The Old Batman Had A Bit Of A Labelling Problem

The Old Batman Had A Bit Of A Labelling Problem

It makes sense that a crimefighter like Batman would be organised, right? But the Darknight Detective of the 1966 TV show took this shit to another level. Look, Bruce Wayne’s a genius, ok? Knowledge is power and there’s often no time to lose when the bad guys are threatening to dehydrate the leaders of the world. However, there’s a thin line between convenient, easily-readable communication and unmanaged compulsion. Might make grand larceny a little too easy, too…

Run by Bat-fan Aaron Reynolds, the Batman 66 Labels Twitter account proves that the millionaire playboy superhero — and seemingly all of Gotham City — will slap text on every plot device and piece of weird infrastructure. The intent to make that TV version of Batman campy was clear from the get-go, what with the sound effects, outlandish plots and big broad performances. But, when you see all these hilarious signs, you also realise that hundreds of little details were powering the goofiness in their own small ways.


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