This Portal Cafe Better Serve Cake

This Portal Cafe Better Serve Cake

I’m gonna get through this post without making a joke about this Portal cafe not serving cake. I believe in myself.

Oh wait, I made that joke in the headline already. Damn…

Welcome to Webhallen. Webhallen is an electronics store located in Stockholm, Sweden. Inside Webhallen is this mental Portal themed cafe. These awesome photos appeared on Reddit today and I love it.

It’s Portal, but it’s not cheesy Portal. It manages to integrate the aesthetics of Portal (the sequel in particular) and also look like a regular cafe that might actually not serve terrible coffee. That’quite the tightrope they’re walking here.

Goddamn Sweden, they have the life expectancy, the great social welfare system, the health care, and now they have a Portal themed cafe that doesn’t look terrible. Step your game up Australia.

Via Reddit


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