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Last week we took your nominations. Today we want your vote!

What was your favourite console game of 2015?

And if you're that way inclined, feel free to jot down your reasoning in the comments below.


    witcher 3, all the way

      Yeah, I'm not quite sure why there's any other options in the poll to be honest.

    What a great year in gaming. My picks are
    The Order: 1886
    BF: Hardline
    THPS 5
    Godzilla Game

      I saw The Order 1886 for sale (2nd hand) at EB for $18, but was put off by bad reviews. I gather you'd recommend it tho?

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          Mobile phone fail :p

            I keep seeing it cheap, waiting for that inevitable price drop to $10. You know it's coming.

        However, the Order isnt a bad game and for $18 you cant go wrong

        Edit: apparently he wasnt being sarcastic

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          Lol sorry that went way over my head :P

        I actually really liked The Order. Yeah it was pretty, but I really liked the story and pacing. It wasn't perfect, and I hate quick-time events, so there's that - but I hope it did well enough to get a sequel, because the story (for me) was good enough to warrant one.

      How many of them did you actually play?

      I found the order to be a fun game when all others are open world. You sometimes need a game like that.

      BF hardline is actually quite good also.

      All the others......totally agree

    It was close, but Fallout 4 pipped Witcher 3 due to sheer volume of play time.

    Life is Strange, why you so great? <3

    Although I loved The Witcher 3, nothing beats the amazing atmosphere and tension that Bloodborne brought. I guess it would be hard for an exclusive to win though. I'm predicting MGSV or The Witcher 3 to take home the gong.

      Haven't played it, but I hope it's Witcher 3, I absolutely loathed MGSV.

        I wanted to upvote for Witcher 3 love until you disrespected an also (but not equally) excellent game.

        I've always been a big MGS fan, but I couldn't bring myself to even look into MGS V.

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          I bought it, I really enjoyed Ground Zeroes, it was an interesting little demo of what could be done with the Fox Engine. The story was short but interesting & it didn't force me to grind & regrind the same thing over & over again. Because I had a fun time with it, I actually went back to complete the OPTIONAL side ops.

          Phantom Pain on the other hand is a giant nebulous unfinished mess. It's obvious there was meant to be much more story. It's drawn out, there's very few bosses, none as interesting as any in the previous games & it forces you to do a whole lot of repetitive shit to see minimal, poorly told & unfinished story.

          The open world is vast & empty. Each camp dotted throughout is much the same as the last except for a few differing places that seem small & underused.

          Major respect to the team for creating that engine, it looks & runs great. I am so disappointed how little was actually done with it. I dunno if it's Konami or Kojima's fault, but that is not a good MGS.

          cc @transientmind (ILY, baby)

            Oi. It's harder to shout you down as a fool when you make the more rational arguments, dammit.

            Yeah, that's pretty much the kind of things I've heard about it. For me, MGS was always about story and cutscenes first, and then gameplay second. People keep yabbering on about how amazing the gameplay is, but what is the point if all you do are rinse and repeat missions in the same kind of environments with no real payoff? It looks like MGS 3 will forever remain my favourite game in the series - even as a standalone, that game is amazing.

      Best atmosphere and area design, for me the gameplay itself is what sets it far above the witcher. It has a better story if you have the energy to understand it

    I voted Rise of the Tombraider love it. but I have to say and im probably alone on this I really really liked MAD Max I think that's my GOTY

      I loved Mad Max for the most part. Thought it got a bit too grindy by the end, but legit enjoyed moseying about that wasteland. :)

        You can say that about a lot of games though. Far too many get past what makes them fun, and eventually turn into overcomplicated messes, or grindfests towards the end. Mad Max aint alone there.

          Yeah, most definitely true. :)

    Witcher 3 - if you havnt bought the game get it. Just do the baron quest line, its by far the best story telling in a game to date.

      I can't afford it, but it's Xmas soon HINT HINT

    I ended up voting Tales from the Borderlands. That was a suprise as I have no interest in the main game. Easily Telltale's best.

    Bloodborne for me, just scraping in ahead of Witcher 3 and Everybody's Gone To The Rapture. I have MGS5 but haven't played it yet, so can't really vote for that. I liked Until Dawn, but don't consider it to be GOTY material.

    I voted Rocket League, but it only just scraped past Fallout 4 for me. Rise of the Tomb Raider looks so good, I tried 45 mins of it yesterday, but then reverted to a second playthrough of Fallout 4. Fallout is just too good.

    I'm shocked at the lack of love for Rocket League.

    For me it's The Witcher 3. Normally I don't have an interest in magic and medieval-ly games but The Witcher 3 is the first game of this style that I got into and thoroughly enjoyed. I loved the detail, the scale, the depth, the story, and the immersive world. Definitely the best game of 2015. I think that was already apparent pretty much soon after it came out.

    Second is MGSV. As a Metal Gear fan I desperately wanted MGSV to be Number 1, but unfortunately the game is essentially unfinished. We didn't get a complete package. That said, what we do get is very impressive. Metal Gear out in the open with tons of weapons, equipment, numerous options to infiltrate and exfiltrate, infinite ways to complete a mission, buddies, vehicles, action, quirky humour, overall depth... I loved it all. But I was left forever frustrated because the game is unfinished.

    Third is Rise of the Tomb Raider. It has the best bits of 2013's Tomb Raider but without the bad bits and overall more refined with some needed improvements. The environments look superb. Gameplay is challenging but immediately accessible and fun. The story is better and the game's tone less grittier too. I was hooked.

    Fourth is Everybody's Gone To The Rapture. The environment and music is utterly beautiful. The voice acting was fine. The mystery and main character's stories kept me hooked too. But above all else what hit me was the spiritual aspect of the game. I really responded to that.

    Fifth, sadly, is Halo 5. SP is disappointing. MP is great. A couple of articles here on Kotaku perfectly sums up what I felt about the game. As a Halo fan I wanted to like it more, I wanted it to be better, but it simply failed.

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      If MGSV was finished, with the same momentum, intensity and polish as Act 1 it could've been a definite contender for GOTY. But that second half just soured the experience so much that's barely scraping in to my top 10.

        Yeah, I mentioned further above about not being able to bring myself to look into MGS V. Metal Gear Solid was always about the story and cutscenes for me. From what I hear, MGS V has almost no story or cutscenes to speak of. What point is there to have great gameplay if there is no reward of a great story or amazing cutscenes? Otherwise it's just the same old rescue or infiltration missions. I'm sorry, but that doesn't sound like motivation enough for me.

    Bloodborne was my first ever Souls game and absolutely blew me away.
    Took a massive chance on it, as it's definitely not my typical game, but so glad I did - I'd put it up there now as one of my favorite games of the last decade.

    Its actually a really hard year to pick.

    Such great games such as Witcher, Batman, MGS, Assassins Creed and Fallout.

    But i had huge open world burn where i really enjoyed Until Dawn, the Order and other smaller games.

    No Dying Light? Ah well...suppose it wasn't a huge game when compared to more recent releases.

      I have a feeling the enhanced edition + expansion will be my 2016 GOTY. :)

    I'd have to say:
    1. Witcher 3, followed closely by:
    2. Rocket League

    Every game I bought this year I traded back in... The only one I haven't is MGS5... so I guess thats the one

    I actually went with Untill Dawn because it is the most fun I have been able to have all year gaming! Being able to get the misses interested just made it easy, compelling and fun to playthrough!


    I was pretty blown away by Arkham Knight and pretty underwhelmed by MGSV. Those were the two big ones I played this year - about 30 hours for Batman and about 35 hours for Metal Gear.

    Batman: Arkham Knight is my pick.

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