Vote For Your Favourite Australian Game Of The Year!

Last week we took your nominations, now it's time to vote for your favourite Australian game of the year!

If you feel like arguing, drop your reasoning in the comments below...


    Loved Anna's Quest more than Broken Age! Who needs the old adventure game guard when you got hungry young devs like Dane Krams? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Feel like we could have both, no need to be dichotomous about it.

        I'm just hyping up my friends game. Ssssssh. :P

        But yeah, true enough. I loved Broken Age too. Just was trying to put emphasis through exaggeration on how much I enjoyed Anna's Quest. :)

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    Where's Fat Pizza vs. Housos: The Movie: The Game?

      While the epic parkour chase through the Ermington RSL pokies room while trying to protect the stolen centrelink money from the cops was probably one of my top gaming experiences this year, I just feel like the story was a lot weaker than the source material and I became too focused on the meta. Plus the voicework for Shazza and Dazza was just shithouse. Were the actors sober or something?

        Ninja Pizza Girl has the parkour and pizza already covered. DLC perhaps?

    Does Mad Max count?

      Avalanche Studios are Swedish, so I'd say no.

        now it’s time to vote for your favourite Australian game of the year!

        Nowhere does it say that it has to be an Australian developed game. I feel that I’m correct with the context of the topic.

          Technically you're probably correct, though I'm fairly sure that @markserrels was meaning games that were Australian-developed (or at least Australian-designed since IIRC Anna's Quest was developed by Daedalic in Germany)

    Armello. Such awesomeness shouldn't go unrewarded :-)

    Check out the official site:

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      Armello for sure. Had 2 friends pick it up with me. SO many close games betraying each other at the end. I only wish there was a way to lengthen the game or change the mode a little.

        There is a way to lengthen the game now. The developers patched the game so you can control how much health the king starts with, how much health the heroes have, and a whole lot more. The game is better now than ever before. If anyone is on PS4 and wants a game, hit me up! PSN: Zambayoshi

    I haven't heard/played any of these - so in the interests of preserving the statistics, I'll abstain from voting in this one.

    Hand of Fate still gets my vote. Endless mode has become a bit of a timesink.

    I feel bad... I have played none of these...

      yeah me very unaustralian of us.

      Better break out the stubbies, wife beaters and a few long necks to aussie it up a bit.

      (seriously though I should play some of these)


      Put some time into it over the weekend specifically for this vote.
      Still think hand of fate is a better game but think we will probably go for 100% in submerged

    Poor Ninja Pizza Girl... Pretty fun game that hasn't gotten any love in these AusGOTY posts.

    Hacknet deserves some real credit, that game had me sucked in, such an awesome concept.

    Oscura Lost Light!

    The only Aussie games I've played recently are Hand of Fate (which is awesome) and Fight the Dragon (which is a little clunky but is still a pretty cool dungeon crawler).

    The only one I've actually played is Hands of Fate. Which is pretty good but I liked the concept more than it's execution. Got Satellite Reign and Armello sitting there though, which I'm quite keen to get to but y'know... Fallout.

    If you haven't heard of Defect, it's a spaceship builder with traitorous crew. Check out the Steam if you are interested:
    Disclaimer: I'm one of the developers.

    Armello is the one I've played and gotten to know as a great game and also a real success-story of Aussie indie developers.
    Nice new twist on gameplay concept. Excellent polished artwork with designs uncommon in todays games. Lovely mix of random events and simple storytelling.

    Of course I'm a backer so my vote is biased AF. However, it could've gone all wrong; crashed - but it definitely did not.

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