This Week In Games: There’s A Mario Game Out This Week!

This Week In Games: There’s A Mario Game Out This Week!

Yep, it’s mid-December alright. The big releases are all but gone, except for one! Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is out this week. I forgot all about this!

Ben and Ed (PC)

What is it? A game about running… in a gameshow where you are a zombie that gets decapitated and stuff.
Should you care? It looks kinda silly and fun.

Castle Chaos
What is it? It’s a same screen multiplayer game that takes cues from Rampart.
Should you care? This looks really cool. Could see myself playing this over Christmas with my in-laws.

Devilian (PC)

What is it? It’s an MMORPG, like a super old school one.
Should you care? It’s free-to-play. It’s not my thing at all, so I’m not sure I can pass judgement in any fair or reasonable way.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam (3DS)

What is it? Hurray! Look who’s here to make this week worthwhile! Mario… and Luigi!
Should you care? These games are usually super good. I think you should absolutely care.

SquareCells (PC)

What is it? It’s a minimalist, ambient puzzle game.
Should you care? I’m sure it’s good. Ambient puzzle games are usually good.

Vehicle Simulator
What is it? It’s a game that realistically simulates being on various different aeronautical vehicles.
Should you care? Unless you are an enthusiast… probably not.

Volvox (PC)

What is it? This is a puzzle game with an amazing art style.
Should you care Not much out this week, might as well check it out.

Picking anything up this week? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.


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