DOTA 2 Finally Adds Arc Warden

DOTA 2 Finally Adds Arc Warden

Briefly: Valve’s revealed the massive changes and tweaks coming to DOTA 2‘s upcoming Balance of Power update, which brings Zet the Arc Warden, one of the last holdouts from original DOTA. The whole list of patch notes is huge, and comes with a suitably summer “desert terrain” for custom games.


  • Correction: Desert Terrain is not for custom games. Desert Terrain is given to owners of the 2015 International Compendium and changes the way the map and creeps look for them in normal games.

    There is a desert map added to one of Valve’s custom games, which is free.

  • DOTA 2 Finally Adds Arc Warden

    What do you mean, finally? We have been waiting for Pit Lord for much longer.

  • but theres no custom creeps someone posted a video of valves completed creeps for the camps like crocs rhinos and desert wyverns yet theres none when its released so what happened wheres all the custom models?

  • I thought they will release pit lord. Anyway, the patch also includes some new items and new equipments for zeus.

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