This Awesome GOG Sale Has A Lucasarts Bundle To Die For

This Awesome GOG Sale Has A Lucasarts Bundle To Die For

The Steam Sale is over but your wallets are not safe. just started its winter sale. It’s extensive, massive and a nice mix of old and new.

But the best part: a Lucasarts bundle that is probably one of the best things I’ve seen in a sale ever.

Here’s what you get:

Indiana Jones And The Fate of Atlantis
Indiana Jones And The Emperor’s Tomb
Sam and Max Hit The Road
The Secret of Monkey Island
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge
The Dig
Zack McCracken And The Alien Mindbenders
Outlaws + A Handful Of Missions

All these games come to a ridiculous $23.20 in Australian dollars. That’s $23.20 dollarydoos people. Unreal.

You can buy them all individually. All of them are like $2.09 each, with the exception of both The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2, which are both $3.49, presumably because they are the fancy Special Edition updates.

There are other great offers in the sale. There are amazing Star Wars bundles, featuring just about every Tie Fighter and X-Wing game ever made, and Knights of the Old Republic — games like that. You have to check out this sale. It’s good. It’s really good.


    • If you haven’t played any of them, I’d recommend you at least buy Fate of Atlantis and Sam and Max: Hit the Road. You need to like puzzles and have a bit of patience to play them, but they’re fantastic experiences (and you can always look up the answers these days, anyway).

          • Just went and had a look at the games…they’re mostly point and click, hence why I don’t know them. I hate that genre in general, played a few games of that type in the 90’s and didn’t like them.

          • If, as you say, you’re 27 years old now, then you would have been aged… what… between 2 and 12 during the 1990’s? Might be worth your while re-evaluating them now that you’re older. A lot of things that I didn’t like or found boring when I was in that age bracket, I later developed a liking for as I got older and (slightly) more mature (hello, ladies! ;P ).

          • Why the hell would you ask why someone didn’t write an article specifically for ONLY YOU? What is your deal? Do you have an existential crisis?

          • At what point did I ask why the article was written only for me? As far as I can tell I wrote “Why would I want any of those games?” Never heard of any of them before so asked the question about what makes them stand out titles as the article seems to imply.

        • Seriously you must
          a. Never read the comments sections in Kotaku
          b. Be a kid
          c. Be a horrible, horrible troll.

          • Are you implying I’m a kid or a troll? I’m 27 and asked a legitimate question. The article talked about the games as if they were good and the reader should know about them and agree…yet I’d never heard of most of those. Checked the sale out after and noticed they’re point and click games. I don’t like that genre and never have (fairly niche genre in general), hence why I still think they’re sub par.

          • It’s a niche genre these days, but back when those games came out it was probably the biggest genre that there was in gaming. Sierra and LucasFilm/LucasArts, in particular, produced some of the greatest games ever made during that time, and the foundation they laid back then with those games is still being built on today by modern adventure / RPG type games.

            Many of these games are classics and anybody with any interest at all in the history of gaming owes it to themselves to play them. You may or may not like them, for all I know time may not have been kind to them (although I’ll wager they’ll age better than most of the graphics-oriented FPS games that dominate so much of today’s market), but it’s hard to have an informed opinion on games if you’re not familiar with where they’ve come from. It’s like trying to discuss rock music without having listened to the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan etc. It might not sound like the stuff you like listening to today, but that stuff has grown directly out of that older stuff and wouldn’t exist without it.

          • Don’t really need an informed opinion on a game to determine whether or not I like it. Point and click games aren’t for me, no point researching a particular title from that genre in order to just say I don’t like it.

          • Or perhaps you could realise that not every article is about what you like, that there are other people who are interested, and simply move along without pooping on it?

          • I don’t expect every article to be about what i like, and indeed most articles have no relevance to me. I asked the question about why would I want to buy these as they are sub par in my opinion. The other people, if they’re interested, if they read my comment, if they care enough to respond might then try to enlighten me on why the games aren’t sub par, why they’re timeless classics to those people even.

            Instead I just get aggravated responses from people asking what my age is, discounting my view because i don’t like these games (or that entire genre) and telling me that I’m wrong to even comment on something because i have a negative view.

