The Steam Holiday Sale Is Set For December 22

The Steam Holiday Sale Is Set For December 22

Christmas is coming early for gamers as the Holiday 2015 Steam Sale is set to start on December 22. You can pay off your credit card debt next year.

According to PayPal’s website for tracking holiday deals, the Steam sale is due to start on December 22. There’s no exact time listed so for Australian buyers, the sale could start tomorrow afternoon but it’s likely going to be on December 23.

Valve is keeping quiet about whether the sale is happening or not but the timing makes sense as we creep closer to Christmas Day. We’ll keep you posted on the bargains that come through once the sale begins. Stay tuned!


  • Although I have a large wishlist of games I need to buy at some point I am feeling somewhat apathetic about an upcoming Steam Sale. I even ignored the last one they had at the end of November. What is happening? Have I become boring!?

    • If you’re anything like me, it’s less apathy, and more oversaturation. Between years of steam sales, and Humble Bundles, I’ve got 300 odd games, most of which I’ve never touched

      • I’ll be spending my Christmas holidays going through my Steam pile of shame. Join me! 😛

        • That’s pretty much my plan as well, I’m going through Alien Isolation at the moment. Its frightfully good (in both the literal and figurative senses) but using a controller for this long isn’t doing my messed up hands any favours

      • I remember when I had 300 games once. That feels so long ago now. I sit upon my 500+ pile of shame, upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand.

      • My current Steam list sits at 502. I got a badge and everything.

        I have games I want, but there are still so many I need to play.

    • Yeah, I looked at the last steam sale briefly but mostly ignored it. Steam may have started the sale trend but plenty of other stores have followed along. Being in US currency with the exchange rate so bad for us encourages me to avoid steam pretty heavily now and just buy steam keys elsewhere that charge in AUD

  • At first when a steam sale announced it was exciting… daily deals… flash sales etc… it was great.

    Now theyre rubbish. Standardised prices and no flash sales means a far less interesting experience.

    • I’m hoping for the first big sale with this structure their will be other benefits or events to go with it. Games with specific sale achievements, daily tasks and teams, trading earned rewards for in game items, that kinda thing.

      • They’ve been giving out “Mystery Cards” for about the last two weeks for badge creation. The set is 11 cards and I’m assuming they will reveal when the sale starts.

        • I am sitting on so many free cards from booster packs and game-play (950’ish games in library). But I always save the card-combining for the sales ‘events’. It’s been quite a while since the last one.

          • Oh man, you’re going to be a card carrying card master after this. I have something like 20 of the mystery cards now, but only 10 of the 11. So mad.

  • I agree, I made the plunge into humble monthly, so pretty much ignore anything but uber bargains. Only small duplication on Humble so far but my solution is to pretty much have several steam accounts which I’m sure my boys will take over in time and just activate duplicates there, or gift them…

    On the sales, yep steam have used all their big data to screw us… But I’ll happily pay for a good indie that impresses me.

  • I…..don’t want to support the vendors during crazy sale periods like this _because_ of the exorbitant prices they think they (and actually do) get away with every other day. Which is a shame because I do want to play some of the more dearer ones.

    Alex’s piece about fluctuating price rises just before sales as well, that warrants further investigation.

    Have we spotted any strange changes in price in preparation for this sale?

    • Yeah you would think the older COD MW titles might be down to 5 bucks by now, I’m sure they never shift many..

  • Until Steam does deals in the Aussie dollar, I probably won’t bother with them unless it’s an uber good deal on something I’ve long wanted (that my crappy computers can actually play).

  • And it will suck like the last 10 Steam sales. Games are cheaper at almost every other digital supplier – Steam are as bad as Apple now for the sheep train.

  • Well unless Rainbow Six Siege gets some sort of percent off, I’ve got all the games i want for the year.

  • I have a simple rule. If it’s not 75% off or more and in my wishlist, I don’t buy it. I also have the rule of “No new games added to wishlist during sales”. It keeps me honest (to my wallet). It keeps my collection smaller certainly. But considering I haven’t finished everything yet, well. Still more to do before next sale. I’ve only got about 40 or so games in my list. And I’ve still got another 10 to complete. So, no dramas. That’ll carry me through to next sale.
    I’m sure everyone has their own technique (including. Heaven forbid. Willpower. Or even Apathy), but that’s mine. It works. I haven’t had to declare bankruptcy, so that’s nice.

    • I love the idea of these turning into old, household wisdoms, to be passed down to our children.

  • One website that i find fantastic –
    Search engine and all if your after a specific title. Picked up starpoint gemini 2 for $A17 instead of steams asking price of $A45. The US currency sucks for us aussies….

  • Some of you guys are HIGH! I have about 200 games on Steam that I bought and a few hundred others that came with bundles. I didn’t play most of those because I didn’t have a desire to play a game I didn’t intend to buy in the first place. Whatever came with the bundle is just fluff and I don’t care about those. I bought those 200+ games and I played every single one of them until I was done.. and now… I’M READY FOR THIS SALE!

    Bring it Steam!

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