This Is Probably My Favourite Star Wars Trailer So Far

I'm not sure how much new footage is here (although I'm certain there's some) but regardless — the manner in which they've edited this new international Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer makes this my favourite one so far.

Mostly because it has more Han Solo.

I feel like, despite my Star Wars fandom, I've mostly managed to insulate myself from the hype train. Because I'm old and I hate things. But man... I can feel it starting to build. I think this is going to be good.


    Strangely, the thing that got me giddy more than anything else is the shot from the thumbnail for the video. That could be taken straight out of the original trilogy.

    Please keep your arms and legs inside the hype train at all times as this hype train does not stop.

      Until 12:01am next week when it finally pulls into the station and lets everyone off to see the movie!

      I'm expecting many nostalgia-inducing moments. characters saying things like; "that's no moon', or 'I have a bad feeling about this'.
      I'm also expecting a major character from the previous films to die to horribly dramatic music. I think that maybe my negative side is starting to show again.

        my money is on Han Solo

          Because Harrison Ford famously wanted Han to die during ROTJ, or for another reason?

            Because of the ROTJ and the fact he had stated multiple times over the years he didnt want to do a sequel.

            Also Luke is totally dead too but thats just speculation

          I agree. The question is though, will Han shoot first?

          Last edited 11/12/15 4:08 pm

    Damn it - I keep saying to myself no more trailers.... then I see a link and think ah one more can't hurt...

    This one was indeed amazing (like the others)

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