The Steam Sales Are Good Today

The Steam Sales Are Good Today

Just in case you had forgotten, the Steam Winter Sale is in full flow. And today is a good day. Today you might actually find something you don’t own already.

Crazy right?

Just flicking through I spotted a lot of games — games I’ve been interested in but never got round to playing yet.

Games like…

— Life Is Strange. Episode 1 is 50% off at US$2.49
— Elite Dangerous is 50% off at US$14.99
— Westerado is 50% off at US$7.49

Actually Westerado is a game I’ve been meaning to play for a long time. Kotaku US’s Nathan Grayson has been raving about it.

— Watch Dogs might be worth a bash at 70%. You can pick that up for US$5.44
— System Shock 2 is 80% off at US$1.99
— There are also some super good deals on games in the Far Cry franchise.

So yeah — a lot of games are on-sale that aren’t usually on-sale. Considering the overload of sales we seem to get across multiple different services, that’s a good thing.


  • Those have been the prices of those games every day of the sale. There are no daily specials or flash sales, just different featured games on the front page.

    I believe the front page will also customise to you based on your tastes, much like Netflix, so everything you see after the featured items won’t necessarily be what others see.

    The Steam sales are best taken advantage of by looking through the full list or, my favourite way, is clicking on the minor developers or publishers who have released games I enjoy and see what else they have going.

    • ^ This, pretty much. A lot of things that have popped up in the sale “Highlights” that have also been on my wishlist have been the same price both at the start of the sale and when they featured on the front page.

  • Ubi Have been changing the prices of their games throughout the sale.

    Farcry 4 has not been on sale until today, and assassins creed syndicate has seen several price fluctuations

    • Yeah, I didn’t realise this until today – very sneaky of Ubi!
      Though the other day they priced the Unity+Rogue pack at greater than the sum of its two titles, so I guess they aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed either.

    • Paint my face an ever so light tinge of red – there you go!
      Still the one publisher, which is odd, as I did read somewhere Steam was supposed to lock the prices on day one.

      I like the new system they’ve been using without the flash sales and fluctuations, though. Means you don’t get screwed for buying any time.

  • Is there even any point in doing articles like this anymore? Aren’t the new steam sales a “Everything that can go have its’ price reduced WILL have its’ price reduced to the maximum discount” kinda thing?

  • There is actually a point to the article (probably not intentional). Watch Dogs price is a pricing error on Steam. Base game is $16 while the complete bundle is $5.44.

    If you are on the fence about the game I would recommend jumping on the $5 price ASAP before the price is fixed. This will be the cheapest it will be for a long time.

  • Wow Watchdogs sure dropped in price fast!

    Maybe when i have some actual funds back, my wallet is bleeding from Christmas sales still =P

    • The funniest part:

      Buy it by itself? It’s around 15 US.

      Buy it in the ‘complete pack’ and you get it for 5.44 US.

      Oh Ubisoft and Steam… you so funny.

      Dagnabbit I bought it for that price.

  • As someone who doesn’t go on Steam everyday, I actually like these articles. It’s nice to see a few gems picked out over the course of the sale, rather than trying to absorb a gigantic list of games all at once.

  • Couple of great games from this year with decent price drops in the Steam Sale:

    Satellite Reign – $9.89USD (67% off)
    Invisible Inc – $9.99USD (50% off)

    SOMA and Undertale are good ones from this year too… not so big discounts on them yet.

  • You can get Life Is Strange: Episode 1 in this week’s Humble Bundle for as little as $1.

    Pay more than the average price (currently $5.38) and you’ll also get a 33% discount coupon for the Season Pass.

    Ah, I see someone else mentioned the same thing already. 🙂

  • The sales aren’t that exciting this year to be honest. This “explore your queue” is really just a way of shoving more ads in your face. I really preferred the flash sales every 8 hour. A good incentive to login and check. This way, I just mindlessly click through the queue to get the cards, while watching TV.

  • System Shock 1 has aged terribly. I purchased it recently and will try to finish it with all my strength. If system shock 2 is closer to half life 1 then it should be much more bearable

  • Don’t buy Life is Strange episode 1 for that price. Its in the Humble Bundle at the moment, you can get it for a fraction of a dollar.

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