            My comment wasn’t that bad, I could have worded it better but on the other hand why has it hit a nerve with so many people? What is it about these games that makes fans so sensitive to criticism or a negative remark about them?

          • To be fair though, your comment in no way comes across like you are trying to engage in genuine discussion about the article. By just writing one sentence that only comes across like it’s dismissing the article will only ever antagonise people. If you are genuinely interested in discussing the games, maybe rethink how you come across. Saying ‘why should I be interested? They all look sub-par’ just kind of reads ‘what’s the point in me reading this article? These games look lame’, and that is only ever going to antagonise people who are interested, no matter what the article is about. Personally, I just replied because I’m tired of seeing this quick throwaway negativity that continually clogs up comments sections.

          • Honestly you’re not wrong and you’re being judged overly harshly for your opinions which are of course only based on your gaming experiences. Sorry about that, my war criminal post was intended as a bit of tongue-in-cheek.

            These old adventure games were childhood staples to me and many others (I’m in my 30s, for the record) I still find them just as enthralling even though this style of game are well out of fashion these days.

          • Yeah, I seem to have touched a nerve with the “point and click” community. I didn’t mind the war criminal comment, took it as a joke. The people saying that not every article is about what i like etc are going a bit over the top. I never claimed this shouldn’t be posted because I’m not interested in it, just asked a question about why would I want them and my opinion that they seem sub par to me.

            Last I heard not liking a game or a game genre wasn’t a big deal.

          • Saying that you don’t like a genre is entirely different to saying that the games are sub-par. I think that’s where you touched the nerve. It’s never the best idea to say to people “I don’t like what you like, so it’s bad”.

        • The Dig was hyped up for what seemed like years because of Steven Spielberg’s involvement and it was delayed a lot, and when it finally came out people were fairly underwhelmed from what I remember.

          • It’s certainly not really a Lucas-quality game. It was in development hell for years, was started and re-started multiple times, and was ultimately a bit of a mess as a game. I can’t remember which puzzle it was, but I remember having trouble getting something to work even though I was following a walkthrough.

            Kind of cool as a universe/story, though.

          • I’m 27, what does my age have to do with anything? I don’t like the point and click genre, my opinion seemingly differs from everyone who is replying to me. That’s fine, not everyone has to like every game you know.

          • Curiousity. It is common for a younger person to dismiss what were the classics of their time. And you are entitled to your opinion of course; you’re allowed to dislike point-and-click games. But you kinda asked for the onslaught of replies in the way you phrased your comment 😉

          • I didn’t see anything wrong with my comment and still don’t. People just don’t seem to be able to handle it when someone has a difference in opinion online. I dislike those games, I think they’re sub par compared to what I like. Other people do like those games and disagree.

            I asked why I’d want to buy them before I’d even looked at the genre they were from based upon not having heard of any of the titles before except the monkey island ones (and indiana jones of course). As I keep up with gaming news and have a long history of gaming I’m generally aware of or familiar with popular titles, any I haven’t heard of tend to indeed be sub par or they’re brand new games that I haven’t come across yet.

  • Phew, I picked up the Star Wars bundle on Steam Sales for ~US$20, so thought I might have missed out (or got a bad deal) from the subject heading. Good to see some of the non-SW LucasArts titles on special, but I think a few more Sam and Max titles are needed.

  • Is there anybody I can talk to so I can get more information about the games? For example, who can I ask about ‘Loom’?

  • I was just randomly thinking about Sam & Max Hit the Road this morning. I have most of the other games I’m interested in but I can lob a few bucks in for Sam & Max.

  • The Dig is worth that alone – if it had Full Throttle I would buy that in a heartbeat even owning most of those titles.

      • I had Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis on the Amiga. 3.5″ floppy disks. 11 of them, if I recall correctly. Every 30 seconds or so it would be asking you to swap disks. Good times.

    • Yeah, I have a stack of Lucas CDs still (actually, pretty much everything in this bundle). They make me feel warm and fuzzy.

      Pretty sure the boxes are still at my parent’s place. I may have to try and find them over Christmas. I miss big boxes.

  • The Dig is fantastic and this is a pretty decent deal if you do want all of these games. Individually, though, these are not the best prices ever for them.

  • Got most of them already through steam sales; I’m a point and click tragic! Basically if I can’t point and something and click it, I’m just not interested!

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