The Witcher 3 Wins Game Of The Year At The 2015 Game Awards

The Witcher 3 Wins Game of the Year At The 2015 Game Awards

The Witcher 3 took home the grand prize at this year's 2015 Game Awards, beating out Bloodborne, Fallout 4, Metal Gear Solid V, and Super Mario Maker to win Game of the Year.

It's no surprise that CD Projekt Red's role-playing game took top honours — The Witcher 3 is one of the year's most ambitious and successful video games. Developed in Poland over three and a half year, The Witcher 3 has received rave reviews from just about everybody, fans and critics alike.

Other winners — which you can view here — included Rocket League for best independent game, Her Story for best narrative, and Lara Croft Go for best handheld/mobile game.


    Totally deserved - Hopefully they can knock cyberpunk 2077 out of the park as well!

      Yes! Despite it being little more than a title at this point I'm super excited about the prospect of playing a game with the depth and quality of Witcher 3, but one set in a cyberpunk atmosphere.

      I loved the fresh take on the fantasy genre that cdprojekt brought to W3 and I'm hoping they can bring that new(ish) perspective to a futuristic setting.

      The anticipation for Cyberpunk 2077 will be absolutely enormous as time goes on, I imagine.

    Definitely my game of the year too. The side quests are so fleshed out, its kind of destroyed the whole open-world thing for me, because every other game feels like it's made up of fetch quests.

    Yeah I'm pretty happy with this. While Fallout 4 might be my favorite game for this year, it is a machete compared to the samurai sword of the Witcher. Both games get the job done with exciting and brutal results, but the Witcher is a finely crafted thing of beauty made with love and close attention to detail, while Fallout is a strong reliable workhorse that still delivers even when it goes blunt.

      That's a pretty sweet analogy perfectly sums up the way I feel about both games. This has been a solid year for gaming can't wait to see what 2016 will bring!

    It's my personal game of FOREVER

    Shame on Mark for not putting it in his GOTY nominee's

    Last edited 05/12/15 10:29 am

      It's fantasy though. He can barely stomach Game of Thrones & even grandmas watch it.

        That's pretty much why I never got into The Witcher. I can watch fantasy based movies like LOTR (not exactly my favourite genre), but I just can't seem to click with games that are based in the same setting. I gravitate a lot more to guns, rocket launchers, and grenades far more than I can with magic spells, swords, and crossbows (in a virtual world, obviously). Not only that, I could never get into the first Witcher game way back when (mostly because it was clunky as hell), and I'm one of those weird kind of people that has a REAL hard time playing a game in a series when I haven't played all the titles that came before it, even if people say it's not necessary. Yeah, it might not be necessary, but I still feel like it can severely dilute the experience when you aren't attached to any of it's lore, or what the characters are about, or where they came from, etc.

          I'm the opposite, quite happy to play Fallout thanks to VATS, but normally I choose melee weapons & prefer turn based stuff.

          W1 and 2 turned me off too, those were horrible feeling games to play. This has gotten a LOT of positive attention though, so I'll probably pick it up in a sale sometime.

    I'm sure no one could say no to witcher 3 being goty. Great graphics great gameplay great story.

      Oh but they will, not me, but there will be some.

        :P Too bad for them for missing out. I don't pity them the slightest.

    I haven't played, unsure if I will. But this is well deserved.

    I hate you @transientmind


      All is right with the world. For now. Mark will undoubtedly pick something crap and casual (ily2 Mark) for his 'editor's pick' utterly neglecting the best game of the year, and a pack of hipsters will probably vote for Rocket League. The battle is won, but the war is not over!

    One of my friends and I feel like Witcher winning GOTY was a personal victory for us, lol. We were going to be furious and probably start petitions if it didn't win.

      People like us are the butt of this joke:


    Jumping animation sucks therefore it cant be goty

    Cant hate. I did want Bloodborne to win but that was a personal taste thing. Overall CD ProjeKtRED deserved this more than anyone!

      Yeah, same here. Bloodborne is my GOTY, but only a whisker ahead of Witcher 3,so I'm happy enough with this.

    Am soo happy that it took out Game of the Year. Totally deserved. Thank you CDPR for bringing us one of the best games I have ever had the pleasure of playing.

    THERE IS A GOD! I was so terrified that this game would be overlooked, or be considered "niche". THANK YOU!

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