feature instead of what it actually is (a modern form of security against piracy). Specially with that new tech DICE is developing for Battlefront, they’ll say it was too easy to integrate.

      2. Go less on RPG elements and more on action thereby lessening the impact of decisions.

      3. make it into an entirely new genre. (aka MMORPG shlooter) They’ve done it before.

  • uncharted 4 and far cry primal at the moment. Maybe don bradmans cricket if they have another edition planed (I think they said they were aiming for 2016?) and it can improve upon the base provided in the last one.

    • How was Don Bradman’s Cricket? I’ve been aching for a good cricket game for a long time e.g. Shane Warne Cricket or Super International Cricket.

      • Good and bad. At launch on the 360 it was VERY buggy. They did a decent job fixing most of the bugs and the next gen version is solid but it’s still a framework rather than a complete game when compared to bigger sports like nba2k and fifa. It’s all about the career mode for me and while it’s fun it lacks progression, players don’t age, rosters don’t change, no one ever retires, can’t change teams, can’t change positions and skill ups were a bit odd or unnoticeable.

        A big issue was it’s difficulty too, they’ve fixed it a bit but early on batting was REALLY hard and bowling was really easy so it was hard to find a good middle ground. The controls still don’t agree with a lot of people, for me I have my tactics and ways to play but it doesn’t feel like real cricket as I’m basically trying to score off every ball because defending seems just as likely to get me out as playing my shots does. It’s also easy to score runs in certain areas so on some difficulties you can do things like bat right across your stumps and just pull everything for 4.

        It’s worth giving a go and I’ve put 100+ hours in over 360 and xbox one but it’s still more of a framework to build on then a great game right now imo. It was good enough for me to buy twice and play that much so maybe I’m being a bit harsh but I liked it and hated things about it at the same time.

        My favourite cricket game these days is cricket championship and it’s a free browser game 😛

        • Thanks for the comprehensive write up. It’s been this way for a long time hasn’t it? A developer creates a cricket game which has potential but requires more work. Then inevitably they go under before refining that work, new developer comes along and again, potential but never fully realised.

          I don’t know if we will ever see an authentic cricket simulation (that isn’t a management sim). At this stage I’d be happy with a deliberately arcadey cricket game. Sigh… Guess I could always load up Super International Cricket on an emulator.

          • dbc is worth checking out if you can find it cheap, my views are also based on the fact when i bought it it cost $20 more than NBA2k15 (I think it was 15 maybe 14 that came out near the same time). I get smaller sport smaller developer and I cut them some slack but still the amount of issues it had at launch for a higher price irked me. I also didn’t like how the developers themselves insulted and argued with some people who posted negative feedback on a forum that the devs frequent, personally I prefer if developers distance themselves from things like that as it’s not a good look imo. Let the community handle negative feedback and just comment if it’s on new features/bug fixes/getting input etc.

            I believe they said they were taking 2015 off and just re-releasing 2014 for next gen so they could work on 2016 so I’m confident it’ll be built upon, like I said still a great base but not really fully fleshed out yet.

  • Persona 5 mostly…

    But also, Bravely Second, Dragon Quest 7&8, Fallout 4 dlc, Trails of Cold Steel SC & mayyyybe Final Fantasy XV, but we’ll see.

  • Horizon zero dawn even though I don’t have a system to play it on
    Turtle carrying simulator 2016
    We happy few
    Far cry primal if it comes to PC
    Rift consumer release

  • So many games next year.
    Ps4 titles like FFXV, rime, no mans sky, horizon zero dawn, a new ratchet and clank, tomb raider, uncharted 4. Destiny 2 if bungie manage to fix it.

    Then the NX is most likely launching at the end of next year. With a robust launch lineup expected.

  • The Division (the hype is REEEEEAL)
    Horizon: Zero Dawn
    and Street Fighter V (of course)

    oh and maybe Far Cry Primal, have to see more before I get hype.

      • I get the feeling it’ll be a lot like destiny: ok on your own, but so much better if you have a crew of mates to rock around with.

        At least I hope so, I had a lot of fun in destiny for a while.

        • Me too 🙂

          I really enjoyed Destiny right up till I (and my mates) became “aware”, and realized nobody gives a crap about narrative or objective, and it’s really not for the people who play games once a week.

          Basically if you are working full time (not working in games), it is impossible to reach an end-game.

          Was it worth it? Yes. Will I buy it or any other shlooter without a campaign that doesn’t end? Nope.

  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    I want to be interested in the Division but I’ve tried a slew of Tom Clancy games and the only one I’ve really enjoyed was Splinter Cell: Conviction. I have Blacklist somewhere and never got around to playing it. I sort of enjoyed Rainbow Six: Vegas, but I never played the campaign, just T-Hunt on the same two or three maps over and over. I guess I’ll get Uncharted 4 if I get a PS4 but chances are I won’t get a PS4 until waaaay after Uncharted is out and I can’t be bothered picking it up.

  • Seafall and Chronicles: Origins. Both are “Legacy” games designed by Rob Daviau (the guy behind Risk: Legacy and Pandemic: Legacy).

