The Most Popular Fallout 4 Mod Right Now Is For…Extreme Weather

The Most Popular Fallout 4 Mod Right Now Is For…Extreme Weather

For some, weather might just seem like a small detail within Fallout 4. But for PC gamers, this environmental element is pretty damn important.

Over at the Nexus Fallout 4 mod portal, “True Storms” by fadingsignal has been the most popular mod for Fallout 4 over the last two weeks. The cool thing about True Storms is that it completely revamps the weather system within Fallout 4. Thunder, rain, rad storms, dust storms, and fog have all gotten a face lift (or in some cases, are newly-introduced into the game). The result is a ridiculously atmospheric post-apocalypse.

Look at this video by FadingSignalMods. You can tell that it’s a joy to just walk around in Fallout 4 with this mod on, soaking in everything around you. It’s like the video game version of those soothing rain websites. Other weather effects completely transform the wasteland too, making it a more ominous place to explore. I like it!

Even radiation storms, which are normally rather annoying within the game, add to the experience with this rehaul. Awesome.

The full feature list, according to fadingsignal:

  • Intense visuals during rainstorms — distant fork and sheet lightning in the sky!
  • All-new heavy rain/dust textures, materials, visual effects, and particle geometry for truly heavy storms!
  • No more “white rain” – particle materials are now using proper alpha blending and lighting, and are effected by the ambient lighting conditions.
  • 20 all-new, intense thunder sounds, and a new method for much more unpredictable/random playback.
  • New interior sounds for all weathers: wind, rain, radstorm, and thunder sounds for all rain types, but only inside locations where it makes sense.
  • New weather types, with new particles/materials, including radiation rain, heavy dust storms, heavy fogs, heavy/light rain, and more!
  • Weather chances have been slightly altered to give a little bit more diversity (the vanilla game heavily favours sunny weather.)
  • Weather will stick around just a little bit longer — you will no longer experience 4 or 5 different weathers in a single day.
  • Vanilla night brightness and several darkness levels available, for compatibility with darker nights mods.
  • Volume slider for new thunder and rain sounds to give you more control for your audio setup.
  • Heavy Fog and Light Fog – The Commonwealth at midnight when fog is rolling through is absolutely chilling. (Fog effects by Prod80!)
  • Heavy and Light Rain – Rain storms are now heavy and loud, but there’s still a chance for soft rain, also with it’s own textures and sounds.
  • Radiation Rain – Rads fall from the sky in two variants, heavy with 8 rads/sec (better pop a Rad-X!) and light rain, at 1 rad/sec.
  • Heavy Dust Storm – Very low chance to occur, but you won’t want to get stuck outside when this hits.

To really get a sense of how much this mod reworks, it’s worth watching this video by hodilton — you can see some comparison footage.

True Storms can be downloaded here.


  • Looks pretty good! Reminds me of the STALKER series, which had excellent weather (or maybe THAT was a mod, too? I can’t remember the last time i played the vanilla game).

  • Tried the mod but there is a big problem with it. Any settlements you have will have these storms blowing through them. The mod author acknowledges this and tries to palm it off in the fact that your walls have holes and justifies it that way.

    Unfortunately, I’d rather deal with the shittier weather and not have a radiation storm throughout plus dying from it.

    • Hey there! Author here. It’s an engine limitation, and literally impossible to fix. You just can’t stop visual effects when inside shack/settlement interiors. I have hopes that the Creation Kit will give access to this inner engine functions, but this was a limitation in Skyrim as well (much like how every Bethesda game before Fallout 4 had rain pouring through every rooftop, which could not be fixed.)

      • how did that realistic shelters mod fix the problem? surely if it worked in skyrim there’ll be a way to do the same thing in f04

        • Realistic Shelter uses a script to determine what cover the effects will be used. Whenever you hide under a solid object such as an arch or under an awning, the script then fires where it disables the weather and makes it ‘dry’ by playing a distant version of the weather.

          @fadingsignal, I can appreciate your response in this. Hopefully the GECK will actually give you the tools needed. But until then, I can’t really use the mod as I prefer immersion (i.e. cover = cover) instead of intense weather that goes through cover.

      • Ive been using the mod and love it!
        The only thing I dont like is I read you edited the storm frequency/percentages so the storms are more frequent.
        Personally I think the storms are too frequent now. Sometimes its like its constantly one storm or another.
        Is it possible to have an option to select the vanilla percentages or your increased ones?

        Regardless… Ill still be using it.
        Great work!

        Oh, one last thing… Long story short… Does your mod work ok with WET – Water Enhancement Textures by SparrowPrince?

    • Only seems to affect player built structures though.
      Existing buildings like the Boathouse or Red Rocket the rain does not go through.

    • Hey there, when Bethesda opens mods up to PS4 / XBONE I will definitely be looking into the possibilities of bringing this to those platforms.

  • I’ve been using it for the last 2-3 weeks. Yeah I would recommend it, makes the weather a lot more realistic especially walking around Boston and all the fog making it hard to see, then going to the top of buildings and looking out.

    Use this in conjunction with ‘Darker Nights’ mod and it works really well if not just for the atmospheric settings

    • Oh yeah, those two mods alone improve the feel of the game immensely.
      Better settlement lights mod, no fakelights and no interior fog does wonders too.

  • Weather effects can completely transform a game. Good effects can make immersion all but absolute, while bad effects can completely ruin the experience and would generally be better left out.

    I envision an open-world FPS where a player can jump from a plane at ~30,000ft and come through the clouds into a torrential downpour. Where weather can be localised across a map that is as big as Australia, where a player base may be measured not in the hundreds, but in the hundreds of thousands. Where being on foot is like Battlefield, but getting into a vehicle yields a driving experience like Forza. I envision a game where you can build anything from houses to rockets, and leave the atmosphere if you so please, to build houses in orbit. A game where you can do literally anything.

    I for one, would pay many dollars for such a game.

    It could be called “Elite: Grand Kerbal Falloutfield Arma Forza Cause Z”.

  • This is one of the few mods I’ve had installed the past couple weeks, and it really does add that extra bit of immersion. Weather is one of those things in-game where you don’t really notice how big a deal it is until you play a game with exceptionally good (or bad) execution.

    Take The Witcher 3, for example. It took me a while playing it to figure out why being out in the woods etc felt so natural, and then I realised it was the wind, rain and other weather effects. It’s incredibly immersive when done right.

  • Thank you so much for the write-up! It’s pretty awesome when something I make that was really just for my own enjoyment is enjoyed by so many people 🙂

  • I installed this mod and really enjoyed it until one of the rain types came down as big white pieces. I’ve tried everything to fix it, including removing all mods, verifying Steam cache and installing only the weather effects. No luck. I’ve used other rain mods and this seems to be the only one that does it.

    It’s a shame, because it’s a really great mod. Looking forward to updates with AI visibility changes through fog and storms affecting stealth.

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