The Nintendo 2DS Is Being Released In Japan With The Original Pokemon Games

The Nintendo 2DS is coming to Japan in the best way possible: With Pokémon! The clear plastic 2DS units, some of which already got an Australian release, will be Pokémon themed and pre-bundled with Pokémon Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow — along with a download code for Mew, which can be used in Pokémon XY, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

They will be out February 27 in Japan for 9980 yen ($114). No word yet on a Western release.


    I really want the green one...

      Same. How much of my arm and leg is it going to cost to get one of these?

        You can already pre order on Amazon. Blue version is only available from the pokemon centres in Japan

    i want the buttons!

    I still don't know whether to just lash out and get an #DS or sit tight and see what 2016 offers. Something like this bundled with classic Pokemon is a very tempting offer in the interim.

    So do they each come with all 4 games? Or only their respective colors?

    Too bad I already own a 3DS, because that Mew code is mighty tempting.

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