    Legacy games are the shiny new thing in the board gaming realm. They’re a campaign in a box, occupying some happy middle ground between a normal board game and a tabletop RPG. The idea that ties the whole thing together is permanence. Things you do in one game affect later games. You write on the board. You tear up cards. You have an experience that is so much more than the game itself. Instead of asking friends round for a few games of Pandemic, you’re asking them round to see if failure is finally going to catch up with you. If things are going to go so horribly awry that you don’t know how you’ll be able to recover for the rest of the campaign.

    Chronicles is particularly ambitious. It’s part of a series of games that will affect later entries in the series. I really want it to succeed but if it fails, it will be a glorious sight to behold.

      •! There are always local board game groups listed. I managed to find one for practically every day of the week in Canberra.

    • finally someone mentions Zelda WiiU. I guess i can forgive everyone for not mentioning it because we all know it will be delayed


    Also, the inevitable Michael McCann masterpiece to go with.

    Also, SFV because it’s SF. There’s always a place for it in my life.

  • If only a few games get pushed back into 2017, 2016 is looking to be a stonker. Am most excited for Mass Effect: Andromeda, but am very doubtful that it won’t fall back into early 2017. Am very excited to see how Remedy follows up from Alan Wake (pls sequal) with Quantum Break. Horizon: Zero Dawn looks cool and I have hopes UC4 will be a better outing than UC3.
    I’m sure I’m forgetting something important. Also, Fire Emblem.

  • Homefront – revolution, sid miers starships, seven dragon saga and squadron 42. I reckon next year is going to be another 2014. Thankfully 2015 has given me a huge back log to get through

  • Also apparently they are making a game based on the book Pillars of the Earth which was decent, although carried on to long. But I wouldn’t mind experiencing it in a game. Not enough story games based around that time in my opinion

  • Quite a few, rather evenly spread out which is good.

    Q1: Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen PC HD Remake, Grim Dawn

    Q2: Witcher 3: Blood & Wine

    Q3: Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Hitman

  • Easily my most anticipated game is Deus Ex mankind divided. They seem to be patching up the few cracks that were present in human revolution and if they succeed in making the combat more meaty then it will be goty material.
    Also dark souls 3!

  • Currently I’m looking forward to

    The division
    No Man’s Sky
    Horizon: Zero Dawn
    Dark Souls 3

  • Uncharted 4
    Horizon: Zero Dawn
    Persona 5
    Fire Emblem
    Bravely Second
    Lego Marvel Avengers (I’m a sucker for Lego and Marvel [despite not having X-Men])
    Total War: Warhammer
    Deus Ex Mankind Divided

  • I want something that doesn’t have a number at the end of its title! I want to feel, I want to be emotionally rocked. I want art, dammit!

    • Check out indie games like This War of Mine and Undertale. Firewatch and No Man’s Sky both look pretty good on those scores, too.

      • TWoM was so good I got it on iPad too and Undertale was brilliant. I’ve heard really interesting things about Firewatch but NMS to me, appears to be rather boring at this point. Seems so far to be a tech-demo for procedural generation (which is itself very, very old tech) so I’m waiting to hear more about the game that will coalesce around it.

        And besides, apart from Firewatch and No Man, the other two are already released and we’re talking about in the future 😀

  • I’d love a good solid six or twelve months of no new games so I can catch up on the insane lineup of late!

    PSVR I guess. Summer Lesson will be life changing :p

  • Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
    Mass Effect Andromeda
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    The Last Guardian
    Persona 5
    Hatsune Miku Project Diva X
    Fire Emblem Fates
    Final Fantasy XV
    Deus Ex Mankind Divided

  • If (and it’s a big if) it comes out in 2016, Nier Automata.
    And if (there’s a chance maybe) it comes out in 2016, Zelda Wii U.

  • Mass Effect Andromeda, Uncharted 4, Dark Souls 3. Mayyybe No Mans Sky depending how it turns out, Maybe XCOM 2 if it gets ported.
    I only just picked up a PS4 after a long time of waiting so my 2016 game-time looks like it’ll be taken up with a lot of great 2015 releases. Most notably Bloodborne GOT and Witcher 3. There’s a pile of indi games I’d like to check out too

  • Nothing i am currently working my way my the last 4 years of PC games and i am trying reduce my amount of unplayed games from GoG so i am currently well and truly stuck in the past

  • Mirror’s Edge 2, Mass Effect and Deus Ex, plus a couple more that I’ve surely forgot.
    Edit : X:COM 2 😉

  • Missed this article somehow, so waaay late.. but:
    Mass Effect Andromeda
    XCOM 2
    The Division
    Torment: Tides of Numenera
    BGEE: Siege of Dragonspear
    Battleborn (maybe.. )
    Master of Orion

  • Firewatch
    Uncharted 4
    Torment: Tides of Numenera
    The Last Guardian
    Kingdom Hearts 3
    Kingdom Come: Deliverance
    Detroit: Become Human

  • Looking forward to getting back into the game.. probably buying my first console game this year or next and jumping in to play it for the first time in ages.. most likely Halo 5.. Fallout 3/4.. Fifa even maybe haha if the multiplayer is good.. and a little bit of COD:AW and BO3 why not maybe for some added taste.. so much to learn.. so much to see.. so much to try.. so much to experience.. and live again.. haha lol

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