The Official Awesome Holiday Gift Sharing Post 2015

The Official Awesome Holiday Gift Sharing Post 2015

As people around the world fill garbage cans and dumpsters with discarded bits of colourful paper, we take a look back at the wonderful things we gave and got during the 2015 holiday season. In other words, what'd ya get? I'll go first.

Each year I'm getting more into the giving than the getting, though I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy receiving things. My wife got me some workout clothes which are pretty amazing — I've never been much of a workout person, so I've been making due with jeans and t-shirts — plus an exercise bike that will make me feel much better about all the things I ate yesterday.

My favourite unexpected gift came from my older sister. It's just one of the crappy saying shirts that look like it was made in some highschooler's art class, and it reads "I used to be a people person, but people ruined it for me." This pretty much sums me up. I'm friendly to everybody, but not "come over to my house" or "let's hang out" friendly. I'm going to make an excellent testy old guy.

Let's see, my mother got me a digital copy of Super Smash Bros. Wii U, which is an excellent thing. My previous copy was traded away after I let my nephew play and he UNLOCKED EVERYTHING BEFORE I COULD. Jerk. She also picked me up a 64GB memory card for my Vita, so I can carry around a quarter of my game collection instead of just a twelfth.

As for giving, most of my money went to the children I helped make, who got another iPad Mini so they stop fighting over the first one, plus a bunch of smaller things Etch-A-Sketches, mini flashlights (Seamus likes to hide under the covers with them), some books. I also got them both little leather pouches of gaming dice or "number dice!" as Archer calls them. He loves them so much.

Oh, and Little Live Pets mice for both of them, which ended up being stolen by a cat intent of changing out one of those adjectives.

The Official Awesome Holiday Gift Sharing Post 2015

My wife got several Monster High dolls, various other toys and a sweet bicycle that I will put together one day. I also got her this:

The Official Awesome Holiday Gift Sharing Post 2015

Image via UltimateToyCollector on YouTube

She doesn't watch the show or anything. We just sometimes like to be 13-year-olds with dirty minds together.

But enough about me, what about you folks? What did you give or get this year that you're proud of or pleased with?

I got Jason Schreier a picture of a dog with presents via Shutterstock for Christmas.


    I have no pictures to go with thisright now, but I am now a proud and giddy owner of a hylian shield and master sword. Hyeah!

    Platinum Soundwave (and money).

    Rainbow six siege and bought a bb8 droid with the money that I got.

    Fiancee got me the massive combiner wars devastator... which she's now referring to as my dildo

      Nice. Was thinking of getting that. I got all the cons for menasor

        Managed to get all the superion and Optimus maximus guys, but finding combiners in SA is starting to suck,

          Yeah mine have all been from online. Can't find the deluxe superion pieces anywhere though. I've ordered cyclonus soo may just use him and the stunticons to make galvatronus and see how good the superion combiner is because everyone says it's the best and thats the same body sculpt

        Oh, and the devastator is gorgeous, tall as my 2 yr old soon to be brother in law

    We woke up on xmas morning to find our 3 kids had head lice

    Thanks Obama Santa!

    Actually, timing would suggest it was a parting gift from last week of school. You know how hard it is to find an open chemist on xmas day in SA?

    Last edited 27/12/15 4:18 pm

    My best friend got me a bar fridge they'd painted up to look like the Tardis. It's magnificent.

    Just got a bunch of money from everyone. I plan on buying a decent coffee machine with some of it next month though.

    This article desperately needs more pictures of festive corgis.

      I have a Corgi and love them. They're so damn cute!

    I got a galaxy tab to replace my old acer i use for reading comics and a comixology voucher to go with it, all the transformers to make combiner wars menasor, yo kai watch and a bunch of smaller odds and ends.

    Last edited 27/12/15 9:54 pm

    My Dad got himself some pipe clamps, wrapped them up and gave them to me lol.

    22 hours work at 2.5x pay plus two days of depression that disappeared when I left work on Boxing Day.

    Oh and some tea towels. (I've just moved out and need some, I'm going to use one tonight to hopefully dry my dishes)

    Fallout 4 and Diablo 3 + RoS. My wife got one of those fancy Japanese fuzzy logic rice cookers she's always wanted. My Corgi got a smoked bone, some christmas rawhide, a ball and a red singlet that says "Personal Trainer". It's awesome.

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