The Steam Winter Sale Is Here!

The Steam Winter Sale Is Here!

Tis the season to be jolly.

Tis also the season to go flat broke buying video games in the Steam Sale.

Click on at your own risk.

This sale is a good one. It sort of makes those other sales we post about look a little bit garbage.

Massive, new AAA releases are being discounted, like…

— Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, 33% off at US$40.19 — The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is 50% off at US$29.99 — Dying Light is 66% off at US$24.47 — Mad Max is 66% off at US$20.39

And of course a number of must play indie titles are on sale…

— Undertale is 20% off at US$7.99 — Rust is 50% off at US$9.99 — Gone Home is 70% off at US$5.99

There are also some of those sales where every game in a series or franchise is on sale.

— Sid Meier’s Civilization franchise is totally on sale. — As is The Elder Scrolls series. — Oh, the Devil May Cry games are all on sale. Worth checking out.

All in all, a lot of great surprises in there. A lot of good stuff so far.


  • I was kinda hoping The Witcher would be cheaper 🙁 Guess I will wait until the next sale for it.

  • Inflated prices for Australia, USD. Think I’ll shop elsewhere, plenty of alternatives these days.

  • Pretty insane deals on new games. Especially mad max! That game is only 3 months old.. 66% is a pretty heavy discount

      • Yeah that’s fair. To be honest, didn’t pick it up myself because of those reviews. Maybe one day.

        • I went to buy it recently because of some crazy EB sale… watched a bunch of reviews…. dammit, couldn’t justify (and I was frothing in this before it came out, very disappointing).

          • I have to say I greatly enjoyed it, despite what the reviews think. Except when they say Dinky DEEinstead of Dinky DIE.

            It’s an open world game you can tackle at your own pace, it’s short if you avoid the side missions and can be quite fun if you do it all.

            It’s not without it’s flaws, but generally I wanted more. I would buy DLC for it if they used the same environment and did an aftermath campaign with a new character.


          • Huh. I did go and have a look at the user reviews and it seemed to be better received the reviews would have you believe… Maybe it’s just. Result of open works fatigue and the fact that it came out the same day as MGSV. I reckon this game would have been top of the charts 5, even 3 years ago given that.

            Might end up looking into it after all, or at least keeping tabs on it.

        • From what I’ve heard a lot of people really enjoyed the game. I watched some ign podcast the other day and the Australian guys were saying they thoroughly enjoyed it. We had a big year of open world games so maybe that put a few people off, with it not being the best of it’s type this year. From all accounts its a solid, if not spectacular game.

  • I don’t really see sales different to the ones during the year, weekly sales or weekend specials.

  • Jeez. As if people don’t find these prices good enough? I mean sure, you may be able to find some of these games cheaper elsewhere.

    I would argue that any of those AAA’s at those prices are a great deal. I mean, you’re not paying a lot of money anyway, and you’re getting hours and hours of content. You might spend $20 in cinemas to see a new movie that lasts 2 hours. But when it comes to games, $30-40 (Admittedly US) in some cases, for 30-100 hours of game is often considered too expensive? That kind of stuff makes me frustrated.

    For example, when everyone was buying Fallout 4 for ~$50 AU. That’s a Fantastic deal, I have no problem with people buying games so cheap, but when people say “Oh, that’s what games should be priced at”, it makes me annoyed. If you think the hours and hours of content is Fallout 4 is only worth $50, that’s pretty ridiculous in my opinion. For the amount of time I’ve spent in that game, I’d probably value that game at a few hundred dollars – in terms of the fun and time I’ve spent with the game!

    Anyway, not the place to discuss, rant over. 😛

    • I totally agree with you. Especially in something like destiny. I’ll gladly admit their expansion and DLC was expensive…but I’ve definitely got my moneys worth with something like 55 days of playtime…One thousand and three hundred hours of fun with mates approx for something like $180? Considerably cheaper than paintball and there’s no pain involved…and you still get to shoot your mates!

    • You’re forgetting rule no. 1 of the internet though, never be happy with what you’re given.

  • But who’s to say that $20 for a cinema ticket should be the reference? I for one think cinema tickets are way too expensive. I usually buy mine through Telstra for about $12 per ticket, which is around half the price Village are currently pricing them at. In the US, tickets are closer to $8 at a base rate.
    I’m just saying, cinema ticket prices are in no way a good comparison since they are totally inflated to begin with…

    Having ended my rant: I totally agree with you!

  • Some Japanese Visual Novels are on sale as well. Between 15%-50%.

    Undertale might be worth getting at that price, to see what all the hype is about.

    • As someone who scoffed at the amount of hype and praise the game was getting then having it turn out to be my favourite game of the year, I’d say go for it 😀

  • I’ve already spent over $100 USD, and I have zero regret. That $100 bought hundreds if not thousands of hours of game time. Now all I need, is the time to play them… 😛

    • Definitively feeling you there. Wish we could just sort of buy time. I’d put money down to have spare time to play games.

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