The Dark Souls 3 Prestige Edition Costs $800

The Dark Souls 3 Prestige Edition Costs $800

There are collector editions and then there are really special collector’s editions. And then there’s the Dark Souls 3 Prestige Edition. Which costs more than a console.

No, really.

$799.95. That’s what it’ll cost if you want to pre-order the Prestige Edition for Dark Souls 3 from EB Games right now. There’s actually reason to pre-order this if you’re a massive fan, since it comes with the following:

  • 40cm Lord of Cinder Resin Figurine
  • 25cm Red Knight Figurine
  • Collector’s Box
  • Metal Case
  • 3 x Iron-on Patches
  • Cloth game map
  • A4 hardcover art book
  • Soundtrack
  • Dark Souls 3 Game

Those figurines

At the time of writing, I couldn’t find active listings for the Prestige Edition online anywhere bar EB Games. There were some old links on JB Hi-Fi’s site but those have since been taken down, although you can still view the URL by clicking on the link.

That’s probably because of demand, though. Bandai Namco told me over email that JB’s stock of Prestige Editions ran out in a single day. EB Games confirmed via Twitter it wasn’t exclusive to them, and Bandai later added that JB and EB were the only two retailers in Australia to receive stock due to “very limited numbers”. If you’re in New Zealand, the only stockists there are Mighty Ape.

But damn, that’s a lot of money. You could buy two Xbox One’s or PS4’s for that price with some of the bundles and discounts that have popped up over the last few months. Hell, you could have gotten a console AND the special edition of Dark Souls 3 and still had money left over.

What do you think? Those figurines are pretty nice.


      • this isn’t “preorder bullshit,” though? it’s a collector’s edition, with the price coming from…. collector’s gear

        • It is when $800 of your hard earn money is sitting in someone else’s account earning interest instead of your own.

          • If you feel that way, you shouldn’t have your money in a bank account at all. Anything in your account effectively goes into the bank’s investment account, and they keep 90% of the investment profits. If it’s that important to you that “$1 or $1000, it doesn’t matter”, then you should close your bank account and put everything in a short term investment portfolio that you manage yourself manually.

      • This isn’t exclusive content so there isn’t anything wrong with it. Just rewarding the fans who are voluntarily willing to purchase limited edition cosmetic items.

  • See, this is just plain weird.

    I’m not setting out to shame or gate anybody off. You want this, more power to you.

    My first Souls game was Dark Souls, vanilla PS3 edition. Once the DLC was out. It wasn’t ‘AAA’ and the popularity of the series was nowhere near what it was to soon become.

    The transition this series has taken from niche of a niche (japanese fantasy role play behind a wall of the difficult but fair learning curve) to Ubisoft or WB IP proportions has been amazing.

    Bloodborne was like the wallflower at the school dance that ends up getting pig’s blood dumped on it and then brutally murders all other contenders.

    It wasn’t in any way shape or form technically a game that would appeal to the set of people who would buy special edition tat, yet we’ll definitely see that with Bloodborne 2. Dark Souls 3 even less so. I love the Souls games but none of that crap advertised is appealing to me, so much so I understand it isn’t even DIRECTED at me.

  • Even if it was cheaper, I still feel like these prestige editions are kind of a waste of money….

  • Hmmmmmm $800 for prestige edition or an Xbox One + PS4 + Standard edition…. I’ll go prestige.

  • Well as of 2.10pm 17.12.15 it seems to have sold out,, so i guess some people do want it that bad.

    • So were pip boy editions. Now Ive seen the things advertised for less than I payed at release……

        • While I have never once regretted my purchase I must admit to getting off a little thinking about the exclusivity of it all. It hurts to lose that…

          • It is worth remembering that all this special edition tat is mass produced. It might be slightly lower volume than other merchandise, but they’re still going to produce as much as they think they can sell.

            If you buy one these and it appreciates in value because the supply doesn’t meet demand, then it’s best just to treat that as a bonus. In general, it is probably best to decide whether you consider the price reasonable if everyone else also had one.

  • You can buy nearly 12 copies of the vanilla game at typical Target launch prices ($68) for the price of one Prestige Edition. That’s insane.

    It’s not happening. No way, no how.

  • Im paying 129Pounds for the high king edition of Total war Warhammer so I dont mind forking out a few $100 bucks but $800 is too rich for me.

  • The statue is a resin statue that is limited to 2000 unit worldwide as well. Quality wise it will be similar to sideshow statues. That is if you can preorder it anymore. It is sold out worldwide now.

    • But it’s not $800 for the figure.

      You’ve got 2 figures and other collectable stuff, it’s probably $600 or a bit less than that for the 40cm statue.

      • Considering special editions I’ve experienced in the past, there’s no way anything but the figures and art-book would amount to anything of a high price. $600? Try $200 at best with a least one ordinary quality plastic figure.

  • That’s if your stupid enough to buy from EB. The last thing they had me tempted with was the Borderlands claptrap remote controlled thing, otherwise I never set foot into an EB anymore.

