Telltale's Making A Batman Game

Telltale's Making a Batman Game

The folks who've made episodic classics based on Borderlands, Fables and The Walking Dead are taking on the Dark Knight.


    *flails arms*

    My arms are getting sore today.


      I'm back! I don't know who's Dreamcast broke my fall but I'm ba--!

      *Gets knocked off by @dc.*


      *Lands in a large tub of chemicals and eventually climbs out.*


      HA HA HA *FFNK*



        My arm flailing leaves behind a path of broken dreams and people. :P

          Oh I'm not broken, DC. I've just discovered the joy and medicine of laughter.

          Allow me to thankyou for the gift....

          [Shake's DC's hand. Instead of classic Joker toxin or 10,000 amp shocks, a button is tattooed to DC's palm reading Vote Trump for President.]



            So broken. :'(

              Not to worry, I'll fix it.

              [Removes DC's arms and passes him off as a Pez dispenser]

              Now you don't have to worry about having that Trump button, :-P.

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    Well... There goes season two of Tales from the borderlands

    If it's like their last few games then it will be shallow and pedantic.

      You are rather consistent with your comments.

    Hm, would it work though?

    For one, can we really have the Joker without Mark Hamill? If I remember right, he has retired from the character and won't be voicing him any more.

      He retires every week, he'll be back when he gets bored.
      Edit: Already doing this

      Last edited 04/12/15 3:12 pm

        OK. Didn't know that.

        It would be understandable if the animated project isn’t a panel-for-panel recreation of the comic, but given DC’s animated history, it seems probable that the animated version of Killing Joke won’t stray too far from the source material.


        In reading further, you wave the right to cry into your teddy bear or whatever.

        Next question though, if they are keeping to the source comic what are they going to do about the themes.
        To play it safe as while I am discussing the literature the theme's in question would most likely get be blacklisted by the mods or by general readers here.
        Suffice to say, Joker's ploy is to try and make Gordon like him (the Joker) by giving him the worst day of his life.
        The short clean version is Joker shoots Barbara (thus putting her in a wheel chair), has Gordon taken away, takes pictures of Barbara on the floor and later shows them to Gordon at amusement part while his (Gordon) is strapped to a roller coaster.
        Unless they accept an R18 rating, I do not see how that plot mechanic will remain. Though don't get me wrong, I still wince everything I think about it and still wonder if Alan Moore needed to do that.

        Side note: It's kind of funny how the source you provide details the production of The Killing Joke when I took the laughter passage from that comic for my above post, :-P.

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        He always said that he'd come back for a Killing Joke adaption, so that's not really a surprise.

    Hey Telltale! The Walking Dead season 3.................remember that? Soooooooo....

      Screw stupid zombies. I'm still waiting for the rest of Bone.

        That'd be nice, but given how badly it bombed don't hold your breath.

        Now TWD SEASON 3!!!!!

          IIRC, TWD: Michonne and Season 3 are still scheduled for 2016.

          Still no word on Sam & Max Season 4.

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            The world needs more Sam and Max now more than ever!

    One of the best posts I have read all year on Kotaku, 1 sentence worth.

      It's one of those posts that look more like a tweet on the US Kotaku that loses something in the localisation here.

    If there is a god.... make this campy like the 1960s version and get Adam West to voice Batman.... cmonnnnnn

    Trailer incase anyone hadn't seen it yet (even from Kotaku themself, not sure why there isn't a link here....)

    I will buy it, and probably enjoy it.

    Whoever did The Joker in Arkham Knight did a good job.
    But whoever did Harley Quin n in Arkham Knight needs to be sacked. She just sounded like a spoiled entitled teenage brat.
    Whoever did Harley in the other Arkham games did it right. Got the right level of crazy.

      Arleen Sorkin voiced her in Arkham Asylum, Tara Strong in City, Origins and Knight. Although to be honest, I kinda preferred Hynden Walch's version in Batman: Assault on Arkham (also set in the Arkham universe).

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