Throwing Away Your Gun Can Save Your Life In Counter-Strike

Throwing Away Your Gun Can Save Your Life In Counter-Strike

This would have never happened in the older versions of the game.

It’s equal parts frustrating and fascinating: the way guns react to explosions and bullets in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It’s something that I never really grew up with in Counter-Strike 1.6, because the game engine simply didn’t support things like that. (It did have bodies that would backflip after a headshot, however, and it’d be fantastic if that could be brought back somehow.)

But the ragdoll physics comes with some other benefits — namely the ability to save your life. By throwing away your gun. That’s what this player discovered recently, when he threw away his empty silenced M4A1 and managed to deflect a bullet going straight for their head.

If you’re having issue seeing the full frame of the GIF, try clicking the image to view it directly on Gyfcat, reloading the page or just letting the GIF loop through and it should be fine.

What a fluke. I can only imagine what the Terrorists’ voice chat sounded like immediately after that.


  • Maybe was to wrap the Gif within your article instead of giving us a quarter of the screen that essentially sees nothing.

  • This wouldn’t have happened, but you could still save your life by tossing out a primary with like… one round left in it when duelling up close with someone using a pistol.

  • I once saved my own life throwing my fun away in 1.6 on an anti-eco round, throwing my gun at somebody who didn’t have auto weapon switch disabled 🙂 Good times.

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