The Ugliest Version Of Final Fantasy VI Is Coming To Steam

The Ugliest Version Of Final Fantasy VI Is Coming To Steam

The good news: Final Fantasy VI will be out on Steam next week, publisher Square Enix just announced. The bad news: It's hideous.

This new PC version, to be released on December 17, uses the same sprites and interface as the atrocious-looking mobile version. This makes me very sad. It's not just the sprites that have been mangled; even the fonts look worse than they did on SNES or in the superior GBA version. For further dissection on just why this style looks so bad, see this tweet by artist Bill Stiernberg.

If you do want to play Final Fantasy VI on a modern machine, I recommend buying the SNES version via Virtual Console on Wii (which you can access on Wii U).


    I would have purchased this if it was the SNES verson but I think I may pass for the time being. Pretty disappointing really :(

      I would happily buy it if it was just the SNES visuals.
      And I'm not against prettying up the game. I kinda like the new character portraits for example.
      But those sprites? Nope, I'm out.
      I didn't want it when it came out on phones, I sure don't want them now.

      Last edited 09/12/15 5:08 pm

    Alternately, buy the game in full on PC, then download a emulator+ROM *COUGH* MOD. I meant mod.

    Dang, that does look weird =/

    I'm glad i already finished it back in the day on SNES. I would highly reccomend the GBA version as well.

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