Tips For Moving Around In Halo 5 Multiplayer

Halo 5 offers even more opportunities to be mobile in a firefight, and in this video, we talk about some of the ways you can quickly move around the map, getting from A to B a little quicker with shortcuts, as well as making yourself a harder target to hit.

Every map has its map-specific jumps and shortcuts, and some of them make inventive use of the slam. Some of them, oddly, are as simple as running directly up a wall. But many of them involve the Halo 5 equivalent of a crouch jump, which is more like a "crouch clamber" this time around. Very handy for covering long distances while keeping the high ground.



    There's only one main tip.....don't stop moving, at all. Even if you're camping in a room with the shotty just keep moving.

      There's a new update out now as well that gives a free Req pack for the first arena and warzone win of the day! Chance for permanent unlock and upto Legendary quality loot!

    Might have to bite the bullet and get this I think. Was holding out as I have too many games already, but with the star wars matching making mess, I find myself craving some fun multiplayer

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