The Banner Saga Is Coming To The Xbox One And PlayStation 4

Briefly: The Banner Saga, one of 2014's best (and most depressing) games, will hit Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on January 12. The next instalment is supposed to hit all of those platforms sometime in 2016. The sooner, the better!


    Wish it was coming to Vita (though obviously I understand why it wouldn't be high on the priority list)

    EDIT: Oh, it's planned, but on the back burner for now which probably means it'll never come out (Bioshock on Vita, anyone?)

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      I don't like buying these smaller games on the PS4 alone. I will wait for a Vita version.

      Yeah, these games should all be on Vita, I really wish the vita wouldve been popular its a great console

    I've had this game installed for ages now on steam but never found the right time to play it. The art style is gorgeous, and I loooove the setting.

    I'm kinda curious though why the article calls it a depressing game. I hope that's not code for "protagonist and/or lead support char dies" ... but I'm sure patrick knows better than to put thinly veiled spoilers in an article, so the rational part of me is saying it's meant as a more general reflection on the vibe of the game.

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