  • By the sounds of it, the statues are extremely limited. If that’s the case, give it a few months and the whole set will be worth a couple of thousand to collectors.

    Everyone is focusing on the idea that this is $800 for a game. The game is obviously not the point of the Prestige Edition. This looks to be an investment or permanent collectors piece.

    • Agreed. Given how quickly it’s sold out at $800, it can be argued that it’s underpriced, by the oldest law of market economics: demand exceeds supply.

      That assumes that those copies were bought by actual collectors, however, and not by people looking to Ebay them at a profit. My guess is that something like half of the packages sold will wind up on Ebay.

      There’s no way I would fork out that much, but I’m not the target market.

  • The bonuses are not worth the remaining ~$700. That is fucking insane. Not for a doll and a map.

    A fool and his money are easily parted

  • Hmm, wasn’t aware that it came with both statues. I know the limited edition contains everything except the Lord of Cinder statue and that’s just over $200 … so $600 for a 40cm exclusive statue while pricey isn’t that far fetched considering the scale and detail.

    I’m torn because I want all the booty, but I’d prefer the digital version of the game.

  • It’s a sad indication of the state of modern gaming that these kinds of things exist and actually sell out. All for some tacky and worthless shit. There is nothing special about these special edition. It’s mass produced crap. The idiots that buy this stuff are sending a message to publishers that it’s ok to set farcical prices and foster an ugly culture of pre order stupidity.

    • It’s not a preorder bonus? And you’re not putting down $800 before it comes out, unless you want to.

    • The statues are actually made from quite an expensive material and are all individually hand painted, so it’s not your typical mass produced crap in actuality.

      If you don’t like it though, nobodies forcing you to buy one.

  • Uh yeah no, sorry but anyone who thinks this ISN’T an absolute rip off is a fool.

    Its only “limited” because they chose to only mass produce 2000 units. It probably costed them 50c to actually male all the junk in each package. Like how kids toys are made in China for 30c and then sold here for $30. Its only worth as much as they brain wash you to believe. It aint made of gold or lined with diamonds ya know.

    I love the Souls games and BB, but even if I were a billionaire I wouldn’t pay that much for any special edition.

    Seriously, you can higher a hooker for 2hrs and get a console for that price. Or a preowned car (I paid $400 for a decent car that just needed a new alternator). Some people are just plain stupid and have more money than sense.

    Picked up Fallout 4 new for $50 as well.

    • Funny you should use diamonds as the example of something with “real” value, seeing as they’re an amazing example of an enduring marketing campaign to convince people they’re the most amazing things on tha planet, and worth many, many times more than their material value.

      Seems like a lot of people here don’t quite understand (or are ignoring) the difference between ‘value’ and ‘production cost’. For an example on this that anyone should be able to follow – do you suppose that painting the Mona Lisa cost anywhere near what you’d need to pay to buy it? It’s just some art supplies you could probably buy for less than $100, right, so that’s got to be all it’s worth?

      Obviously this is an extreme example, but the principle is the same – things are ‘worth’ what you’re willing to pay for them, not just what they cost to make (hence why every business you buy things from is actually still in business). With collectable items (rare stamps and coins, art, and your production-fail blue Donkey Kong amiibo) the relative scarcity of supply will increase the amount which people value such items are happy, or at least willing, to pay.

      This is why people are saying that a limited enough run on these might make it worthwhile. I won’t buy it if they’re planning on cranking out millions, but if it’s one of a few thousand, individually numbered, never to be repeated production runs, I’d at least give it some serious thought.

    • If you were a billionaire, I highly doubt you give a shit about the price of things. Hell, I wouldn’t. I agree that $800 is crazy overpriced, however I don’t really have an issue with it. I won’t buy it, but if people deem that purchase worthy to themselves, then good for them, I hope they enjoy it.

      Fallout 4 for $50 is fantastic, a couple of my mates got it for a similar price. I would argue though that $50 is almost ripping off Bethesda. Shit, that game is fantastic, and it took them god-knows how long to make it.

      Whilst even Bethesda will likely get a good return on their investment with Fallout 4, I enjoyed it enough that I’d easily have paid over $100 for it if that’s the cheapest I could get it. The amount of fun I’ve had with it is easily worth the $$ to me.

      I think that’s what it all comes down to really. Return on investment, for consumers, companies, and developers alike. 🙂

  • The big figure is made out of polystone resin and it’s hand painted and numbered. Not mass produced. That is why the price is so high.

  • I looked up “Dark Souls 3” on EB and the Apocalypse Edition itself is $110.
    I thought we were past that $100 per game BS.

  • I used to love the special editions when I had the room for all that shit, but seriously, what a rip off. I got a pair of night vision goggles with COD Presitge for a quarter of that price!

  • I ordered one. Whilst I do feel it’s very expensive, it’s a very limited collectors edition that would be the crown of my Souls/Bloodborne collection. I have no intention of re-selling it, at least not unless I was forced to.

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