That’s One Lucky Arcade Crane Catch

That’s One Lucky Arcade Crane Catch

Two Japanese high school girls recorded a rare moment, proving not just that winning at an arcade crawl game is possible, but that sometimes it’s a place where miracles happen.

They insert a coin and after the machine starts working it looks like they hit the jackpot with two puffed corn sticks. The snacks fall back though, but it’s just enough to start a huge chain reaction.

According to Rocket News, the arcade’s staff only let them keep less than half the candy, so it’s not a happy ending. They said the giant avalanche was in violation of the game’s rules. That’s not nice!


  • Ah yes, the old ‘you won too much….uh, uh, THAT’S AGAINST THE rules’. This rulr also applicable to casinos

  • I had something similar happen once when I was about 15 or so, albeit on a bit of a smaller scale. I won about 20 (“fun” size) bars of chocolate and then shared them with the other kids who’d crowded around the machine 🙂

  • Going back a few years, the club where I drink (and play poker) had a crane machine that kinda got broken. Unknowing to the staff, you popped your dollar in, tried for a stuffed animal, but if you were unlucky you got a free credit. You win a prize, it was consumed, but basically, every toy was $1.

    Took us a couple of hours, but by about 5pm that fateful Friday, that machine was as empty as it could be. Floor staff didnt care, the profits didnt go to the club, but the owners must have fixed it come Monday as it wasnt doing that the next Friday.

    Dont worry, we gave the toys to the various kids who were inevitably disappointed there werent any left to win. We did keep one each though for the memories.

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