The Best Boxing Day Console Bundles In Australia

If you're smart, you waited for this moment. Christmas is gone. The dust has settled and the boxing day sales are here.

Things are cheaper. In general. We've been taking a gander at all the best bundles currently available in Australia. If you're thinking about buying a PS4, Xbox One or a Wii U, you've come to the right place.

JB H-Fi's Xbox One Bundle #1: $499

This is a great one. My favourite thing about this bundle is that it comes with the two major, must-have Xbox One exclusives. Realistically, if you're thinking about buying an Xbox One, you're probably after the exclusives.

Comes with...

— Xbox One 1TB — Rise of the Tomb Raider (download code) — Tomb Raider (download code) — Just Cause 3 — Halo 5: Guardians

Honestly, if you're after an Xbox One this is a super good deal.

JB Hi-Fi's Xbox One Bundle #2: $399

If the games above don't tickle your fancy you might prefer this bundle. This one feels a little more suited to people who want to pay a little less, and play smaller indie/retro games.

— Xbox One 1TB — Gear of War: Ultimate Edition — Rare Replay — Ori and the Blind Forest

All three of these games are top notch and — again — are exclusive to the Xbox One. Good choices here.

JB Hi-Fi's PS4 Boxing Day Hot Offer: $399

This one isn't too bad either. The game isn't great, but you're pretty much getting it for free.

— PS4 500GB — MX vs ATV Supercross Encore

But if you just want the console itself...

EB Games PS4 Console Sale: $398

To be perfectly honest the EB Games bundles aren't quite at the same level of the JB Hi-Fi bundles, but if you're desperate for a white PS4, this is a decent deal. In general, I'm getting the sense that the Xbox One bundles are just way more aggressive during the boxing day sales.

EB Games Wii U Deal #1 — $439

If you're looking for a Wii U, however, EB Games might be the best place to look. They seems to be running a number of interesting bundles. I think this one is my personal favourite.

— Wii U console — Skylanders Swap Force Bundle Pack — Mario Kart 8 (pre-installed) — Splatoon (download code)

I think Splatoon is one of the best games of the year, so I would choose this bundle over the others.

EB Games Wii U Deal #2: $439

But if you happen to be interested in Super Mario Maker (you probably should be) this might be the bundle to go for...

— Wii U console — Super Mario Maker — Skylanders Swap Force Bundle Pack

EB Games Wii U Deal #3: $439

This is my least favourite of the EB Games Wii U bundles, but I thought I'd add it just in case. A lot of you seem to enjoy the Xenoblade series so...

— Wii U console — Xenoblade Chronicles X — Rayman Legends

A good choice there.

Spotted any good console bundles in the wild? Let us know in the comments!


    $330.65 PS4 (black or white) + Tearaway bundle @ ebay with 15% off voucher:

    Not many left

    Last edited 29/12/15 11:40 am

    Any great new 3ds deals? Wanna try out 3d xenoblade chronicles...

    Cheers all.

    Definitely a sick and sorry state of affairs at the major chains as far as games on the racks go. The skylander and infinity stuff takes up more shelf space than boxed software, and even then there's more hardware accouterments than consoles/etc.

    I have always loved console bundles, what's on offer here is fine, but I really want to see the enthusiast retailers get creative. Price is relative (the after-sale necessities like online subs and hard drive upgrades are scary hidden costs).

    After all, it's the entry point for the masses that people like myself are constantly giving the console manufacturers the continued business :)

    I was not smart at all...about a week ago Big W had PS4's for $349...they jumped back to $479 on boxing day. EB's being the cheapest ps4 in the major retailers around town (including Myer, Dick Smith and Harvey Norman). Boxing Day sales are bullshit!

      They are yes, maybe they're good for clothing or homewares but by and large Boxing Day sales have been a shellgame for the video game and toy sectors for the better part of a decade now.

        Tbh, I didn't look at anything other than PS4's so I probably shouldn't say everything is bullshit.

          No I noticed that PS4 rort myself (and I'm not really considering one till 2017 at the earliest

          But really the last few years I've noticed prices being cheaper over Xmas than after Boxing Day! And it's deliberate entrapment by the retailers

      The whole be smart and wait til boxing day thing is a myth. The best deals are around Before Xmas. Last year I picked up a ps4 with 3 Games for $399 a couple weeks before Xmas at dick smith and it's still probably the best deal on os4 ever.

    We're already starting to see console prices dive under $400 but what is the go with the WiiU? Nintendo Australia are asleep at the wheel - is love to get one as a second comsole but not at those crazy prices

      So much this. It'll be the third and final console for my collection this generation, but it's likely to be purely a collector's piece, and not something that'll get much use beyond a few days of Mario or Splatoon... neither of which I'll touch until we start looking circa $350.

        Ha, a few days of splatoon! :p

        That mk8/splatoon bundle was 370 at JB before they sold out, which is a pretty phenomenal deal considering the games included.

        Last edited 29/12/15 9:52 pm

          And understandable why they sold at that price. Still ... I'm seeing $350 as my cap, rather than my nearest offer. For the poor console cousin, I want to see a comparative, not parity, price point.

            Fair call. I hope you get one, I think you will at $350 soon enough.

            FWIW, my Wii U gets used a lot by my kids (whether it be netflix or youtube on the gamepad while I'm playing ps4 or playing games) and sporadically by me when a good game arrives.

            My opinion as a Nintendo fan is the Wii U is completely worth if if you have kids, perfect in fact. If you've got the spare coin for a 2nd or 3rd console and are happy with sparse releases of quality games, it's also worth it. pains me to say, it could be skipped this gen as many have chosen with their wallets.

            I don't really see the point of owning both an Xbox and a ps4without owning a Wii u. At this point the Nintendo console is loaded with quality games all of which are exclusive. While you will have your 3rd party machine of choice set up right next door. But each to their own.

            Try checking the official Nintendo site for a refurbished console. They come with warranty and can be found for around 200 bucks

    I was looking around for a bundle, but it really settled in over a few days that I'm predominantly buying a PS4 for Uncharted 4, so I may as well wait for the inevitable bundle when that drops in April.

      Good call. You'll probably find a PS4 at these - or lower - prices with U4 bundled with it come April.

        I'm hoping so, main ones I'm after are U4, Horizon Zero Dawn, Ratchet and Clank, all out in the next few months.

        Plus, the longer I wait, past exclusives get cheaper.

    Picked up that $399 Xbox deal and a separate copy of Halo. I've already got JC3 and Tomb Raider on PC and will just pick up the new TR next month on PC, save a few bucks and Rare replay is a hell of a package.

    We have a PS4 on lay buy from before Xmas and it is still the best deal.

    Grabbed the last $398 1Tb XBox at one of my local JB Hi-Fi's, took it home and set up. Works, except that my console won't read any disks- game, BluRay, DVD. JB will swap it, but I have to wait until JB is open on Saturday ;_;

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