This Guy Is Literally Punching His Way Through Bloodborne

This Guy Is Literally Punching His Way Through Bloodborne

LobosJR isn’t human.

As a former Dark Souls streamer renowned for his insane playthroughs, LobosJR has made the transition to Bloodborne with aplomb and is now in the process of doing one of his insane Dark Souls challenges in Bloodborne.

LobosJR is punching his way through Bloodborne. And not just regular Bloodborne — NG+7 Bloodborne. I literally do not understand how this is possible.

A quick explainer: by punching his way through the game, I mean just that. LobosJR isn’t using weapons. At all. The only weapons he has are his fists. He doesn’t even wear armour.

It’s fascinating to watch, particularly with the boss fights. See above: his routine dismantling of Ludwig the Accursed, the first boss in Bloodborne’s new DLC and, by all accounts, a real pain in the arse to deal with. It took him 12 hours to pull this off.

12 hours.

The stream continues as we speak.

This is suffering. This is mental strength. This is pure gold.

Edit: Looks like the stream is done for now!


  • He doesn’t even wear armour.

    To be fair, it’s not like armour actually makes much of a difference in Bloodborne 😛

    • It makes a rather sizeable difference in some cases. Mostly when it comes to resistances. Full frenzy resist is a godsend in Nightmare of Mensis. On NG+ fire resist for the Laurence fight is pretty much required to not immediately die to some of his moves you don’t yet know the telegraphs of.

      • I never needed attire for specific resists like frenzy, bolt, fire, slow/fast poison, beasthood etc…I just equipped runes that jacked them up instead. I never changed out of my Hunter’s attire that I purchased for a few thousand echoes at the start of the game.

  • Pure pattern recognition and perseverance. Once you know how to avoid taking damage the rest is just chipping away in an unbelievably tedious grind.

    • It’s not just the chipping though, it’s the mental fortitude to focus on a task for that required amount of time without screwing it up. The slightest misstep and it was game over.. I wouldn’t have lasted.

  • Classic Lobos! I’ve watched a few of his Dark Souls 1+2 and Demon’s Souls streams, only he’d be crazy enough to attempt an unarmed playthrough haha

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