The First Game From Hideo Kojima’s New Studio Will Be A PS4 Exclusive

The First Game From Hideo Kojima’s New Studio Will Be A PS4 Exclusive

With his contract finally coming to an end yesterday, Hideo Kojima has been busy setting up the next phase of his life. As that turns out, it’s going to be a Sony-exclusive life — at least for the first game.

In a press release and YouTube video pushed out very recently, Sony has announced that they have signed an agreement with Hideo Kojima’s new studio. The deal means the first game from Kojima’s new team will be exclusive to Sony’s consoles, although only the first game from Kojima Productions is covered.

The news follows from a Nikkei article yesterday that revealed Kojima was in talks with Sony.

In the video, Kojima added that he would be creating a new franchise but didn’t offer any details on what that franchise would be. “We are therefore delighted that he has chosen to bring his brand new project to life in partnership with PlayStation,” Sony Computer Entertainment president and global CEO Andrew House said in the release. “We look forward to working with him on an exciting new game and warmly welcome him to the PlayStation family.”

What franchise would you like to see Hideo Kojima create, having left Konami?


  • His first project will be a collaboration with Guillermo del Toro to create the scariest game ever created, so scary that most people who buy the game won’t be able to finish it. Not only that, it will have reverse microtransactions. Players are paid to play the new DLC.

  • I don’t get the fanfare. He’s severely hit and miss with majority of his games being a complete miss in regards to actual quality that I’ll never understand how he’s become such a prolific aspect of the industry.

    And now more platform exclusivity, which does nothing but hurt gaming as a whole? And we’re to think it’s a good thing?

    • Much of the fanfare is the fact that he is finally free from Konami. That in itself is cause for celebration and is pretty what most comments have been centred on.

      As for his record as a developer, other than mgs I could only recall zone of the enders off the top of my head as being the other major work he’s worked on, which to my knowledge is popular enough in Japan. Realistically though we all know him as father of mgs.

      The exclusivity I guess is down to Kojima’s history with Sony with the majority of the mgs series. That and Sony probably paid a ton to secure the first post-Konami Kojima made game.

      • Agreed. At the same time I also think, the other possibilities would lead him down a similar path to what he had before. There’s tons of other companies that can outbid Sony right now (FaceBook/Oculus, MIcrosoft,, EA, Activision etc.) this is just the better fit for Kojima’s brand of work.
        As for Sony, after a long time it’s all coming back together, but they’ve never had it like this. This was also an incredibly well kept secret.

      • If you have a PS3, you should try the Zone of the Enders remaster.

        The Second Runner in particular was fantastic fun.

    • Your opinion that the majority of his games are a miss isn’t held even close to universally, although I’m sure you could find a fair few people who agree… IMO even the worst games in the MGS franchise are still solid games, despite their flaws, and the good ones are some of the best games ever made. I haven’t played Snatcher/Policenauts or the ZotE games, but as understand it both franchises are generally held in pretty high regard, particularly ZotE.

      I think the Final Fantasy franchise is garbage and can’t understand why people love even the “good” ones so much, but I understand why it’s so prevalent in the industry – there are a lot of fans… sometimes people like things I don’t like.

      As for the platform exclusivity, not a fan, but he needs to get funding somehow now that he’s not working for Konami, so I can understand it at least for the first game to get his new studio started. I’m just happy he gets to keep making games.

      • The thing is, exclusivity generally means Sony as a publisher. As far as publishers go, Sony are a far better option than any of the third party ones like EA or Activision, who seem to have checklists for their games including season passes and multiplayer (however tacked on it may be). I would much rather have Sony or even Microsoft holding the purse strings than any of the third party publishers, the game will be better for it, and Kojima will have more freedom to make the game he wants to make.

    • Im curious about the world you live in that Kojima’s games all suck… I’m wondering what horrors await gamers in that universe.

        • Im not a regular in the pachinko machine parlour so I probably wont see much of their output. God I hope Sony buys the rights to Metal Gear from them.

    • What kind of quality bar are you looking for? Whether you like the story or the gameplay of Kojima’s games or not, it’s pretty undeniable that his games have a level of dedication to polish, and zest for games as an experience right up there with Nintendo’s best, Sony’s best, Blizzard, Valve et. al.

      We spend so much time discovering what’s lacking in modern games these days that a personality that we can identify with the kind of gaming experiences that we truly have grown to love over decades remains something to celebrate.

    • I prefer platform exclusivity over what Konami was doing. Bringing MGSGZ and MGSV to as many platforms as possible, wasn’t done to improve gaming as a whole. IMO the intention was to maximize profits (not a crime).

      Take that one step further and you have ports running across most smartphones as well as consoles.

      I think this is the best possible outcome for his future work. I believe he can work with a smaller team, and have less focus on porting and sales numbers and more on the subject matter and artistry.

      MGSV does lack a certain level of quality in delivery compared to his previous work.

  • A horror game please. It would be fascinating to see his take on the genre.
    But not with del toro. I would prefer he work with someone like Mike Flanagan.

  • Man, naming his new independent studio the same as the one Konami shut down has to be the best ‘Fuck you’ ever to Konami.

    And seriously, #FuckKonami.

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