The Best Perk In Fallout 4 Is Completely Broken

The Best Perk In Fallout 4 Is Completely Broken

Most perks in Fallout 4 are just supposed to give you a little boost, nothing major or almost game-breaking. This is not one of those perks.

Whenever you befriend a companion in Fallout 4 and max your relationship status with them, they will grant you a special Perk. Piper, for example, will give you “The Gift of Gab,” which allows you to gain double XP when you do speech checks with other people, or when you discover new places.

One character in Fallout 4, MacCready, can give you a perk known as “Killshot.” Officially, it’s just supposed to give you a 20% boosted chance to hit any enemy on the head, which makes sense given that MacCready himself is a sniper.

Killshot is a pretty significant Perk. 20% is huge! For whatever reason, though, the Perk is glitched out so that it grants the player a perpetual 95% chance to nail headshots instead. It’s an absurd glitch:

Notice how far away I am from the enemy there. Still 95%. I tested this out from the maximum distance that VATs will trigger on, and it still always gave me 95%.

Even if the enemy was partially obscured:

And even if every single other body part had a zero per cent chance of being hit — I still got 95%

It’s bananas.

If you’d like nab this perk, you have to find MacCready of course. MacCready is waiting for you inside of The Third Rail, a location within Goodneighbor. You can find MacCready in the back room of the bar, and he will ask you for a few hundred caps to hire him, depending on where your Charisma is at.

Once you have MacCready, you have to appeal to his senses. Unlike most companions in Fallout 4, MacCready is more of a troublemaker. He likes it when you steal, and when you pressure people into giving you more caps for a job. In general, he likes it when you’re a dick. If you get him to like you enough, he will eventually give you a specific personal quest. To complete it, you must go inside of Med-Tek and retrieve an item inside, which you can only do once MacCready gives you a password to enter that area of the locale:

Once you do everything for this quest, you still have to push MacCready’s affinity to “Idolizing” you. This took a while of travelling for me, since I don’t really role-play as a dick in Fallout 4, but you should be able to do it after a few hours of travelling with MacCready.

Do note that having this Perk may completely change the game for you, so nab it at your own risk. Bethesda may eventually patch it. For now, though, if ridiculous headshots in Fallout 4 is what you’re after, MacCready is your man. Just know that having a 95% chance to hit doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll hit hard — you still need a good weapon/damage/appropriate levelling for that. Don’t go running after legendary Deathclaws unprepared just because you have this Perk!

And, if you’re a player who is actually sick of this Perk and its brokenness, good news! PC players can actually download a mod to fix the 95% glitch, and you can find that here.


    • I think the damage drop off still applies at a distance. It’s like raiders who hit you at long distance with shotguns, accurate but hardly hurt you.

      • I have Chameleon armor (sneak attack bonus) plus the Sniper perk and the MacReady 95 % glitch and modded rifles so I am one-shotting Behemoths and Death Claws at long range.

    • One day you’ll get a quest to kill some ghouls to defend a settlement and you’ll hear a voice and go, “Hey, that guy sounds familiar but not in the same way as all the settlers sound familiar-sorry, IDENTICAL. Oh, it’s MacCready! Hey guy! I’ll get to you, I swear.”

  • That’s because the bonus is wrongly set at 2000% instead of 20% but the max accuracy in vats is 95%

  • Fun fact, MacReady mayor of Little Lamplight in F3 🙂

    Just picked him up last night. Probably almost maxed him out just leaving the third rail and all the goodies I stole along the way lol

  • too bad vats still sucks arse. its a shame that so many perks are there just to try and prop up vats.

    • Man, I LOVE VATS compared to the straight shooting. It’s a lot more like the originals (right down to using the same sound-effect), and is probably a little overpowered.

      • do you play with mouse and keyboard or gamepad? i can see it being great for gamepad users but for mouse and keyboard, vats is just straight up inferior, something thats a 5% chance in vats is a sure hit outside of vats for me

        My biggest gripe however is the limiting critical hits to being vats only unless you have maxed the weapon bashing perk line

        • Oh yeah, you can’t snipe for shit with VATS, you definitely use cross-hairs for headshots, but you also fire about ten times faster than you can fire while not-VATSing, so it rocks for controlling the battlefield.

          • eh even using automatic weapons i can land way more hits out side of vats than inside of it and when it comes to luck 3/4 of the tree are just for proping up vats, in fact most perks are their to prop up vats where outside vats there arn’t that many out side of the like of gunslinger and rifleman

      • It’s super overpowered for a luck build. No weapon skills, I just build up crits real quick and pop heads.

  • Ah, this is pretty well known glitch, its actually 2000% instead of 20, hence always hit (95%). There’s a mod that corrects this.

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