The Big Question: Where Do You Play Multiplatform Games?

So, most games are multiplatform these days. Where do you usually play them — on PC, PS4 or Xbox One?

I don't have a beefy PC rig at the moment so I generally play multiplatform games on the PS4. Last generation I was mostly on the Xbox 360.

I am on the verge of considering a PC that hooks up directly to my TV as my main solution. I think I'll do that in the a year or so. Feels like we're already seeing consoles struggle with new games like Just Cause 3 and even Fallout 4.

Where do you play multiplatform games?


    Hmm, PS4 or PS4? :P

    Generally the 360 would be where they ended up going, since I avoid Steam and such on the PC. Now though it's Wii U or nothing.

      how come the steam avoidance?

        Because I am a hippie. Pretty much the only games I get on PC are DRM-free stuff from Humble :P

        Can never really remember the specific reasons for things like this, but I know they exist. Just don't like the whole "here you need to create this account and add this client and do all these other things just to play that game you bought", especially in relation to games brought home from a shop. And even moreso when they make you download a tonne of crap before you can even start playing.

          i guess so.
          for me, i find it convenient to have all my PC games centralised like that. even if it does mean downloading, but when i have 200 gig a month (now 1TB thanks to internode), i just leave things to go overnight and enjoy it the next day - OR, thankfully my other IT colleagues allow me to download things to a steam client at work using our fast internet and then i just back up the files to a hard drive and take them home.

            My games are already centralised though. D:\Software\Games :P

          Man i agree with you on alot of things, my aluminium foil hat makes me scared of Steam but i adore GOG.
          I was reading this article just this morning:

            Oh yeah, I've been meaning to check out GOG at some point. Just haven't really had reason to yet.

            They seem like cool guys.

              I signed up for gog, bought nothing & over the years have collected over 15 free games.

              Most are a bit old & croaky but Fallout 1,2& Tactics was fantastic!

            Went and read that article. Awful.

            *tightens the tinfoil*

            Totally agree 100% - I'm trying to make the jump to GOG. I chose GOG instead of Steam for both Divinity Original Sin and Pillars of Eternity - and when I get Witcher 3 it will be from GOG (even if the price is higher). It's starting to worry me how many games I have locked up with Steam (although it's actually Ubisoft that is scaring me away from all DRM).

    As I only have one machine to play games on, it wins by default, PS4! (which is in the poll twice!)

    Mostly comes down to controls and the type of game. Some games I prefer using a keyboard/mouse one-two punch, others feel way more intuitive with a controller on the couch. (I know I can set up a controller for PC, but I'm a lazy, lazy man. :P) So PC/PS4 share my love!

    If a game is noticeably a console port, it's always best to pick up on a console. :)

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      **plugs xbox 360 wireless dongle into PC, waits for auto driver install to finish, press pair button on dongle, presses pair button on controller** - ready to go.

      also even easier with windows 10 and xbone dongle as drivers are already there.

        I meant lazy in setting up big picture mode on my TV. I know it's not too complex, but since I've got the console already. *shrug* :P

          dont even need big picture mode though. i never use big picture mode.

    PC but it's not in the poll. You really love your PS4 don't you Mark :P

    Xbone controller is usable on PC

    just sayin

    Beefy PC hooked up to the main TV.

    360 controller for some, keyboard and mouse for others (which I have on one of those mini-ironing boards on my lap).

    Gives me everything I want.

    If it's a casual game with average graphics I'll play on PS4, but something like battlefield, fallout etc, I'll play on PC. I can't vote for though :/

    XBOX One. It's got my XBOX Live friends list and I like the controller a lot more than the PS4. I could use the PC, but I find it too distracting.

      Yeah I get most stuff on Xbone as well. Unless there is a drastically better version on PS4. I pretty much never play on PC.

    I like to play mainly on the PS4 but I also like to play on the PS4. The choice is too hard! *head explodes*

    I play the AAAs on both. Finished Fallout on PS4, on the home straight with Xbox now. I tend to side with PS4 for a complete playthrough thanks to the Platinum trophy mechanism though. It's nice to have an indicator of a 'finished' game without my stats being skewed following DLC (eg. Shadow of Mordor, platinum'd PS4 without DLC, only about 60-70% on Xbox).

      Wait, so when you say you play games on both, you don't mean you buy some games for one and some for the other, you buy the same games for both consoles and play through both of them?

        Correct. Play through games (not all games, generally just the AAAs) at least twice. But I won't go for completionist on the Xbox though, I'll just do a cheevo run, and go completionist on PS4 for the Platinum.

    Mainly Xbone. If the game is at least a couple of years old then PC.

    Why isn't Vita on the list? There are quite a lot of PS3/PS4 games that also come out on the Vita that I play.

      I think because the focus is on multiplatform AAA releases eg . JC3, CODBO3, BATAK etc.

      There's probably more tentpole major release multiplatform games on 360/ps3/3DS than Vita, even if they're of the FIFA, cod, skylanders, infinity type games. Was this years Skylanders, COD, FIFA, Madden, Just Dance or Infinity released on Vita?

      Either way - I'm sure it's a great console - but yeah, you can see by the "multiplatform" criteria - ps3, 360 & even WiiU would probably be more relevant poll choices.

        What if you play the PS4 version on your Vita using remote play? Does that count as playing it on Vita?!?!

        *disappears down rabbit hole*

    I only had a PS4 for a long time, so I chose that. But now that I've recently got an Xbox One, if there is a negligible difference between the two versions, I'm going to start getting them for that instead

    PC. For everything. I used to play Xbox but PC is more robust and economical in the long-run.

    Also, if anyone wants to see me keep the Just Cause 3 wingsuit airborne for over 8 minutes, I put a clip up on youtube last night:

      That ending.... You headbutted a mural lol

        Lol, thanks Jon. Yeah I was laughing when I did that too, was just kinda curious as to what it was and bang, there it is.

    Always PC. If there's decent emulation available for a console then I'll pack that system away, rip the discs, and play them on PC too.

      You mean you'll "backup" those discs, right?

    Xbox One. The vast majority of my friends play over xbl together even though most of us have ps4s and decent enough pcs as well. I prefer co-op gaming with my friends over single player gaming or pvp gaming.

    PC unless its a bad port like PES.

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    Xbone only used for exclusives. PS4 for everything else (dont have a good enough PC)

      Opposite for me...

        Comes down to having more friends on PS4 for me, I have no true preference as I've owned both Xbox and PS consoles each generation, just have my RL friends and made more online friends on Playstation.

          Yeah pretty much. Except none of the people on any of my friends list play hardly ever :(

    PC - wireless xbox 360 controller and dell business keyboard and mouse
    and in GTA V i use both, sometimes at the same time.

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    Usually my xbox one. I have a ps4 and pc but find myself using the xbox more because I like the controller, my friends play it and I like the o.s.

    It's it's an FPS, it's always the PC. I never play FPS games on consoles (the Metroid Prime series being the exception). Well, RTS games too but they are pretty much the domain of PC's anyway.

    Other genres it varies, I guess it depends what platform I can find it the cheapest on.

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