The Turner Televised League Kicks Off With An Exhibition At CES

The Turner Televised League Kicks Off With An Exhibition At CES

We’ve already posted about how there will be one Australian team representing at next year’s televised $1.6 million-plus E-League, the name of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league being built by Turner and the WME | IMG global agency.

But they’re kicking off operations slightly before then, with news breaking early this morning that the league is partnering with FACEIT to hold a two-team exhibition for the Consumer Electronics Show.

HLTV has reported that Turner and FACEIT will be stumping up just under $70,000 for two teams at CES, with one team qualifying from North America and the other qualifying from Europe.

Both regions will have two open qualifiers, scheduled to kick off in the next week. The winners of those open tournaments will face off against 6 invited teams in a second-stage qualifier, with only one going through to the finals at CES. The second-stage qualifiers will be scheduled on Twitch, according to HLTV, while FACEIT TV will produce the final event at CES.

Given that the Australian team, Renegades, has already publicly confirmed they will be playing in at least the first season of the Turner league next year, there’s a high chance that they may be automatically invited to the second stage qualifier for CES. I’ve reached out to their management to confirm whether this is the case, and if I get any word on that I’ll let you know.