This Boss Guide Might Come In Handy For Your Bloodborne DLC Adventuring

This Boss Guide Might Come In Handy For Your Bloodborne DLC Adventuring

The two best games of the year, Bloodborne and The Witcher 3, both have some pretty damn good expansions. One expansion is undeniably harder than the other though (no prizes for guessing which), so if you’re in need of a little help, this boss guide might help. Warning: Spoilers!

By “spoilers”, I mean that in a From Software game, even seeing the name of a boss can be a spoiler.

You’ve been warned.

The Old Hunters expansion is hard enough in and of itself. Just like the Scholar of the First Sin DLC for Dark Souls 2, From Software assumed everyone knew how to play the game by that point, and designed the difficulty curve around that. But it’s also quite punishing because most people are attempting it with characters they’ve already beaten the game with — meaning its their 2nd playthrough, meaning NG+ difficulty.

Seeing as the physical entrance to the DLC happens early on in the game (after defeating Amelia), Bloodborne kind of trolls players by doling out Amelia-level crafting materials, despite NG+ players obviously wanting the rarer Blood Stone Chunks.

I started playing the DLC on NG+ difficulty, and I’m not even past the first boss yet. Boy oh boy, that guy. What a [Redacted].

Here’s hoping this guide helps, and that you have more luck than me!


  • Started a fresh game with a friend to do this dlc like we do with all FromSoftware game dlc’s. Never before have we spent so much time bashing our heads up against such a solid fucking wall. This dlc was brutal while underleveled. Being almost 1 shot by every old hunter enemy sucks. Such fucking satisfaction when we managed to finally beat it though.

    The next challenge will be waiting until april for DS3

    • This is why the method of accessing the DLC sucks.

      Junglist says that it happens “early in the game” but it’s not THAT early. When you think about it, you need to play through a solid one-third of the game’s mandatory parts to reach that point. Yes, it’s true that you CAN just run past most of the enemies, kill Gascoigne and Amelia, then access the DLC – but your post is a prime example of why that is not actually feasible and not at all a good idea. If you do that, you’ll be severely underlevelled and will not find the DLC an enjoyable experience (assuming you even manage to beat Gascoigne and Amelia while underlevelled). It’s unavoidable that you’ll need to spend some time grinding to level yourself up before attempting it.

      Would have been nice if you didn’t overwrite my save file and throw me into NG+ without asking me upon finishing the game, From Software.

      • I agree, I was fine as I made myself a bit op in the chalice dungeons but it is stupid, they would surely lose sales and interest. Even though im grateful for the dlc I really wish it was there in my first playthrough. There should be a mechanic to make the dlc equal for all at the start

      • As much as I complain we actually get a massive kick out of it. With new summon NPCs the Bloodborne base game is a cakewalk now. While your right in saying you should never have been forced into NG+ we have been playing these games together since Demon Souls and know exactly what we are doing to ourselves. Its the clusterfuck we find ourselves in that we enjoy encountering and overcoming. I fully expect that most people would see this as having the enjoyment sucked right out but thats the best thing about this medium. We can all enjoy it our own way 🙂

        • Bloodborne is my second From Software game – the first being not Demon’s/Dark Souls, but a card-based RPG on the Gamecube called Lost Kingdoms. So no, I haven’t been playing these games for very long.

          I’ve finished the game once, I shouldn’t need to start again to access the DLC. That’s just dumb.

          • You should have seen the weird sequence of events you had to go through to get into the Artorias of the Abyss DLC. They didn’t exactly make it clear, either.

          • You post the same spiel on every bloodborne post. You should spend your time enjoying another play through of bloodborne instead ☺

          • That’s because I fully believe Bloodborne shouldn’t be receiving all of the praise that it gets. It was good, sure, but it had a number of big flaws too. Definitely not GOTY material.

  • I am in my first playthrough, at the point of Micolash – Would this be a good time to get the DLC, beat it, and then finish the game? Or would I be too overlevelled at this point?

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