Rocket League Is Coming To Xbox One In February

Rocket League Is Coming To Xbox One In February

Briefly: This year’s breakout multiplayer hit, Rocket League, is coming to Xbox One in February. The Xbox One version will be getting some exclusive Halo and Gears of War equipment for your cars, too.


  • First of all, glad that Microsoft has turned around on its tradition of washing their hands of any indie developer that doesn’t release on Xbox first.

    Second, this sort of two-sentence article is why I hate Kotaku US. Nothing would make me happier than to know Allure Media has an escape plan for when Gawker goes under.

    • To be fair MS allowed games to be published on the xbox store no matter what platform they came out on first, they just didn’t publish them themselves (and support them with advertising and featuring, possibly funding and free dev kits) through the [email protected] program. Again the MS PR failures obscuring the msg.

    • Yeah they have Octodad now and Oddworld Abe’s odyssey both of which came out on PS4 first.

      I will be getting Rocket League when it come out – looks like a lot of fun

    • Microsoft would literally rather NOT have Street Fighter V on the Xbox One AT ALL than allow a game to include cross-play. “Outlook not good”.

      • Sony is paying for development of the game. Microsoft doesn’t get a say either way (that’s not to say that Capcom didn’t approach Microsoft about paying for development before, though).

        But yeah, neither company is too keen on cross-play between opposing consoles. Sony generally just sees fit for Microsoft to say it first and go “whelp, it’s their fault!”.

        • The most recent evidence of the contrary is a War Thunder dev saying that Microsoft wanted games that run on Xbox to also hand over server control to Microsoft, which is why there will be no cross platform there.

          This would lead me to believe that it is 100% Microsoft being a dick if they won’t even let Xbox to PC cross play happen.

          • World of Tanks is cross-platform with 360 and Fallout4 mods are coming soon. Frankly I see it more as Sony is developing it so they choose how it communicates. Microsoft wants to host it on their Azure servers which would be good for us here in Aus.

            But the problem arises when Sony naturally doesn’t want to give Microsoft the server-side hosting and won’t want to spend a single cent adapting communications for MS. So MS basically needs to pay to adapt XboxOne to work with the PS4 protocol. So stalemate.

          • Ummm what? Neither FFXI, FFXIV, Warthunder or Rocket League are Sony developed games. World of Tanks is only cross platform between Microsofts console platforms; so your argument is kind of makes no sense. Your argument would have a leg to stand on if it could play with PC, however it cannot therefore once again it is obvious that it is Microsoft trying to have control over the ecosystem and every one telling them to get fucked.

            As some one who plays on many different platforms, I feel the need to point out that your fan boy colours; while partly covered are still showing.

      • Xbox has already had and has cross play titles. So that’s BS. Sf5 is Sony published, a paid semi exclusive. It has nothing to do with the cross play.

        • You said this in the other article give me an example of a cross platform game that doesn’t run out of a browser.

    • From what I’ve read, PS4 and XBone players won’t be able to join the same lobby. Both PS4 and Xbone players will be able to join a PC lobby but once 1 console does join that lobby, the other console is locked out from joining that game.

      Not 100% sure if this would include Private matches but I would assume so.

  • On the one hand… I hear this is a great game and I’m glad xboners will be able to enjoy it now, too!

    On the other hand… oh god I hope this doesn’t mean another few months of fucking Rocket League news oversaturation.

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