The Fallout 4 Soundtrack Just Went Meta

We're starting to get into Minecraft territory here.

Someone just used the crafting tools in Fallout 4 to create speakers which then play the Fallout 4 soundtrack. I have no idea how people do these magical things. They should all be burned at the stake for witchery as far as I'm concerned.

Apparently it took creator Link Linky roughly 5 hours to create this thing.

It ends with an explosion. So there's that.


    Why would you bother.

      What a sad fucking comment.

        I didnt mean it in that context lol. I just wouldnt bother wasting my precious gaming time (what little I actually get) on doing things like this. I guess if you have all the time in the world sure waste your time with this kind of thing but from my point of view time is better spent playing the story and whatnot.

      Yeah, why bother playing Fallout 4, or playing games at all for that matter? Hell, why bother breathing?

        You do realize breathing can be considered involuntary. So thats why you bother breathing.

          You do realize I was taking things to the extreme to make your point seem ridiculous, right?

    Very cool and impressive! Must have taken a lot of trial and error. Good on him. I hope Bethesda tweets it or gives him something for it.

    That is an insane number of pylons. Why so many, and such a waste of copper, copper isn't easy to come by!

      1. Load PC version of Fallout 4
      2. Open console and give yourself 20 metric tonnes of copper
      3. ???
      4. Listen to epic pylon music ... errr ... Profit!

      Last edited 21/12/15 6:43 pm

    I did something similar. All it took was building a radio...

    I wasted like 2 hours making a watchmen themed paint job for a car in forza 6 last night. In the end it looked eeeehhhh so kudos to this guy

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