Ark: Survival Evolved Is Coming To Xbox

Ark: Survival Evolved Is Coming To Xbox

Briefly: The popular Steam Early Access dino game Ark: Survival Evolved is coming to Xbox One on December 16, using the console’s own early access system that launched earlier this year.


    • Incredibly so. Best supported alpha ever (well… tough choice between this, Space Engineers and Minecraft…). They’re 100% open with everything they do. I love the level of transparency they have. When your biggest controversy is “Your patch launched 2 hours later than you said it would!” you’re on a goddamn winning ticket…

      Take note DayZ ffs. 4 months and goddamn counting for a patch.

      *EDIT* LOL literally 2 minutes after I typed this I open steam and there’s a DayZ patch *finally*.

      Still not good enough Bohemia, c’mon guys you used to be so much better 🙁

      • I thought Bohemia already cash in enough from DayZ sales and they are already slowing down the update and already started developing a new game.

        • I dont doubt that. Just tried it and yeah no real performance gain (7fps in elektro on a 970 4gb card, 16gb ram high end amd).

  • im a little peeved off that they have offered a really cool early buyers exclusive for xbox but the PC was shit, but i can understand. I have definitely got a lot more then my money worth from the game.

    • Eh its ok. While it’s great the consoles will finally get it, it’s kind of unfortunate they’ll never know the joy of all the mods you can put into it. Maybe they’ll eventually get *some* but never have the full experience.

      Besides, Pimp My Rex makes the rexes look way better.

  • Is this in Australia or somewhere else in the world? Will u be able to buy it on the 16th of December? Do u buy it from the Xbox store or from game shops?
    If you could answer this it would be great.

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