This Video Shows The Ways Street Fighter 5 Has Changed Since E3

This Video Shows The Ways Street Fighter 5 Has Changed Since E3

There are undoubtedly more changes due on the way, but it’s interesting to chronicle all the tweaks Capcom has made to Street Fighter 5 so far.

Street Fighter 5 is supposed to be a more accessible addition to the franchise for newer players, with the removal of focus attacks, the introduction of the V-trigger and V-reversal mechanics, and other systems.

But how does that work in practice? And what exactly does Capcom want the final build of Street Fighter 5 to be for everyone? YouTuber Vesperarcade has broken down all of the main changes Capcom’s latest fighter has undergone since its initial showing at E3 this year.

SF5 still doesn’t appear as accessible as, say, Mortal Kombat X or Rising Thunder, but it also doesn’t appear as incomprehensible for those jumping in for the first time as Street Fighter 4 was.

SF5 is due out for PC and PS4 on February 16. I’d still like to see the online play revamped so best-of-three matches become a default choice, like it is in Rising Thunder — it changes the gameplay in a substantially positive way, but I’m probably alone in that.


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