The Turok Remaster Is Out Later This Week, Turok 2 Remaster In The Works

The Turok Remaster Is Out Later This Week, Turok 2 Remaster In The Works

It was only last week that Night Dive Studios were showing off the first screenshots of the Turok remaster (the N64/PC version, not the awful 360/PS3 reboot). But now we’ve got a release date — and it’s much sooner than most were expecting.

According to the teaser trailer posted today, Night Dive’s touch up of the 1997 dinosaur shooter will be available of Steam, Good Old Games and the Humble Bundle store in three days. That’s not a bad time for a classic FPS to come out, right before the weekend.

Between this, the Serious Sam series and the Jedi Knight games, you could have a pretty cracking weekend just going through old shooters. But I’m going off on a tangent now. Let’s just enjoy the trailer.

There’s something about shooting dinosaurs that just makes a video game great. There’s also something about shooting dinosaurs using their tiny arms to shoot guns of their own that makes games even better. Here’s the cutaway from the trailer in case you missed that little gem.

Night Dive has also confirmed on their Facebook page that their next project is to remaster Turok 2, and that they “may have the opportunity” to tackle the rest of the series. “Our plans are to remaster Turok 2 for the time being,” the studio said in a reply to a user comment.

It’s not yet known how much Night Dive is charging for the remastered Turok, but they did reveal that it will have full controller support from launch.


  • I was so bad at this. Hired it & it took me almost all weekend to make it to the hub. At this point, I thought I was really making progress & I suddenly realised I’d just beaten the tutorial.

  • I’m leaving this one in the past, where it’s safe from the realisation that it actually plays like crap.

    • This.

      I liked Turok back in the day but I think it’s a style of game that would have aged TERRIBLY.
      It’s best strengths were its graphics (however foggy) and it’s over the top weapons. Neither of those traits are the kind that hold up well.

      Fun thought though: To the best of my knowledge (pretty confident on this one) Turok on the N64 was the first console game to employ what would be known by most N64 gamers as the ‘Solitaire’ control scheme. Using the c-buttons like the directional arrows and the stick as the mouse.

      Before that every console shooter used doom style horizontal movement and maybe had a ‘look’ button to stop and look up and down, that’s a HUGE deal and paved the way for Goldeneye (unless your one of the ‘Honey’ n00bs) and eventually all the modern console shooters we see today.
      GO TUROK!

    • No, they weren’t. But I’ll be damned if I won’t be bringing my rose tinted glasses to this experience.

  • I’m actually looking forward to this. Loved this game on the N64, but I was too young and impatient at the time to really appreciate and finish it in its entirety. I’m looking forward to Seeds of Evil even more, though (despite the fact that some of those maps were like a labyrinth)

    But this is exactly how remasters should be done, just like Perfect Dark on the Xbox 360 where everything looks identical to the original release, just that it has a higher resolution and frame rate (and that the controls get completely reworked so that they fit in well with the platform update). I can’t stand remasters that try to change too much, or even worse, those remakes like Goldeneye 007 (by EA) where it captured absolutely none of the magic from the original.

    Just as a side note: I don’t think those dinosaurs are actually ‘holding’ those guns, I think they have been bio-engineered to have those guns as attachments on their limbs. Not that it really matters in the context of how crazy the entire story is.

  • I played this as a kid and had a really tough time with the control scheme, coming from Goldeneye. Will definitely pick it up on steam if the price is right.

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